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~It was April the First …~

Marik: CLOSE THOSE DOORS! *he yelled as he was the last to jump into the bus, the bears behind him literally biting his heels off.*

Kaiba: *hitting the red button*

*the bus emitted a strange, siren-like sound and everything, meaning everything, was blocked. The doors were shut, the windows were covered is some kind of a shield that wasn't see-through. The insides were dark*

*THUMP!!!! THUM!!!! THUMP!!!!*

Bakura: what the hell just happened?

Marik, Ryou & Yugi: *breathing hard*

Kaiba: well, obviously, the lights went off …

Serenity: no! The 'thumping' sound!

Kaiba: *scratching his head even though no one can see him* I think those were the bears

Everyone: *gulp*

Mai: I wonder if they made a dent or something …..

Kaiba: nah, this bus is bulletproof …some stupid bears can't even scratch it!

Joey: so if they can't even scratch it but the thumps were pretty loud, that means …..

Kaiba: they met the same fate as those squirrels a week ago …

Serenity: *breaks down and cries*

Joey: *trying to find her in the dark* sis, where are you??

Tea: OUCH! Joey!!! That was my foot!

Joey: sorry! *extending his arm and placing in on something soft …*


Joey: *@__________@* sor- *unconscious*

*everyone starts stepping, pushing and havoc is born …. *

Bakura: *sitting in the corner* 1 … 2… 3… 4… *trying to calm himself down, keeping his cool*

Everybody: *while Bakura is counting* Give me that! PERVERT! My FOOT! MY HAIR!!!!!!! I CAN'T SEE!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! OUCH!!! YUGI? NO! PERVERT! JOEY???????WHAAAAAAAAAAAA????????? GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bakura: *eye twitching* WOULD EVERYBODY JUST SHUT THE @#$% UP??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!      

Everyone: *frozen, dead silence*

Bakura: *heavy sigh* thank you

Yami: *light bulb* Bakura, aren't you supposed to see in the dark? 

Bakura: ya, I can see everything...

Everyone: *glares at him*

Mai: *huffing* pervert!

Bakura: *o.O* what did I do?

Mai: *glares at a random spot in the dark* nothing, I just wanted to say that…

Bakura: *major sweat drop*

Isis: *irritated* Bakura, you can fix this, can't you?

Bakura: *smirk* ya …..

Isis: can you turn the lights on?

Bakura: I could if only I could use a computer ….

Kaiba: what do you mean?

Bakura: *thoughtfully* well … this bus has a computer unit that monitors all of the activities, inside and outside, as well as cameras and a contact to your satellite, Kaiba ….

Kaiba: *O_O* I didn't know that…. how do you know?

Bakura: well, while you guys were packing I was checking this thing out and I found cameras and that default button that you just pressed …

Kaiba:  I feel so embarrassed!

Yami: so, um, do you know where this computer is?

Bakura: ya, you have to disconnect the main steering wheel and then there will be this box where the computer is and it can do anything … even drive us back home …. It's quite a technology, I'll tell ya!

Yugi: *speaking for the first time*I want to go home! I am so tired from all of this!

Yami: *trying to see something in the dark* Yugi, are you okay?

Yugi: *weak voice* yaaaaa……

Bakura: *interrupting them* you know, I would like to go home as well! *swiftly moves to where Kaiba and the steering wheel is*

Kaiba:  I feel so stupid! I invented this bus and I don't know how to use it! WHAT THE --- *feels a presence next to him* Bakura?

Bakura: yaya, get off the seat so that I can take you place and get us the hell outta here!

Kaiba: *sigh* fine fine! *getting up and out of his seat, which was then taken up by Bakura*

Bakura:* wrecking the steering wheel out* ah, there! *opens the computer and the slowly types something … *

Everything is bright again since Bakura turned the lights on!

Yami: *realized that the thing that he was sitting on was actually Isis* I am so sorry! *gets off of her*

Isis: *blushing*

Marik: *steam coming out of his ears* why you!!!!??? don't ever touch her again!

Isis: Marik!

Yami: *smug face* why?

Marik: *crosses his arms* Because she is my sister!

Yami: *puts his hand around Isis* but since she is my girlfriend …..

Everyone: *gasp*

Marik: *faints*

Everyone: *sweat drop*

Mai: oh, well Joey ain't alone now! *does a happy dance*

Everyone: * inching away from her*

Mai: hee hheee *sheepish smile*

Bakura: *sweating heavily*  I suck at computers! What am I supposed to do?!? This isn't a normal keyboard! *sigh*  oh well, just press any random button … 

Everyone gasped as all of the windows and doors in the bus sprang open and to everybody's shock and horror, they were surrounded from all sides by very hungry looking bears!

Bakura: opps ….  How about this one? *presses a random button*

They all here some sort of rumbling at the back but can't exactly tell what it is.

Bakura: *starring at the screen while the bears are slowly advancing towards them* hmmm…..

Everyone: GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bakura:  it says here that I should press 'START" button …. But what will happen?


Bears: * extremely close to the bus*

Bakura: *shrugs* oh well, suit yourself! *presses the button*

The doors of the bus become shut, the windows sealed and everything is darks other than the screen that appeared in the middle which is currently blank. They can also hear a low rumbling that is getting louder and louder with every passing second. Suddenly, number 10 appears on the screen, then 9, then 8 ….

Kaiba: oh no ….

Yami: *looking around suspiciously* what's it counting down to?

Kaiba: * a tiny bit louder* oh no….

Yami: * trying to locate Kaiba in the dark* Kaiba! What does that mean???


Bakura: *sweatdrop* I didn't give it any destination….

The screen: 5……4……3……


The screen: 2 … …  1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so, our tiny group of young spacers took off, in the bus with no lights on, their destination is to explore the wonders of the universe … but wait, what's this? Their humble spaceship is changing its direction? Could this be because of their piercing screams of joy which could be heard through soundproof walls??

~In Domino Highschool~

Tristan: *standing next to a teacher* they should be here by now! How long could it take to find them?

Teacher: I think they found them already but all roads are blocked due to the terror that happened in the next town! With that monster on the loose … what if the monster got them …. it *sniff* i-tt- *sniff* was just a j-j-j… *breaks down and cries*

 Tristan: if they would've waited just a little bit longer for the other bus to come, they would've been here with us ….

Teacher: * suddenly straightens and looks around* can you hear it?

Tristan: *dumbfolded* what?

Teacher: * listens carefully* cries … cries for help and cries from fright! Just like the old lady told the police!

Tristan: *sweat drop* if you'd believe everything that Tea's grandma says, the next thing you'll know is that Kaiba invented a bus that could fly!

Teacher: *thinks* that could be useful ….

Tristan: *-__________-* *suddenly hears screams as well*

Teacher: * freaking out* is it the monster?

Tristan: * looks up to the sky* ?_? .. ummmmmm

Teacher: what's wrong???

Tristan: *pointing upwards*

Teacher: *looking up* It's a UFO!!!!!!!!!!!

In truth, there, flying towards them, was some kind of a rectangular object, and its speed … well, it had a damn good speed! Getting closer and closer and –

Tristan: *O_O* there is a 'KC' imprinted on it!!!!!

Teacher: the screams are coming from there!!! May be somebody is being tortured?

Tristan: a whole lot of somebody if you ask me! Theirs screams are louder than the screams of the kids on the biggest rollercoaster! 

Teacher: maybe it's a new type of rollercoasters?

Tristan: Maybe …… O_O *putting things together* Wait! It's Kaiba's BUS?????????

Teacher: *spacing out again* so Kaiba invented a bus that flies already? Awesome, why didn't he tell me?

Tristan: *sweatdrop* when was the last time that you have had visited a doctor?

Teacher: yesterday!

Tristan: oh man!

While they were talking, the unknown object that was now known as Kaiba's bus landed with a humongous crash! Bits and pieces of things flew around it but the bus remained unharmed and the screaming continued. Suddenly, the screams ceased and everything became very silent. Everything/one except of the teacher …

Teacher: amazing! They didn't even have to face awful road traffic and those jams! I am going to request that kind of bus from Mr. Kaiba … or preferably a car … that drives by itself…

Tristan: *running towards the bus* any survivors?

Kaiba: *bangs the door open and gets out of the bus* @#$@#^#&$)#_&&@%#$@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tristan: 0_0 Kaiba ….


Tristan: *gulp* no … but I think that you do. I mean, look at your hair … it's like you've touched the electrical fence … no, it looks like Yami's … when 'blowfried'

Kaiba: *slightly touching his hair dreadfully and moving his hand up to its ends* O____________________________________O

Teacher: you hair looks like a puffed up broom … what did you use Mr. Kaiba?

Kaiba: BAKURAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teahcer: you used Bakura?

Joey: *the second to get off the bus* Wha .. *takes one look at Kaiba's hair* woooooaaaaaa O_O

Tristan: Joey's looks the same!

Kaiba: WHAT?????/

Joey: what's wro … *touches his hair*  MY HAIR IS A FREAKING PUFF BALL MADE OUT OF STICKS!!!???

Serenity: * desperately trying to get her head through the door* little help here!!!

And so, the group of puff-haired teens struggled to get out of the cursed bus which worked as an assistant to hairdressers … 

After half and hour of work, they finally managed to pull the last victim out and now they were all seated on the floor, their hair could be seen in a mile radius. Everyone and everything was quiet. To quiet to be good …

Serenity: * with a meter long hair that looks like a bush at this very moment* h-h-ee-rr-ee *extending her arm with a bunch of crumbled papers in it*

Teacher: *pauses from laughing* what is it?? *asked curiously*

Serenity: O-o-u-r p-p-p-r-r-o-j-j-e-e-e-e-c-c-c-c-c-c-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t!

Teacher: aw, you poor thing! You actually did it? Why?

Everyone except of Tristan, Yugi. Ryou and Marik: WHAT?

Duke: *walks out behind the corner* oh, hi guys! I am glad that you made it!  We were trying to find you so that we could tell ya that it was a joke from the teacher, it was April the first, remember?


Duke: *misunderstanding* ya, I was shocked also, I mean, it was like … we came to the site and then the teacher is like oh, we are here? Well then, fools! It's April the fools day! I tricked you! and then we laughed and ya … but when we came back you guys were gone and when we tried to finds you and then some weird stuff happened in the town nearby and everybody got killed except of Tea's grandma and then the old lady made up some story about monsters that could pass through walls and *and he continued his ramblings but he was ignored by the group of very tired, very angry and very adrenalin-high teenagers*

"What?" they said together murderously and got up from their sitting positions. Yugi, Ryou and Marik simply moved out of their way.

Teacher: *senses the danger* haha, this is my cue to go!

Everybody: DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so, the group of mad teenagers and two yamis gave a chase to a teacher around town, and out into the night. The teacher was never seen by anyone ever since … could it be those hungry bears or could it be those angry teenagers? It remained the mystery to the entire world …. even the shadow realm was confused.

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Lilo: o.O?????

Yami: I wanted the next fict to be about me!

Marikue: are you sure that you want to be tortured?

Yami: *nervous smile* heeheee ….  then again! NO!!! *disappears*

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Lilo: did you have to scare him like that?

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