Note:Harry will sometimes be referred as 'Empathy'






Harry was well,laying on the floor of his altar,looking down at the frustrating homework.It had been a week after Harry left Hogwarts for holiday,and mind you,he hadn't had any other contact from the other gods except for Death.That problem was equally frustrating as his homework.The god's servants had been busy,rushing here and there with memory scrolls(*) when he first came back to his altar.

Since then,the god had been treating some of his servants who encountered Blights(*),leaving little time to have any regards for his homework.Harry was equally caring about to servants as Life,he didn't want any of them to feel uncomfortable.The servants of Empathy were humanoid beings that wore silver hooded robes and a golden scepter,scepters that acted as a weapon when needed like spears.They were genderless and faceless warriors,warriors that could hunt a mortal down in just a split second.But the reason they were fragile amongst the other servants of other gods were their eyes.They had colorful marbles as eyes and that spoke for itself.

Harry had some troubling thoughts,as he tapped his quill against the assignment.His servant sat next to the god,awkwardly crossing his legs as it never had such an odd request before.The two beings were just sitting there,staring at the paper intensively as Harry's quill scratched on the assignment.It was a weird habit of the god to just ask one of his servants randomly and ask them to sit next to him.

Scratch that,it was a damn phobia.

Harry hated this body,this sense of weakness and paranoia,and had his servants stationed around him since then.The god trusted them,sometimes more than any of the other gods,they were created for him and that made him relax.Harry sighed and sat down properly,placing his quill down as the god laid his head on his nameless servant's shoulder,who was somewhat used to it.

The god of empathy sighed,murmuring,"Seven years is long,huh?"

The servant said nothing but only let it's master head rest on its shoulders.Its marble eyes looked at Harry,devoid of emotions yet seemed to be sympathetic.

For them,maintaining order was their only duty,and yet,they have failed oh so many times.


Harry had always been known for his glass blowing and the gifts the god could make.Harry could make lovely vases,figurines and simply colorful and fascinating art.The god loved that he could do that,and he appreciated it as much as he could.For parties he made gifts for the other gods and usually talked with Muse about art.Harry made his own servants' eyes,and each one of them was different.There were stands in his domain filled with glass and the god loved them.Harry had always had this gift for as long as he could remember,until now.To be honest,he felt like an idiot,a moron for not knowing this.Harry's arms were useless as if they had turned into jelly.

And he felt feeling of stress swelling in his heart.

The cold feeling at the pit of his stomach as if he swallowed ice.


Why couldn't he do this?

Was he...


Just like the ceramic hands of his servants?

Or their marble eyes?

"And I thought this mission would be easy,huh..."

"Damn you,War."


Harry was back on Earth in an abandoned and remote area,and he was here to test his abilities.No,Harry could not hover nor float and that just destroyed a tiny bit of the god's sanity.Harry felt like a bug,something that could be easily squashed...and killed.Standing on the railings of the road just above the sea made Harry sick,something he'd never felt before.No,he was not here to drown himself.

Harry was perfectly capable of swimming...

Well,at least that's what he thinks.

Taking a deep breath,Harry stepped an inch closer to the edge and lifted his foot off the ground.The god took another step and another until he stood on the very edge.Patting the gillyweed in his pocket on his robe,muttered a few prayers to Lady Luck...and then he jumped.


He felt the searing pain,and the freezing touch of the water in a matter of seconds.And then the god couldn't breath.Harry panicked,failing his arms around until he found something that he could hold onto...and that was a huge rock.The god swam back up again and heaving greedily for air and then dive back down.Harry's eyesight was really bad,and that was even worst underwater.All he could really see was greenish blue water and sand.

'You know,...I would rather do this another day,"


Empathy knew he wasn't supposed to get attached with humans,much less in Hogwarts.But he couldn't help getting a bookworm and a red headed boy off his mind.The god was dealing with memory scrolls(*)when letters fell out,letters from Hermione and Ron.He simply just cannot help but miss them,as if they were like the other gods.But that didn't make sense to Empathy,they were mortals and he was a god.Something was off,this wasn't his emotions.

"Darn you,human emotions."

And so Empathy responded to them quickly,using Hedwig to send the letters to their location.How?He would never know.Empathy had an urge to go over to Ron's home,maybe but he had responsibilities and going off for another day would worsened the situation.And the god felt even sicker when he realized about the meeting...

He didn't want to go,not in this form,not in this situation.

Empathy turned to his servant,the one with the peculiar mix of jade,blue and purple in his eyes."Keep an eye on whoever comes...only Death knows about my situation,"Empathy spat the word 'situation' as if it was rotten fish.The servant,in response nodded and walked towards the hallways."Oh!"Empathy's voice stopped the servant in it's tracks."Did anyone ever told you that you have the most interesting eyes?"

The god swore that his servant had a faint blush on his face.


He never knew they could blush.


That maybe turned out to be a yes.Harry received the letter from Ron holding it's main purpose:Yes.Death agreed to bring him there using a car from...well Harry didn't exactly know where.So,both of them got dressed prim and proper:much to Death's delight.And that led him to a car ride.He knew that Death loved vintage items and that included cars,which explained why they were in a beautiful and authentic,blue 1954 Bentley R.

It was summer and yet Death wore a scarf along with a brown vest,white shirt and black slacks.Harry smiled as he realized that Death still wore the sliver locket that match with his gold one.There was a nice breeze really,a bit hot but fine,both of the passengers' hair were flying in the wind.As for Harry,he wore a grey sweater with a white shirt underneath and brown pants.

As they sat in silence as Death drove,Harry switched between channels on the newly installed radio.He had never loved pop songs,he just tolerated them.It wasn't for another 5 minutes before Death spoke with a soft tone,"So...who is this 'Ron'?"

"He's a friend,you know,the one that accompanied me on my suicide mission,"Harry joked,pausing in his actions.Death's thin,pale and human fingers tapped on the steering wheel as the god took a turn."You know...I never really said sorry...,"Harry said slowly as Death paused in his breath."I'm sorry for being a moron and just going into there."

The amber-eyed god took a deep breath and then signed."Look,Harry.You're vulnerable now,this is not a game.Just please,take care of yourself."

At this,Harry looked away from Death as there was a thick cloud of tension between them.Death,in response,gave a mild glare but returned back to the road."I know...,"Harry said as the god of empathy looked out the window,before blurting abruptly."But,what happened at the meeting?"

Death was silent for a while,looking away from Harry before giving an answer in a strained voice."I told them you were ill from the war,just like you always was."It was true,Harry always fell ill when a major war was happening even on Earth,like the war that was happening now.In fact,he had the slightest bit of a headache,maybe he will take the medication.

"Medic bought it?"Harry asked with a questioning tone.In respond,Death nodded with a reply,"But she insisted you go and get a checkup."For a moment,Harry smiled for that act by Medic,she was the first goddess he met when he was first created.

"What 'bout the rest?"Harry questioned as he examined the lush and fresh grassland.Death hesitated for a while than told the truth,"Love didn't seem to buy it."At that Harry sighed in frustration,he'd expected this to happened."At least Wisdom didn't find out...he would've love to pester you on magic."Death added as Harry threw his head back in laughter.

For the first time in months,they both had a smile that reached their eyes.And slowly,but surely,Harry leaned his head towards Death's neck.


(*)Memory scrolls are scrolls that contain memories of certain events in the past,as well as important documents.


You know,when living beings die,animals,humans,plants-they become soul moths.All of them are given the Mark Of Death,Y'know that skull thingy on its wings??Anyways,they all get that regardless of where they're gonna go.

Two places where soil moths can go:

A good majority go to Ithis-to the Cornucopia(hey I like that name,Tiny Gherkin!) where they get reborn yada yada and cleansed of their past life into new souls.Hooray!Now,it didn't matter if they did something wrong,as long as they regretted it they get to go to Ithis.

For those who still wanna cause suffering and pain in life and in death(holy crap,that's some dedication):

They are...(you guessed it)sent to Nim!Not a very noice place,is it?Corrupted by their nasty evil(and generally for being a terrible human being-)they are turned into Blights and they are never,ever,ever gonna turn back into soul moths.Now,if you don't know what Blights are,check out A Matter Of Life and Death on Webtoons and A Blantantly Gay Duo on Tapas,you'll find some pictures of them.They take many form,and rarely resembles their previous appearance(I highly doubt I'll see a silhouette of a human walking on the streets-).They stay Nim,until they wanna wreak some havoc and take a break into the Mortal Realm.Blights suck the freaking energy out of living beings around it and generally is bad for everyone's health and the environment.Thus,gods gotta get rid of them,or in some cases-their servants.

That's all for now!