Summary: A lover of Matt Smith as the Doctor, dies and gets reincarnated into a world where the show exists but isn't good enough to attract an amazing actor to do the character justice. He decides to try out and show the world how good the show can get with the right person in the driver seat.

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"Why is Doctor Who, currently so terrible!?" Said, Matt as he looked at the latest season of his favourite show 'Doctor Who'.

The show used to be amazing, the writing used to be world class, the person who played the Doctor used to be the most qualified for the role.

Now all of that had been scrapped and PC agenda was running wild through it.

All they scrapped all the iconic monsters for genetic looking ones?

That was the thing that broke the camel's back.

The first episode was all he needed, to decide to never watch the current run of the show until there is a huge change behind the scenes.

Thankfully, he had amazing seasons of Doctor Who to watch, to tide him over until the run for the current doctor was over.

His favourite by far was Matt Smith, even though he understood that some people may find the man annoying.

Not only did he like the man because they sheared the same first name but Matt Smith presented a scene in the show that just made the show go from good to his favourite show of all time in minutes.

And to think that was the last, he would ever see as his soul department from his body.

He wasn't ill and he wasn't murdered, he simply died of old age, he was born in the 70s so he was now an old man.

Suddenly he woke up, like he was having a dream.

He saw that he was in an average looking apartment, the sound of cars was in the background.

He moved only to find out he could sit up no problem, he looked down at his hands.

His hands were young and vibrate of life.

They weren't like a child's hands or teenagers, but it was like he had enter his glory years.

His 20's.

He found a mirror and he almost bent over in shock, seeing that his old wrinkly face and white hair had transformed.

In front of him was a young man with black hair but somehow, he gave a look of old fashioned.

He looked like a young man, but he was defiantly an old man inside.

"I look like Matt Smith" He said, if only he had a bow tie and a fez.

Always the glorious red Fez.

Suddenly he was a hit with memorises.

Memorises of an alternative version of himself, who wanted to be an actor but his career went nowhere, it was merely because he had stage fright.

The poor guy was a guy who spent countless hours just trying to come to a place where he could somebody.

He was also aware of how much he looked like a famous child growing up but who would listen when he could write a letter and there was no guarantee that anybody would read it?

But that child had been believed to be dead until two years ago when he came out and Matt was stunned to see how similar they looked to each other.

They didn't look like clones of each other but similar, as if they were cousins.

It got him excited for the possibility that he could possibly have family but he was a nobody and there was no way he would get his voice heard especially over the crazy people who claim to be related to famous people, every day.

But it just wasn't working and young Matt had died from alcohol poisoning.

"We'll, Matt my boy. It's only right that an old man such as myself transforms you into a star in death." Said, Matt.

But then he got another memory.

Doctor Who did in fact exist, but it was midcore.

There was no amazing actor attached to it such as David Tenant or Matt Smith.

The writing was there, the music was on point, the settings and monsters were the same but no truly amazing actor like the likes of Kuu Hizuri would take the job for that pay or pure interest.

Of course, he was going to live this guy's dream, he was an old man who was young again, there must be a reason why he crossed over worlds if not to help a guy out.

When are the auditions for the Next Doctor?

He saw the black cheap looking laptop on a wooden desk and turned it on.

It worked just like he thought it would and he could almost hear the Doctor Who music 'I am the Doctor' behind him as he began to search.

It seems the showrunners were already looking for a new doctor and many midcore actors were auditioning to simply pay the bills.

Doctor Who wasn't supposed to be like this.

If he made it to the studio right now, he could audition, the duration of the auditions was a full month.

He got up and took off his clothes and began to find a patterned bow tie, jacket, white shirt, brown pants and old brown shoes.

No Fez.


He looked in the mirror and said. "Show time." before saying. "And then when I have the money, I'll buy that Fez."

He always wanted to say that.

He walked out of the door, locking it before walking down the corridor and people who were his neighbours and were out, looked at him with wide eyes.

He walked with joy in his steps as if he was a crazy person.

He walked down the street and many people looked at him with wide eyes.

He slid and skipped like a man who had just got a girl's number without using pity, but he was dressed so old fashion compared to everybody around his age that people can't help but stare.

He had young hips so he was going to use them.

He walked to the studio while being looked at as crazy.

However, it was still auditioned time and he was allowed into the building, everybody in the audition waiting room looked at him with wide eyes.

He was certainly the most uniquely dressed person in the room.

One by one, people were made to come in as those before them went out.

Soon it was his turn and he walked in, the showrunner looked at him with wide eyes when they saw his style of dress.

But if he was his actual age, the clothes would be appropriate for his age.

"Hello!" Matt said, smiling as they all stared. "My name is Matt but you can call me, Matt Smith"

A woman snapped out of it and gave him a small part of the script.

"Read" Said, the man.

Matt gladly did.

There was silence he as got ready.

He suddenly shouted.


They all jumped in their seats.

"Tardis. You, beautiful machine! What would I ever do without you?" he said, smiling and rubbing his palms.

'Where we going?'- read the script.

Matt smiled and said. "Anywhere and nowhere, my dear simple Amy. This Tardis tells me where I need to go, not where I want to go"

'But isn't that dangerous just drifting through time and space without a destination?'- Read the script.

He let out a laugh and said. "And that what makes it fun, Amy! We never know where we will land!" than he began to laugh and say. "Isn't that great?"

'Your nuts!'- Read the script.

"I know" He said, before yelling. "AND YOU LOVE ME FOR IT!"

The showrunners could just see him in front of the Tardis controls with his companion.

This had never happened before to them when they auditioned somebody and when he stopped talking, the magic stopped.

Matt know he would never be as good as Matt Smith but he thought he got the character across.

But did they want this Doctor?

"Can you start on Month?" Said, the woman making him blink.

"Huh?" He said.

"We have never seen such a high-level acting ability being presented to us for so little" Said, the man.

The viewers would like him a lot, he couldn't pull his eyes away.

They wanted to hire him?

"We'll...I'm a fresh face and I thought I will try out" Said, Matt not telling them he need the money for rent at his cheap apartment. "The main character is a time lord? I just to try out"

"Then Matt Smith. Welcome to the team" Said, the man shaking his hand. "We hope that you have an exciting 3 years with us"

Maybe, they could push it to 4 years?

They all got the feeling that their show would transform with him at the driver seat.

Matt went back to his apartment telling nobody he got the job but he did start filming the following week and it was the coolest thing he had even seen, being on the set of Doctor Who.

Just meeting the make-up artists who made the aliens come to life and his all-time favourite the Darlix's had him almost screaming like a fan boy.

That excitement was defiantly channelled into his acting on the set.

And because Doctor Who wasn't huge in England, there was no special event to announce the new Doctor to the world, people just watched.

The highest numbers of eyes to view the show was always the regeneration episode just to see who would come next.

#A Year later#

The actor who played the 10th Doctor walked around the Tardis with fear in his eyes, but he just couldn't pull the extreme sadness off to make Viewers feel sorry for him so the viewers found themselves just wanting him to hurry up and become somebody else.

He started to glow and then he blew up like fire-workers, suddenly yellow light was coming out of his head and arms, as he threw his body back.

The energy released did quite a number on the Tardis and parts of it became to burst into flames and the choir began to sing the background.

The camera zoomed into his face and so did the audience, to their tv screens, smart phone and laptop.

The pain was unbearable and he started screaming and with one flare, his face completely changed and so did his outfit.

Those who watched the show casually, eyes popped out of their head when they saw how much the actor who revealed himself looked like Koun Hizuri, now gracing their screens.

The man's inspected himself just as the audience inspected him.

"L-Legs" Said, the man grabbing his tall legs and his voice cracked. "I still got legs!"

He kissed his legs.

"Good" He said, before checking something else. "Arms!" he touched his sleeves. "I still got arms! Hands. Ooooh. Fingers. Lots of Fingers" he wiggled than like a crazy person.

"Ears" He said, putting his hands on his ears. "Eyes. Nose" he put his hands on each part, "Chin" than his hands went to his hair.

His black short hair that made him look like he should belong in the 70's.

"I'm a girl!" he said, in a high pitched, cracked voice and the views found themselves smiling, seeing his complete horror at the possibility that he had transformed into the opposite sex.

"No. No!" he said, touching his Adams apple. "I'm not a girl!" than he touched his hair and brought it forward to see. "I'm still not ginger?' with disappointment.

The audience wanted to burst out laughing.

Why did he want to be Ginger?

Than he remembered something or tried to.

"There is still something I'm forgetting" He said, "I need to do something. Think. Think"

Suddenly the Tardis shook knocking the safety right under him and he grabbed the Tardis controls to hang on and laughed.

"CRASHING!" he said, like it was a good thing, he went around.

The camera showed the outside of the Tardis in flames, flipping through space to Earth.

"A-HA!" He said, the camera changed to him as he tried to read the direction the Tardis was going in. "WAHOO! WOHOHOHO!"

Was he mad? The Audience watching thought but couldn't look away.

The Tardis shook some more and he yelled to the camera that was now looking at him from above.


The camera began to spin as it drew further and further away from him.

Than the credits rolled.

Through the whole scene, the music and the acting were on point.

For the first time in the show history, the viewers wanted to see more, if there was a new episode coming up next only to be disappointed.

The show had found its Doctor.

And for his resemblance to Koun Hizuri, there would be even more people tuning in to watch the next episode which was next year, only to stay for the story, acting ability and music.

The show was on its way up.

Up to the eyes of the Hizuri family.

And scene!

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