One day the power rangers megaforce where fight Lord zedd and Darth Vader then Darth Vader throw sith lighting at the megaforce rangers then show up Ahsoka tano fight darth vader then megaforce rangers when back fight to lord zedd then darth vader said to Ahsoka tano snips then she said" sky guy you were on light side master in the clone wars"

said Ahsoka . Then anakin said" that was the old me now I like new me ."

"Why are you like the new you ?" said Ahsoka. Then anakin aka darth vader said " because I like to kill the rangers and also I killed your friends who were jedI ". Then ahsoka said" you miss a couple of jedI and they are still alive sky guy ?" . Then darth vader said "oh really which one I miss ? ". Then ahsoka said "yoda , obi wan , shaak ti , caleb dume , ezra bridger and last is your second padawan bernadette Winder with her padawan katooni . " Then vader said "oh no forgot them why I should and please me where is there location ? ."

Then ahsoka said" no I am keep it a secret from you ."

Then mighty morphin power rangers show up and help the mega force rangers

"What are we going do "said the pink ranger who still a jedI knight aka bernadette Winder .

Then purple ranger aka katooni look at ahsoka she is fight darth vader aka anakin skywalker

Then bernadette aka pink ranger said , "to vader are you going killed snips and don't forgot what did to padme and those younglings was to be the future jedI knights " . Then vader said "so ahsoka and it's must be second padawan bernadette winder who the mighty morphin 3rd pink ranger ." " Also that must katooni who the mighty morphin 2nd purple ranger ". Then megaforce rangers and another mighty morphin rangers said to vader "I will defeat you and leave my two jedI teammates a alone or I will killed you vader ."

Then the red mighty morphin ranger attacked Vader and said , " i am going to destroy you Vader " .

Then vader fought back at the red mighty morphin ranger