A/N: In my opinion, there are just too few Oliver Wood fics out there. Especially after such a stellar performance by Sean Biggerstaff in the movies: sigh. Now that, ladies, is some serious eye candy! It's too bad he's not gonna make an appearance in the next flick, but we'll keep him alive, won't we? I took some liberties with the Quidditch characters but it's not too bad I think. I actually have no idea what year Johnson and Bell are.

Seventh Year: Oliver Wood, Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell

Fifth Year: The Weasley Twins

Fourth Year: Alicia Spinnet

If you can remember, Alicia was in her Third Year when Wood was in his Sixth. By the way, if you recognize Lucy Pevensie: GOOD FOR YOU! She is C.S. Lewis's ©, not MINE! But I did love her. Hahaha. This takes place in Wood's Seventh Year, when (of course y'all remember) the Gryffindors win the Quidditch Cup! This chapter merely sets the stage.

Summary: This is a Wood/Bell romance. . .

Disclaimer: If ONLY I were that brilliant.

Little Katie

It had been such a nice dream.

Unfortunately, the damn knocking had knocked her right out of it.

Katie Bell opened her eyes and quickly squinted them shut. Somebody has got to start closing the drapes at night, she thought as a vivid glare of sunlight filtering in from the windowpane blinded her. She tried to place the infernal knocking and realized that someone was banging on her dormitory door. She rolled over onto her stomach and blinked sporadically, surveying the room. Three of her roommates, Evelyn Hugh, Frida Faradim, and Lucy Pevensie, had already disappeared. They were probably downstairs in the Great Hall eating breakfast. The only other Seventh Year girl left in the dormitory was Angelina Johnson, Katie's fellow Gryffindor Quidditch Chaser. She was still curled up beneath her covers, too.

The two of them, being Gryffindor Chasers along with Fourth Year Alicia Spinnet, were exhausted from the work-out their captain, Oliver Wood, had put them through last night. Their entire bodies had given out on them and they'd barely stepped out of the shower when they had collapsed onto their beds.

The knocking stopped suddenly.

Katie squinted at the crazy clock on her bed stand… 8:37. What was today? Oh, right, Saturday, blessed Saturday.

Katie rolled over, buried herself beneath her sheets and pillows, and began to fall back to sleep when a large slap from the door jerked her awake again.

"Bell! Johnson! Get your lazy arses out of bed!" There was no mistaking Wood's impatient tone.

"Damn it all to hell, Wood. Can't you leave us alone?" Katie bellowed, yanking a pillow off her face to uncover the muffled sound of her voice.

"We're wasting valuable Quidditch time, ladies," Wood said matter-of-factly.

How is he awake at such an un-Godly hour on Saturday? Katie thought groggily.

"Oh, go soak your head, Wood. We don't want anymore of your Quidditch time," Angelina shouted from her four-poster bed.

"It's a Saturday! Give us a break!"  Katie snapped.

"Well, fair warning. Alohomora!" They heard Wood cast the spell seconds before the lock clicked and the door swung open for him.

"What're you doing carrying a wand around in your pocket this early?" Katie moaned.

Wood stepped in, looking as brisk and cheerful as ever. He was already dressed in his dirty, Quidditch smocks, Nimbus 2000 in hand. His ruffled, brown hair had been pushed neatly into place and his brown, puppy eyes swept across the room in amusement. Two of his Chasers were hidden beneath mountains of blankets and pillows, screaming mutiny upon him. He'd just been to Alicia's dorm and had gotten much the same reaction.

"Get out of here before Percy pops a vein," Angelina muttered before stuffing her face into a soft pillow. One of Wood's best friends, Percy Weasley, had finally gotten himself promoted to the grand position of Head Boy. Personally, everyone else thought the Weasley twins were closer to the mark when they called him "Bighead Boy."

Wood simply kicked the door shut and stuffed his wand back into one of his miscellaneous pockets. Wood always seemed to have room enough for everything. Katie slowly opened her sapphire-colored eyes to stare at his broad frame and muscled body. He tilted his head to the side, grinned at her, and stalked over to her bed.

"Just leave me alone!" Katie groaned as he tapped on the end of her bedpost with his broomstick in an annoying and unceasing rhythm. Clearing his throat, he began haphazardly singing "Get up! Get up! Get up, my beautiful, talented Chasers!" in his Scottish brogue to his broom-tapping tune.

Katie heaved a pillow at his head but he ducked it just in time. It went sailing across the room and smacked Angelina in the face just as she sat up. Angelina glared at Wood murderously before she hurled the pillow back at Wood. He caught it this time and smacked Katie in the head with it.

Katie, barely able to contain herself, burst into a fit of laughter.

"Must you be an absolute barbarian?" Angelina asked as she crawled out of bed.

"Of course, my beautiful dear, how else would I tempt you two out of your dormitory?" Wood grinned. He sat down on Katie's bed as Angelina rummaged through her drawers for her Quidditch gear. She disappeared huffily into the bathroom, her light-blonde hair poking and sticking off her scalp in the oddest angles. Wood heard Angelina muttering to herself on the other side of the door as the sink tap started running.

"And hello, Miss Katherine Bell, how are we this morning?" Wood asked as he grinned knowingly at her.

The two of them had a long history. They had first met in Diagon Alley ogling over the latest broom, which at that time, had simply been the Icaris 100. They'd gotten into an argument about broomsticks and boys and, naturally, Quidditch. Wood, being the loudmouth, Quidditch-obsessed git he was had accused Katie of being a girl, and therefore, ignorant of the Quidditch ways. She had shown him soon enough and next thing either of them knew, they'd been barreled onto a train together and sorted into the same houses. After the initial, intense rivalry between the two of them, they had settled into a very close friendship.

"Katie," she automatically corrected him.

"Right now, Bell, out of bed with you," Wood said as he grabbed her wrists and jerked her into a sitting position. She slumped forward, pretending to still be asleep when he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap. She gasped in surprise, her hands landing against the hard planes of his chest to steady herself. Amazing how big he seemed at the age of eighteen…

"You're not really making us practice now are you?" Katie muttered as she shoved off him and fell with her backside to her bed. Her legs were still propped up against his thighs and she lay sprawled out across the covers in her knickers and flimsy tank-top.

"Yes, I am. We've got to beat Slytherin this year. First game of the season! Don't you want that Cup?" Wood asked levelly.

"Do you ever think about anything other than Quidditch?" Katie rolled her eyes.

"No," he answered matter-of-factly with a slight shrug.

Katie threw her arm over her eyes and tried to savor her last, few minutes of peace as the door to the bathroom was jerked open. Angelina sauntered in, fully dressed, rolling her eyes at the sight of Katie and Oliver ensconced upon the bed. Her white-blonde hair had been pulled back into a severe ponytail and though she still looked slightly tired, she was more exasperated that exhausted.

"If only Percy were here…" Angelina droned off, throwing a wink at Wood.

"A vein in his head just might explode," Katie snickered.

"But Percy is down in the Dining Hall with the rest of Gryffindor so I can torture you two all I want," Wood reminded them with a wink. 

"Oh, fan-fucking-tastic," Katie snorted.

Angelina laughed as she began hopping around on one foot, trying to pull on her left sock.

"Better get a move on, Bell. The rest of the team's already in the common room," Wood said as he smacked her lightly on the arm.

"Don't we even get breakfast?" Katie asked in exasperation.

Wood paused, as if in thinking. Angelina interrupted with a "Yes, of course, don't be a dunce, Kate!" before he could answer.

Katie sighed as she rolled off her bed and sauntered over to the closet. She threw a bit of her wardrobe around to search for some dirty clothes she could wear for another grueling practice when the door to their dormitory exploded open with a bang.

Fred and George Weasley were just about to barrel in when both of them froze in the doorway, feigning a look of horrific shock, and surveyed the sight of a indecent Katie, a half-dressed Angelina, and a smug-looking Oliver. They pretended to be scandalized as Fred squealed and said, "Wait 'til Percy hears about this! He just might die!"

"The Bighead Boy will have you expelled for sure, Wood! Imagine! Two girls in one dormitory!" George said in a fake and reproving tone of voice.

"Oh, get off it and help me into my stuff!" Angelina muttered, throwing a rolled up sock at George's head. It was no new news that Quidditch gear was tricky to get into by oneself. There was usually someone around to help though. Fred and George slid the plastic body guard just over Angelina's head before buckling the sides down. Fred exploded into a riotous fit of laughter as Angelina screamed. Her hands were pulled above her head, still in the slots for her arms, and she was trapped halfway in the vest, her face completely covered.

"I'll murder you both!" Angelina shouted, muffled and incomprehensible from the other side of the vest, as George and Fred only laughed harder.

"Honestly! You Two!" Katie said, still unable to suppress a snigger as she helped her best friend finish dressing in her gear.

Angelina looked simply murderous by the time Katie had finished fastening her forearm covers. Fred and George merely stared back at her innocently. The room exploded as Angelina jumped forward and bowled Fred over. Fred grabbed George's leg and all three of them went crashing onto the floor in a flurry of arms, legs, and shrieks. Wood, finding this absolutely hilarious, began laughing uncontrollably.

Katie, in the meanwhile, had disappeared into the bathroom, sweats in hand. She heard the explosions and bursts of laughter in the dorm as she began to change rapidly. No point in taking a shower now. Oliver would just have them back in four hours, dirty, muddy, sweaty, and tired. Honestly, the boy was a fanatic. Seriously, Katie herself loved Quidditch but Oliver simply obsessed over it. In fact, he was too obsessed to ever notice that his best friend was a girl: a bloody, stupid, idiotic girl who'd fallen in love with him. She almost loved him without hope. If he ever did wake from his Quidditch-reverie, he'd notice that he had a fan club about as big as Marcus Flint's head and Flint had one hell of an ego. So many young, pretty girls trailing after the great, attractive Oliver Wood and asking him to sign their books, for crying out loud, as if he were already a celebrity. Everyone knew Oliver had professional-talent, but honestly, it irritated Katie to no end knowing that when all was said and done, she'd always be second in Oliver's eyes. Poor, stupid Katie, just the nice, adorable, sweet friend, a little sister, it made her fume.

There was a knock on the door, followed by a quick explosion as purple smoke wafted into the bathroom from underneath the door.

"Hullo there, Bell? Have you died in the lavatory?" One of the twin's voices floated in from the other side.

Katie yanked the door open and glared at the Weasleys.

"Oh, too bad! It'd have made history if you'd died sitting on the toilet!" George snickered.

Katie ambled over to her closet and pulled out her Quidditch gear. It was muddy from the night before. She stood up and said, "Help."

Fred and George eagerly bounded over to her.

"Not you two," Katie backed away, tripping into the closet.

The twins burst into laughter as she reemerged from the crash of her Quidditch gear, her dark head poking out from the closet.

"Here, Bell," Wood sighed as he walked over to her and helped her up. Katie held her arms up obediently and tried to ignore the tickling sensations of Wood's hands on her skin when he began sliding the plastic gear over her head.

"Now, Wood, now! While you have the chance!" Fred exploded.

"We're off to the Great Hall!" Angelina suddenly said, shooting Fred and George a warning glare, as she grabbed one of the Weasleys with her free hand. She yanked Fred backwards and raised her eyebrows patiently as Fred stared back at her in confusion. Angelina gave him a look and jerked her head slightly towards Oliver and Katie, now carrying on their conversation, probably about Quidditch.

"Oh, right, breakfast! How silly of me!" Fred said, elbowing George in the ribs as the other Weasley twin tilted his head from Katie and Oliver back to Fred and Angelina. A look of comprehension dawned on George's face and he pranced out the door, Fred hot on his heels. Angelina shut the door behind them and shook her head in absolute disgust. Her blue eyes, however, flickered with amusement. The Weasley twins simply winked at each other. It was no big secret that Katie had adored Oliver from her Fourth Year at Hogwarts.

"Don't say a word!" Angelina shushed them. The Weasley twins teased anything that moved, but they had an absolute field day with romances. Just imagining the havoc they'd wreaked on Percy's love life made Angelina shudder.

"Honestly, those two!" George said with a grin.

"They couldn't get any denser!" Fred chirped.

"He couldn't get any denser," Angelina stepped in, protecting her best friend.

"Oh, too true!" and "Jolly right!" were concluded by the Weasley twins.

"Someone should tell 'im," George finally said as they descended down the staircase to the common room.

"Someone should tell him he's a bloody idiot, that's why. Why's he got to be such a moron anyway?" Angelina muttered.

"Search me!" Fred said and with that the Weasley twins had hog-tied and dragged Angelina out of the common room and through the hole in the wall.

Upstairs, Wood watched as Angelina pulled the door shut behind her.

He turned back, focusing on getting Katie's gear on. She was trying to tie the straps of her body-guard together but was having an awkward time of it, what with the positioning being so off and all. He snickered as he batted her hands away and reached for the straps himself. Katie sighed and lifted her arms over her head again. She felt like a little child, having Oliver flit around her, trying to get her gear on. Did he even know the effect he had on her? That she simply woke up in the morning because she could count the number of times he hugged her and smiled at her.

Wood, having finished strapping on her body gear, turned and bent to pick up one of her forearm guards off the floor. He looked up to find her dark-blue eyes following him around. He was used to it. He shared a special kind of bond with Katie. They had grown up knowing it each better than anyone else could, probably at any rate. She was completely adorable in her own spunky way, like a faithful puppy… a very faithful, attractive, charming, intelligent puppy. Wood jerked his thoughts back onto the proper track and frowned. He pulled on the forearm guard expertly, having done this a million times already.

"Other arm," Wood said softly.

Katie jerked it out like she was told and within seconds he was finished.

Only the shin-guards left. Katie rolled up her pant legs and bent down to attach them herself, the only part of her gear she could manage when Wood pushed her hands back and grinned up at her.

"Might as well while I'm down here," he said roguishly. He'd dropped onto his knees and began strapping the shin-guards on. Katie help up one leg of her sweatpants at a time so he could fit it on under all her clothes. Wood's mind began to drift again. Maybe it was the stillness of the morning or Katie's half-awakened state, but he couldn't help but wonder when Katie had grown so much. This was the first time all season he'd helped her dress, but he'd done it countless times before. Why had he never noticed how slim and tanned her legs were? Why had he never noticed her willowy transformation from girl to woman? Had she grown so much or was he becoming delirious? When he had finished, he straightened up right away, uncomfortable as to where his train of thought was running.

He almost bumped his head against Katie's as he looked up. She stared back at him, slightly disarmed. Her blue eyes flickered with some unnamed emotion and Wood felt himself lean forward before he jerked himself back.

"Right then, Bell. Ready for another exciting day of Quidditch?" Wood said forcedly with a swallow.

He was surprised by the sudden look of disappointment on her face. It only lasted a second though. She flashed him her brilliant Bell-smile. He'd never know she was dying on the inside as she stepped backwards and twisted her hair upwards into a loose bun.

"That's my girl!" Wood hooted, glad the moment had passed.

Katie followed him out the door of her dormitory. He'd picked up her broom for her and bundled his into the same hand, too. He began jabbering excitedly about all his new maneuvers and plans as Katie sighed. It'd never change. She'd always be little Katie, Wood's best Chaser, Wood's best friend, Wood's sidekick, never Katie, the-Girl-Worth-Any-Boy's-Time.

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