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Five years ago

Location: Unknown

A nine year old Izuku collapsed on his bed, notable wounds plastering his body. The wounds weren't anything new seeing as it was all a part of his training for the past two years. The night after he discovered his power, he accidentally blew up the house again in his sleep. How? Apparently snoring can trigger his quasar scream. After that fiasco, the boy's parents took him to their local doctor, wanting to see if there was a way to prevent him from triggering his deadly voice. His doctor's response was to send him to the government runned Q.T.F (quirk training facility). Q.T.F was a facility meant to help kids with uncontrollable quirks obtain mastery over them. The place has had outstanding success in what they do, but the methods weren't considered to be the most humane means. Of course, such knowledge was kept out of the public eye, which was the only reason the two parents ever agreed to send their child to such a place. If they had known better, they would've sent him elsewhere…

Unfortunately, with the destructive nature of his quirk and how difficult it was to control it, his training was way more intense than anything the other kids had to go through. Each day, his pain threshold was pushed to its limits as he learned how to stay silent in the face of pain. To avoid making noises in his sleep was intense in its own right as he had to learn how to deal with the mental barriers a staff member with a powerful telepathy quirk installed into him. Martial arts were also largely focused on as a way to teach him how to use his enhanced senses to their full potential. With his particle manipulation however, less emphasis was placed on learning to master them as they really weren't posing a problem. The boy got the basics down less than a month after being in the facility. Well, he wasn't even in the main facility. He actually had to be shipped off to a small island due to the fact he could easily blow up the lab even with it being decked out to handle powerful quirks. His was just that strong.

Mentally groaning, the boy prepared to fall asleep, wanting to gain as much energy as he could before the next day of training, only for the sound of two people conversing to interrupt him.

"So, how's the kid?" One of the female scientists asked her comrade.

"He's making decent progress," a male voice responded. Being the only child living in the lab, Izuku knew they were talking about him. "He may be able to return home in a few months, though something concerns me... "

"What is it?"

"We've done a recent estimation as to how much his powers can increase. As you know, a full fledged scream could easily destroy this island. I'm actually surprised he hasn't done so already. Kid's got determination."

'I can?' This was news to Izuku. While he knew he could cause major destruction, the fact he can blow up an island was impressive in its own right.

"So how much of an increase are we talking about when he reaches adulthood?"

"Well, he'll actually peak in highschool like most of his kind-"

'I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing…'

"But when he reaches that point, we're talking a drastic change in power. At that point, All Might himself will be nothing but a fly compared to him."

"You're joking, right?"

"No. If he ever master his particle absorption, he'll be almost as physically strong as All Might. That's nothing compared to the other part of his quirk though. With one shout, he'll have the ability to easily destroy the planet. We're talking about a brand new rank of power. The first ever SS rank."


"Damn indeed. When he leaves, we'll need to monitor him. If he turns to the side of villainy, we'll need to put him down."

"How the hell would we do that? If what you're saying is true, he'll be the strongest person in the world…"

"...That's something we'll need to figure out."

As their voices began to die down, Izuku was left to reflect on the news he had just heard. Powerful enough to split a planet? Just how dangerous was he?


Jolting upwards, Izuku immediately began to survey his surroundings, having just woken up from unconsciousness. A few glances was all it took for the silent hero-in-training to realize he was at U.A's clinic.

'What am I doing here?' The still groggy boy asked himself. Rubbing his eyes, he began waking himself up, the memories of his fights with Bakugou and Iida replaying themselves in his head. 'Oh… that's why...'

Rolling over on his bed, he ended up seeing that someone had left a note for him. Picking it up, he began reading it.

"Deku," it started, immediately giving away who wrote the letter. "You managed to catch me off guard with how fast you were. I didn't expect it with how little you use your damn quirk. You're using it more, and I'm actually fucking proud of you. I know that you're still holding back though, so I swear I won't lose again until you go all out. Who knows, maybe one day I'll see that infamous voice of yours. I still think I could fucking take it!"

The note ended with the boy's name being written on the bottom. Seeing this, Izuku couldn't help but smile at the compliment. Katsuki wasn't one who gave them out freely.

Wincing in minor annoyance, the boy began to stand up, having had enough of sitting down, only to be hit in the head by a cane, causing him to reflexively sit back down.

"Hey! Who said you could leave?" The voice of Recovery Girl said, suddenly materializing in front of him. How Izuku didn't notice her before despite having superhuman senses was something he didn't understand. "While it seems you've fully recovered, I still need to make sure nothing is out of place. Stay still for a second. It should be over quickly."

True to her word, the checkup didn't take too long. All she really did was check to make sure everything healed perfectly. With only his hero costume being damaged after the healing process, she had no reason to keep him here any longer.

"Alright, you can go now. There's a bathroom here you can use to change into your school uniform. Just be careful in the future. I've already had you in here twice."

"Thank you," Izuku signed to her, him only doing so because all his index cards were also destroyed in the fight.

"You're welcome," the youth heroine responded, shocking the boy. "What? I'm a nurse. It'd be wise for me to understand all potential patients, even those who can't verbally speak. Anyways, off you go now. I have stuff to do."

Shooting her a smile, Izuku quickly ran into the bathroom to change out of his hero costume. Upon finishing, he began to make his way to classroom 1-A. He not only left his bag there, but he had homework that needed to be done by the next day. The last thing he wanted was to anger his pro-hero teachers on the second day of classes.


"Oh hey, he's back," a muscular boy said as Izuku walked into the classroom. Upon entering, he noticed that a few of them were still in the classroom. Tilting his head in confusion, the boy couldn't help but wonder why they were still around. School ended a while ago, so shouldn't they be home by now?

From the back of the room, Momo spotted her friend, smiling upon seeing that he was fine. "Ah! Midoryia, you're awake."

"What's going on here?" Izuku signed to the girl.

"They decided to stay back and compare results. Apparently they were inspired by you."

Izuku pointed at himself in a questioning manner, not believing what the rich girl had told him.

"Hell yeah, you were beyond manly out there!" A red haired boy ecstatically told him, eagerly standing up so he could move closer to the boy. "You blocked Bakugo's massive explosion like it was nothing and matched Iida in speed!"

"You were all over the place," a pink skinned girl with horns said with the same energy as the red haired boy, this girl being the same one who had angered Aiwaza during the quirk assessment test. Glancing at her, Izuku felt his chest get warmer. For some reason, despite this being the first day he ever saw her, he felt like her presence felt familiar in some way. "Ducking, blocking, and punching like nothing!"

"Well, while it certainly wasn't fabulous-" a blonde kid began to say, only to be cut off by the pink haired girl.

"So cool! Ah, I never introduced myself. I'm Mina Ashido."

"I'm Ejiro Kirishima," the red haired boy from earlier said, jumping back into the conversation.

Mot missing a beat, the blonde kid decided to make his presence known. "I am the magnifique Yuga Aoyama."

"And I'm Rikido Sato," the muscular boy said with a smile, contradicting his rather intimidating stature. "Nice job out there. You really kicked butt!"

'Thanks,' Izuku wrote down. He was about to write something else, only for the sound of the classroom door opening to catch his attention instead.

"So, what kind of sweets do you like?" A blonde boy with black streaks in his hair asked Ochako as they walked into the classroom together. It didn't take a rocket scientist to notice he was trying to flirt with her. This didn't stop Ochako from answering, unaware of the context behind the question.

"I like mochi…" the girl innocently muttered under her breath, trying to think of what else she enjoyed eating. One glance at the green haired boy was all it took to make her forget about her conversation with the other boy.

"Hey! You're awake!" Ochako stated, rushing towards him. Izuku honestly had to back up a bit so he could get in a comfortable position again. The girl seems to not know what personal space means, though he couldn't get mad at her for this. He'd rather have people invading his personal space than them ignoring him like in middle school. "How are you? Are you still hurt?"

'I'm fine,' Izuku wrote down, rubbing his head in embarrassment. In the background, he noticed the boy Ochako left sigh in disappointment. Eventually, the boy made his way to Izuku with a friendly smile.

"Yo, I'm Denki Kaminari," the boy said. "You really kicked a lot of ass out there. Just… try and save some for the rest of us, alright…"

Seeing the confused glance being shot at him by Izuku, Denki couldn't help but let loose a snicker. "Haven't you noticed the attention you've been getting by the girls man? You got Yaoyorozu and Uraraka hanging around you and it hasn't even been a day."

Such a thought took a bit to register in his head, but when it did, his brain began to shut down. How was he supposed to respond to this?

Thankfully, Momo was there to save the day, though not intentionally. "It's getting pretty late. Midoryia, would you like to walk home with me?"

"Oh! Can I join?" Ochako asked excitedly, eager to bond with her new friends.

"I don't see why not," Momo replied, Izuku nodding his head in agreement. In the background, he noticed Denki winking at him, causing him to rub his head in embarrassment.

With a few exchanges of goodbyes, the three friends left the classroom, eager to get home.

"What an interesting guy," Mina said to herself, something her friend Ejiro managed to hear.

"Slow down girl, it's only been a day."

"It's nothing like that," Mina replied. "It's just that something about him feels familiar."


"I don't know how to explain it," the girl said with a shrug. "It's just a feeling I got."


After walking with his new friends, Izuku made his way to the nearest subway station. Taking a seat inside the train, Izuku rolled a hand over his hair as he began diving into his own world. The words of his classmates, while flattering, really got him thinking about the hero he wanted to become. Everyone saw a powerful and resourceful Izuku who could even beat Katsuki in a fight, but the mute didn't feel this way about himself. What he saw was a coward who couldn't fully control his powers. Take the entrance exam as an example; he froze when a one pointer noticed him. He even refused to use the electron absorption aspect of his quirk all because he didn't want to hurt himself. Sadly, the risk of injury was a part of being a hero and he knew that if he didn't change, he'd have to look for a different career path.

'I need to be braver,' Izuku thought to himself. 'If not for me, then for those who will rely on me as a hero.'

Rubbing his chin, Izuku began thinking of how he would go about doing such a thing. Immediately, his mind flooded back to All Might and the fact he almost always had a large smile plastered on his face. According to an old interview, he smiled to promote a sense of security in both himself and the people he was saving.

'That's a good start…' Continuing his thought process, Izuku realized that part of the reason he lacks confidence was due to his quirk. Throughout his entire life, he was told that he was a danger to society if he used it to its full potential. Not using it however made him useless. The thing was, he could use some of his quirk, but his particle absorption was painful to use. Sadly, that wasn't an excuse to not bother using his power. If he was going to be a hero without his voice, he needed to utilize all the tools at his disposal. 'How would I go about training? Dagobah Municipal Beach Park? Nah. I could get caught for using my quirk illegally. I lucked out last time. There's also that one girl I met there who gives me the creeps. Not sure if she's a frequent visitor…''

Digging deep into his mind, Izuku tried finding a place he could train at without any issues. Eventually, his mind settled at the faux cities where the U.A entrance exams were held. During homeroom, Aizawa mentioned that as long as a class wasn't being held there, students were allowed to run a simulation of the exam to help with their training. Head of the support course Power Loader would be the one monitoring their usage of the area, so it wasn't like he would be unsupervised. He also had a score to settle with the exam, so using it as a means of training would definitely help with his confidence in regards to his utter failure in getting even a single point during the exam. 'Tomorrow I'll ask Power Loader about using the faux city.'

Leaning against his seat, Izuku smiled to himself. No longer will he be afraid, it was time for him to make a ruckus…


The next day of class started simple enough. Aizawa, having seen a recording of everyone's mock battles, critiqued his students on their performances. Katsuki got scolded for his recklessness, something the explosive blonde was angry about. Meanwhile, Izuku got praised for utilizing his quirk, but was told to work on not damaging himself.

Soon after, the man announced that the class needed to elect a class representative. As everyone was eagerly volunteering themselves, Izuku stayed in the background, trying to avoid attention. While he would love to be on the committee, there as a small thing called being mute that was preventing him from even bothering to apply for the position. Eventually, Tenya suggested a more democratic approach, which was fine by Izuku.

'Hm, who should I vote for?' The boy thought to himself. There were two people he felt would be best for the position; Momo and Tenya. Momo was without a doubt the most intelligent person in the class, but he didn't know how well she could deal with stress. Tenya, while not as bright as Momo, was definitely an intellectual person, but was a bit stiff. This could work in his favor though as he would be better at keeping the rest of the class in check. Shrugging, he eventually decided to put both their names on the paper. Worst comes to worst, his vote wouldn't count. Hopefully there wouldn't be a tie between them.

Once the votes were casted, Iida began putting up a tally system on the whiteboard to keep track of how many votes everyone received. As expected, a good chunk of the class voted themselves. How else would someone explain how Mineta, the person already designated as the class pervert, received a vote? Izuku ended up getting caught up with watching the amount of tallies Momo and Tenya received that he didn't notice the fact he received six votes himself.

"It seems Midoryia will be our president while Yaoyorozu will be our vice president," Tenya stated, causing Izuku to perk up.

'Huh? Who voted for me?'

"Who the fuck voted for Deku?!" Katsuki yelled, vocalizing Izuku's thoughts. "He's fucking mute!" Ok, Izuku had to admit he was right there. Why vote for a mute?

"Better a mute than a ticking time bomb," Denki snarked, causing the other blonde to stare at him.

"I'll fucking kill you!"

"My point exactly."

"As much as it pains me that I was not elected, I wish the two of you the best of luck," Tenya said as an attempt to prevent Katsuki from doing anything rash. Thankfully, it ended up working.

"Thank you," Momo stated with a bow, Izuku nodding with agreement. While part of him wanted to turn down the position, he understood that perhaps being in a role of leadership will force him to be more confident. If his muteness ended up being a problem, he could simply step down…


"Congrats on being president," Ochako said to Izuku as the two were eating lunch together. Joining them were Tenya, Momo, and the girl with earphone jacks attached to her ears. Despite the fact that the two never interacted, the girl asked to sit with them, something everyone was fine with. After briefly introducing herself as Kyouka Jirou, the group began to silently eat, that is, until Ochako decided to bring up the election results.

'Thanks,' Izuku wrote on an index card. 'I'm surprised I received any votes in general. I personally voted for Iida and Yaoyorozu.'

"Ah, so you were the one who handed in that vote," Tenya stated. "Unfortunately, I couldn't count your vote due to the fact you voted for two people. My apologies. If it makes you feel better, I ended up voting for you.'


"I did as well," Momo mentioned to him. "Despite your condition, you showed exemplary leadership skills."

"Same here," Kyouka told him. "Speaking of which, I've been meaning to ask about your quirk. Yaoyorozu mentioned that you destroyed the zero pointer with a whisper, but when you were fighting Bakugo and Iida, you were shooting lasers from your hands. What's up with that?"

'My quirk has different attributes,' Izuku wrote down. 'The lasers you saw me use are a result of my ability to absorb electrons. I can use this to fly, increase my strength, shoot energy blasts, and make force fields. Apparently, I can manipulate matter to a small degree, but I never tried doing so. There's a limit as to how much I can absorb. Going over it causes my skin to burn. My quirk prevents me from speaking though, or else I'll release a massive amount of energy. According to the quirk specialists I've been seeing, that whisper I used on the zero pointer wasn't even close to what I can actually do. It's because of this I can't speak unless I want to destroy Japan with a word.'

The four students stared at Izuku with their eyes wide open. Such a bizarre yet lethal power was unheard of before.

"Holy shit, you could probably kill All Might if you wanted to," Kyouka said, causing Izuku to bashfully rub his head.

'I wouldn't be so sure of that…'

"To think I'm in the same class as someone of your caliber," Momo muttered under her breath. Izuku could've sworn there was some self doubt laced into her words "How is it that you didn't get a recommendation?"

"My quirk was downplayed for my safety," Izuku said. He never understood why though. Everytime he would ask his parents or the quirk specialists about it, they'd dodge the question. He was only recently given permission to share the voice part of his quirk, but only to classmates. Besides them, only his mom, the scientists, and Katsuki know the full range of his powers. Even then, Katsuki wasn't told how powerful Izuku's voice was. Surprisingly, the boy never egged him on about using his voice. It was strange, but welcomed.

"That makes sense," Tenya replied. "I have heard about people having their quirks undermined or hidden from the public due to their personal safety. It's why All Might still has his hidden."

"I guess so," Ochako stated, not really into the politics of quirks herself. "You know, I'm surprised you didn't vote for yourself Iida. You look like you'd want the position with your glasses and everything."

'I don't think that's how you should be judging people,' Izuku mentally sighed in his head, a statement which both Kyouka and Momo were thinking as well.

"I did, but I personally believe that being a hero requires knowing when you should take change and when you should allow others to take the lead. I personally believe Midoriya and Yaoyorozu will make better leaders than myself, so I acted accordingly."

"That's really cool," Ochako stated, her eyes gleaming in amazement.

"I'm glad you think so," Tenya bashfully said. "My older brother was the one who taught me this."

'You must admire your brother a lot,' Izuku wrote down.

"Indeed I do. My brother is my inspiration for being a hero."

"So he's a pro hero himself?" Kyouka asked, causing Tenya to freeze up.

"I was afraid people would treat me differently if they knew, but yes, my brother is the pro hero Ingenium," Tenya admitted. Izuku immediately recognized the name. While he wasn't in the top ten, he was a well respected hero has done more humanitarian work than any of them. The amount of people employed in his agency was also the highest out of any hero. "The name Ingenium is the name passed down by the Iida family. I hope to one day serve as the successor to my brother."

'I think you'll be great,' Izuku wrote. Before Tenya could thank him, the alarm systems started blaring, shocking everyone.

"Level Three Security Breach detected. All students are to evacuate outside in a swift and orderly manner."

Wasting no time, everyone in the cafeteria began fleeing the facility. Unfortunately, with how unorganized everyone was, it was nearly impossible to squeeze out.

"What's a Level Three Security Breach?" Tenya promptly asked an upperclassman that passed by him.

"It means someone infiltrated school grounds!" yelled the upperclassmen, "In my three years here, this has never happened before! We have to get out of here!"

"Sounds urgent," Momo stated as she stood up. "We should leave as well."

Turning around, Momo was about to join the cluster, only to stop when she felt Izuku tugging on her arm. Facing him, she saw him point to Kyouka who was covering her ears in agony. Understanding what he wanted from her, she quickly made a pair of earmuffs and handed it to the girl.

"Thanks," Kyouka mouthed as she put them on. Thankfully, they seemed to do the job as she no longer looked like she was in pain.

"Don't thank me, thank Midoryia," Momo mouthed back. "He was the one who noticed you were in trouble." In response, Kyouka shot Izuku a thumbs up, which he responded to by smiling.

"Geez, it's so tight here," Ochako wheezed as the crowd of students began to drown her. Seeing this made Izuku realize something needed to be done to control the mob trying to flood out the room. Glancing around, his brain went to work, trying to see if there was a way to calm everyone. Managing to take a brief peek out the window, Izuku was able to identify what triggered the alarm. Outside the school gates were the press, the same press who were attempting to get an interview with All Might earlier this morning. With the problem now identified, Izuku began thinking of solutions. He knew he could try having one of his friends quiet everyone down, but with all the pushing and shoving, there was no way he'd be able to effectively communicate with them. With that option out the window, he ended up realizing what he needed to do. Flying up, he shot himself towards the cafeteria exit and began charging up some energy. With a small snap, Izuku released it, creating an extremely loud popping sound. With all eyes now on him, he began writing.

'It's alright everyone, it's just the press,' the boy wrote. 'Please go back to whatever it was you were doing.'

With those in front receiving the message, they began passing it along to their peers. Eventually, everything was calm again.

"That was impressive Midoryia," Tenya congratulated his friend as everyone sat down again. "You were quite resourceful with your quirk."

'It was nothing.'

Kyouka rolled her eyes. "Well, you saved my ears from bleeding out and Uraraka from being trampled, so I wouldn't say it was nothing."

Instead of arguing, Izuku decided to get back to eating, understanding that simply accepting the compliment will help his confidence in the long run.


The rest of the day went without a hitch. Other than receiving some recognition for his quick thinking, nothing special happened. Once Aizawa dismissed everyone, Izuku made a beeline towards the support lab, ready to begin his training.

"You wanna use the faux cities?" Power Loader asked the boy, not sure if he read that right. Izuku simply nodded in confirmation. "Huh, most don't bother using it, so I can book you in for a few sessions. How many you want?"

Wasting no time, Izuku took out a schedule he had made in advance. Reading it, Power Loader's eyes widened upon seeing how serious this kid was taking his training. Excluding Mondays and Fridays, he had requested usage of the faux cities everyday, including weekends throughout the entire school year. How he knew the school was open during the weekends he didn't know, but he was mighty impressed. Now, if it wasn't for the fact that the school owned six different faux cities, he'd have to deny the boy's request.

"Alrighty. When do you want to begin?"

'Now if you're not busy.' Izuku wrote.

"Well, my most problematic student went home, so I'm fine with supervising ya."

Izuku smiled. Operation increase confidence and power was about to commence…


It wasn't long in the exam simulation when Izuku found his first robot. It was a one pointer and upon noticing him, it began to activate its weapons.

"PREPARE TO BE DEFEATED HERO!" The robot said as it took aim at Izuku. Staring it down, Izuku felt his nervousness swell up. He wanted to run, but stopped upon remembering what he was here for.

'No more running away. I need to do this.' Rushing in, Izuku began absorbing electrons, buffing his strength to the point where he could lift ten tons. Slamming the robot with a powerful punch, Izuku frowned as he watched it fly into the sky, him having an easy time doing so. 'Really? That was what I was afraid of? I could've destroyed it without a power boost.'

Smiling, Izuku began cracking his knuckles, confidence surging through him as he realized how much stronger he was compared to the robots. Searching for more robots, he easily disposed of any which dared to cross his path. One, two, even three pointers were sent flying throughout his onslaught of fists, kicks, and energy beams. He didn't even have to push himself that hard. When the simulation ended, he noticed that he didn't have any charred skin, something which he felt was a huge accomplishment in his own right.

'How was it?' Izuku asked Power Loader using an index card.

"If this were the actual test, you would've gotten eighty seven villain points," Power Loader replied, impressed by the boy. The boy in question was floored by such an announcement.

'Eighty seven?! That's more than Katsuki. Have I really been holding myself back this much?'

It was on that day that Izuku finally realized how much his doubts have been holding him back. No longer will he allow himself to be swallowed up by fear; he'll conquer them so he'll eventually rise to be the best hero ever. He knew the results wouldn't be instantaneous, but with enough training, he knows he'll eventually reach his goal.


With the day having ended, Aizawa began making his way to Nezu's office. Usually, he would've made his way home by now so he could catch up on some sleep, but the principal told him he had some urgent matters to discuss.

The fact Nezu stated it was urgent was why he had made his way to the office as quickly as he did. The principal wasn't one who used the word lightly.

"Glad to see you made it here on time," Nezu stated. "Could you lock the door behind you?"

Aizawa raised an eyebrow at this, but complied anyways.


Sitting down, Aizawa immediately began getting down to business. "What's so important that it involves you declaring it an urgent matter?"

"It involves Izuku Midoryia, the student whose quirk you couldn't erase."

The man was honestly confused now. "What about him?"

"Before we continue, do you know the history behind the first age of heroes?"

"I know enough."

"Well, I'm going to tell you anyways. Long before the age of quirks, people had superpowers. These people were divided into four groups; artificials, mutants, inhumans, and outsiders. Artificials are those who gained their superpowers through scientific means. Captain America is perhaps the greatest example of this. As you know, all forms of artificially granting powers have been lost after the world's greatest thinkers passed away. Second are the mutants. Mutants are the ancestors of quirks, disappearing during the Powerless Age before evolving into quirks. Funny enough, the mutants born have had the potential to be far more powerful than even All Might himself. Why quirks aren't this powerful now is unknown. Inhumans are almost identical to mutants, except they trace their origins to outside sources meddling with the genetic makeup of humans. All inhumans have enhanced physical traits alongside an individual power they can call their own. Like mutants, they disappeared during the Powerless Age, with only dormant inhuman genes existing, leaving behind their great city on the moon. Finally, there's the outsiders. They refer to those who gained powers outside the realm of science. Cosmic entities, aliens, and magical means are typically associated with this group. Again, they disappeared alongside the other groups. No one knows why."

Having heard this explanation, Aizawa wanted to get straight to the point. "What does this have to do with Midoryia?"

Smiling, Nezu pulled out a file and slid it to the teacher. "This file required me to use all my connections. The government has been guarding this file, alongside a handful of others, as if their lives depended on it."

Reading through the file, Aizawa's eyes curiously trailed the part where Izuku's quirk was explained. Immediately, he was disinterested since he had a basic grasp of what Izuku's quirk was. All it took though to grab his interest was for him to look at the print underneath his diagnosis. Under the word 'Superpower,' an admittedly cheesy name for his quirk, was the word Inhuman.

"Is this real?" Aizawa asked the prinicpal. "If it is, you know what this means, right?"

"I do," Nezu stated. "And that's why I plan on holding a meeting with him as soon as I can."

"Is it really the best decision to tell him?"

"It is. Funny enough..." As he said this, Nezu slid Aizawa another top secret file, this one detailing a different student in his class. "He's not the only one..."


Author's Note 2: Here's Izuku's stats at the moment if you were curious :-). They will change as the story progresses.

Power: ?/5 (has yet to be accurately measured due to the immense power of his voice

Speed: 5/5 A (is theorized to actually be faster, but his upper limits have yet to be tested)

Technique: 5/5 A (has had h2h combat training at the Q.T.F)

Intellect: 4/5 B

Cooperation: 5/5 A

Nobility: 6/5 S