It was the end of the first week in Hogwarts and all was bliss and quiet.

Well,quiet if you compared the students in the old and large castle average noise compared to this day.But in the evening,all was quiet,and a certain someone could write his letters.

Up above the ground,was a scarlet and gold decorated tower where the students spent their time.Some read books from the impressive library in their school,others chatted with their friends and others completed their final bits of their homework.While one very special boy was writing a letter.

Harry Potter,The Boy-Who-Lived,or known to some as the god of Empathy was sitting at a small table in a corner as he wrote about his week.With a surprisingly good penmanship,he wrote neatly to his...friend.Well,if you could count someone like Death as a friend.Stroking his snowy owl idly,he watched as his quill scratched the paper.Hedwig looked at the room and the crackling fire with her amber eyes,eyes that matched the same shade as the flame itself.

As the hidden god signed his name,he replaced the stopper in the jar of ink and read it over again.It would be embrassing if he made of mistake,if he did Wisdom would've slaughtered him.

Humming a funeral march tune,he folded the precious parcel inside another envelope and gave the letter to Hedwig,who seemed less than pleased to see Death again."Oh no,Death won't be eating you any day soon,"The sender whispered as he watched his owl took off to the clouds,eventually to wherever Death was now.





Death smiled as his friend's owl threw a letter at the god.The animal merely hooted at him before flying away,knowing the god wouldn't be responding anytime near,and flew off to somewhere near where there was food and water.

Allowing a smile to grace his lips,he opened the parcel with his thin,claw-like fingers.

~Hey Death,~

The entity smiled wider at the greeting.

~I hope you're fine,Hogwarts has been fun,well mind that I have to pretend I'm a child.Other than that,I assure you that I manage to not kill anywhere there yet.~

Death sniggered at that.

~Well,the subjects are interesting,bet that Wisdom knew all this before.Although,I'm a natural at a sports called Quidditch,I swear I'm going to die one day because of this(ask Wisdom,he knows plentiful).Transfigurations is the art of changing the form and appearance of someone or an object,kinda neat if you got nothing to wear.Charms,well you know,lighter version of Transfigurations.Potions,the name suggests the meaning,the professor...well he's a git.History Of Magic,utterly boring,but there's a ghost teaching it.Mind telling me how that happened,Death?~

Death stopped smiling at that point,pinching the space between his eyes before continuing reading.

~Herbology,Love would've totally love this.Defense Against The Dark Arts,the professor is odd,smells like garlic and a stuttering mess.His names is Professor Quirrell...ring any bells?



Placing the letter back to its envelope,the recipient walked away smiling,preparing to write back.



Harry was eating breakfast when Hedwig swooped in with a medium-sized package in her claws.The package landed with a thud on the table as his friends looked at it in curiousity.

"Hey,mate,what's that?"His red-headed friend asked as he gobbled up a drumstick.Hermione was about to scold Ron until she gained interest in the package.

"Yes,Harry...mind telling us?"Hermione added,placing her book down.

Harry merely smiled,as he looked at the signature scribbled down on the corner of the package:


Alas,Harry's reply satisfied their curious questions,"A gift from my pen pal,he's quite an excellent baker."He didn't know why he'd said that,just that it popped into his mind at the right moment.

Before Ron or Hermione could ask who his 'pen pal' was or deciphered his random message,Harry stood and walked out of the Great Hall and jogged towards his dorm.


Harry opened the package to see a letter from Death...as well as a locket.It glistened in gold beautifully in the light,as he opened it..to find a picture of Death smiling back at him,the god's hand waving at him.And so,he opened the letter with a smile,

~Dear Empathy,~

Harry scoffed at his overly polite way of greeting his friend.

~I'm glad you're having fun in Hogwarts' grand castle,so far,I have yet to visit the splendid place you mention.As for Professor Quirrell,I suggest keeping an eye on him,Lady Luck isn't in a good mood this week.I hope that you can come back for Yule.I'll look into the problem of the dead interfering with the living.



Harry slept that night with good dreams,unlike the nightmares that plagued him every night.