Chapter 3: The Doctors Funeral

It was July 14, 2014. Kids were laughing, the grass was green, and the asphalt was burning hot. Everyone seemed happy in London, except for the Tyler family…

Rose Tyler was 24 years of age, and still has kind and courageous has ever. But today was a very sad day. John Smith was found motionless in bed next to Rose only a week ago. He was pronounced dead. He can't be dead, she thought. He's the Doctor

She stood with her family by her side, looking into the gaping hole of dirt that the coffin was about to be lowered into. Her legs and hands were shaking so badly, tears stained her cheeks. She could only think of the Doctor, and how much she missed him. It was like she could still hear him saying stuff like

"Am I a ginger yet?",

or "Blimey, we need to RUN."

Once we were caught using a stolen watch, and a magnet to find a… That doesn't matter. All that matters is that he's gone.

John Smith has the characteristics and memories of the Doctor, but Rose always knew he wasn't. She loved him, but not has much has she loved the real Doctor. John just wasn't the same. He was also like Donna, because he was created from her. The sassiness was hilarious at times, or annoying.

Jackie wrapped her arm around hers, snapping her back to reality. Jackie and Rose were both wearing elegant black dresses. Rose had her hair tied back in a messy curly knot, lines under her eyes, her makeup smeared with tears, but still beautiful. Jackie stood by her husband, Pete. They both shared the same sad expression. Jackie was has sassy has ever, but not today. Today, she needed to be strong for Rose

"Mum, He-he can't be dead. He's the Doctor."

Rose choked out. This was so much worse than the day she had to leave the Doctor, on that beach.

Jackie stifled a cry and held Rose. But then suddenly there was a pound, they all flinched and we're brought out of their states. The sound was coming from the coffin. Rose leaped towards it, happiness starting to rise up. Dean -a good friend of Rose, and was a fighter for torchwood and had helped save the world from Daleks and Cybermen- had gotten to the coffin first.

He yanked open the lid to reveal -a live and breathing human. John was alive. He sat up out of the coffin in his striped neat suit. He looked flabbergasted and pale, his breathing was heavy. Rose immediately embraced the heap of confusion.

"Why are there no holes? People need to breath!" John said gasping.

Rose pulled back to look at him, his state of health was obviously not good. His spiky hair stuck up everywhere, he was paler than usual. She slapped him across his cheek. A gasp could be heard from the crowd around them.

"Don't you ever die again! I was so s-scared." she sobbed. The Doctor held her and just whispered "I'm sorry."

The Doctor pushed her back to look at her, and wiped some tears from her face. Rose had never felt safer, she wanted to stay like this forever.

"We need to save The Doctor." He stated.

What'd you mean? We don't-"

Jackie started.

"Why?" Another person interrupted.

Questions flew about the crowd, Rose only stared at him. Was The Doctor in trouble that he couldn't handle? Was he okay?! She thought. The Doctor has always been able to handle everything thrown into his path, what was so bad that he couldn't handle? No matter what it was, she already knew the risks she was willing to take.

"I am still mentally connected to The Doctor, because I am still a clone. I could feel The Doctor… Crying, I have no idea what could've created such a mental attack, and now it feels like he's faded. This attack rendered me unconscious in a death-like state. We need to save The Doctor."

Everyone only started. Some jaws dropped, and some people were sitting down trying to absorb this information. John was struggling to make out words, he looked has if he were still dead.

"How?" Asked Rose.

A mischievous grin spread across his face.

"we form a league of course! The Doctors army!" John yelled, and then grimaced from the pain.

Chapter 4: 563 letters

An alarm clock starts beeping at 7:00, the hand of Clara Oswald shoots out from under the covers, and hammers down on it. She sits up with her bed hair, sadly staring at the alarm clock.

It was November 15, 2015 on Earth.

Clara had just come back from her trip on a Space Station with the 12th Doctor. Little did she know that the next day she'd be facing the raven…. But before that happens, she has to continue her life's mission: To save The Doctor.

She flew down the stairs with her souffle recipe in hand and wearing her kitty pajamas. Let's try this again, she thought and started grabbing ingredients. But then she noticed a letter waiting on the countertop. Did The Doctor leave this for her?

She only stared at the letter anxiously. Her curiosity got the better of her. The letter was a crisp white, with a stamp of a blue police box… 3 words were spread across the front in neat cursive, It said: Save The Doctor. Her fear grew, and she ripped it open.

She hurriedly opened it, and quickly started reading.

Help Us Save The Doctor


Don't ask questions until the end.

We are not allowed to discuss yours or anyone else's future.

You are not allowed to leave until the end of the meeting.

This parchment you are holding will cause you to pass out and arrive in The Room Of Leagence in ten seconds

Hold on tight.

"Again?!" She asked herself. How could she fall for this again?

Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she fell backward. And awoke in a complete white room, alone, and sitting in a plump chair with a table in front of her. Cookies and tea sat upon it. She was too nervous to eat.

Then a man walked through a door, that Clara was sure wasn't there before. He wore a sharp suit and robes, he had flaming red hair and beard. He smiled brightly at her, and said "welcome" in a very deep voice.

She started to talk, but hesitated.

"I'm sure you have many questions, but hold them until the end of the presentation." He said has he hopped to the side.

A brightly lit screen appeared out of nowhere. The words D.O.C appeared and then a cool feminine voice started speaking.

"You have been contacted because you are somehow in relation to The Doctor, whether you just owe a favor, or you're married, it doesn't matter. The Doctor has never needed our help more than ever. His greatest enemies have returned and formed a league to take him down. This league includes The Daleks, The Cyberman, The Silence, The Shadow Proclamation, and much more. But not all hope is lost, The Doctor has more friends than enemies, we have so many on our side. We hope that you will join us in our journey to save The Doctor. We'd like to thank The Ood for getting us all here. Our hostess, Mr. Goody is the one who arranged this meeting and this mission. This is a very serious situation and we'd like you're full attention. This league of enemies of The Doctor created a planet, a planet to trap and torture The Doctor. We have a spy among their league helping us know what is happening. We are unable to locate the Tardis, we are afraid it was destroyed while helping The Doctor escape this planet. It has come to our knowledge that The Doctor has been injured, but still alive. Has you know, The Doctor regenerates so we have no idea which Doctor or what he looks like. You have 24 hours to decide if you'd like to be a part of this mission to save The Doctor. Clap 4 times to come back, and we will assign you your part in this mission, and let you get to know the others. There is one rule you must follow, you cannot tell The Doctor what is happening. This may be in The Doctors future, so he can't know. If you disobey this rule, we will make sure you never receive this letter. If you decide to betray us, you will be immediately terminated. Thank you for your time, we hope you'll make the right decision."

The screen disappeared, and the man stepped in.

"I am Mr. Goody, I am the leader or ruler, whichever you'd wish to call me, of this organization D.O.C." He said giddily.

"You are to go back to your boring lives until you make a decision, goodbye! And remember to not tell anyone about this." He said, waving with a grin on his face.

"Wait!" She yelled.

She woke up on the cold ground of her kitchen. She was shaking, and was about to call The Doctor. But stopped immediately, she had already made her decision. She couldn't let The Doctor die.

She clapped 4 times.