(I actually have more but it really wasn't all that good and more like useless banter that went nowhere. So here's the good stuff, if I ever rewrite the last part oof. Made for Thanksgiving~! Sorry this is kinda short and kinda late. I was working on it all day yesterday and sadly failed to complete it all–))

America jumped onto Canada's bed, Canada pushing him away. "Mattie wake up! Mattie wake up it's Thanksgiving!!"

Canada groaned, opening his eyes slightly, to his wide-eyed, bright smiling brother.


"Thanksgiving dude! We gotta get ready for the Parade!"


"Yeah! Did ya forget? The Macy Day Thanksgiving Parade!!"

Canada wiped his eyes, propping himself on his elbows.

"Eh? Oh, uh no I remember,"

America hopped off the bed, picking Canada up and throwing him over his shoulder. "Yep! So let's get moving!"

"Put me down Al! Gosh darn it! I got legs, I can walk!"

America only walks out of the room, keeping Canada positioned on his shoulder.

"My glasses Al, I can't see, please put me dooown," Canada groaned, holding his head in his hands expectantly.

"I'll get 'em!" America saunters back into the bedroom, grabbing Canada's glasses off the bedside and marching back into the living room. Dumping Canada onto the couch and handing him his glasses.

"Thank you?"

America nodded, now blabbing off a list they needed to get done. ••••America whooped loudly backstage, watching the infamous balloon characters, and his nation's popular stars, going by on big, wondrous floats, singing snipets of songs. After a short break, he was called up by the hosts. He latched his hand around Canada's wrist, pulling him out to the little balcony the hosts stood on.

"—Here we are now with Alfred F. Jones! Otherwise known as our very own United States! And who's this with you?"

Canada gave a small smile, America had mentioned he'd been invited to have a small chat before the next performace with the hosts of the parade, he didn't say he'd drag him along too.

"My brother, Matthew Williams!" He put his arm around Canada'a neck, grinning.

"Good to see you, Canada, right? We're so glad we could have you both here today!"

"Haha! Heck yeah! I love the parade!"

Canada held his hands in front him, just smiling until it was time for them to leave the balcony. Maybe he looked a bit unnatural? Well, uhm, too late now. They went to seek a place in the crowd to continue watching. When they finally, boy, was America loud. Louder than normal that's for sure. Although it was more than he'd care to admit, Canada liked it when America made him fly to New York for the Macy Day Parade. It was always interesting to see everything he and his citizens are into. All the dance performances, stars singing, the huge and outgoing floats. Marching bands, the costumes, all the colors, famous American cartoon characters, iconic businesses. He could feel the energy the crowd excerted into this one event. It really was just, so very intriguing. And, maybe strange, but hey, who was he to judge. If it's important to him than, well. He has no say, now does he?