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A Blessed Special I

Girl TalkFor AllAboutNotin

As usual, the party of the number one adventurer was having lunch at the dining area of the Guild Hall. Unlike most of the time, the young Arch Druid was nowhere to be seen. It had been a long day of exterminating packs of goblins, direwolves, direbears, and a couple of bugbears, all of them victims of Izuku's anger, an anger born due to the stupidity of a religious Thief earlier that morning.

"I never thought he would be so… angry." Aela spoke after taking a few bites of her food.

For the Ranger, many of the quirks of her party were still new to her, and difficult to understand at the best of times. Izuku's love for his party members as a group was a given, as his status and power meant that forming a harem was an obvious step. However, his overwhelming protectiveness of his slaves was shocking.

"Master's love is warm…" Chika whispered, earning tiny winces from her companions, who were still getting accustomed to her voice, "Chika is very happy to be loved so much!"

When Izuku left them all in the Guild Hall, he had ordered Liza and Chika to stay there too, giving them the duty of protecting Megumin while he sought a moment of peace for himself. In truth, he just wanted to pay a visit to Wiz in private, intending to put Chika's egg to good use and not having to deal with the idea of someone else mishandling such a precious item.

While Chika had obeyed the order with a hesitant smile, Liza had immediately tensed, wanting to follow him to ensure his safety. In the end she couldn't disobey, but her body had reminded tense from that moment onward, and the rest of the girls knew that the first to bother her would most likely not survive her first blow.

"So…" Yunyun called to their attention, her social awkwardness shining like sun in the middle of the day, "Who does he love more?"

The entirety of the group fell silent.

It was no secret that Izuku and Megumin were an item, much less that they shared a room, but at the same time, he took his two slaves along during the night. The rumors flying around were nothing short of scandalous.

"I mean… he sleeps with the three of you…" Yunyun continued, trying to have her very first girl talk moment, "And he is very nice and caring to all of us too…"

For the Crimson Demon Clan, a girls' talk session was no ordinary thing, nor a trivial moment of bonding. For them, it means traversing a dangerous minefield where a lie could be just as disastrous as the truth. It was a battlefield where private reputation and public image rested on the edge of annihilation.

"Well, don't look at me." Aela quickly answered, "I'm the newest member and I have done very little to earn such affection."

The Ranger knew her place. She was the newcomer, and her entrance in this elite group had been the result of Izuku's pity on her miserable life. The Arch Druid had no reason to rescue her, to take her in when he could have easily just sent her to work her ass off at the market… no reason to dress her in proper adventurer's garments and gear… to teach her how to use her skills and build…

Then why did he do all that for her?

"I mean… It is true that he freed me from the debt…" Aela began to switch gears, her voice taking a tone that denoted doubt, "He also rescued me from the pitfall the other guy had me in by making me a proper fighter…"

The more the pink-haired Ranger dwelled on it, the more she began to resent her previous party leader. Kyouya said he loved her, but he only wanted her to cheer for him, to be there to make him feel better. Izuku hadn't say anything about love or desire, but he had made her strong and capable, he had turned her from a cheerleader into a well-respected adventurer.

Kyouya had dressed her like a doll, something pretty to look at, someone pleasing to his sight. Izuku had dressed her in proper gear, giving her the tools to grow into her own self, and the freedom to become the strong woman she desired to be when she left home.

Would that be… love?

"Do you think he… likes me?" Aela shyly asked, her face slowly developing a full blush, "I don't want to disrupt the order… I just… I think… maybe…"

"A Saint's love does not translate to carnal desires." Darkness suddenly interrupted, her voice still sounded wise even after going through half of her beer mug, "He loves us all, but he has no intention of getting between our legs…"

What was left unsaid by the blond Crusader was the fact that no one would refuse such advances from their party leader.

"Wait!" Yunyun suddenly shouted, sparkles in her eyes sending a bad feeling down Megumin's spine, "Does that mean it's alright to love him too?"

The conversation immediately ground to a halt.

So far they hadn't done more than toy with the idea, fantasize with the concept. But now they began to consider it an option. Heroes and powerful adventurers always gravitated towards forming a harem, or a harem gravitated to their presence.

For Yunyun it was the most obvious thing to do. She couldn't bear the idea of getting between her friend and the cute Arch Druid, but introducing him to the Clan was important, and she really loved how he treated her like a dear friend. She was fine with becoming a concubine.

"Why would that be wrong?" Chika innocently asked, "Chika thinks everyone should love Master!"

For Aela it was more than worth considering the option. She thought that Kyouya loved her, but comparing that to what Izuku provided her, it was like a sad joke. Her party leader would no doubt earn a nobility title, and when that came, he would need a trusty aide to sort through the burden of being a noble, things that a Druid would surely hate to tend to. Providing such aid in the form of a venerable second wife would be both a wonderful way to repay his kindness and the perfect opportunity to reach her goal.

"Marriage…" Darkness muttered in a low voice, however, her single word hit the others like a battering ram.

For Darkness the chance meant accomplishing several major fantasies. She would be immediately disgraced as a noble due to Izuku not being highborn, her name tarnished by the rest of the noble houses through bearing the children of someone who didn't even have an acknowledged social status, and yet, she would receive the perfect position to perpetually guard her Saint. The very angels would treat her like an equal due to undertaking such responsibility, her very body becoming a symbol of purity by being the receptacle of a Saint's lovely affections, her bloodline becoming holy by mixing it with the lineage of who would no doubt become the voice of the very world!

"You all better not get any weird ideas." Megumin finally warned her party members, "He is mine, I'll be his wife. We already did it."

Megumin just wanted to reaffirm her position. She really didn't want competition, and while it was true she would absolutely share Izuku with Chika and Liza, she knew that the Demi-girls had absolutely no intention of dethroning her. Seeing the looks of envy and outrage from the other girls meant that she had fucked up though.




Megumin reeled back. It was obvious that exposing her little secret had backfired in the most horrible way.

"So this is where you are…"

A sudden male voice interrupted the storm that was about to be unleashed.

"You again?" Darkness asked in a rather annoyed tone, "My answer will not change, Yavin. I'm not handing over my Shield, nor my Club, to anyone."

The young man that had interrupted the group was a lanky looking guy with blond hair in a bowl cut style, and blue eyes that looked full of lust and greed. He was also surrounded by three female warriors clad in bikini armor.

Aela had to fight a small episode of PTSD upon seeing the group.

"Not even for double the amount?" The man asked, narrowing his eyes in obvious discomfort.

"Not even for your life and soul." Darkness replied without hesitation.

Many had asked Darkness about her Ironbark gear, and most of them had requested trades. The Shield and Club Izuku had made for her was classed as made from Ironbark, however, they didn't act like gear made of the same material.

Ironbark, when correctly handled, showed steel-like properties with only a fraction of the weight. It was a renowned material, but it wasn't as coveted as mithril, adamantite or orichalcum. Izuku's gear, however, outclassed the most coveted material known in the kingdom. The Ironbark grown by the cute Arch Druid was harder than adamantite, and resisted magic like a mithril-orichalcum alloy, all without weighting more than standard Ironbark. The thorns adorning both items weren't just for show either, making both items exceedingly dangerous.

Beldia claiming them to be blessed by multiple gods just made things worse.

"Stubborn bitch…" The blond guy sneered, but otherwise didn't do much.

The man bothering Darkness was the son of a noble, and as such, he always wanted to get his hands on powerful artifacts and gear to adorn his sexy followers. As the son of a noble, he was known to pull rank to get his way whenever possible, however, he was also aware of where his place was in the hierarchy. Which was worlds below Darkness.

Being adventurers meant that he could get away with a lot of disgraceful behaviors, like throwing light insults, or bothering her with constant requests for a 'fair' trade. But he would never be able to raise his hand against her.

The son of a Baron challenging the daughter of a Duke would meant the immediate execution of not only his life, but that of his entire family.

"What about you, cutie witches?" The guy turned his attention to the two Crimson Demons, "Any epic legendary gear you can show me? Perhaps the well-developed one wants to join my elite party?"

The young noble asked the last question while eyeing Yunyun, or rather, her breasts.

"NO!" Yunyun panicked while shielding her chest.

She may have been starving for attention, but the only eyes she could tolerate looking at her with lust belonged to her party leader, not some sleazy noble!

Before the noble creep could say another word, or even try to make a move, Liza stepped between him and the Crimson Demons. Her face revealed no emotion whatsoever, but even someone as dense as the idiot son of a Baron knew not to mess with a Gator demi-human on guard duty.

They were both simple-minded and slow, but absolutely deadly when engaged in combat.

"Master Yavin, how about that epic Bowgun?" One of the women following the noble asked while pointing at Aela, "That's the original one, which means it would be better than any replica that damned dwarf can make."

The observation helped the idiot noble to overcome his temporary fright. The animal had shielded the witches, not the other girls.

"You, commoner!" The blond idiot pointed toward the now panicking Ranger, who just hugged her weapon like one would shield a baby, "Hand over that epic weapon or…"

"Or what?" Izuku's voice froze not only the invading group, but the entirety of the Guild Hall.

The question rolled off the tongue of the Druid without any of his usual kindness.

"I…" The idiot couldn't find his voice. The Arch Druid, the man that destroyed Kyouya, killed Beldia, and vanquished an ancient Lich was looking at him like he was nothing more than a worthless insect that had scared his lovers.

"Leave." Izuku ordered, his bottled anger, product of having to deal with a zealot of a thief earlier that day, was bubbling up.

The invading group ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. They would later change the facts to make it look like they had enough skill to escape from an angry god, not that Izuku cared about that.

"Are you all alright?" Izuku asked, his voice now full of the love his party members were accustomed to, "Did that guy try anything?"

Before anything else could be said, all the girls, save Darkness and Liza, darted forward to hug their beloved leader. Not knowing what to say or what to do, Izuku attempted to hug everyone back, making use of his vines to further instill a sense of security on his beloved party members. Said hug also encompassed Liza and Darkness, much to their enjoyment.

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Omake Their first time

In the privacy of their inn room, under the cover of the night, Izuku and Megumin were cuddling. Unlike all other times, tonight something special had happened. They had taken a step forward in their relationship, elevating the tone of their love for each other.

"A-are y-you alright?" Izuku stammered, shyly looking down to look at the petite girl nuzzling against his chest, "Feeling well?"

His questions were rather incoherent, but he was still reeling from what they had done just minutes ago.

"Mmhmm…" Megumin mumbled, still a little shaky due to the intense experience they had just undergone.

Still feeling slight tremors from each other, the young couple continued to cuddle, basking in the realization that their bond had deepened to such an extent. Megumin happily nuzzled into the chest of her amazing boyfriend, while Izuku held his beloved girlfriend quite fiercely, taking turns between caressing her hair and lovingly rubbing her back.

It took a couple of minutes for the petite girl to finally summon the courage to look up and meet the eyes of her man. Both were blushing, but not shying away.

"Can we…" Megumin hesitated for a second, her blush growing in intensity, "Can we do it… again?"

It was Izuku's turn to turn a deeper shade of red. He couldn't help but nod. After tasting the taste of love, he found it impossible to deny such request from the girl he loved.

Shyly, both teens moved to close the distance between their faces. Their lips connected, delicately at first, and then, slowly they began to press against each other, seeking more of the feeling of belonging to each other. Passion began to burn quite quickly, and then their tongues collided in a soft caress.

The stimulus was too much to bear, and they stopped. Just like when they started.

They had finally kissed, and the glorious moment would forever be engraved into their memories and hearts.