I Love Mickey Mouse

By Starbuck 223

Disclaimer - Its that time again...Mulder and Scully do not belong to me. Anything mentioned about Disney World, cheers to Walt's frozen body. He can have the credit, I didn't make it, only visited once and was inspired to write this fanfiction. And thats about all I have to say about that.

Their case had come to a close. Mulder and Scully had been in Orlando for the past week, and the investigation had gone over a day into their vacations.

Scully was in her room, neatly folding her things as she packed. In Mulder's room his things were scattered across the floor, and he sat on his bed thinking. Its worth a shot, he told himself.

Getting up, Mulder tapped lightly on Scully's motel room door.

"Its open," came his partner's voice from inside. Scully looked up at him as he entered. Her eyes prodded him, silently asking what did he want?

Mulder paused and let out a breath. "Um, Scully..." He knew she was wondering what on Earth he wanted. "We're on vacation, starting yesterday, and since we've already lost a day, I thought maybe we could stay down here and hit Disney World." He let her digest this information. "Well, that is if you'd want to vacation with me." He added quickly, "I was hoping you would." There...he'd asked her. Maybe she'd say yes, though he doubted that. He'd never been this forward with her before.

Scully stood there, amused with the idea. Mulder could see the glint in her eye as she looked up at him. "That would be a wonderful idea," she said, surprising the hell out of him. He was delighted to no end.

"Great! This is going to be perfect." He went back to his room to pack and Scully wondered what 'perfect' meant to him. Just being on vacation together would be fun. We're best friends she thought, and yet we've never spent much time together outside of work. Then she reminded herself that that work was life for Mulder and had gradually become so for her.

When Scully and Mulder had finished packing and had sent word to Skinner that they werne't heading back to D.C. the pair went in search of another place to stay. They wanted something closer to Disney and nicer than their other motel, but not too expensive. It was different when the bureau wasn't picking up the tab.

As Mulder handed the clerk at the check-in counter, Scully had an idea.

"Mulder, why don't we just share a room?" She thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. "These rooms always have two double beds, and we're off the clock." She grinned, liking the idea. "None of those pesky gender-separation rules."

Mulder considered this. What she said was true, and she was the one who suggested. Why not? "Of course you wait to say this until the bill has been charged to me," he teased her.

Scully knew he was kidding, but nonetheless promised that he would be reimbersed.

After they'd unpacked - which consisted of claiming a bed and lugging their suitcases up to the room, they were ready to go. Problem was, they didn't know exactly what to do. Mulder was examining the pizza schedule of a nearby Pizza Hut, and he decided to inquire about the rest of the day.

"I don't know," Scully started honestly. "It doesn't feel like vacation. I mean, I was working until about an hour ago."

"True," Mulder said. "We need to unwind...need to-"

"We need to shop!" Scully said, interrupting him. "I don't have anything casual to wear for the next few days, so there we go!"

Mulder looked at the excited Scully and could not resist smiling. She was so excited that it was cute. "Sure. Let the shopping begin."

They found a mall and Scully was able to find a store that she liked. Mulder helped her to find things in her size and she showed them off for him in the fitting room. Every time she asked "Do I look alright in this?" and every time Mulder fought back the urge to say "You'd look good in anything." Scully even got a bathing suit, mentioning that they could go to Blizzard Beach. There was also the hotel pool.

After Scully had made her purchases she searched for an equivelant amount of mens clothes for Mulder. She had him try things on for her and it amused her to see him modeling. Mulder was most deinitely a show-off...striking poses for her and flashing huge smiles her way. She giggled, enjoying the show.

They left the mall with shopping bags galore and headed back to the hotel, chattering about what they were going to do on their vacation.

"What're we doing for dinner?" Scully asked, looking at her watch.

Mulder thought for a minute. "How about Planet Hollywood? We can go after we drop all of this stuff off."

Mulder had to swipe the key card a few times before successfully unlocking the door to their room. "I was just kidding about those first, um, six times," he said, opening the door. "Its like what you did on the room that time." Scully just laughed and gave him a look that spelled "Yeah right."

Mulder checked out the various tv channels available while Scully fixed her hair and changed. It was odd, but there was something very sexy about casual clothing on Scully. He really wanted this vacation to be special. They'd been working together for some time, and though they seemed so intimate at times, they never spent time together like this. This was his chance. They were alone together, outside of work, and sharing a motel room.

Planet Hollywood was great. The two caught dinner, but the real fun was wandering around looking at the stuff from old movies. On the floor they were on there was a life-sized Evil Ash prop. Mulder ran over to it, excited.

"Wait, what is this?" Scully asked.

Mulder smiled. "Quality b-movie with Bruce Campbell. Its called Army of Darkness. Remind me to show it to you sometime."

Scully just smiled and walked over to see Gizmo from Gremlins. "I loved this movie!"

Mulder found a phaser from Star Trek The Next Generation and Scully had fun teasing him about his trekkiness.

"So what?" Came his defense. "You've always known I was a trekkie!" Mulder said.

Scully just laughed. "I've been known to watch a few Treks myself."

Mulder pretended to be shocked. "Not YOU!" He raised an eyebrow. "Dana Scully...secrets revealed!"

"I only watched because I was young and naive and thought William Shatner had a great body."

Mulder faked becoming violently ill. "Good-bye over-priced meal," he sputtered, wretching. "William Shatner. Really now, I've lost all respect for you."

"I suppose you watched it for the quality props and special effects, and *not* Nurse Chapel?" Scully retorted.

"Damn straight. Oh man those old uniforms were hot." Mulder grinned. "You'd look good in one of them. They're not too short for this day and age."

Scully smiled and blushed. "Why can I see you dressing up like Spock so easily?"

Mulder laughed remembering days past. "I had the Spock costume!" They laughed as they drove back to the motel.

In the room, Scully put on a skinny strapped shirt and shorts that put the old Trek uniforms to shame. Mulder couldn't take his eyes off of her. She slid into bed and asked him if she could turn out the light. He continued to stare, and then realized that she wanted to go to sleep. "Sure, go ahead."

Click! The room went dark and Mulder could no longer see Scully.

"Good night, Mulder." She said groggily.

"Good night," he answered. Mulder lay there in bed, thinking about Scully. Eventually, he fell asleep and dreamed of her.