Chapter 9 Titanbuster

Shocked, awe goes through the world as they never thought they able to found out about Iron Man identity.

At Wave:

Tazuna family looked at the screen shocked as Inari said "Naruto nii-chan is Iron Man… NARUTO NII-CHAN IS IRON MAN?!"

"HAHAHAHA… What did I tell you? 'The Iron Man Bridge' is a good idea after all." Said Tazuna laughing and drinking sake

Back to Konoha, at the Kages, Hiruzen said "I have to admit… I should have known."

"Wait… you knew sensei?" Asked Jiraiya

"It was just a hunch… I never thought I was right." Said Hiruzen

The Kazekage a.k.a Orochimaru though My my… to think Iron Man true identity is right under my nose all the time.

At the stand, Ino shouts out "NARUTO IS IRON MAN ALL ALONG?!"

"I-I didn't know…" Said Sakura shocked. To think Naruto was the one who drove off Orochimaru at that day.

"Wow… so I was right. He really is hiding something." Said Kiba

Hinata blushed quite hard as she never thought the hero Iron Man and her crush is the same person.

"BWAHAHAHAHA! I knew that betting on him is a good idea." Said Anko laughing

"Damn it! There goes a B-rank mission bet against him." Said Izumo

"But this is quite a shock. To think this kid is Iron Man all along." Said Kotetsu

The Daimyos start to discuss at the latest event already as some of them regret putting their bet on the Hyuuga.

Back to the field, Neji steps back in shock and said "T-That's impossible. You can't be Iron Man!"

"Hou? And how do you know that Neji? It's not like you know me personally?" Asked Naruto amusing

Neji then starts to compose himself and said "Hmph… even if you are Iron Man, you're still just a loser."

Naruto then immediately dash to Neji then send a punch to send Neji sailing. Neji then starts to use his Juken but all he gets out of Naruto is "That barely even tickle" as Naruto blasts 'Repulsor' sending him flying again.

Neji then said "How is it possible? The Hyuuga Juken sever chakra. How come it's unable to destroy the armor?"

"What? Did you think I didn't prepare a countermeasure? Well… you could say that… seal hacked." Said Naruto chuckling

Seal? So that armor also has FuinJutsu as well. Damn it! If that's the case then my Juken is useless. Though Neji

Naruto raises his hand and blasts Neji as Neji managed to use 'Kaiten' to block it.

"Hmm… what kind of jutsu is that?" Asked Naruto

"This is Kaiten. The Hyuuga family ultimate defense. Even if you're Iron Man, you can't pierce through it." Said Neji thinking this could buy him sometimes.

Naruto then raises his hand up as his arm starts to shift to a railgun. Naruto then blasts Neji again making him uses 'Kaiten'

Neji though his 'Kaiten' blocked the blast to his shock, the beam destroys the 'kaiten' and he was hit by another blast shock and hit him point-blank.

Neji screams out as he sends skidding the ground.

At the stand, the Hyuuga and Tenten looked shocked

"Impossible! The 'Kaiten' had been broken!" Said Hiashi

"Father… how did Iron Man break through the 'Kaiten'?" Asked Hanabi

"No way…" Mumbled Tenten

"H-How… How did you break the 'Kaiten'?" Asked Neji

"Lightning Chakra." Said Naruto

"Lightning Chakra?" Asked Neji as he struggles to stand up.

"In all of the five elements, lighting may lose to wind but it had strong penetration power. So here is the question Neji? What if I contain Lightning Chakra and then release it in a single blast?" Asked Naruto holding his railgun up

Hiruzen then thinks about it as he then starts to understand. Naruto then continues "That's right. By doing that, the power will be focused on a single point thus the penetration power would be devastated. You could think this is my ultimate spear."

Neji along with the Hyuuga Clan heard that shocked. To think their clan 'ultimate defense' could easily takedown… just like that.

Neji starts to see the picture as he recalls the fight. If Naruto had this in the beginning… then is he already beat at the beginning? Neji could only ask "Where did you learn that move? There's no way a clan-less like you could have a jutsu like this?!"

Naruto could only laugh at that question as he said "You think I learned this from somewhere? That's where you're wrong. This… is my own hard work" as he opens his facemask as he raises his hand up.

"Unlike you… who had the entire clan backing you up, I had to struggle and crawl my way up. This suit… is the result of my hard work. So don't say something like 'fate decided this outcome'. It's irritating me." Said Naruto closes off his mask as he raises his hand up.

"You can do it too Neji… Because unlike me, you are not a failure and most of all, you have people with you from the start." Said Naruto as he then shifts his arm back to normal as he blasts Neji with lightning element make him drop down unconscious.

"For now… close your eye and think about it." Said Naruto as he then flies back to the balcony

Genma smirks at that as he said "The winner is… Uzumaki Naruto."

Silence goes through the stadium as many though appeared in the onlookers' mind. The dead last of the Academy… kicking the Hyuuga clan prodigy ass hard. And not to mention Iron Man identity is the said dead last.

At the balcony, Naruto recalls his armor back as he shifts back as he put his glass on.

"So… Iron Man huh?" Asked Shikamaru

"Surprise?" Asked Naruto chuckling

"More like troublesome…" Said Shikamaru

"Everything is troublesome to you Shikamaru…" Said Naruto

Back to the stand, Kurenai said "I never thought Iron Man identity is a genin… and a dead-last of all."

"HAHAHA… I'm rich! I can't wait for the kid next match." Said Anko giddy

"I have to admit… I'm curious too. I wonder just what else is in that suit of armor of his?" Asked Asuma

"Forehead. Aren't you glad? I mean… your team not only have Sasuke-kun but also Iron Man too." Said Ino

"Um… yeah." Said Sakura looked worried

"What's wrong?" Asked Ino

"Sasuke-kun is still not here…" Said Sakura

"Don't worry… I'm sure he'll be here soon…" Said Ino tried to cheer up Sakura

At the Kage, the Kazekage then said "Hoho… the crowd is quite noisy."

"Yes… It was a piece of shocking news after all…" Said Hiruzen

"Yes… but it also about the next match as well." Said Kazekage as he hints about Sasuke vs Garra match

The crowd starts getting noisy as they kept on saying when will the next match start. Yue then said "wow… the Uchiha sure is famous."

"Well… he is the last of the powerful Uchiha clan after all." Said Yoruka

"I wonder what tune they will sing after the Uchiha late on saving them?" Asked Yue snickering

Genma after hearing Raido words from the Hokage, he then said "Listen up everyone. Since the contestant of the next match had not arrived yet… we will postpone this match and move on to the next match."

"Is he for real? If this is Naruto, they probably disqualify him right away." Said Yue twitching

"The Uchiha is the latest news after all…" Said Yoruka chuckling

"Now then… the next match: Shino vs Kankuro. Please come down." Said Genma looks at the balcony

Kankuro starts to think for a while then said: "I… withdraw."

Naruto, Shikamaru, and Shino look surprised at that. Temari scowl at how the audience booing as she then uses her fan to fly down to the field.

"You are…" Said Genma

"It's my turn right?" Asked Temari smirking

"Okay then… since you seem willing to fight… Hey! Get down here Nara Shikamaru." Said Genma calling Shikamaru down

"Great… maybe I should" "Shikamaru… how about look at the left stance before said that?" Asked Naruto cut him off

Shikamaru looks confuse as he did just that. He then sees his mother glaring at him with a look that said 'don't you dare forfeit' with her fist raised up.

"Geh… this is so troublesome." Said Shikamaru as he walks down to the field

(Skip the fight)

"That's it… I'm done." Said Shikamaru raising his hand up

"Wait what?" Asked Temari along with everyone else

"Haiz… like I said before, I'm beaten. Even if I had over 200 strategies but I don't the reserve to use them at all." Said Shikamaru

And true to his word, his Shadow detaches as it returns to him as he sighed out tiredly.

Yue looks at that as she smirks. Shikamaru is good but he's too lazy. I guess each has its own way to fight.

Naruto then look at the doorway as he though so where is he now?

As the audiences kept shouting about the next match, at the gate two figures arrived.

"Oh good to see you two. Please come in." Said the two-guard

"Yosh. Let us go, Lee!" Said Gai

"Yes, Gai-sensei."

"You came just in time. The only match is Sasuke vs Garra." Said the guard

"Eh? But what happened to Naruto and Neji?" Asked Lee

"Heh… that is the most shocking battle. The Hyuuga kid lost and the Naruto kid is actually the famous Iron Man." Said the guard

Naruto… defeat Neji? And he's Iron Man? Though Lee

Lee then smiled then though Well done… Naruto.

Back to the field, a whirlwind of leaf pick up as appeared out is…

"Your name?" Asked Genma

"Uchiha Sasuke." Said Sasuke

"Huh…" Said Naruto sighed out at that.

Garra then shunshin down as Shikamaru and Temari go back up to the balcony.

"It seems this might be quite a match huh?" Asked Naruto

"Not exactly brat. You may need the 'Titan' for this. I don't think the Uchiha can't do anything to him at all." Said Kurama

"Let us see and find out." Said Naruto

Garra and Sasuke look at each other and Genma said "Hajime!"

Sand starts to pop out of Garra gourd as he mumbled about mother.

"Wait what's wrong with him?" Asked Naruto

"It seems Shukaku influence. That Tanuki tends to drive the vessel insane in order to take control." Said Kurama

"Then why is he calling it 'mother'?" Asked Naruto

"Beat me…" Said Kurama

Sasuke starts with shurikens as Garra sand caught them as they then form a clone of sand. Sasuke charges in as he punches the clone. After that, seeing he stuck to it as he destroys the clone then dash at Garra.

When Garra sand raises up to protect him but Sasuke suddenly disappear as he appears behind him. Sasuke was about to deliver a punch but the gourd starts to turn to Sand as it caught Sasuke.

Garra then said, "The same trick won't work twice Uchiha Sasuke." Said Garra

Sasuke tried to get out of the sand but the sand starts to cover him as Sakura and Kakashi starts to worries about him. Garra then looks up at Naruto as he said "Uzumaki Naruto! Come down and face me! Mother wants your blood!"

"Great…" Said Naruto.

"Wait you can't…" "It's okay Genma-san. I'll deal with him." Said Naruto cut off Genma as he lands down.

"But…" "Don't worry. Just sit back Genma-san." Said Naruto as he took off his glass.

Naruto armor starts to form around his body again making the metal sound as Naruto said "Well then Garra… you want a fight" as the mask close with a 'clang' as he said, "Then it's a fight you will get."

Kakashi and Sasuke looked shocked at that. Kakashi then said "Um… Sakura, why Naruto wearing something like that?"

"Oh right… you didn't here at Naruto match. Naruto is the Iron Man that everyone talking about." Said Sakura

"Naruto… is Iron Man?" Asked Kakashi looked at the field.

"I have to admit… that news surprises me as well Kakashi." Said Gai

"But what should we do Sensei? I mean this Garra is bad news. What if…?" Asked Sakura

"Don't worry. Let us trust in Naruto. Maybe he is the only one who can beat Garra." Said Kakashi

Back at the field, Naruto uses his thrusters to dash at Garra as he then delivers a punch but was block by Garra sand. Naruto then opens his palm up to blast 'repulsor' but Garra still has 'Suna Yoroi' as it doesn't make much damage.

Naruto then pushes all of the power to the booster as he rocketed toward Garra. Garra raised his sand up to protect him but Naruto pierces through the layer and slammed his punches on him… hard.

Garra was send flying making the Sand side looked shocked at that. Naruto then said "Your sand shield is impressive Garra. But it's not strong enough."

Garra snarl in angry as he then covers himself with a sphere of Sand. Naruto raises his eyebrow at that as he then shot his 'repulsor' but it not strong enough.

"Okay… I guess I need to bring anything else." Said Naruto

"OI ready Kurama?" Asked Naruto

"Ready brat. Let show this sandbag who is the boss!" Said Kurama

Red charka seeping out of Naruto armor shocking the Jounin and Kage. Hiruzen though Naruto starts to lose control as he was about to call the match then the charka coiling around Naruto and then form out was… a more beast-like Iron Man? (Think of it like beast Gregar)

"Surprise Garra? This is Iron Man beast mode. I make this in order to fight you." Said Naruto in a deep voice

"Changing armor won't help you." Said Garra

"Oh…" Said Naruto crouching down like a beast hunting its prey as he suddenly disappears and reappears right behind Garra "… Really?"

Garra turns his head back as he raises his sand up in shock but Naruto is already nowhere to be found and then Naruto appeared at the front and then plug his claws in Garra sand armor ripping it off.

Garra screams out in pain as he sending his sand to Naruto but Naruto then jump back flicking the sand and blood out of his claws as he said "I'm going to enjoy ripping that armor off… pieces by pieces!"

"N-No way… he's breaking through Garra defense." Said Temari

"This is bad…" Said Kankuro

At the field, Naruto then speeds up again disappear. Garra tried to look around for him but a slash appears on Garra. Garra forming his shield up but then another at his back. And this keep happens as Garra cover one place and another is being wound.

And after a while, Naruto reappears with his claws red with blood as Garra is bleeding all over the place.

"This is bad Temari. I never have seen Garra hurt this bad before." Said Kankuro

"The plan might fail if we keep this up. What are we going to do?" Asked Temari

"You asking me? I thought you know…" Said Kankuro

"So Garra? Ready to give up?" Asked Naruto holding his 'Repulsor' up as it's charging

"…" "Huh? What did you say?" Asked Naruto unclear

"there's no way… THERE'S NO WAY I'LL LOSE TO YOU!" Shout out Garra as the sand rose up making Naruto dashes back

The sand then starts to take shape as a large sand Tanuki was formed.

"This is bad!" Said Kankuro

"Damn it Garra. To think he was pushed to the point of transforming." Said Baki

(Back at the field)

"That is one big Tanuki." Said Naruto

"So? What are you going to do now?" Asked Kurama

"What else? Kick his ass… with style of course~!" Said Naruto grinning

"Naruto Uzumaki… for pushing me this far, I will end painlessly." Said Garaa as sand starts to gather around Naruto

Naruto just uses 'electromagnet pulse' to render the sand useless and fly up near Garaa height.

"Now now… the fun is just beginning after all…" Said Naruto

"You won't be able to defeat me at this form at all Uzumaki. You will die to prove my existent." Said Garaa

"Unfortunately for you… I don't plan on dying that easily." Said Naruto as his entire armor starts to shift as the metal sound rang out louder and the armor is… rapidly expanding?


"Wait… what is Naruto doing?" Asked Kiba


The Chakra starts to take shape then a bigger mask (helmet) close down to Naruto already had mask as he said: "Allow me to introduce my latest creation, the Titanbuster. I created this in case I have to fight another summon size opponent but hey, Bijuu count right?"


"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?!" Ino breaks the silence with her voice

"Naruto created… that?" Asked Sakura shocked

"This is… beyond what I expected from Naruto." Said Kakashi shocked

"You think?" Asked Asuma calming himself down

"NOW THAT… IS BADASS!" Said Anko excited

"… amazing…" Said Lee

"Can this troublesome guy stop bringing out one surprise after another?" Asked Shikamaru tiredly

(Hokage Stand)

"I have to admit… that is cool." Said Hiruzen

"I agree… Kukuku… to think you have this much potential, even if I can't take your body, I would love to trade idea as a fellow scientist." Though Orochimaru at the last part


"Interesting… very interesting Naruto Uzumaki. Perhaps you might be the one that I can go all out against." Said Garra making a hand sign

"Be prepare kid. He's about to surrender his control to Shukaku." Said Kurama

"False Sleep jutsu." Said Garaa as he then limped down


"You want to tear me apart?" Asked Naruto slamming his fists together making a loud clang

"Then let's see if you have the power to do so." Said Naruto as hell broke loose

Shukaku unleashes his wind Ball as Naruto's raising his arm to protect and then sending a punch to Shukaku tear his sand arm off

"Wait… how did you…" Said Shukaku surprise

"Your sand takes shape by Magnet Element am I correct? So all I have to do is charging my fist with lightning to disrupt the Magnet attraction." Said Naruto holding his sparked fist

"Whatever… I can heal myself just fine." Said Shukaku as true to his word, his arm grow a new

"Then let's see how long you can hold your shape." Said Naruto as he cocks both of his arms back (Imagine Luffy King Kong Gatling)

"Die!" Said Shukaku as he's about to unleash another Wind Ball but suddenly his right shoulder had a hole

"What the?" Asked Shukaku shocked and then another at his left chest

Another at his right stomach, another at the left cheek, another at the left arm…

Hole rapidly appeared on Shukaku body as he tried to fix but no effect since the attack somehow makes his regeneration slower and the speed was too fast.

The onslaughter stopped as Naruto then deliver a punch sending the head along with Garaa flying down the field

Before Shukaku could recover, Naruto then slammed his fist to its body dig deep in and then use Fire Element covering his fist making the sand turn to glass quick. Naruto then swings his fist back shattered the glass as the glass falls down glittery

The Titanbuster then open up as Naruto fly out at his original suit and the Titanbuster disappeared as Shukaku or more like Shukaku's head said: "That's not fair. I just got out and you cheated like that!"

"I won't call that a cheat though…" Said Naruto as he clonks Garaa head forcing him awake as Shukaku disappear and the sand broke down leaving Garaa on the ground.

"Y-You defeated Mother?!" Said Garaa shocked

"I'm confused though, why are you calling him Mother when he is a male?" Asked Naruto

"Because… Yashamaru, my caretaker told me that my mother is the sand that always protects me." Said Garaa

"Hah… I'm not following much but… because of that, you think Shukaku as your mother?" Asked Naruto

"Yes…" Said Garaa

"Mother complex much? Anyway, look, I don't know who gave you that stupid idea of killing others to prove your existent, but that's not the way. If you want to prove your existent, try to find someone who is dear to you instead." Said Naruto looks at Garaa at his level

"But… no one wants to be with me at all." Said Garaa

"Then how about me?" Asked Naruto points at himself make Garaa surprise

"I have no problem at all. I know what's that feel like. And to be honest, I won't be who I am today without her." Said Naruto looks at Yue

"Is that… what makes you strong? Love?" Asked Garaa

"Yeah… so don't worry about it and find someone who would accept you. Because Garaa, you are not alone…" Said Naruto as his two siblings landing down

"Make sure to look after him probably. You guy are his family after all." Said Naruto then flying back to the stand

Kankuro and Temari nodded as the bring Garaa to the infirmary

Genma then ends the silence with: "The winner is… Naruto Uzumaki."

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