Slay Ranma By Lioconvoy

Legal Stuff: For the most part none of the characters are mine; the characters of Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Slayers, and others belong to their respective creators.

Other Stuff from the Author: The idea for this story came to me after reading Carrotglace's "Sailor Ranmoon Vol. 1", and sailor pluto rok's "If Akane was a sailor scout"


Ranma practiced a kata in front of the Furinkan high school waiting for Ryoga to show up. Their fight was supposed to have been a week ago, so by all rights he should finally be showing up soon.

"Remind me to get Ryoga a compass so he can at least show up to his challenges on time." Ranma said this to no in particular; well not really no one in particular, no one at all. People stopped watching his fights with Ryoga due to the collateral damage getting greater and greater after each fight. No one had been hurt so far, but no one wanted to be the first either, even Akane was nowhere in sight.


"WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I NOW!" the words seemed to just roll off his tongue. He was lost again. He was sure he was in Tokyo just yesterday, he saw the Tower, but where was he now. Frustrated by his lack of a sense of direction Ryoga punched a stone pillar that just happen to be near him.

"RANMA THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT", the stone pillar he punch shattered and the shards destroyed other stone pillars that were also nearby. Ryoga paused to look at the destruction he had just caused and then continued on his way to Furinkan high. He would punish Ranma for this.


Minutes after Ryoga left the ruined ruins a dark shadow rose from the ground in the center of the destruction. The shadow continued to rise and then take a shape very feminine in nature. The woman shaped shadow made a wide grin and spoke to its self. "Soon Lord Shabranigdo you will walk this earth again"


Lina Inverse sat on a bar stool staring at her drink. She had felt it. Some fool had released Moregan; this was just what she needed, then again it was for this reason she was immortal in the first place. It had become her eternal charge to prevent the dark lord from being resurrected or destroy him if he was already amongst the living.

"Would you like me to top off your drink?" The bar tender said looking down at the black cat. He had to be drunk himself because cats don't talk, or drink for that matter. Whatever was causing the hallucination had to be pretty good stuff because this cat had been a regular customer for quite some time now. She never paid for her drinks but how would one expect a hallucination to. As long as no one sent him to a crazy home he'd be happy to serve the cat whatever she wanted.

"Yes please." Lina replied to the Bar Tender.


Ranma returned to the Tendo home late and annoyed that Ryoga never showed.

"You didn't hurt Ryoga too badly did you?" Akane asked turning off the television.

Taking off his slipper before entering crossing the threshold Ranma sighed. "Nah, he didn't even show. I guess he got a little more lost than usual."

"Actually Saotome I believe he's somewhere in England." Nabiki said coming down the steps.

"What makes ya think that?" Ranma spoke on his way to the kitchen. "Hey did Kasumi leave anything for me to eat."

"She tried to, your father found it though. Ryoga's in England?" Akane watched Nabiki turn the Television back on. Then her sister changed the channel to one that was showing the news. Unfortunately the report was in English and so she couldn't understand much of it. "What are they saying?"

"Someone destroyed Stone Hedge and there are reports of a young Japanese man leaving the scene and disappearing. They said the guy was carrying an umbrella and saying it was fault of some person named Ranma, just like Ryoga to blame me for one of his own screw ups" Ranma left the kitchen empty handed. He would have to go without dinner tonight thanks to his pop. Tomorrow when they sparred he was going to teach his old man a lesson.

"Henge, Saotome, Stone Henge, you're fluent in English?" Nabiki looked at Ranma curiously. His grades were terrible in all subjects which actually included English.

"Yeah, well everyone doesn't speak Japanese so traveling with Pops I had to learn it. My English ain't perfect though." Ranma replied looking at the television. "Man, it looks like Ryoga really trashed that place."


Lio's Corner:

-Why is the beautiful Lina Inverse a cat? Who is Moregan? What does this story have to do with Sailor Moon? These questions and more will be answered in chapter one of Slay Ranma. (Maybe)

-This is my first story on fanfiction(dot)net there should be no spelling errors, but my grammar is not the best. If anyone wants to volunteer I could use some pre-readers.

Update: 24-08-08

-Changed the page break, and corrected the spelling of Furinkan.