Bellatrix refuses to place Harry down for a second once everyone is settled in the house. Sirius was taken to the hospital wing by Narcissa and a reluctant Severus.

"Are you hungry, my dear," she asks the small pup. It seems Harry was either too comfortable in his animagus form or didn't know how to change back. Either way, Bella doesn't get a response just a soft nuzzle to her neck. "Let's get you a little something to put in that belly." Entering the dining room, Bella calls for a house-elf to bring the pair a small snack while settling herself into a chair. It occurs to Harry that she may place him on the floor and have him eat there like the animal his body portrays. In response, the minuscule canine whimpers and paws at his guardian's neck and shoulders.

"What's wrong? Does something hurt?" Bella tries to look him over but the child only whimpers more as he's forced out of his hiding place and looks worriedly at the floor. The last place he wants to be is at her feet begging for scraps. It reminds him too much of his relatives house. "Do you think I'm going to put you on the floor?" she questions at the same time a bowl of fresh-cut fruit and granola appear on the table along with a small dish of water. "You're not an animal. You may be a puppy now but you're still my Harry and you won't be eating at anyone's feet as long as I have a say in the matter," she gives a playful smirk, "and I always have a say."

Happy that she avoided that conflict, Bella gently settles Harry onto the table and pets him as he slowly licks at his fruit and water.

"We're - I'm really glad that you're safe and back home," she corrects herself. "You're family now and with little Siri joining us we'll finally be complete." Harry is soon done with his meal and Bellatrix promptly brings him to Tom's office. If anyone knows how to get him to change back to the sweet little boy she loves to cuddle it's either Tom or Severus but a potion should be left as a last resort.

She politely knocks on the door and waits for Tom's voice to invite them inside. "Harry still hasn't changed back. Is there anything you can do to help him?"

"Let me see him," the man holds out his hands. They both wince when Harry whimpers but reluctantly crawls into his hands. "Harry do you know how you changed in the first place? How you were feeling?"
Slowly, almost hesitantly, Harry nods his head. He remembers the overwhelming sadness and desperation he felt.

"I need you to just relax and focus on your human body, okay?" Tom calmly pets the soft fur of his young charge while slowly infusing some of his own magic. His plan is to coax his body into feeling safe, calm, and reassured hoping that he'll revert back to his human form with a little coaxing.

Thankfully, all it takes is a few minutes of coddling before Harry is in his rightful human form.

Narcissa gives a sigh of relief before scooping the boy back into her arms. She had no doubt that Tom would be able to help Harry but it's still a relief to see the proof that she hadn't made a mistake in bringing him to her lord.
"Let's get you to Draco's room. I'm sure you all have a lot to discuss just like us adults." Harry tries to soak up the most comfort and warmth he can before having to face the other children. Neville might understand and sympathize, but Draco has been severely sheltered his entire life. Harry isn't sure how the older boy will react and he's not looking forward to finding out.

Harry suspects that one of the adults had spoken to Draco and Neville just before his arrival. Both boys jump up when he enters but doesn't approach until Bellatrix sets him on his feet and exits the room with a reminder to play nicely.
"Are you ok?" Neville is the first to speak up a bit uncertainly.

"Fine. I didn't know about Siri until now. He's nice," Harry offers.

"Mother, use to talk about him," Draco continues when he gets inquisitive looks. "We have this huge tapestry of the Black family. Sirius is in it along with his brother, Regulus. Everyone thinks the Dark Lord killed Regulus years before we we're born but I know that can't be true."

"That could be true," Harry fidgets slightly but continues even when Draco snaps his attention towards him. "T-Tom told me that h-he was under a potion by D-Dumble-dore and that's what made him h-hurt my p-parents so he c-could've done the same thing to R-Regulus."

"That's impossible," the blond boy shakes his head. "No matter how distant Grandpa Tom is related to us in some why and even more so when he took my dad and Uncle Sev as his bonded children. In majority of the old families there is an ancient spell that prohibits the killing of another family member. My dad told me this was to prevent children from taking the Lordship too early or one person eliminating the future heir so that they would be next... in... line." Draco's explanation starts to trail off towards the end as Harry grows more and more confused and upset until he starts crying.

"W-why would y-you w-want to hurt y-your f-f-f-" he doesn't finish before he's sobbing in earnest. Both Draco and Neville jump up and into action. Draco quickly summons a house-elf to get anyone that's available while Neville tries to soothe Harry some. His words have no impact as Harry curls into himself repeating the same phase over and over again:

"They shouldn't hurt. No more hurt. Why always hurt?"

"What happened?"
"What's going on?"

"This is all my fault. I'm so sorry," Draco confesses to his aunt and father with tears of his own running down his milky cheeks. He should've known that they would be the ones to come. They probably ordered all the house-elves to report directly to them if a problem were to arise. "I shouldn't have said anything. I'm so stupid," he talks down upon himself.

"You're not stupid, Dragon," his aunt speaks softly while picking up Harry and ushering all of them towards the bed. Lucius quickly enlarges it before they all settle down. He notes that while Harry is sat on Bella's lap and Neville cuddles up to the both of them, Draco chooses a spot at the foot of the bed as tears continue to stream down his face.

"Dragon, come here," Lucius pats the place between himself and his sister in law. Unfortunately, the young Malfoy heir shakes his head while hugging himself.

"I was supposed to be watching Harry when Dumbledore hurt him. I let Harry get taken by Sirius. I made Harry cry. I stole Neville's Remembrall knowing how important it was. I've been a bully since we all started school. I'm such a terrible person and I don't deserve either of them as my brothers." Draco finally gets everything off of his chest before he dissolves into his own tears, crying almost as hard and loud as Harry.

Lucius's heart brakes at the sight of his oldest but doesn't waste a second lifting him up into his arms. At first the miniature blond resists, but once he realizes that his father has no intention of releasing him anytime soon he melts into the embrace.
"My poor baby," he coos. "You've been holding this in far a while now haven't you?" Lucius can only hold and bounce his child lightly as he continues to sob. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be calming down anytime soon. On the contrary, he starts crying harder as Harry grows more upset. Even Neville seems to be a bit misty eyed buried in Bellatrix's side.

The adults share an exasperated look before Lucius starts towards the door. They need to settle the boys down before the story of what happened can come out. This proves to be the wrong move as when Lucius is within 3 feet of the door Draco starts screaming.

"No! Don't take them away! I'll be better! I'll do better! Don't take them away! Please!" he cries and sobs and thrashes until Lucius has no choice but to set him down or risk dropping him. Immediately Draco scrambles up and crawls onto the bed but stops just before the others.

"I'm really sorry, Harry and Neville. Please forgive me. Can you ever forgive me?" he sniffles afraid that the other children would want nothing to do with him due to how he treated them in the past.
Instead of answering, Harry comes out of his hiding spot in Bella's neck to reach a hand out. As soon as Draco takes the offered appendage he's brought into a big group hug. They all exchange apologies and tears before they relax in each other's comfort. Soon Bellatrix and Lucius have three sleeping boys each with tear tracks on their face and hands clasp tightly together.

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