Chapter 1 First friend and mentor

A 12 years old Naruto Uzumaki now is walking back to his house after the adult takes their children away and telling mean thing to him.

Right now, it is very dark and cold night as no one bother outside right now. He then arrived at an alley as he then heard panting voice. The voice sound like it was suffer as he then go in and said "Um… hello… Is anyone there?"

The voice suddenly got quiet as he then go in a little bit and said "Um… is anyone here?"

"Who are you…" Said a voice from behind him as a knife near his neck

Naruto was surprise at that as he afraid but he was about to shout then the voice said "Don't even think of producing a sound. If you do… I'll slit your throat."

Naruto kept quiet as he nodded lightly. He then felt something wet dripping out behind him. Naruto can't see because it's too dark but he can smell the all too familiar smell. Naruto then said "Um… are you okay?"

"Why do you ask that?" Asked the voice

"Um… maybe it's because you're bleeding?" Asked Naruto

"How did you know?" Asked the voice

"Well… I just had… a lot of 'memories' with them… that's all…" Said Naruto trembling

The person look confuse at that. Judging from how this boy is young and quite scare out of his wit right now, he doesn't look like someone had taken a life before. So what kind of 'memories' did he have anyway? But first…

"Is there anyone with you?" Asked the voice

"Um… no… I'm all alone…" Said Naruto a little sad in his voice

The person senses that as they shrugged it off as releasing Naruto disappear and said "Get out of here… Don't come here again."

"Um… but aren't you injure?" Asked Naruto

"Just get out…" Said the voice

"BUT… I can't just abandon you…" Said Naruto

"You want to help someone who just threaten you?" Asked the voice couldn't help but felt amused by his naïve.

"Well… there must be something happened for you to get injure right? So… you can't help it…" Said Naruto reflecting at his past self

"... Heh… So it is… but what can you do anyway?" Asked the voice

"Um… how about staying at my place?" Asked Naruto

"… What about your family?" Asked the voice

"Um… I don't have any to be exact… But don't worry, the old man gives me a house to live." Said Naruto trying to sound positive

He's an orphan? "Then who is this old man? There's no way someone is just giving a house to an orphan?" Asked the voice

"Um… he's the leader of this village. He's quite nice too… He's even gave me allowance to live." Said Naruto

Okay? So the leader of this ninja village is actually took extra care for an orphan? That's way too suspicious. But I guess it's better than nothing. "Okay… then lead the way."

"Ah… okay…" Said Naruto as the person who talk to him slowly came out. And the person is a female who was about his age and holding quite a wound at her side judging from how much blood came out.

This girl had long faint red hair as she wearing a short black top as well as a hot pant. She's also wearing a long black coat as well.

"Done checking me out?" Asked the girl

"Ah… Sorry about that… This way." Said Naruto turns back scratching his cheek as he shows her the way back.

At the house, the girl see the look of Naruto house and even seeing something like 'Back to Hell Demon' which is quite harsh. She might need to gather some info after this.

Naruto opens the lock and then said "Oh yeah… I didn't catch your name at all."

"Why would you need that? It's not like I'm going to stay here long…" Said the girl

"… Oh yeah…" Said Naruto looks down sad

The girl could only sighed at that. "…Yue"

"Eh?" Asked Naruto

"Huang Yue… That's my name…" Said Yue sighed out as she wonders why she told him

"Okay… Yue-san then… I'm Naruto Uzumaki datebayo~." Said Naruto happy at that

It's just a name. Why is he so happy at that? Though Yue as then Naruto opens the lock and they walk in

Yue looks around at his house as she found it quite messy with scroll and instant cup ramen. Naruto saw that and quickly clean up and said "Ah… don't worry about this. Here you can sleep on the bed. I'll just put some sheet at the Tatami and sleep down there."

Yue just sitting on the bed as Naruto then bring out an aid kit the old man provided him (Not that he need it… much).

"Here… it's not much…" Said Naruto

Yue just takes it as she takes off her coat and bandaged up. Naruto immediately turns back as he said "Um… are you hungry? But it's only instant ramen though?"

"That will be fine…" Said Yue bandaging her wound as Naruto then go into the kitchen prepare the ramen.

After done bandaging, Yue looks at the surrounding and seeing that the wall like it's going to collapse somehow. This 'old man' that he told her either arrange this on purpose or this is all he could do. She then found his ninja equipment at the table and inspect it.

And the result is… terrible. She doubts these thing can even be throw at all. The tip is dull and they are too heavy. If it was her, she would kill the bastard who cheated her with these.

Naruto then came back with two cup of ramen and said "Here you go… sorry that I don't know what flavor you prefer…"

"Like I said… Anything is fine…" Said Yue taking a cup as she and Naruto eat.

They eat in silence and Naruto starts to breaking the silence "Um… so… how did you managed to have that wound at your side?"

"Just something… that's all." Said Yue continues eating

"Oh…" Said Naruto

The silence kept on as they eating. After they done, Naruto then said "Um… the shower is over there… If you're wondering…"

"Um…" Said Yue as Naruto picks up two cup and throwing them to the bin.

"… You are a Academy Student right?" Asked Yue

"Um yes…" Said Naruto

"Does the school provide you the equipment?" Asked Yue

"Um yeah… But after a few days they broke so I had to purchase from a store." Said Naruto

"Is that store the only one sell these?" Asked Yue looks at the tool

"Um no… the truth is… the other store either chase me away or selling them expensive." Said Naruto looks down

At that, Yue starts to have 'I will kill the idiot' look. Yue could only said "I see…"

"Where is this old man of your live?" Asked Yue

"Um… I don't know at all… I can only see him at the big red tower that's all." Said Naruto

"I see… Well let go to sleep… You have school tomorrow right?" Said Yue

"Oh yeah… Good night…" Said Naruto

Yue lied down as she gathers all the info So Uzumaki is an orphan, gathered the attention of the village leader who by the way, doing a bad job take care of him. And it seems the village hate him to the point that they are doing something that will get him killed in the future. And the word 'Demon' on the wall outside…

Yue just sighed as she doesn't have enough info as she then go to sleep.

At the morning Yue then wakes up seeing the clock. She then spot Naruto still sleeping as she sighed.

"Oi… Aren't you have school today?" Asked Yue

"Eh…" Naruto then looks at Yue as he thought he was living alone. He then remember yesterday as he yawned as he awake.

"Yue-san… Good morning…" Said Naruto

"Yeah yeah… aren't you forgetting something?" Asked Yue show him the clock

"Eh?" Said Naruto as he looks.

He then grabs the clock and said "AHHH! I'M LATE!"

As he shot up and changing fast, Naruto then grabs his book and said "I'm going to be chew out by Iruka-sensei…"

"Remember the promise…" Said Yue

"Okay okay… I won't tell anyone you're here Yue-san." Said Naruto as he races out

"Good… Now…" Said Yue as she opens up her storage scroll for some casual clothes. She changed out and said "Time for some info gathering."

She goes outside via the window and listen in some conversation. All of them are 'did you see the demon today' 'why did the Hokage keep him around?' Doesn't he know….' 'Shh… You forgot? We are not supposed to talk about it?'

So there's some kind of law at Uzumaki behalf? Though Yue

She then investigate some store. She then found out that all of those store have the same price and the equipment are better than the one she saw yesterday. This confirm her suspicion… these people truly sabotage Uzumaki… but why?

She then go to the bar after disguising herself. This had help her gather many info in the past before and it's never disappoint her.

"What will it be miss?" Asked the bartender

"Just a normal bottle of sake…" Said Yue

After serving out, she then start to hearing the chatting from the place. One particular conversation caught her interest

"Damn that brat… All I did was showing him the wrong Taijutsu style and the Hokage fired me and demoted me."

"Let it go… The Hokage loves the brat after all."

"Why can't he open his eye and see that 'brat' is the demon destroy our village 12 years ago?"

"Oi keep it down…"

12 years ago… I remember that Konoha was attacked by the Kyuubi. Uzumaki is at the same age, the villagers hate him, teacher sabotage him on purpose, faulty equipment… It's all lead to the same conclusion…

So that's why… the village is much stupider than I thought…

Yue then leave the bar and then go to the Academy.

At the Academy, she then looks at the field seeing Naruto are challenging a kid named Sasuke. His Taijutsu like those ninja said, were horribly sabotage. His movement is so awkward and had to many waste movement so that Sasuke kid can beat him without breaking a sweat. Not to mention he's too hot head that he basically charge in without a plan.

This is a disaster. Though Yue palmed her face

His classmate not only didn't help him but laugh and mock at him are not helping too.

After school, she then saw Naruto staying back as he kept on practicing. Yue had to admit, he might not be smart, but he's a hard worker.

She doesn't like holding debt to someone so she could do this.

At home, Naruto came back and then heard "How's school today?"

Naruto looks up seeing Yue already waiting for him. Naruto had to admit, he felt happy right now. All the time he went back to the empty, hollow house, he finally had someone waiting for him… even if it's a short time.

"How is your wound Yue-san?" Asked Naruto

"Still recovering… What? You want me to leave already?" Asked Yue smirking

"Ah… no… I actually want you to stay…" Said Naruto as he realized what he saying as he covering his mouth

Yue just shake her head at his honesty. Yue then said "Uzumaki… Can you show me your stance? I'm curious what did you learn at the Academy?"

"Eh? Okay…" Said Naruto then showing Yue show moves.

Seeing Yue sighed Naruto dropped his head down. Then Yue said "Who taught you this?"

"Eh? Well… the teacher of course. But he leaved then Iruka-sensei appeared." Said Naruto

So the school even cover this up huh? "And this Iruka didn't even to bother to fix your stance?"

"… I don't know… Right now, he just give me many books as he said I had to cover up many things I still lack." Said Naruto

"What do you mean 'lack'?" Asked Yue

"The teacher from before never gave me any at all. They always say that they are all out of them." Said Naruto

Sabotage to the bitter end huh? Though Yue as she clenches her fist

"Can you show me those books?" Asked Yue

Naruto nodded and show her. She could only sighed again. These are just too… normal. While it is good for Naruto, but it won't help him much on the battle at all.

She then throw them on the bed as she summons out her book from her scroll. She then pick up one and said "From now on when you are at home, read these. You only read those at school."

Naruto took a look at the book called 'beginning at trap making' 'Tactic 101' 'How to read your opponent movement'

"Read these while you're at home. And show me the stance again… I'll fix it." Said Yue

"Eh?" Asked Naruto

"Show it to me… Consider a payment for letting me stay here for the time being." Said Yue

"Ah… thank you Yue-san." Said Naruto happily. Finally, someone who willing to teach him

At that night, Yue then keep on fixing Naruto Taijutsu stance and teach him some basic. After that, they then go to sleep.

At the morning, When Naruto still sleeping, Yue then digging up something. Yesterday, when Naruto talks to her about his Bushin problem, something clicked on her mind. His surname and his trouble with Bushin, she remembers that she saw this problem somewhere.

She then found it. A book about… Uzumaki Clan

Of course… Why didn't I remember then? The Uzumaki Clan are all have strong body and stamina. And not to mention he's housing the Kyuubi as well. There's no way he can learn something low level like Bushin.

"And no one bother to research about this and let him fail three times." Mumbled Yue as she looks at the sleeping Naruto

She then looks at the clock as she said "Well… let wake him up then…"

After that, Naruto then starts to go to school again while Yue will pay a visit… to the Hokage.

At the Hokage tower, the famous 'Professor', the 3rd Hokage is now dealing with the world greatest threat… paperwork.

He mentally cried as the paperwork had just multiply… just after went he decided to turn to the window resting after nearly done. When he turns back, the paper had increase ten-fold.

Then he had to stop working when a voice was heard "The mighty Hokage defeated by the paperwork. Quite a story there…"

"Who's there?!" Said Hiruzen looking around

Yue then dropped down with her hood on. She then said "Greeting Hokage I would like to have some times with you if that's okay with you?"

"ANBU!" Said Hiruzen

"I'm afraid they won't be able to interrupted our talk at all." Said Yue putting her finger on her lip

"What?! You…" "Don't worry… normally I would silence them for good, but they will be wake up at the few hours." Said Yue cut him off

"… I see… And who are you?" Asked Hiruzen

"Just an acquaintance of… Naruto Uzumaki." Said Yue

"I SWEAR… IF YOU SO MUCH LAY A HAND ON HIM, YOU WON'T WALK OUT OF THIS PLACE ALIVE!" Shout out Hiruzen standing up slamming the table releasing his KI

"Quite protective of him there… but your action saying otherwise." Said Yue

"And what do you mean?" Asked Hiruzen

"Teacher sabotaging, store either selling him faulty equipment or overpriced, apartment like it about to fall down, limited supplies of food…. Need I say more?" Asked Yue

Hiruzen felt like he just had many arrows piercing through his body as he slummed down. He knew about sabotaging and handled it, but the other this girl told him is new to him as he had no idea.

"Not to mention doing a bad job hiding the fact that he's the Kyuubi Jinchuriki as well…" Said Yue

"How did you…" "Your village ninja had a bad way to keep the info inside. I walk through the village all day yesterday and all I heard is 'demon' 'die' 'Kyuubi'…" Said Yue cut off

"And what is your intention?" Asked Hiruzen

"I want to ask you… why did you did such a poor job taking care of him? The faulty equipment is dangerous enough but limit supplies of food? If it weren't for the Kyuubi, he would have died from the unbalancing diet already." Said Yue looking at Hiruzen with disappointment

Hiruzen just breath his pipe for a while and said "You're right about that miss. I didn't take care of him well enough. But that's the only thing I can do. The council…." "The council can go to hell! Are you the Hokage or their little bitch?!" Yue cut off harshly

"That one way to put it… even though it's harsh." Said Hiruzen chuckle dryly

"You can't even govern over your own people? The Yondaime will probably rolling at his grave when he heard how the villagers treating his flesh and blood." Said Yue

"Wait… How did you?!" Said Hiruzen choked on his pipe

"First… Your reaction just told me. And second… anyone with half of a brain could see the resemblance when they look at him and his picture." Said Yue looks at the Yondaime portrait

"Just who are you miss? You may look young… but your eye tell me you had blood on your hand before." Said Hiruzen studying Yue

"Someone you don't want to cross with. Right now, my priority is repaying Naruto for taking care of me that's all." Said Yue

"What do you mean?" Asked Hiruzen. She then tell Hiruzen about her encounter with Naruto. Hiruzen could only chuckle at Naruto personality. He doesn't care who he save at all. He just do.

"Then what are you intent to do after repay him?" Asked Hiruzen

"I'll leave immediately…" Said Yue

"But if what you said is true… then you have no place at all." Said Hiruzen

"Your point?" Asked Yue

"How about staying with Naruto instead? I know I can't help him much, but maybe you can…" Said Hiruzen

"You would trust me that easily?" Asked Yue

"Young Lady, I maybe old but I know a good person when I see one… You may look cold and ruthless, but you are not a bad person. And I know a betrayer when I see one…" Said Hiruzen looks pain when he remembers Orochimaru

"Then you're a fool…" Said Yue

"Unfortunately… I already am one…" Said Hiruzen smiling

Yue just looks at Hiruzen. She can see it, his eye truly have pain whenever he speak about Naruto. He's truly want to help Naruto but powerless.

"Then can you prove it now?" Asked Yue

"Prove what?" Asked Hiruzen

"Give me the Scroll of Sealing." Said Yue

"How did you know about it? Only the higher up know about it." Said Hiruzen

"Let just say I'm pretty good at info gathering." Said Yue

"And why would you need that?" Asked Hiruzen

"Didn't you just said you'll trust me?" Asked Yue smirking

"I may but I can't give you unless you told me the reason…" Said Hiruzen

"What if I said… I want to take over the world with it?" Asked Yue

Hiruzen just looks at her sternly. This girl completely mask her emotion. Just who is she?

"See… you can't really trust me after all." Said Yue. Hiruzen just looks at her then she said "Only a joke. I don't have such tasteless ambition at all. Selling it for money it's another story though…"

Hiruzen feel like face-fault at that. She wants to sell the most Scared Scroll for money? Hiruzen just then realized that… if she knew about the scroll, then she could easily just take it and run far from here and none will be wiser. So there's only a conclusion…

"If you want the scroll, then why don't you just take it?" Asked Hiruzen

"And what make you think I can?" Asked Yue

"You obliviously know where it is. If you want, you could just steal it and high tail out of the village? Am I right?" Asked Hiruzen

"I guess." Said Yue smirking

The two then have the staring contest for a while then Hiruzen said "I take it this is to see if I trust you or not huh?"

"No… it just a prank." Said Yue

"Hah…" Said Hiruzen

"Anyway… back to the matter at hand… I'm here for another reason…" Said Yue

"And what is it?" Asked Hiruzen

"You obliviously knew about both of his heritage right? Especially his Uzumaki heritage?" Asked Yue

"Why yes of course…" Said Hiruzen

"So care to tell me why did he fail the graduation exam three times at Bushin?" Asked Yue

"Bushin?" asked Hiruzen as he recalls the jutsu are the primary subject to pass. He then clicked.

"So you start to realized huh? How in the world you kept on letting him use Bushin while you knew his chakra would be to unstable for such a low rank jutsu?" Asked Yue

Hiruzen can't believe he miss that as well. With Naruto chakra, using Bushin is just too impossible. The jutsu is only for civilian kid so they can have better chance to pass since it only require simple chakra control to pull it off. But with Naruto is a different story, if he wants to use it, he needs a control that could make his students Tsunade green in envy.

"I'm truly sorry for that miss. Wait a moment…" Said Hiruzen as he then writing something

He then hands Yue a paper and said "Here is the instruction for the Kage Bushin. This is originally in the Scared Scroll because the amount of chakra it need to use. But this is much more perfect for Naruto."

"At least this is much better." Said Yue taking the paper. She then said "Well then… if you excuse me…"

"Wait have you consider about that?" Asked Hiruzen

"We'll see…" Said Yue as she disappear

"Quite a mysterious girl. But still, how did no one found out that I release KI?" Asked Hiruzen

"Hokage-sama… Here's your paperwork." Said the secretary bring in the stack

"Wait did you hear anything before?" Asked Hiruzen

"Um… forgive me sir… but I didn't…" Said the secretary

Hiruzen then saw the space shift a little as then returned back to normal.

I see… Silent seal huh? Though Hiruzen smiling as it turns to despair as he looks at the stack of paperwork

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