Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume

This is a one-shot song fic. I've never done one before, so if it sucks, I'm sorry. The song is by gact, and I think I got the lyrics from or something like that...

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~*(I had a dream of long ago Back then we'd divide up the overwhelming loneliness amoungst ourselves by sticking together)*~

Kagome walked up to the tree, where a sleeping boy was pinned to it. She looked at his ears, curiousity filling her eyes. She slowly edged up to him, tweaking them and carressing them with her gentle fingers. "There so soft." she said. She then looked down at the arrow, piercing the boy's heart. She pulled on it with all her might, and it came free.

"Inuyasha?" a voice pierced his memory. It was the girl who freed him, Kagome.

He quickly snapped back to reality. "Nani?"

"His right arm is weakened." she said, shooting an arrow at Naraku..

'She freed me....' Inuyasha thought, Tetsuiaga aaimed at Naraku who had turned on Kagome. "Kagome, watch out!." 'That day, she freed me....'

'I must repay her, even at my life's cost!4'

"Naraku!" he shouted, getting the wanted attention, "Leave her alone!"

"Don't stand in my way, or you'll get it too." Naraku said calmly.

~*(By the time we noticed what was most important,)*~

Miroku and Sango lay dead on the ground.

~*(It was too late.)*~

Inuyasha firmly stood in front of Kagome, protecting her from Naraku's blows.

"Inuyasha, no!" she cried. "What are you doing?!"

"My *mph* body can take it *mph* better than yours can." he stammered as Naraku was trying to break through Inuyasha, to get to Kagome.

Kagome cried out in fear. "Naraku! Stop this!"

~*(Memories gone by are always so bright)*~

Kagome recalled the time Inuyasha nearly kissed her. 'I wish it would have happened. I wish he love me...'

"Why should I?" Naraku laughed menacingly, "I was just starting to enjoy my new punching bag." Naraku gave Inuyasha a final blow of electricity, causing him to fall nearly lifelessly to the wet ground.

Kagome cried. She fell to her knees by Inuyasha, sliding his head into her lap. "Inuyasha..." she cried , but there was no response. "Inuyasha!" Still nothing. She sat there sobbing. He was still breathing, but barely. She carefully slid his head to the ground.

Naraku grinned. "Still not giving up? Hand over the shards and I'll spare both of your lives from any more damage."

"No Naraku, I will not give In to you."

~*(If ever you are hurt so bad you want to cry I'll sing for you, until the tears dry up)*~

Inuyasha's ears twitched at the sound of Kagome's voice. He weakly opened his eyes. "Kkagome...." he called for her hoarsely, then noticed where she was. "Kagome, no!" Fear began to grow in his heart. 'I can't let her die!' he thought, but it was as if his body was paralyzed. He was too weak to move. All he could do now was watch and pray.

~*(Don't be afraid to get hurt When chasing your dream)*~

She glanced back at the watchful hanyou. Then Kagome took her bow and a single arrow, aiming it at Naraku. "I refuse to fear you. To play as a pun in your games. No more, Naraku, no more show you toy with people's lives, there emotions, their love, friends, or family. Never again shall you even have the chance. Die, Naraku!!"

~*(I'll hold you through the nights you shiver so please, stop making a sad face)*~

The Skikon around Kagome's neck began to glow a bright pink, forming a blinding light around her, so Naraku could not see when she attacked until it happened. She used most of her energy to fill the sacred arrow, as she let it fly. The light dissappeared.

"Kagome....." Inuyasha said weakly.

~*(show me your smile that precious smile, that's more fabulous than any other)*~

She turned her head towards him, smiling weakly, then her body gave out from under her. She collapsed to the ground.

~*(I still remember you said, "There's no eternity here)*~

Inuyasha turned over as quickly as he could, "Kagome!" He mustered up his remaining strength to crawl by her side. He, in turn, collapsed, out of breath, by her side.

~*(As you watched them all pass away with sorrowful eyes "there's not a soul alive who would ride in a car without a brea." I murmered.)*~

Naraku, who was distracted with the toughts of victory, was hit by the sacred arrow. He could feel it. It was quickly tearing away at his flesh, revealing his burns and scars. "Nooooooo!! It can't be!" he shouted. A likac light, the same kind of light that had encircled Kagome, encircled Naraku. However, since Naraku was evil, it purified his soul, killing him. "NO!!!! It can't be over!"

~*(Acting all tough with your head sunken, all I could do was pull you close and hold you firmly.)*~

Inuyasha looked up from Kagome just in time to see Naraku vanish, hearing his final words.

~*(Don't hang your head and cry If you want to see your dream come true.)*~

"It is...finally over....." Inuyasha said, as he wearily watched the last of the shards fall to the ground, no longer the center of evil or lust, but now they were purified.

~*(On sleepless nights, I'll stay by your side until you fall into dreams)*~

"I-inuyasha?" Kagome called, slightly opening one eye.

~*(Don't be so shy,)*~

"It's over, Kagome." he smiled weakly. "It's finally over. With his hanyou body already healing, he had the strength to pull her into his arms.

~*(And show me your smile, that precious smile, that's more fabulous than any other.)*~

Kagome smiled, but that smile quickly faded. Inuyasha knew she was sad about something, but what? Naraku was dead, Kikyou's soul was at rest, they had all of the Shikon no tama, and she could......she could go home now, to those 'tests' she loved so much.........she could leave....but.........but he wouldn't bring that up. He didn't want her to leave. "What's wrong?"

Kagome sat up and looked at her friends' corpses. "Miroku and Sango are..gone....." she said, crying.

~*(we may never be able to go back to those days when we spoke to eachother of countless dreams but........)*~

"I know, Kagome, but the Shikon is complete." he said, trying to comfort her.

~*(Don't be afraid to get hurt, when chasing your dream)*~

"I know.....atleast one of us can have their dream come true..." she smiled sadly.

~*(I'll hold you through the nights you shiver, so please, stop making a sad face)*~

'She still thinks I want to become youkai.' He shook his head. "Kagome, I..I don't care about being youkai anymore."


"The only thing I want is......."


~*(show me your smile, that precious smile, that's more fabulous than any other)*~

".....for you to be......happy.. I love you, Kagome."

Kagome's eyes grew wide with shock.


~*(Don't hang your head and cry)*~

"........." 'What am I? Stupid? I know she doesn't feel the same way!'

~*(if you want to see your dream come true)*~

Kagome positioned his face so she could see into his gold eyes. "Are you being truthful?" He nodded shyly. "I love you too."

Inuyasha was very suprised.

He didn't think that anyone could love him..........

He was wrong.

~*(On sleepless nights, I'll stay by you untill you fall into dreams.)*~

"Inuyasha?" she asked, "May I use the Shikon no tama?" He raised an eyebrow, but nodded.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, curiosity getting the best of him.

~*(Don't be so shy,)*~

She smiled slightly, "You'll see." She slowly got up and retrieved the final pieces, merging together instantly.

~*(and show me your smile)*~

"Shikon no tama, jewel of four souls, I call upon you now, at our darkest our, for you to grant my wish, my heart's desire."

The light that surrounded her before had returned, but this time, immensely brighter.

Inuyasha shielded his eyes as he watched. "Kagome?"

She smiled once more before the light completely engulfed her.

~*(that precious smile, that's more fabulous than any other)*~

The light quickly faded, and Kagome once more fell to the ground. Inuyasha quickly ran to her. "Kagome? Are you okay?" he asked. He sniffed the air. She was fine. The scent of death had vanished from where his friends' corpses were, and along with that......Kagome's scent was different somehow.

Sango moved. "Miroku?" she looked beside her to see him, his hand not to far from it's usual victimized spot.

....but it wasn't moving.

"Miroku!" she shouted, snatching him and shaking him.

"Huh? What's going o0n here? Sango, quit shaking me!"

"Oh, gomen houshi-sama. I was just...."

"You were scared, for me?"

Sango blushed, and Miroku kissed her, apologizing for worrying her.

They both noticed Inuyasha, hovering above a seemingly lifeless Kagome.

"What happened?" Sango cried as they ran to her.

Inuyasha smirked, knowingly. "She defeated Naraku, then used the Shikon to bring you two back to life."

".....but now she's-"

"Resting." Inuyasha interrupted Miroku. "Her body's undergoing new changes. It wore her out.

"What do you mean?"

"Look closer."

Miroku and Sango glanced at eachother, then at Kagome. She now had a silver and gold streak in her once solid raven hair. Her ears were now like Inuyasha's, only black with a golden tip.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said, sitting up slightly.

"Kagome!" Sango cried, causing her friend to wince.

"Not so loud!"

Inuyasha picked her up. "We'll be back. You two go back to Kaede's hut, otherwise Shippo will be out here any moment." The two nodded and he lept off for his tree.


"So you wished to be hanyou?" Inuyasha asked, getting a nod from Kagome. Her golden eyes were glistening with natural light. "How smart." he grinned, "I take it you really do love me."

"You should know I do. You can smell when I'm lying, right?" Inuyasha looked confused.

'She's learning fast.' he thought as he nodded. "I know you love me, as I love you."

She hugged him, smiling one of her most beautiful nad breathtaking smiles. He gently nuzzled her neck. "I will always love you." he vowed. 'Always.....'

She pulled back to look into his golden eyes, and her eyes glistened brighter, along with her smile.

~*(that smile.....)*~


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