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"Long before the age of quirks, people had superpowers. This time is known to historians as the Age of people were divided into four groups; artificials, mutants, inhumans, and outsiders. Artificials are those who gained their superpowers through scientific means. Captain America is perhaps the greatest example of this. Sadly, as you know, all forms of artificially granting powers have been lost after the world's greatest thinkers passed away. Expeditions are being made to try duplicating these means of gaining superpowers, but even our top scientists are stumped on how to even begin recreating these processes. The second group is the one you might be most familiar with, the mutants. The mutant genes are known as the ancestors of the quirk genes. Mutations disappeared during the 'Powerless Age' before evolving into quirks. Mutants had the potential to be stronger than All Might, so why quirks are significantly weaker than mutations is unknown. I should also mention that some quirk users are able to draw power from the Darkforce and Lightforce dimensions, similar to how some mutants once did, but most of you reading this have already learnt this in your history classes. The next group, Inhumans, are almost identical to mutants, except they trace their origins to outside sources meddling with the genetic makeup of a batch of humans randomly kidnapped from Earth. All Inhumans have enhanced physical traits, a slightly increased lifespan, a low level healing factor, and the ability to breathe in areas lacking oxygen. Some Inhumans also have an individual power they can call their own. Like how someone with the mutant gene isn't a mutant until they activate their powers, one isn't an Inhuman until their Inhuman genes are triggered. Nearly all Inhumans have their genes triggered through exposure to a strange gas known as the Terrigen Mist. There have been a few anomalies who've had their powers since birth without their parents being exposed to the mists themselves, but only about fifty cases were ever documented. Sadly, all traces of the mist have disappeared completely and no anomalies have been born since 'The Age of Heroes'. As such, Inhumans have been declared to have gone extinct during the 'Powerless Age'. Finally, there's the outsiders. This category refers to those who gained powers outside the realm of science. Cosmic entities, aliens, and magical means are typically associated with this group. Again, they disappeared alongside the other groups. No one knows why. All we do know is that all traces of aliens, superhumans, and the like were wiped out after what we know as 'Annihilation Day', ending the period historians call the 'Age of Heroes'. After two thousand years of no superhumans, a period of time known as the 'Powerless Age', a luminescent baby was born in China, kickstarting the 'Age of Quirks'. Why have quirks come into existence now and not earlier seeing as quirks are a new form of mutations, we do not know…

Note: the above was written before Inhumans were discovered to be alive. How these fifteen people managed to trigger their dormant Inhuman genes is not known, especially with no traces of the Terrigen Mist being found in the atmosphere. Scientists believe them to be Anomalies, and if so, whether these Anomalies are signaling the next stage of evolution for the Inhuman race. Only time will tell…"

- Excerpt from 'The Return of the Age of Heroes' by Nezu.


"There are fifteen Inhumans in the world. Out of those fifteen, five live in Japan, four as Japanese citizens while the fifth is here as a foregin student. In regards to the Inhumans living in Japan, we only know the location of four of them. One of them went missing about three months ago and hasn't been heard of since. Besides their lineage, three of these Inhumans share something in common; they will be attending U.A. To keep them safe, we've constructed an on-campus dormitory where they'll be living until they graduate. Now, I must ask, are you two up to the task of guiding these young students through the world of heroics?" Supergenius dog/rat/bear hybrid, and principal of U.A High School asked the two men sitting in his office, both of them being teachers of the high school referred to as the greatest hero-preparatory school in the world.

Shota Aizawa and Sekijiro Kan, otherwise known by their pro-hero names Eraserhead and Vlad King, glanced at each other, confusion and surprise evident on their faces. A few seconds of silence passed by before one of them spoke up, it being Shota.


"Yeah, what?" Sekijiro stated."The hell are you talking about? Inhumans being alive? Didn't they go extinct?"

"Huh, maybe I should have led this conversation about the government's findings" Nezu mumbled softly. He then faced his colleagues. "Yes, fifteen people have been discovered to be Inhumans and three of them will be attending school here as per the government's orders. Naturally, the world cannot know this until the government gives the ok, so everything that is said in this room stays in this room, or else something might happen to you."

Sekijiro and Shota shot each other another glance, the ominous threat lingering above them.

Though Nezu noticed their expressions, he didn't pay them any mind. "Now, allow me to debrief you on what's been going on regarding this historical development."


Quirks, otherwise known as the superpowers eighty percent of the population were born with, are known for their unpredictability. Sometimes, someone could be born with a quirk which hurts to use, is hard to control, or makes completing even the simplest of tasks tough. While this population of quirk-users is small, it's large enough for government programs that offer special services to these people to exist. One of these services was emmittence to what was known as a 'Quirk Training Facility'. Q.T.F for short, these places offered a safe and secure space for people who can't control their quirks to learn how to do so. Different levels of Q.T.F's exist depending on the power level of the quirk, with the strongest known ones to the public having walls sturdy enough to survive a blow delivered from All Might, the Symbol of Peace and Number One Hero in the world, using fifty percent of his power. However, in some instances, the sheer power someone possessed required an artificial island to be made for them, quirks and technology being used to create such places.

This was the case with one young Izuku Midoriya. A quick glance at the boy and no one would expect him to hold so much power, but he did.

How powerful was he? At a young age, he could destroy a building with a mere whisper, and that was when his powers had first developed. As he aged, the potency of his abilities grew dramatically to the point where it was calculated that he could destroy a planet with a full-on shout. Simply put, he needed a place where he could develop his powers without hurting others and the best way to do that was to put him in an isolated location.

To be fair, even in a world of quirks, Izuku was an odd one. For starters, excluding those who had mutant type quirks (quirks that altered their physical appearance and biology), most children developed their quirks when they were about four or five years old. Izuku developed powers when he was three years old.

The day it happened, nothing unordinary was going on. Inko Midoriya, Izuku's mother, was making her child something to eat while he was watching a video compilation of All Might's fights. The boy loved heroes to the point where it was an obsession, his favorite being All Might. Once the video finished, Izuku proceeded to call his mom over so she could play the next video, not knowing how to use the computer since he was only two. Him doing so was when things went to hell.



The sound of an explosion raided the ears of the older Midoriya. Her motherly instincts kicking in, the woman ran up the stairs of her home to check to see if her baby boy was alright. What she saw shocked her.

The entire roof of Izuku's room was blown off. Oddly enough, there were no shards of wood or fallen debris to be found, which suggested to the woman that they all disintegrated once the explosion went off.

Focusing her attention to Izuku, the woman noticed that her son was holding his mouth to keep himself quiet.

"Izuku, are you ok?!" Inko asked her son, checking his body for signs of injury. Thankfully, he didn't look to be harmed.

Initially scared, Izuku began bouncing up and down in excitement, giving his mom a nod. It was every child's dream to have a quirk and it seemed Izuku had developed his. Even at the young age of three though, the boy knew though that him talking had activated his 'quirk' and he didn't want to destroy anything else. Quickly searching his room, the boy grabbed a post-it note and wrote the word 'quirk'. It didn't take a genius to put two-and-two together.

"Inko, are you ok?!" The voice of Inko's best friend and neighbor Mitsuki Bakugou shouted, running outside when she heard Izuku's quirk go off. Seeing the blown off portion of the house made the blonde woman's eyes widen in shock. "What the fuck happened?!"

Popping her head out the window, Inko responded. "I'm ok! I think Izuku got his quirk!" After doing so, the woman looked at her son who was still bouncing around excitedly while holding his mouth shut. It was a good thing Izuku was a quiet toddler or else he probably would've caused more damage. Knowing that what needed to be done, the woman began preparing to leave her home. "Izuku, get ready. We're going to the doctors. Please don't say anything until we find out what your quirk is, ok?"

Izuku nodded his head excitedly.


"Your son's a medical anomaly," the doctor told the woman after having taken an x-ray of her son. The two of them and Izuku were currently in the man's office discussing the boy's development.

"What do you mean by that?" Inko asked the man, confused.

Standing up, the man began pointing to the x-rays he had displayed on the wall of his office. "As you know, the best way to test if a child is going to develop a quirk is to see if they have a second joint on their pinky toe. If a child has one, then they'll develop a quirk. Your son has two, meaning he should be quirkless, but as you said, he's not."

Inko nodded in understanding. "How does something like this happen?"

"It doesn't," the doctor stated. "Which is why I've arranged for your son to be sent to a Quirk Training Facility for some emergency testing. If anyone could find out what's happening, it's them."

"When do I have to take him?"

"Immediately once we're done here. Your son's too dangerous to leave alone if he can destroy a roof with a whisper, especially if it's discovered that his quirk is triggered by other noises humans make with their mouths, such sneezing or snoring. A visit to the Q.T.F is necessary."

Inko nodded, although she was a bit worried about the whole process, not being used to dealing with the destructive side of quirks. Her quirk lets her telekinetically grab small objects weighing no more than ten pounds while her husband, Hisashi Midoriya, could breathe fire. From what he's told her, Hisashi always had control over his quirk, so neither knew what they were getting into. The only reason Hisashi wasn't with her at the moment was because he was at work.

The doctor, noticing the woman's concerned expression, decided to debrief her about what was going to happen to her son. "An ambulance will be here to pick him up in thirty minutes and you'll be allowed to go with him of course. If it makes you feel better, his visit will be free, just like all quirk-related services." Tax money was what was used to pay for these services so he was correct in saying that Inko wouldn't have to pay for her son to use them. "If he needs to be admitted to one, you won't have to pay anything either."

Inko nodded, glad that she didn't have to pay anything. However, she was still worried about her son. "That's good to hear, but will he be alright? Like you said, his quirk's destructive."

"He might not be able to talk anymore, but he should be fine." The man noticed the boy was holding an All Might action figure and came up with a way to reduce the sense of urgency surrounding the room. "He can even work to be a hero if he learns to control his quirk."

Izuku's eyes shined in happiness. Being a hero was his dream. Granted, he was only three years old and his dream could change (which it never did), but right now, it was what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Meanwhile, Inko sighed in relief. Being mute will certainly pose some problems in Izuku's life, but if what the doctor said was correct, then he can still live a fulfilling life. The ability for their child to grow up and live the lives they wish to was something all good parents wanted for their children, and Inko was no exception to this…


Eventually, the ambulance arrived and took both mother and son to the closest Q.T.F facility to them, one of the aforementioned ones which was designed to withstand incredible force. From there, they began to do a DNA test to see if they could further detail Izuku's quirk. Typically, a blood test would be done for more accurate results, but a swab test was done instead. If Izuku cried out in pain, the results wouldn't be pretty.

Now, why were they taking a DNA test? In a person's DNA are clues about the identity of their quirk. While it didn't give everything about the quirk away, it provided the basics, which was important, especially when dealing with volatile quirks. Most kids usually found out their quirk's abilities on their own, but Izuku couldn't exactly do that unless he wanted to destroy more buildings. As such, a DNA test was needed to make sure whether Izuku's quirk only involved his voice and how much it'll grow through age.

"Impossible…" A man in a doctor's coat mumbled to himself, him being the head of this specific Q.T.F. In his hands was a folder titled 'Izuku Midoriya'. The man turned his head to a woman, one of the lead doctors of the Q.T.F. "Are you sure this is correct?"

"The results don't lie sir," the woman answered. "He's one of them."

The man began looking at the files again. "It's funny. The U.S reported that a little girl's one of them and three months later, we're doing the same. That brings their numbers up to thirteen, right?"

"Yes sir. Three of them of loyal descent."

"Heh, yeah. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that the kid's his descendent. Well, we better call the Prime Minister and prepare for the meeting we're about to have."


An hour came and went and both Inko and Izuku were in the Q.T.F's lobby, waiting for Izuku's diagnosis.

"Inko Midoriya, the doctor is ready for you."

Thanking the woman, Inko made her way to the room where her son had been tested. Upon entering, she was surprised to see that the Prime Minister of Japan, Kiyotaka Ishiru, was in the office as well, two security guards on both of his sides.

"Ah, Prime Minister, I didn't know you'd be attending our meeting," Inko said with a hasty bow, facing mental whiplash from the fact that the actual Prime Minister was in front of her. "What are you doing here sir?"

"There's no need to be so formal," Kiyotaka said with a smile. Kiyotaka Ishiru was a man known to prioritize the people, making him extremely popular. It also helped that the man had a calming presence when talking to people, though in meetings his presence was replaced with that of a man who meant business. "As for why I'm here, it actually deals with your son."

"My son?" Inko immediately became worried. She then turned to the doctor in charge of the tests on her son. "Doctor, is everything ok?"

Letting loose a sigh, the man began to address the mother. "He's physically healthy, but there's a lot we have to unpack here ma'am."

"But before we get into the details, I need you to understand something important," Kiyotaka told her, his calming aura fading into his business one. "We're about to share classified information with you. The only reason we're even doing so is because it involves your son. Whatever's said in this room stays in this room. You cannot tell anyone. Your husband and the boy's godparent will be contacted on a later date and will be told what we tell you here, but no one else is allowed to know. If you do happen to tell anyone, you will be severely punished." Kiyotaka leaned forwards, his large red eyes staring right at her soul. "Do you understand?"

"I u-understand," Inko replied with a gulp, intimidated by how intense the man was being.

Suddenly, without warning, the man leaned back, his calming aura returning. "Good."

The doctor, taking this as his cue to speak, slid a file to the woman and began his report. "First off, your son's quirkless."

"Q-quirkless?" Inko asked in disbelief. "Doctor, I think there's a misunderstanding. Izuku can't be quirkless."

"Under normal circumstances, I'd be inclined to agree with you," the doctor stated.

Kiyotaka, seeing the woman's confused expression, pitched into the conversation. "This is where the classified stuff comes into play."

"Ma'am, Have you done an ancestry test by any chance?"

"N-no," Inko replied, her stutter still present due to nervousness.

"Well, when we took your son's DNA to identify his quirk, we noticed something peculiar and decided to search your family trees to see if what we found was correct."

"The Q.T.F is a government facility, so we have the resources needed to search your entire family tree in a matter of minutes," Kiyotaka informed the woman, answering her unasked question. "As long as there are records of them of course."

"We searched your husband's side first, but didn't find anything. When we searched yours however, we found something extremely noteworthy."

"What did you find?"

"Well, upon digging into your ancestry, we discovered that your family descends from an Inhuman couple."

Inko was shocked. "Inhumans?"

"I assume you know who they are, right?" Kiyotaka asked.

Inko nodded. While Inhumans didn't receive as much attention as mutants and other groups of super powered individuals during the 'Age of Heroes', she's learnt a bit about them through her high-school history textbooks.

The doctor continued his explanation. "Your relatives have a dormant Inhuman gene in them, including you, but due to the fact that they are dormant and not active, none of you can be considered Inhumans, that is, no one but your son."

"My son?" Inko blinked before a surge of realization rushed through her. "Wait, you're telling me that my son's an Inhuman?!"

Izuku stared at his mother for a second, him not really paying much attention since he had no idea what was going on. He was only three after all. A second later, he went back to playing with the All Might action figure he brought with him to the Q.T.F.

"Yes," Kiyotaka stated. "You see why we're making you keep this a secret?"

"B-but didn't the Inhumans go extinct?"

Kiyotaka nodded. "They did, until recently. Fifty years ago, a man in Brazil awoke his Inhuman gene. Currently, there are fourteen Inhumans in the world, your son being the newest one. We have no idea how or why they're coming back, but we know one thing, they need to be constantly monitored. Not to compare people to animals, but they're a 'critically endangered species' so to speak." The man saw Inko growing more distressed. "We've decided to let these Inhumans live their lives in peace because it would be absolutely unethical to cage them up for protection, so you don't have to worry about us doing so, but due to their status, we monitor them to keep track of the Inhuman population."

Inko physically relaxed upon hearing this, glad her son wasn't going to be taken from her.

"Going back to your son and your family tree, we discovered what his Inhuman power is," the doctor stated. "How familiar are you with Blackagar Boltagon, or Black Bolt as most people know him as?"

"Black Bolt, he was the Inhuman king and a hero," Inko replied. "Right?"

"Yes. He happens to be also your ancestor. Him and Medusa."

"What?!" Inko shot them a surprised look. Meanwhile, Izuku's eyes were shining, having caught the part where he was related to a hero.

"It goes deeper. You see, your son seems to have inherited his powers."

If Inko was shocked before, she was astounded now.

"There are some minor differences, like how Black Bolt had his powers since birth and your son's only had them for one day, but yes, your son's inherited them."

"As you know, Black Bolt's powers were highly destructive, but he taught himself how to control them," Kiyotaka stated. "As of now, your son's too dangerous to leave on his own. As such, I'm having him admitted to a Q.T.F island where he'll be taught to control his powers. You'll be allowed to video-chat with him whenever you like, as long as he's not attending a lesson, and once we deem him fit, we'll release him."

"When does he leave?"

"Tonight. We already have a place set up in case of incidents like this. We'll let you go pack up and I'll personally see that he arrives at the island safely."

Inko looked down, saddened that her child was being taken away from her, but she knew that it was for the best. "Ok, thank you so much."

"Not a problem," Kiyotaka said. "We'll meet you at your place."


The Q.T.F was where Izuku spent the next eleven years of his life. He was the only person on the island, except when government officials visited to feed him or train him, so he was quite lonely. Besides that however, life on the island was fine for the boy. He had his own place to stay (which had been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times) and he received a great education, the Q.T.F making sure that he wasn't falling behind in his education.

When it came to learning his powers, his voice was the first thing he worked on, taking eight years for him to have full control over this power. Instead of verbally speaking, Izuku was taught numerous sign language dillects to communicate with others, though he found himself using index cards to talk to those who didn't understand sign language. The biggest issue came with learning to control moments that would normally force someone to utter a sound, such as though sneezing and coughing. Such was solved by having Izuku undergo the same mental training Black Bolt had subjected himself to, which involved practicing a special form of meditation.

The island had a connection to the internet, which was how izuku would communicate with the government and his parents. He also used it to watch videos on heroes, his hero fanaticism only growing stronger throughout the years. Learning that he was related to Black Bolt had gotten him interested in learning about him and 'Age of Heroes' as a whole.

Throughout, Izuku's powers continued to develop as he aged. When he was five, he learned that he could shoot and manipulate electrons. His voice was connected to this power, the destructive power behind it coming from the fact it disturbs the particle/electrons around him. Thankfully, learning how to not accidentally zap someone was much easier to learn compared to mastering his voice, so his particle manipulation powers didn't give him much issue.

The Q.T.F was also there to teach Izuku how to use his electron manipulation. With their help, he learned how to use his particle manipulation to increase his physical abilities, fly, create force fields, and fire beams of energy, just like Black Bolt. Being younger than the man though meant that he was a bit weaker. For example, despite both being able to lift sixty tons at full power, Izuku could only increase his physical abilities to their maximum potential for ten minutes before his body burnt out while Black Bolt never showed such limits.

"You're still growing," Kiyotaka told Izuku when asked about why the boy had limits his ancestor didn't. Despite not having to, Kiyotaka chose to be directly involved with Izuku's growth and training. "Once you're an adult, with some training, you'll be at Black Bolt's level."

Izuku's powers were also related to his physical health, so the government made sure to make him as fit as he could be for a boy his age, creating an intensive workout program for him to follow. Being an Inhuman, the boy was able to strengthen himself to the point where he was able to lift a ton without aid of his electron absorption abilities.

The Q.T.F also helped him learn how to use his powers in creative ways. One major example was when he managed to use his particle manipulation (and under immense instruction from the Q.T.F) to manipulate his nervous system to make it where he wouldn't scream upon getting hurt. While he still felt pain, it was more of a numbing sort than a piercing sensation.

The power of his voice also grew at a tremendous rate. When he was ten, it was discovered that he has the potential to shatter planets with a shout. At least, that was what the scientists told him. There's absolutely no way he was going to try that out.

As he got more familiar with his powers, Izuku's life on the island had also begun to change. When he was at the point where he could control all noises he makes with his mouth, his mother was allowed to physically visit her son whenever she wished. It also helped that he didn't have to worry about destroying anything by accident anymore.

The original plan was to release Izuku once he was able to safely go out in the world again, a level he hit when he was nine, but a certain deal with the government made it so that the boy stood longer on the island…


"Miss Midoriya, I'm glad you could make it," Kiyotaka said with a smile as the woman walked into his office. Due to his involvement with her son, the two have become close to the point they were friends. Today, he had called her to meet with him regarding Izuku's development. "Again, I'm sorry that we're meeting so early, but I'm booked for the rest of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Taking a seat, the woman flashed him a nervous smile. "This wasn't an inconvenience. Is everything alright with Izuku?"

Kiyotaka grinned, happy to see that Inko had so much care for her son. It was because of this care that the Q.T.F were able to help her son. "Yes, he's perfectly fine. In fact, he's ready to be released."

"Really?" Inko asked, surprised.

"Yeah. However, there's something I want to ask you."

"What is it?"

"How would you feel if I set up a program to help your son become a hero?"


"Miss Midoriya, not only is your son incredibly powerful, but he has a good head on him. If he were to become a hero, he would be a major boon to the world. He also seems to want to become a hero himself. If it's alright with you two, I want to train him so he could handle himself in a fight. He'll remain on the island until he's old enough to go to high-school, where if he shows promise, he'll be admitted to U.A. They're the best hero school in the world for a reason. I also think it's best for him to get some social interaction with people his age. He's been stuck on an island his entire life, I think some friends are overdue. I've already ran this with your husband and he agreed, but since you're also his parent, I was wondering if you would be alright with it as well. If not, then we'll release your son."

"Well, I have no issue with it…" Inko truthfully admitted. While she feared for the safety of her child, she knew that stopping him would only do more harm than good. "As long as he agrees to it…"

"Trust me, I'm sure he'll agree."


To no one's surprise, Izuku did agree to the training. Being a hero was his dream after all. What started off as a childhood dream had grown to a desire. He wanted to be like All Might and Black Bolt, people who with their actions were able to establish peace. He admired these heroes for what they did and continue to do. He wasn't blind to the fact that not all heroes were good guys, but those people weren't the ones he admired anyways.

As a hobby, the boy had begun to analyze quirks upon learning to write. Quirk analysis started off as a hobby, with him being interested in learning about the different types of quirks in the world, but it soon became a way to prepare for heroics. Sure he was powerful, but brute force can't solve all the problems in the world.

Thus began the next six years of Izuku's life. During this time, Izuku was taught how to fight, both with and without his quirk. Rather than simply learning how to live with his powers, Izuku was taught how to use them in creative ways. Most of his combat training took advantage of his electron manipulation as there was little to do with his voice besides increasing and decreasing its power.

He did end up learning that he could create black holes when using his voice in a soundproof area. The way his voice worked, sound was what caused the energy to propel outwards, like an explosion. Soundproofing the room made it so sound couldn't travel, so the energy implodes instead of explodes. If he were to make an implosion powerful enough, then he could make a black hole.

Originally, the people who trained Izuku were hired by the government, but Kiyotaka wanted Izuku to be a true master of combat. Being the Prime Minister of Japan, Kiyotaka was able to pull out the big guns and got a pro-hero involved, and not just any hero, one who was part of the top ten.

"Haha! I like him!" Crust, the number 6 hero in Japan, said as he watched a video of Izuku fighting some training robots. Despite having little combat training, the boy was faring well against the robots. Having analyzed the fighting styles of several heroes, the boy stuck to duplicating them for success. "He's got spirit too!"

"I agree," Kiyotaka stated. "So will you train him?"

"I mean, I'm not the teaching type," Crust said before flashing a thumbs-up, showing some of the undying optimism that made the pro-hero so loved. "But I'll do my best!"

"Glad to hear it," Kiyotaka informed the pro-hero. "He's a huge fan of yours."


The next day, the two flew off to the island via a private helicopter. Once the helicopter landed, Kiyotaka stepped out and greeted the boy, the nine year old Izuku having been told to meet him at the island's helipad.

"Hello Midoriya," the man said with his signature smile. "How're you doing?"

"I'm good," Izuku responded, using sign language. It was actually due to Izuku that Kiyotaka learned sign language himself.

"That's good to hear. You remember how I said I wanted to get a pro-hero to train you?"

Izuku nodded, wondering if the man had found someone.

"Well, I managed to get someone willing to teach you. Midoriya, meet Crust."

Upon hearing this, Izuku's eyes shined in childlike glee. One of the highest ranking heroes was to be in charge of his training.

Oddly enough, no one exited the helicopter, much to Izuku's confusion.


No answer.

Kiyotaka banged on the helicopter's side. "Crust! You can come out now."

"Oh." With an embarrassed laugh, the man got out of the helicopter. Seeing Izuku, the man flashed the boy a wide smile. "Hey there. Are you Izuku Midoriya?"

Izuku nodded, the excitement of meeting Crust flowing through his body.

"Well, it's nice to meetcha! I'll be your teacher for a while. Are you excited to learn how to be a hero?!"

Another excited nod was given by Izuku.

"Glad to hear-er-know it!"


To say Izuku learned a lot from the man would be an understatement. The pro-hero was a master of both close quarters combat and ranged combat, giving Izuku experience in both fields. Despite not having any experience with teaching, the man was oddly good at the task, putting his heart and emotion into being the best teacher he can be. Such was something which motivated Izuku to go beyond his limits. The man was also surprisingly wise for someone so upbeat, teaching Izuku quite a lot in regards to both life and heroics. With how much time the two spent together, the man ended up becoming an uncle-figure to the boy, Izuku.

"Kid, you spend too much time thinking," Crust told Izuku one day after a day of sparring. During his first week of training Izuku, the man noticed something odd with the boy's movements. As such, he issued several spars to see what was wrong.

Getting up from the floor, Izuku shot his mentor a confused look.

"Planning's great and all, but it's affecting your movements. You're also mimicking other people's movements. That causes a delay in your blows and lets me see what you're planning to do from a mile away."

Izuku frowned, realizing that the man was right. His desire to be like his favorite heroes caused him to try mimicking their fighting styles. This was especially true for All Might. He would've done Black Bolt's as well, but his was much too complicated. That's not to discredit All Might, he was a fantastic fighter, but he derived his fighting style from boxing and wrestling, only two fighting styles. Meanwhile, Black Bolt was a master martial artist, knowing numerous styles.

"It's alright to mimic people, but you need to remember that you're not them. You're Izuku Midoriya." Crust slammed his fists together. "Trust your instincts. Create your own movements. Be your own person!"

'Be my own person?' Izuku asked himself. 'What does that mean?'

"You won't know till you try finding yourself," Crust said, knowing what Izuku was thinking. "Let's go again!"

Nodding, Izuku took a fighting stance. Seeing that his pupil was ready Crust summoned several rocky shields. Splitting them into six pieces each, he fired the splinters of one shield at the boy. Absorbing electrons, Izuku managed to increase his speed and avoid the attack, prompting Crust to throw shards from another shield. With his increased speed, he began flying towards the shield and prepared to punch it, only to stop. Throughout these spars, Izuku would always dodge the first shield and punch the second one, which kicked up a smokescreen. Using this to his advantage, Crust would fire another shield, knocking Izuku out of the air. The reason he would punch the shield was because All Might typically punched through things to protect himself. It worked for him because it came to the hero naturally, allowing him to switch his movements easily. Izuku however couldn't, his mind constantly preparing to use another of All Might's moves

'Trust my instincts.'

As the shards came at him, the boy swerved out of the way before taking to the skies. Another group of shards came at him, but Izuku decided to blast them, destroying them instantly.

'There's a small delay when Crust uses his shields too quickly.' Knowing this, Izuku took advantage of the smoke and fired a blast of energy at the man, only for him to block it with a shard. The man was a pro-hero after all. 'Next time, I need to be quicker. Maybe I can trip him up by getting into close-quarters while he's trying to move a shield.

"HAHAHA! ATTA BOY!" Crust cheered. "This is what happens when you trust your instincts!" The man shot another barrage of shards, which Izuku flew under. Landing in front of the man, Izuku unleashed a flurry of blows. Normally when he engaged in close quarters combat, he would use his fists, but his instincts told him to lead with a kick, the boy being at a distance where he'd have to move forwards to connect a punch, but didn't have to move to throw a kick.

Seeing the kick, Crust leaped backwards to avoid it, smiling. If Izuku had led with the punch, then Crust could've easily counterattacked, being at a position where he could strike Izuku while he moved forwards to hit him. Using his shields and superhuman strength, Crust engaged Izuku in melee combat, parrying and blocking his hits. Eventually, the man managed to hit Izuku with one of his shards, knocking him to the ground.

"See how much better you did?" The pro-hero asked his student.

Standing up, Izuku nodded. He managed to last an additional thirty seconds against the pro-hero.

"Good. Remember, it's alright to mimic fighting styles, but don't copy them completely. Trust your instincts and create your own rhythm."

Such was one of the numerous tips Crust ended up giving Izuku during the six years they spent together.

Eventually though, it was time for the boy to move on, being of age to attend U.A

"I'm gonna miss you kid," Crust said, his eyes tearing up. Not wanting to cry, he quickly rubbed them and flashed Izuku a large smile. "But hey, when internships come up, I'll be glad to take you under my wing again!"

'I'll make sure to do so,' Izuku wrote on an index card. 'Thank you for everything!'

Crust broke down upon reading this, scooping up Izuku and giving him a tight hug. Tears now falling from his eyes, Izuku gave the man a hug. He was going to miss Crust and his endless amount of energy.


It would be a week until U.A officially opened up for the new semester, but Izuku had been requested to arrive a week earlier to meet with the principal and move into the dorms set up for him. He had also received a keycard, ID card, and a letter from U.A through the mail. The letter detailed where his room was, that the principal would be meeting with him in the dorm's lounge room after he finished unpacking, and that he was part of Class 1-A.

Glancing at the school, Izuku felt excitement and nervousness fill up with him. The excitement he was feeling was coming from the fact he was attending the hero-school known for producing some of the greatest heroes, one of them being All Might. The nervousness though came from the fact that a school environment wasn't something he was familiar with. It didn't help that he had no social skills. Being stuck on an island meant that he had no one his age to interact with. Being mute really didn't do him any favors in this department.

However, he'll power through. A lack of social skills won't stop him from pursuing his dream.

Flashing an ID card mailed to him by U.A to the security guard, the boy entered the campus and made his way to the dormitory. Going inside the building, the boy searched for the room assigned to. Finding it, Izuku unlocked the room with the keycard and began unpacking. Oddly enough, there didn't seem to be anyone else in the dorms. From what the letter had said, there was supposed to be two others living with him in the dorms, all three of them occupying the same floor.

What the other two floors were for, Izuku didn't know. Kiyotaka told him that the dorms were created specifically for him and the two others he would be sharing them with, but if he had to guess, the principal probably wants to offer dorms to the other students of U.A sometime in the future. The school might as well since they already have a place set up.

Continuing to unpack, Izuku would get an answer to his question when he heard the sound of hooves walking, followed by a door opening and closing.

'They might have a quirk that gives them hooves,' Izuku thought as he continued unpacking. While the boy wanted to introduce himself to the newcomer, his lack of social experience was making him too nervous to try. Instead, he'll wait until the principal shows up to begin his social life.

Thirty minutes later, another person entered the dorms.

"Wow, this place is huge!"

From the person's voice, he could tell that the newcomer was a female.

"Hey, is anyone here?"

Shit! She was asking for people. What was he going to do?

Nervousness overwhelming him, Izuku chose to stay in his room. Apparently, the person with hooves did the same as he didn't hear their footsteps or a door opening.

"Huh, guess I'm the first." The sound of footsteps accompanied the girl's voice, followed by the opening and closing of a door. Based on the fact no one was saying anything at the moment, he knew she went to her room.

An hour passed as the three of them seemingly unpacked their belongings. Occasionally, Izuku would hear the girl from earlier come out of her room and check to see if anyone was around, but besides that, no noise was made.

Eventually though, the entrance door would swing open once again, the sound of light footsteps echoing around the place.

"It sure is quiet here," The person who entered said to themselves. Suddenly, their voice grew louder. "Can all students please report to the lounge room please?"

Blinking, Izuku did as he was told. Doing so put him face-to-face with three others. The first person he noticed was a girl with pink skin and yellow horns. Next to her was a girl with blonde hair and horns. Finally, a strange animal in a suit was in the center, a megaphone in his hand.

"Hello everyone," the animal greeted the three students. "Now, I know what you all must be thinking. Am I a bear, a mouse, or a dog? In the end, none of that matters since I'm Nezu, the principle of U.A Academy."

Izuku gave a respectful bow to the principal, the two girls following suit.

"It's nice to meet you sir," the pink-haired girl said.

Giving the girl a nod of acknowledgement, Nezu took a seat on one of the chairs located in the dorm's lounge. "Please, sit down."

The three students did what they were told.

"So, before we begin, did you introduce yourselves to one another?" Nezu asked them.

"No," the girl in pink answered. "I didn't see anyone."

"Sorry," the yellow haired girl said. "I was unpacking…"

'Me too,' Izuku wrote on an index card.

"Hm, well, now's as good of a time as any. Ashido, why don't you go first?"

The pink-haired girl perked up upon hearing her name called. "Ok." She turned to her fellow students. "Hi, my name's Mina Ashido and I'm in Class 1-A."

Once Mina introduced herself, Izuku and the blonde girl stared at each other, wondering which one of them would go next. Seeing that the girl was nervous, Izuku decided to go next, wanting to help her despite his own nervousness.

'I'm Izuku Midoriya,' Izuku wrote on an index card. 'I'm also in Class 1-A. I'm mute, so I can't really speak.'

With everyone else having introduced themselves, the blonde girl proceeded to do the same.

"I'm Pony Tsunotori. I'm in Class 1-B." The girl paused to collect her thoughts. "I'm from America and still learning Japanese. Sorry if I'm rusty."

"No worries," Mina said with a smile. "You sound great to me". Wanting to be nice, Izuku nodded in confirmation.

"Well, with that out of the way, let's get straight to business," Nezu stated. "First off, I know about your condition, how you are all Inhumans."

The three teens froze upon hearing this, though it wasn't the fact that he said he knew their biggest secret that caused them to react. No, it was the fact that Nezu said that the other two were Inhumans as well, something the letter didn't note.

"Your status as Inhumans is why the dorms were created in the first place." Nezu leaned forwards "Now, I'm sure that you know this already, but you're not allowed to tell your other classmates about you being Inhumans. The teachers here know, but that's it. You are not to tell anyone else, am I clear?"

The three students nodded their heads.

"Good." Leaning back, Nezu smiled. "As a result of your status, I've decided to create a special program for you three. It's nothing big, except for some minor changes to your schedules. Every Friday, instead of attending Heroics 101 like usual, you will be undergoing special training."

Pony tilted her head in confusion. "Special… training?"

"You'll be taught in a group instead of with your classmates," Nezu replied. "This way, we at U.A can focus on your individual needs. You three are each one of fifteen Inhumans and the government is keen on making sure that you three stay safe while being able to live the lives you choose. Speaking of which, I would like it if you three could bond with one-another. Having allies means you're less likely to perish in battle. Now, if you can't, that's fine. Humans are complicated like that, but I think you'll get along."

Based on what Izuku's seen, both Pony and Mina appeared to be nice enough people, so he didn't see himself disliking any of them. Hopefully they felt the same about him…

"Well, that's all I have to say for now." Standing up, the principal began walking to the door. "In case you forgot, classes start in one week. Until then, I hope you get used to living with one another. See you later."

Once Nezu left, an awkward silence filled the room.

Mina, clearly being the most sociable of the two, eventually broke the silence. "Hey, how 'bout we hang out right away and get to know one another!"

"I don't mind," Pony said before once again pausing to choose her words carefully. "Is there…specific place you want to go?"

"Er, no…" Mina admitted. Scratching her head, she began to think, her eyes widening when something came to mind. "How about we just wander around school? Nothing too big. We can chill, check out the school, and find our classrooms".

Pony nodded in approval. "Ok. Will help us not to get lost later."

Mina laughed. "Exactly! Don't wanna embarrass ourselves on the first day."

Izuku, having no reason to disagree with the suggestion, flashed a card at them. "We can do that".

Seeing the two willing to go with her on-the-spot idea filled Mina with joy. "Cool! Let's go!"


Author's note 2: I just wanted to address some stuff.

First, yes, Black Bolt can make black holes in sound-proof areas. He's done it.

Second, I made Izuku a little weaker solely because he's younger. He still has stuff to learn.

Third, Crust will make numerous appearances. He's a character I actually want to write more of. Flashbacks to his training sessions with Izuku will occur in several chapters. Crust and Izuku's relationship is an important point of Izuku's character in this story.

Fourth, for those of you worried about OCs since I introduced Kiyotaka, he won't be taking a large role. I just needed someone to serve as a Prime Minister. No other OCs will be introduced. Speaking of Kiyotaka, does anyone get the reference with him?

Fifth, Pony and Mina's backstories will be shown in a future chapter. Don't worry.

Sixth, I'll be introducing the other two Inhumans soon and they'll play a big part in the story (as for the whole 15 Inhumans thing, it's basically me saying that not all the Inhumans are in Japan. They're not important).