Slay Ranma by Lioconvoy

Legal Stuff: For the most part none of the characters are mine; the characters of Ranma ½, Sailor Moon, Slayers, and others belong to their respective creators.

Other Stuff from the Author: The idea for this story came to me after reading Carrotglace's "Sailor Ranmoon Vol. 1", and sailor pluto rok's "If Akane was a sailor scout"

Chapter Three: Cousins

After a boring discussion it was decided that Ryoga, or Hikaru and they were calling her now, would stay with Miroku in hopes that he could restore her true self. Akane left Hikaru; she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Miroku was obviously a terrible pervert; could he really come through for Hikaru?

"Hikaru? What an interesting choice."

Akane looked down to see Lina walking beside her. "The monk had suggested Sakura or Shinobu. Then Miroku suggested Sango, Shiori, or Tsubaki. Ryoga didn't like any of those so I suggested Hikaru."

"I assume you got that name from Magic Knights Rayearth? Wasn't that Hikaru a red head?" Hibiki Hikaru, the name sort of suited Ryoga. Lina wondered if he had already forgotten that she told him he was going to be that way for the rest of his life. Still she wasn't going to tell Akane of this fact. Ryoga was exactly where Lina wanted him. "We need to find Ranma. There's something for the two of you to take care of."

"Really? We're going to get to fight our first monster battle?" Akane couldn't wait. It was obvious to her that she was going to be Sailor Mercury, and Ryoga might be Sailor Mars, so that meant Ranma would be Sailor Moon.

"Actually you are Sailor Moon, and Ranma is Sailor Mercury. Yes, I can read your thoughts."

"Why is Ranma going to be Sailor Mercury, don't you need someone intelligent to fill that role?" Akane pouted. Sure it was cool she'd get to be the leader, but anyone would be a better choice for Sailor Mercury than Ranma, even Kodachi.

"As a matter of fact Ranma is very intelligent. He's just also very lazy. I've been watching him since he was a child; he could do a lot better in school if he applied himself." Lina readied herself for what was to come. She was quite sure Akane was going to bring up more than a few occasions where Ranma proved he couldn't have a brain in his head.

"We're talking about the same Ranma who thought he could beat the Gambling King with his face covered."

"Even the smartest people do stupid things……for example Einstein was kicked out of school and his teachers told him he'd never amount to anything. Ranma's kind of dense when it comes to how the world works, but he does have a keen mind. Underestimate him if you will, but think about this; where does Ranma get his money from? I'm sure you know it's not from his father." The beautiful sorceress grinned. Ranma was very smart about his money despite appearances to the contrary...if he thought about it he probably could have bought the Tendo Dojo back from the Gambling King. Honestly he could be as stingy as Nabiki sometimes.

"My father probably gives it to him. How does where Ranma gets his money have anything to do with him being intelligent?"

"Never mind Akane, let's just find him." One thing was certain; Lina didn't make a mistake choosing Akane to be Sailor Moon.


"So you really are Ranma?"

"How many times are you going to ask that question?" After the ceremony Ranma's grandma pulled his mom aside to explain everything to her. Afterwards his mother embraced him in a very tight hug and then the adults sent the three cousins out to get to get to know one another.

"Minako was hoping to possibly get a new boyfriend out of this ceremony." Kaoru said smiling. The first fifteen minutes of their walk had been rather quite, he was grateful when Mina broke the silence. Honestly though, he agreed with his pig-tailed cousin, she didn't need to ask the same question five times.

"I can't believe Aunt Nodoka let me down. She's always been such a good source for guys in the past."

Ranma sighed "Is anyone in this family normal?"

"And you are? You ran in terror when we passed those cats earlier." Rolling his eyes, Kaoru wondered if hypocrites were typical of the Saotome family.

"That's not my fault……my stupid pops threw me into a pit of starving cats when I was ten."

"Really? Where's your father now? I wanna test my new sword." Minako smiled evilly, if she couldn't get a new boyfriend today, slicing something to smithereens would make her feel better.

"Okay since you obviously haven't had a sex change, has your dad turned himself into a panda? Your mother mentioned that to my father once."

"Pops and I have curses. I turn into a girl with cold water and pop turns into a panda." The pig-tailed boy was still trying to figure out why his mother thought he had gotten a sex change…then again, maybe that was Nabiki's fault. She was the one who blabbed that his mother and his cursed form looked identical.

"So if I hurt him, I have to make sure he's human since Pandas are an endangered species."

Ranma looked at Kaoru who shrugged in return. "As much as I think my old man deserves it, I ask you not to slice him up."

Minako pouted. "Why not?"

"Because I'm sure Aunt Nodoka wants to reserve that privilege for herself." As far as Kaoru knew it was quite possible that was what the three Aino siblings were talking about.

"No boys, no slicing. Is there anything we can do for fun?" Minako was bored. Ranma wasn't very open about himself and she had the feeling he wouldn't let them turn him into a girl to go shopping. What did he look like as a girl though?

"Why don't we go to the Tendo dojo and spar? I'd like to see just how good the real Ranma is."

"Can you fight in that?" Although his cousins changed from their formal kimonos before they had gone out, both Kaoru and Minako were wearing skirts. The blonde girl wore a white blouse and orange mini-skirt, and the red haired boy wore a blue sleeveless dress and had a rather cute sky blue back pack over his shoulders. Ranma was seriously having a hard time believing Kaoru was a guy…...

"I have another change of clothes in my bag."

"That would be fine for you and Ranma, but I don't fight hand to hand. I'd get bored."

"Well, Akane has some skill at a sword, you could spar her. You'd probably kick her butt, though." Ranma remembered back to his cheerleading match and Akane fighting Kuno. That was one of the times Ramna unknowingly said he loved her…if he knew it was her beneath the helmet he probably wouldn't of.

"I guess that could be fun"

"Then it's decided, let's go to where Ranma is staying." Kaoru started to march off and then stopped. "Um, Ranma you lead the way."


Ryoga sighed as she put on the clothes Miroku gave her. The priest said if she worked here it would help improve her karma and perhaps restore her manhood. In the back of her head what Lina said made her think the pervert was just trying to get help, but what if there was a chance she could go back to being a guy. After Akane's encouragement Ryoga decided to give it a try.

"Hikaru, after you're dressed can you start sweeping the steps?"

"MY NAME IS RYOGA!" Why did Akane have to play along with the old man and his grandson?


Akane wasn't happy with what she was seeing. Ranma was being escorted by two girls. It was bad enough he was always two timing her, but with two girls at once. "Ranma you ……

Minako didn't know who this girl was, but she was coming at her cousin with a mallet and she would not stand for that. In one fluid motion she sliced the mallet's head off, and it landed on her foot. "Owwwwwww"

"Minako are you okay?" Ranma was amazed at the speed in which Minako drew her sword and destroyed Akane's mallet. Although, maybe if she had done it at another angle it might not have landed on her foot.

"Ranma, who's the violent tomboy?"

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A VIOLENT TOMBOY?" It was bad enough Ranma called her a tomboy, now this stranger was calling her one. Akane's thoughts then quickly went back to her poor mallet. How could the other girl have sliced it like that?

"The violent tomboy is my fiancée Tendo Akane. Akane these are my cousins Aino Minako, and Aino Kaoru."

"Hmp, Ranma, if you were an Aino grandma never approve of her. She's too violent and she hurt my foot."

Kaoru shook his head at the blonde. "Mina, you hurt your own foot. You didn't have to slice the mallet; you could have just blocked the blow with the sword sheathed."

"But I wanted to slice something. Besides, what right did she have to attack Ranma out of the blue?" Minako pouted, maybe she should have just blocked, that mallet weighed a lot and her foot was really hurting. She wouldn't give into the pain though, that would be showing weakness to this girl who was unworthy of her cousin.

"I thought the jerk was two-timing me again!"

"HOW DID YOU COME TO THAT STUPID CONCLUSION? Ranma was just walking with us, talking. Neither of us were standing too close to him and neither of us were hanging on him, not that Ranma would want Kaoru hanging on him. So you see Ranma with girls and he must be cheating on you?" The eldest of the three cousins glared at Akane. Mistaking Kaoru for a girl wasn't a punishable offence, but to assume an Aino male was less then honorable? Such an insult was a reasonable excuse to use the family sword's true form.

This was interesting. Akane and Minako seemed to be sizing each other up. Both their battle auras were blazing. Akane was probably going to get hurt too; however, stepping in to help her might just be the death of him. Before the Passing of the Sword Ceremony Ranma watched Minako take on his mother, aunt, and uncle. Although they softened their blows, he could definitely tell his cousin was probably just as good with a sword as he was with his fist. If she had that level of skill with just a bokken, imagine what she could do with the family sword, before Akane interrupted them Kaoru had just mentioned it had some magic properties.

Kaoru sighed… "Mina, look a cute boy."

"A cute boy? Where?" Minako started looking around for the cute boy her red haired cousin sighted. After not seeing anyone really around, she frowned. "You tricked me!"

The pig tailed martial artist watched as Akane fell face first into the ground. He then bent down and found her unconscious. "Well she's out. Kaoru can you help me put her on my back. I'm going to have to carry her home."

"Mina's scatterbrain can do that to people."

"Don't make Ranma think that! You hit a pressure point while I was distracted!" Minako scowled at her cousin. The cross dresser was always preventing her righteous fury. She sighed as he helped put Akane on Ranma's back, then the three of them continued to the Tendo dojo.


Ranma laid on a bed thinking about the events of the day. First Ryoga showed up stuck as a girl, that was followed by the sorceress talking to them in their heads, then there was his first and last Air Akane trip of the day. After talking with the sorceress again he went home to find Akane and Ryoga had gone out. Following them, he ran into his mother and was taken to meet her side of the family.

Aside from his maternal grandparents they were all weird in one way or another. Encouraged to spend time with his cousins they went to the Tendo dojo meeting Akane along the way. Akane and Mina crossing paths was definitely something to remember.

When they arrived at the dojo he and Kaoru sparred for a bit. His cross dressing cousin equaled him in speed, and his knowledge of pressure points actually made him and even match. Genma kept barking that he shouldn't be having so much trouble with a girl. Once he found out who Kaoru was he disappeared without a trace.

While he and Kaoru sparred Minako clung to Kasumi. In her own words she'd 'never seen a more beautiful or graceful person in her entire life.' When Akane finally woke up the two of them were about to go at it again when his Mother and Minako's arrived. The two women gathered himself and his cousins and took them back to the Aino family home despite the protest of Mr. Tendo.

After dinner and some more conversations he and Kaoru were put up in one guest room while his mother was in another. Honestly he was a bit uncomfortable with the arrangement, but the family home only had the two guest rooms. Not that he tried, but now he could say that he was sure his cousin was a guy.


"I can't believe that girl!" Akane said punching her pillow. She had tried to close her eyes and sleep but images of Ranma's blonde cousin filled her head.

"You know you should try to get along with Minako, barring any further interference she will be a Senshi too. Although I had hoped not to make her Venus because that would be a bit to obvious, I just don't think she could fill the role of Jupiter."

Akane noticed the talking cat in the shadow. "Lina!"

"I told you earlier that I found an enemy. I was hoping to have you and Ranma fight them before they deployed too many of their dolls, but you just had to get in that fight with Minako. Still if we hurry, we may be able to stop them before the dolls start drawing energy from their new owners." Lina sighed. She found the doll shop after she left Ryoga and Akane at the shrine and she definitely felt the presence of two Constructs.

"Will we still need Ranma, he's not here."

The black cat frowned. She was around to see Ranma leave and she knew where he was now. After listening to him recap the day's events in his mind, she mentally told him what was up. She then told him what to do and where to go. "I'm aware of that. I've already sent him a telepathic message and he'll meet us there. He may be a little late though. We'll keep Hikaru in reserve this time; I think she needs some more time to get used to her new body. Now transform, just say Moon Prism of Power Make Up."

"I don't get a ….." The youngest Tendo daughter didn't bother finishing her sentence; from the look Lina was giving her she already knew the answer. "Moon Prism of Power Make Up!"

"Good now, follow me"

Akane followed the black cat out her window and down the street. As they were running she was depressed about how plain the transformation was, all that happened was her clothes flashed and were replaced by the Uniform of Sailor Moon. It didn't even look right without the broach.


"Um, Kaoru do you have to follow me?" Ranma had thought she successfully escaped the Aino home before transforming as Lina instructed, but apparently her cousin was a light sleeper and saw the whole thing. Somehow the cross-dresser was able to get fully dressed same time that Ranma took to transform too. She was still trying to figure that one out as they ran to where Lina had shown her in her mind.

"I may not have a pretty fuku, but I'm a fighter too, I'm sure I can be of some use. I think it's cool you transformed exactly like Ami in the Anime, and your pigtail even came untied too. So how long have you been a sailor Senshi?"

"Since yesterday, I guess my friend Ryoga unsealed some demon and so a Sorceress decided to make me, Akane, and Minako Senshi. Ryoga got in the way of the power meant for Minako though. Hey how come you're not more surprised?"

Kaoru laughed. Ranma must not have seen where his current clothes came from. "I'm a Sorcerer. It's family tradition; the females of the Aino family learn the sword and males learn magic. My father says it was originally the other way around but after one generation lacked a male heir, things flip-flopped."

"Grandma mentioned the family's gone to ridiculous lengths to keep it from going back." Or at least Ranma assumed that was why she was cursed. "So why do you practice the art if you have magic?"

"My father's always been envious of aunt Nodoka and Haruna. He wanted to be able to do everything they could so he learned the art on his own." Sighing, the Sorcerer started chanting. "Ray Wing!"

Ranma felt herself lift off the ground and she floated alongside her cousin. She could fly under her own power but it was probably best she save her ki for the fight ahead. Hopefully Akane didn't get into too much trouble before they arrived.


Lio's Corner:

-Lina can read any of the Senshi's minds and will often answer things they have thought about.

-Sorry for the time jumps. I think the story would take forever if I explored every little thing that could happen.

-Innortal: I never said Ranma wants to become an orphan.

-Really Bad Fanfiction: It's Moregan( pronounced: Moe Ree gan); yes she is a new character, and yes I'm bad at naming characters.