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'…' thoughts

* …. * actions

~Surprising News~

It was another one of those usual boring days at Domino High school, the weather was extremely hot and it felt more like summer then spring. All of the teachers bored everybody off as usual with their long boring talks about stuff that wasn't really that important, at least not to yami.

Yami: *sitting in desk next to yugi's and writing on a scrap piece of paper* boring, boring, I am bored, boring....

Yugi: *starring out of the window*........

Jou: *sleeping* ZzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzZzZzZzzzzzzzzZ

Tea: *staring at Bakura* 'he is cute……., NO……. wait, what am I saying??????? I can't! I like yami, not that white haired freak …… well, no offence to Ryou…..'

Teacher: *writing stuff on the blackboard* and so the soil is the .... *continues to talk*

Bakura: *looks at the board then pulls out a "Brain Control" card* *in a whisper* do your work my ring *smirks*

Teacher: *still writing on the board* I AM BAKA!!!!* brain control wears off*

Kaiba: *typing on his laptop* nice one bakura *evil smirk*

Bakura: O_O

Mai: *polishing her nails* ya ya

Bakura: how did you....?


Ryou: *disappointed* that's not nice *shakes his head*

Bakura:  *-_-* that didn't answer my question mortal

Kaiba: *smirks* psychic powers

Tristan: *giggles again*

Isis: *starring at yami* 'I think that I am attracted to that guy somewhat, but no, if Marik finds out, then I am doomed! I just have to make some crap again…… awww, why do I have to have a younger brother who behaves like he is my father or something! ' * looks at Marik* * O_O * ' why is he staring at me like that?'  * innocent smile*


Marik: *looks at Isis* 'if she won't stop looking at him I will kill him or die trying to just like my yami' *sniff* ' I miss you Marikue ….. well, not really, nobody is going to eat my chicken noodles anymore! Yay!'

Serenity: *taking notes*

Teacher: *turns five shades of red and erases the last sentence* Ehm, class, I need all of your attention now more then ever.

Yami: *under his breath* like you had any at all *mentally slapped by Yugi*

Everone: *looks up*

Teacher: thank you

Everyone: -_-;

Teacher: this class has the highest marks in science in the whole entire grade, therefore, as a school treat, we will be providing this class with a unique opportunity to go out on school excursion into the woods to study different kinds of habitat in the forest!

Everyone: *major sweat drop* * sarcastically * grrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttteeeeeeee

Teacher: also, we will be going in two separate buses and we will be staying in different locations in the woods, therefore there will be no contact with your friends who might be in the other group.

Everyone: -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Teacher: this will count as one of our major projects for this unit and it will be 60% of your science mark.

Everyone: *gulp*

Teacher: *looks around* you don't seem to be very happy, but here is the rest for I know that it will cheer your spirits up a lot! This trip will take a week therefore you will have to prepare for it in an appropriate manner. However, you will be removed from all of the responsibilities of catching up on the work that you've missed in other subjects! Isn't that great?

Everyone: uhhhh

Teacher: *beaming* very well then! I will give u a handout to go home with you and make sure that you've got everything that is on it, and some other things that you might want to bring a long!

~Bell Rings~

Yugi: well yami, don't you think that it might evidentially be fun?

Yami: nooo

Teacher: and before you go, here is the list of who goes where * gives it to Yugi to read it to the class*

Everyone: *attention on Yugi*

Yugi: *jaws drop to the ground* looks awkwardly around*

Yugi:*gulp* in bus 1 there will be: Yami, Kaiba, Serenity, Isis, Tea, Bakura, Joey & Mai, and in the second bus will be: Ryou, Yugi, Triston, Marik, Duke & two other teachers.

Everyone: O_O

Yami: Kaiba? Bakura? ARE YOU MAD TO PUT ALL THREE OF US IN THE SAME BUS????????????????????????????

Teacher: *confused* but what's wrong with that?


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