I Love Mickey Mouse - Chapter 5

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Mulder woke up the next day, feeling Scully beside him. His movement hadn't stirred her peaceful slumber, so he stayed in bed for awhile, watching her sleep.

At eight o'clock Mulder got up quietly and went into the bathroom to shower. He didn't want to wake Scully with the sound of the water, but he knew that she needed to get up so that they could get to the park. It was their last day.

After a little while Mulder emerged from the bathroom, wearing only his shorts; his towel around his neck. He looked over to the bed and saw that Scully was still asleep.

Mulder went over to his side of the bed and lowered himself slowly. He wrapped himself around Scully, kissing her neck, then whispering into her ear, "Rise and shine, beautiful."

Scully murmured happily, and slowly woke up. She smiled as she lay in Mulder's arms, and said, "Good morning."

Mulder hugged her tightly. "I wasn't kidding about the rising part. Its late and we've gotta get to the park for our last day at Disney."

Scully turned in his arms and realized that he had already showered. "I'm so comfy here, though," she said, cuddling up to him. "Maybe we could just stay in."

Mulder smiled, "Scully, you little seductress..." He looked at her longingly, but then stiffened. "We have to go to the park though...we've got more rides to go on, and its our last day here."

Scully sat up in bed. "Alright. I'm going."

She still didn't move for a minute. She was thinking back to the other day...something she had wanted to ask.

"Mulder...what did you and Mom talk about yesterday? Its been bugging me."

Mulder smiled at his partner. "She just wanted to know when I was going to kiss you and proclaim my love for her daughter," he said, dully. Then he laughed as Scully giggled.

"That sounds like her..." Scully said, still in bed.

Mulder leaned over and kissed her.

"Now go get ready!!" He chided her, as she headed for the bathroom.


It wasn't long before they had gone to breakfast and arrived at Disney's main entrance.

"So, what're we doing today?" Scully asked, as she swiped her park pass. The pass didn't go through, so she tried again.

"Do you want to stay in Magic Kingdom?" He suggested.

"Sure," said Scully, still trying to get her pass to be recognized.

A park attendant took her card from her. "Do you want this pass to work?"

Scully looked at him, borderline on annoyed. "Yes, of course I want it to work," she said, managing a calm tone.

"Okay," he said, "If you *really* want it to work, then you've got to do something for me, alright?"

She looked at him with confusion.

"When I swipe your pass, you've got to yell I LOVE MICKEY MOUSE, and if you're not loud enough, it won't work. Ready?"

Mulder couldn't keep himself from laughing, as the park guy put the card through.

"I love Mickey Mouse..." Scully said, using the same plain voice that she would use to begin an autopsy.

The card did not go through.

The park attendant looked at her. "Come on! You've got to do better than that. Try it again."

Mulder turned to her tauntingly, "Yeah, put some feeling in it, G-Woman!"

"I LOVE MICKEY MOUSE!!!" Scully shouted. Her pass worked.

Mulder was still chuckling as they walked through Main Street. Scully shot him a look. "Its not that funny," she said to him.

Mulder stopped laughing immediately. "You're right...this is serious. I mean, you start something with me last night, and now you're already in love with another man? Oops.." he added, "I guess I mean mouse." This only made him laugh harder. "What does he have that I don't? Is it those huge shoes? the merchandise? The ears? I can change, really!" Mulder kept laughing, and Scully began smiling as well.

Mulder finaly stopped teasing her, and as they walked, his hand found hers.

They were so comfortable at that moment, walking slowly through the park holding hands. No one would have been able to tell that just days before they had been "just friends."

As they walked, Mulder and Scully came across a massive gathering of people, and they soon found that it was due to a special appearance by Mickey Mouse. People were getting their pictures taken with him, and the mouse didn't seem to be going anywhere soon.

Mulder looked at Scully wryly. "This is the guy??? I can take him!" She started laughing.

"Can we get a picture instead?" Scully asked. She whipped out her camera. "I always wanted a picture with my favorite mouse."

Mulder looked appalled. "You mean I'm not your favorite mouse?"

Scully laughed. "You're my favorite man. You're not a mouse, though."

Mulder motioned for her to wait in line, and that he would be right back. She waiting, nearing Mickey, and began to wonder what Mulder was up to.

When she was almost at the front of the line, Mulder appeared beside her, wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears.

"Who's your mouse now, Scully, huh?" He said, grinning. She couldn't stop lauging.

"Sure, laugh, Scully...but I got you a pair of Minnie ears!"

Scully put on her ears, and they giggled happily. Their picture was taken, with Mickey, Mulders arm around Scully's waist, and her arm reaching across his front. Mickey stood behind the two love-mice.

By the time they departed Mickey, it had neared lunch time. Mulder and Scully began looking for a decent place to eat lunch in.

Mulder looked up from the map. "How about 'Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe?'" He asked.

Scully smiled at the name. It sounded as though it were right up Mulder's ally. They made their way to the cafe.

Both Mulder and Scully ordered chicken, taking their trays and then trying to find a table. The place was extremely crowded, mostly by teenagers.

"This place sure is popular," Mulder mumbled, as he tried searching for a table.

"Class trip?" Scully suggested.

The two finally got a table, and began eating. They immediately realized that there was an annoying alien on a stage in the corner, presumably "Cosmic Ray." He was playing the same horribly boring songs over and over on a fake piano.

"If this is what the universe regards as 'intelligent' life, I am going to change my priorities in life." Mulder grumbled, looking at "Ray" with distaste.

Scully smiled, eating her chicken.

In the midst of their discussion about potential career changes, they became aware of the fact that Ray was leaving them. The entire stage was moving up toward the ceiling.

As the annoying alien disappeared, a jazz ensemble rose from below. They were playing an upbeat tune known as Coconut Champaigne, and the teens in the joint began shouting for their jazz band.

Scully smiled, remembering. "Music in the parks. So we get lunch and a show."

Mulder looked up as the kids began forming a conga line. "You wanna join in the crazy fun, Scully?"

"That's alright...I prefer sitting." She said, smiling.

The jazz band played Build Me Up Buttercup, which also thrilled the crowd, and the young band director kept turning around to point at his wife on the "I need YOU!"

Mulder smiled, thinking that it was a sweet gesture. He mouthed "you" to Scully, who looked at Mulder tenderly.

Mulder and Scully had finished their meal, but they stayed to hear more of the jazz band. Their last song was a slow love song, and they had a short red-haired girl singing along to the tune.

"Some day he'll come around...

The man I love...

And he'll be big and strong,

The man I love...

And when he comes my way,

I'll do my best to make him stay...

He'll look at me and smile,

I'll understand

And in a little while,

He'll take my hand...

And though it seems absurd,

I know we both, won't say a word..."

Mulder looked at Scully and played his hand over hers. They sat there for a moment, quietly enjoying the song, as well as each other's hand.

Breaking their romantic moment, a band-mom leaned over from the next table. "I don't mean to interrupt, but the two of your are so cute!"

Mulder and Scully smiled, blushing.

"So how long have you two been engaged?" She asked.

Mulder and Scully exchanged surprised glances, and then looked at the woman.



"We're not...engaged," Scully said finally.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" The mother apologized, "its just that, well, you have that beautiful ring on your left hand, I just figured that it was an engagement ring. I'm sorry!" She was embarrassed. "I suppose that will teach me to mind my own business in the future!"

The band finished their ballad, and then played the lively Latin piece they had used on their entrance.

Mulder looked at Scully, a bit sheepishly. She appeared the same.

"I didn't even notice that I had it on my left," Scully said, attempting to explain.

Mulder smiled at her, "I don't mind if you don't."

She returned his grin. "I don't know; maybe I did it sub-conciously. Traditionally the left hand is for rings that come from a true love. I don't mind keeping it there, and I can't think of a truer love than you."

Mulder took her hand again. "I think it looks great, just where it is," he said decidedly. "I love you, Scully. I always have. I know that this may seem rushed, but its how I've always felt, even if it was "friendly" love, its been there."

Mulder couldn't say anymore, because Scully's fingers were pressed against his lips. She slid them along his jaw, cupping his face and drawing him closer. They shared a deep kiss, across the table, before the alien returned.

"Hey, Scully," Mulder said, his mouth only an inch or so from hers.

"Yes?" She whispered.

"Let's get out of here...that thing creeps me out."

Scully burst out laughing, and got up from the table.

The happy couple walked across the park and decided to go on the Jungle Cruise.

Their tour guide was the most energetic around, and she kept cracking terrible puns.

"At least the cruise itself was nice," Scully said, optimistically.

"Now I'm going to sing!" Their guide announced. "You want to know why I'm going to sing?"

"Because God hates me?" Mulder asked. Scully giggled and shushed him.

"Because I CAN, and YOU have to listen, 'cuz you're stuck on this boat for another five minutes!!!" The guide began singing Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend.

"Okay, Scully," Mulder said, as they disembarked. "I get to pick the next ride..."

Mulder studied his map for a minute, then led Scully to "his ride."

"Great," she sighed, looking at Splash Mountain. "You didn't tell me I'd be getting wet."

Mulder grinned. "Fair is fair. Technically you didn't specify. Besides, I really think I'm in a 'log-flumming' mood."

They endured the line, then, after boarding the ride, they waited through the "Briar Patch." On the descent, they got soaked.

Scully laughed as she dripped off.

"What?" Mulder asked innocently. "Its not like you said no water rides!!"

"Alright, fine," Scully said, thinking a minute. "But you never said no roller coasters!" She pointed to Thunder Mountain.

Mulder paled. "I was never good with the wooden ones, and I just ate and all---"

Scully grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the coaster. "You'll be fine..." She said.

Mulder looked at his partner lovingly. She was right of course, and he would go on her ride. She would smile and slide into him as they took the turns...Mulder knew that he would follow Scully to the ends of the earth; actually had in a sense. In their time together they had both gone to extremes for the other.

Mulder looked at her while on the ride, watching her brace herself for the stomach-turning dips, then throwing her hands up and laughing.

After their coaster ride, Mulder and Scully wandered aimlessly, catching some fast food for dinner on the way.

"I should have made reservations at some expensive yet terribly romantic restaurant," Mulder grumbled, mentally kicking himself.

Scully looked at him reassuringly, but he continued.

"I just wish I could have made our last night here really special."

Scully slid her hand down his arm, then took his hand in hers. Squeezing it tightly she began. "Mulder, you made this entire vacation special. This was your idea, and its been the best vacation I've ever had. We don't need a sit-down dinner. We have memories, and I have my ring, and we have each other..." She trailed off into silence as they walked.

Looking ahead, Scully brightened. "We also have time for one more ride," she said, tugging Mulder forward. "I know a certain FBI agent who happens to LOVE haunted houses," she said, giggling.

The Haunted Mansion was filled with fake ghosts, but it was still amusing. At one point they saw a ballroom full of dancing specters. Scully remembered several ghost hunts that she had accompanied Mulder on.

"Sort of ruins it for you when you've seen the real thing, right, Scully?" Mulder asked

She raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"Oh, come on! You KNOW that they were real."

Scully laughed. "Even on vacation..." She looked at the sky, then at her watch. "Its getting late...almost time for the lights parade!"

"Well then," Mulder said, "lead the way, my skeptical sweetheart."

Mulder and Scully made their way to Main Street, which was already swarming with people. They were forced to stand on the street, in order to have a good view. Mulder stood behind Scully and put his arms around her waist.

The parade was a beautiful string of lit floats, and Mulder and Scully watched it all in silence. When the parade ended they filtered out of the exit and to the ferry for their last ride back to "port."

Mulder held Scully against the chilly wind which had picked up. As they stood warmly together, fireworks went off back in Disney. They could see them from the deck, and watched as the boat distanced itself from the park.

Scully wrapped her arms around Mulder's neck, and they kissed each other deeply.

"Thank you for the most perfect vacation," Scully whispered into Mulder's neck, as he held her close.



Skinner walked into his office. It was good to be back after his short break on the weekend.

Mulder and Scully had returned to work, and he was just about to send them down a case file that dealt with bizarre radiation patterns appearing on victims' skin.

Skinner looked down at his desk and noticed a manilla folder marked 'urgent.' He flipped it open and found a picture of his two favorite agents contained inside. They were standing with Mickey Mouse.

Skinner smiled, studying the picture and wondering at the fact that they had opted to vacation together.

Scully's arm was on Mulder's, and he could almost see the love that radiated between the two. They looked so happy together.

Skinner was about to close the folder when something caught his eye. Was that an engagement ring?!


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