Ch 1

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Lucy sighed, sipping her tea. She was in the guild hall, waiting for Erza to show up for a mission, but honestly? She'd rather sit and continue reading her book while enjoying her delicious tea. It was a rose and mint blend, which made her taste buds dance. She'd definitely have to buy more. Shaking herself away from her tea obsession, she turned to her new book.

He gazed at her with longing, gently caressing her soft velvety face as he-


as leant in slowly, his eyes still gazing into-


His eyes still gazing into hers, as their lips-



"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Lucy yelled, slamming her tea down. She jumped out of her seat and grabbed her boyfriend by the ear.

"OWW… Luce… what are… Ouch!" Natsu whimpered as he was being dragged to a chair in the corner of the room.

"Sit there and face the wall," Lucy seethed. Natsu opened his mouth to complain, but one look at his girlfriend's angry expression made him obey her.

"Guess we know who wears the pants in the relationship, am I rig-" Gray laughed before someone grabbed his ear.

"Ouch! Geez, Lucy!" Gray wailed as Lucy dragged him to the corner diagonal from Natsu.

"Sit down and face the wall, Gray!" Lucy hissed. Gray, knowing Lucy's rage and close friendship with Erza, gulped and sat down quietly.

Lucy sat in the middle of the Guild Hall keeping an eye on them. Surprisingly, neither of the moved. Once again, Lucy sighed and sipped her tea. Peace and quiet.

Erza had arrived and the group headed to the train station. Lucy had made a deal with the boys after their "time out". If they promised to behave, she wouldn't tell Erza. Of course, they both immediately agreed and soon the group was on their way.

Once they got on the train, Erza knocked Natsu out. It may not have been the nicest option, but it was certainly effective. Erza then got up and allowed Lucy to sit in her place, which meant her boyfriend's head was now resting in her lap. They'd taken to doing this ever since Natsu and Lucy had started dating. After all, it was slightly awkward to watch your boyfriend lying across a beautiful, well endowed girl's lap. Even if they were like siblings. Erza had immediately recognized this and now Natsu would lie on Lucy's lap. Simple.

While Erza and Gray talked, Lucy twirled her finger around on of her boyfriends pink locks. She loved his hair. Despite its spiky appearance, it was so soft. Softer than anything Aries could make. Softer than a big, fluffy cloud, floating around in the-

"Lucy?" Erza cried, waving her hand in front of her friend's face. Lucy snapped out of her daydream to see both Erza and Gray staring at her.

"You alright, Lucy?" Gray asked,"You were muttering something about clouds."

Lucy turned red at this.

"What is it?" Lucy muttered, staring at her hands, now out of her boyfriend's hair.

"We were discussing the mission. It's a group of four dark mages who have been causing trouble in a local town," Erza explained," We're each going to target one."

"Can you tell me about them?" Lucy asked Gray. Gray smirked and tossed four cards at her.

"Cana made these. They're profile cards. Tap the circle in the middle." Gray explained. Lucy nodded and tapped the first card.

"Jasmine. Water. Skill: Water Cannon," the card said. An image of a dark haired girl with a long blue dress appeared above the card.

"That's my opponent," Gray chuckled. Lucy pressed the next card.

"Lin. Requip. Skill: Light armor."

The girl had dark hair in a bun with a gold and white crown with a beautiful white outfit and a massive sword.

"She'll be no match for my requip," Erza smiled. Lucy hit the next card.

"Terra. Plant. Skill: Vine Tangle."

A small lolita girl appeared with long blonde hair and a white and pink dress. She looked pretty adorable.

"Natsu will take care of her," Erza stated.

"Here's yours," Gray said, pressing the card for Lucy.

"Chandra. Celestial. Skill: Unknown."

The girl had waist long blonde hair, and wore a black maid like outfit. But there was an evil glint in her orange eyes.

"Why isn't her skill listed?" Lucy asked, examining the image of her opponent.

"She's quite mysterious. I believe she is new to the group." Erza commented.

"Well, I shouldn't have too much bother," Lucy smirked, gesturing to her keys. She had 10 gold keys and an assortment of silver keys as well.

"Still," Erza frowned," Don't let your guard down. These mages are part of a dark guild."

Lucy shivered. They'd dealt with dark guilds before and it was not a pleasant experience.

"We're here," Gray said as the train rolled into the station. Lucy gently shook her dragonslayer.

"Natsu," Lucy whispered," We're here."

Natsu groaned and sat up, still a little shaky. They grabbed their bags and hopped off the train. They'd been told someone would be waiting there for them.

"So who are we looking for?" Natsu grinned, his mood and health rapidly improving after being on solid ground for a few minutes.

"Me." a soft voice group turned to see a small girl. She was beautiful with long blond hair in pigtails with a short red dress.

"She's just a kid," Gray babbled, running his hands through his dark hair. The girl smiled.

"I'm the Master of the guild here," she smiled," But I do prefer the term Mistress."

"Mistress-" Lucy prompted. The girl stopped walking and turned to face her.

"Mistress Quinn," the girl said," Now follow me."

The group silently followed. The town seemed fine; children playing, couples laughing. Nothing seemed wrong.

"Mistress Quinn," Erza began," What exactly is the problem here? I can't see any signs of distress in the town."

"There's no problems in the town," Mistress Quinn replied," It's in my gardens." The girl gestured to the view in front of them. It was the size of a park and was filled with exotic blooms and towering trees.

"It's beautiful," Lucy whispered, in awe of the stunning sight.

"Yes it is, but someone is stealing my flowers," Mistress Quinn replied," These flowers carry extraordinary properties which can't fall into the wrong hands."

"You know who it is, though?" Gray asked.

"Yes," Quinn growled (much to the surprise of the group)," You see, those girls were my apprentices. They were the strongest team in my guild. But then a mission went wrong and they lost a group member, specifically their leader."

"How awful!" Lucy cried out, her eyes filling with tears.

"It was awful. But they changed. They blamed me for sending them and, as a result, left and joined a dark guild. They gained a new member and leader, some celestial mage." Mistress Quinn sighed," I guess this is their revenge, huh?"

"Don't worry Mistress Quinn," Erza pledged," I assure you that we will stop them."

"Thank you," Mistress Quinn said, bowing her head.

"Man, it's dark out here!" Gray whispered.

"Yeah, tell me about it!"Lucy said.

"Quiet," Erza hissed. Suddenly they heard giggles and the snapping of branches. Slowly, they crept towards the clearing.

"It's them." Natsu grinned. One of them reached out to pick a glowing white flower.

"Halt!" Erza commanded. The girls stopped and looked up to see the Fairy Tail Mages before them.

"Well, well," one girl smirked," What do you want?"

"We're here to stop you!" Natsu roared. The girls smiled at each other.

"Well, then let's get started," another one said, snapping her fingers. Suddenly four boxes appeared, separating the members into pairs.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Erza raged facing her opponent.

"My group are known as the Fallen Angels. I'm Lin and they're Terra, Jasmine and Chandra. As a group, we like to have a little "fun". The rules are simple. Each of us is paired up. One fight at a time; there's a barrier between groups not fighting. The only way to escape the box is for someone to be declared the winner. Simple?"

"Yes, quite," Erza growled, gritting her teeth. She hated these kinds of games, but they didn't have much of a choice.

"Excellent! First match is Terra and the pink haired guy"

"The names NATSU!" he roared. The little girl, Terra, smirked as vines appeared.

"I promise I'll be gentle," she squeaked," Now let's see…. VINE TANGLE!" She snapped her fingers and a dozen large vines appeared, racing towards Natsu. He smirked and flames turned the vines to ash.

"WHAT! How-" Terra wailed as Natsu stood triumphant in the pile of burnt leaves. He hit his fists together, activating his seal, and laughed.


Suddenly a large mass of flames erupted from him, heading towards the small lolita. She shrieked.


A large bud wrapped around her with vines snapping at Natsu. The Dragonslayer wasn't even fazed.

"FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST!" Natsu cried, hitting the bud whilst dodging the vines. The bud fell apart, leaving the teary eyed girl sitting in a rubble of vegetation.

"I give up!" she sniveled and the box disappeared. Natsu grabbed her and placed some magic handcuffs on her before she could run.

"I wouldn't try and use magic," Erza called out," They block your body's magical flow."

Lin was furious. How dare Fallen Angels lose?!

"Don't worry Liny. I'll take care of them," Jasmine smiled as the barrier between her and the ice mage disappeared.

"Sorry in advance, darling!" Jasmine said, blowing Gray a kiss.

"No problem," Gray smirked, getting into position.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'll make sure to give your boo boos a kiss!" the water mage giggled. A large water cannon formed in front of her.

"WATER CANNON: FIRE!" Jasmine yelled as a large blast of water raced to Gray. He dodged it with a cocky grin.

"My turn," he said," ICE MAKE: LANCE!" Gray tossed it at the girl but she easily ducked.

"Nice try,but I'm quick," she laughed as he continued to throw lances at her. A few minutes later, he was dodging and ducking from her attacks as he tried to form a strategy. Had he ever fought a water mage?

"Well, there was Juvia," he thought," but I only won because she had feelings for me…" Wait… what had that girl said?

Darling...give your boo boos a kiss…

"That's it!" he cried out, dodging her water geyser. Just as she was about to attack again, he leapt forward and grabbed her waist. She stopped. Blushing, she looked up into the ice mage's eyes.

"W-what a-are y-you d-d-doing?" Jasmine stuttered, her voice soft. Gray stroked her cheek and tucked a piece of her dark hair behind her ear.

"Isn't it obvious?" he whispered, leaning in. Jasmine closed her eyes, awaiting his cold kiss.

"Ice Make: Net,"

Suddenly Jasmine was frozen to the wall. She tried to move but she could barely wiggle her toes. He laughed as the box faded. She lay on the ground, shivering from the ice. He slapped some cuffs on her and leaned in close to her ear.

"By the way, I've already got a girl," he said, pulling away as she started to wail.

"Well, it looks like your two down," Erza laughed. Lin snapped and the barrier between the two of them disappeared.

"I'm sick of your talk," Lin sneered, creating a ball of light at the end of her sword, " I mean, just who the hell do you think you are?!"

"Requip," Erza whispered, as golden light showered her. " Me? I'm Queen of the Faeries. A slave of the Tower. The Scarlet Mage. An S-Class Wizard." the light faded," I am Erza Titania Scarlet."

Erza stood in her Purgatory Armor. It was dark and metallic with spikes. Her mace was enormous with large black spikes protruding from it.

"HEAVENS DESTINY!" Lin yelled as the ball of light burst into shrapnel and flew towards her.

However, one slash of Erza's Mace destroyed the tiny light bullets.

"Impossible! How did you do that!?" Lin demanded, her face paling.

"My Purgatory armor has an extra unknown ability. When facing light based attacks, the Mace and armor consume the light, rendering your attacks useless. Now it's my turn." Erza replied, positioning herself.

"DARK SLICE!" Erza yelled as she swung her mace. Lin flew back as the dark magic from the weapon knocked her out.

The box disappeared. Lin lay on the ground, as Erza towered over her.

"I believe I am the winner." Erza said, placing the cuffs on Lin.

"There's still a chance," Lin croaked, gesturing to the last box containing Chandra and Lucy.

The wall disappeared between the two of them as they faced off.

Lucy looked at Chandra, noticing something strange. She had only one key. It was a silver key too.

"Look, I'll let you go first!" Lucy smirked, feeling confident.

"If you insist," the girl smirked, leaving Lucy shivering," OPEN, GATE OF THE DRAGON: DRACO!"

"A dragon?" Lucy said, looking at the brilliant spirit appearing. It was indeed a dragon and it was beautiful. It's scales were midnight blue and covered in the constellations, continuing to change.

Outside, the rest of the group watched.

"I think Lucy can handle a dragon, right Natsu?" Gray laughed. Silence.," Natsu?"

Natsu sat, his eyes hard and he was shaking. Suddenly his skin seemed to change. It became scaley and his normally brown eyes, changed to a fiery orange.

"NATSU!?" Erza and Gray yelled, trying to figure out what was going on.

Lucy, noticing the commotion, turned to see what was happening. Chandra used her distraction to attack.

"DRACO! ATTACK!" Chandra cackled and the dragon obeyed, releasing a large midnight colored flame.

"MATE!" Natsu roared, trying to break into the box. Lucy gasped and time stopped. Mate? She'd never really heard the word being used before but it seemed to hold so much meaning. Did Natsu just call her his-

"LUCY!" Erza cried as the dragon's flames encircled her. The burn was intense and her screams seemed unending. The flames stopped and Lucy lay there, covered by Loke.

"Loke…" she whispered, her voice hoarse as she stared at the friendly spirit. Suddenly her vision became dark.

"STAY WITH ME LUCY!" Natsu yelled, somehow holding her. But she was so tired. So sleepy. She let the darkness engulf her, as her boyfriend's screams faded away.