Hello everyone.

No update today, but I do have a bit of an announcement to make. Unfortunately, I have lost nearly all passion for this story, and as such, my motivation to continue writing it continues to dwindle with each passing day. It's certainly unfortunate, since this is by far my most followed fic.

However, I've been getting a good number of unnecessarily venomous PMs recently regarding my decision concerning Ichigo's power level, and I'm just growing tired of having to deal with it. The same thing happened with the original version of this story, and we all know how that version turned out; with me quitting it.

Some of you may want to criticize me by saying that I "can't take negative criticism."

Maybe you're right. However, maybe this story just wasn't meant to be, either. There are some ideas that sound cool as a concept, but when you actually put words to paper, it doesn't turn out to be as good as you'd hoped it would be. Perhaps that is the case with this story.

Now, before everyone goes into a panic, keep in mind that I'm still on the fence about continuing. Who knows; I might get a sudden burst of enthusiastic inspiration. At the moment, though, I'm still trying to decide what to do.

Just know that I would rather give you all a story that I am passionate about, instead of one that I simply feel obligated to finish. I'm attempting to write another chapter, and I'll probably reach a final decision once I finish it. If I decide to finish the story when that time comes, then I will delete this notification and simply continue pumping out chapters as if nothing ever happened.

However, if I decide to stop writing this story, then I'll let you all know.

The rest of my fics will continue on normally. They will not be affected by this issue.

Best Regards,