Chapter 1: An Unusual Usual Day

It was the usual day for the Doctor and her three companions, they were just in the tardis, screaming their heads off. The Doctor looked dashing and beautiful has always, even when a crisis arose. She clung to the switches and railings of the Tardis, while Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham were yelling has the tardis rumbled and shook.

They had just come back from their trip in India, and instead of going off to find a new adventure, one found them-

"WHats happening?"

yelled Graham at the top of his lungs

The Doctor looked up at their distressed expressions, and gave them the most quizzical face.

"When do I ever know?! Blimey! It's like people expect me to know every detail of what's happening." said The Doctor.

Ryan and Yasmin both shared anxious expressions. Surely this situation couldn't be worse then the ones they've faced...

"This isn't another thing where we get stranded on a planet, is it?" Murmured Ryan.

"Ha! Hopefully not! Let's not have that happen again. The tardis is just being pulled toward an undetectable source, I'm sure it's just a malfunction or we are needed somewhere! That sounds exciting! Or maybe-"

The Doctor stopped talking abruptly and pulled down a screen.

She stared at it with such intensity, and then looked back up at them with a stern unemotional face they had never seen before. But they all saw the fear in her eyes.

Yasmin stepped over to look at the screen. It was completely unreadable, it was obviously a different language.

"What does it say?" Asked Yasmin.

"It says 'I need help'." The Doctor answered, looking off into the distance.

"Phew, I thought it was like an invitation to blow up or something." joked Graham

Yasmin and Ryan both knew that something was very wrong.

"Doctor what's wrong?" said Ryan with a concerned expression.

"What is it?" asked Yasmin, has she put her hand on The Doctors shoulder.

The Doctor faced them and suddenly a look of curiosity and fascination shined from her. The anxiety and fierceness was gone.

The Doctors distracted and oblivious state of mind could be annoying at times. Especially when they were scared. Ryan was frowning, Yasmin nervously grabbing her hair, and Graham was intensely gulping.

"The language it was written in was the language of the Time Lords! My species! I've only known of two others! Only a time lord could know the language. But I fear that it might be a trap, but who knows, I've once killed Hitler -well I almost did! The possibilities of everything are endless!" said The Doctor. She was shining of happiness, her mind was flooded with the idea of there being more Time Lords out there.

Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham all spoke at once:

"That's amazing!" cried Ryan.

"-What if it IS a trap?! Graham said nervously.

"What happened to the other Time Lords?" gasped Yasmin.

They all looked at each other and started arguing/bickering. The tension and stress in this decision was putting them all at each other's throats.

"Silence! Shut up for a second." Shouted the Doctor. Her brows furrowed in concentration.

They all immediately fell silent and waited.

"If it were River she'd say something like kisses or hello sweetie… if it were -no it can't be." The Doctor murmured to herself.

She jumped up from her spot,

"Here's the plan, I'm going to leave you in a pod, that'll be far away from the planet. And I'll go check it out, that way if is a trap I can immediately leave and you guys won't get hurt! If the pod is somehow obscured, it will lockdown and can keep u alive for years -it's also easy to control unless it needs to lockdown."

While the Doctor was talking, the companions shared their disgruntled looks. It was obvious the Doctor was desperate to find out what this was, no matter the danger, has long has it doesn't hurt us.

"Actually, I can drop you guys off at home and then let you know what I've discovered!" The Doctor continues.

"Hold up!" Said Yasmin

"We aren't leaving you alone on an unknown planet! We stick together." said Ryan.

"I second that" said Graham, nodding.

The Doctor felt very happy about their answers. But then she remembered about all the times she let people stay… They only got hurt.

"I'm sorry, but this is something I can't risk you guys getting involved in. I understand that you all knew the risks of joining me, but this is different. I'm not letting anyone get hurt because of a decision I made." said The Doctor.

Ryan stepped closer, "well we aren't going anywhere." he said confidently

"Yeah, we aren't going to let you go through this alone." said Graham

She thought about all her past mistakes, her decisions in choosing to help the wrong people. These mistakes had caused her to lose those she loved. I have let down so many people.

This was a opportunity she couldn't give up, someone could need help. And she will do what she does best.

She will be The Doctor.

The Doctor slipped her hand into her pocket, and felt the keys that belonged to the pod. The Safety pod was a gift from River on their very long honeymoon, it worked almost exactly like the tardis but it looked like a luxury suite and had a lifetime of food and everything you needed. When she first gave her this, all she said was "be safe my sweetie" and "it'll save your ass." The Doctor almost laughed at this thought. All she needed to do was click this button, and they would all be safe.

The Doctors expression grew somber, and she looked each one of them in the eye.

"I'm sorry." She said.

They all look traumatized.

"No-" Yasmin yelled, reaching out to her, fingertips only inches away. The Doctor clicked the button, and they vanished in a flash of electric blue light.

The Doctor stepped out of her tardis and into the light of the mysterious planet the message came from. She felt very alone and vulnerable, but it was for the best.

This planet was very green, luxurious, and looked almost exactly like Earth… And like Gallifrey! Her panic grew and she started looking around. The Doctor spotted a city in the distance, It looked exactly like Gallifrey…It was gorgeous and -a trap.

"I have to get out of here." She whispered to herself.

An overwhelming sense of longing made her want to stay, her feet felt glued to the ground. She whipped around and started to run back to the tardis. But instead of a Tardis -It was a barn. It was the barn. She didn't dare walk inside. But then she heard a scream from within the barn "HELP me!" But the Doctor froze, she knew that voice, it was one from when she was only a child on Gallifrey.

She fell to her knees, and tears ran down her cheeks. The Doctor rarely cried. That voice… brought her the deepest of sorrows and regret. But then the barn disappeared, and she heard the shuffling of feet near her. She looked up to see a man with a crazy unshaven face, in a ragged torn and bloody suit. It was her enemy and friend, The Master.

The Doctor fell back on her hands in surprise. What the hell is happening? she thought. The Master ran up to her and clasped his hands around her throat, and dug his nails into her skin.

"Y-YOU did this to me!" He screamed. His eyes were filled with madness and terror.

Everything was starting to turn black. Guilt and regret filled The Doctors heart(s).

"I-I'm s-sorry." The Doctor choked out.

The Doctor felt like she deserved this, the suffering she caused was all her fault.

The Doctor wished that all those years ago, that she would've tried harder to show The Master a better way to live. The Doctor still remembered clutching his lifeless body, one more dead… He came back has missy, but a part of him still died that day.

But then something brought her back to reality. She heard a little girl humming… She sat up and suddenly The Master was gone, like he had never existed.

And there she was, a little Scottish redhead girl in a nightgown and yellow rain boots. It was Amelia Pond.

The tardis must be reaching out to her by using its hologram interphase, she scrambled to her feet and started bounding towards her, and then something caught her attention. She heard screaming and the familiar robotic sound of the words "exterminate."

She turned to view the horrid sight. The once beautiful city of Gallifrey that she saw when she arrived was burning. Children were screaming and clutching to their parents has daleks slayed them. The city seemed much closer then when she first arrived. A child in a dirty uniform ran up to her with tear streaked cheeks.

"Please help my mommy." she sobbed.

I did what I had to do, I ran.