"A Matter of Family"

Date: Began Nov. 2002, finished April 2003
Warning: Deals with extremely mature and psycho-sexual themes. Contains coerced sexual situations.
Rating: Strong "R".
Author's Notes:
1. This fic presents yet another "theory" on Saiyan mating, (as compared to my other fic "Vegeta's New Tactic".)
2. This is written in first person present tense, partly as a challenge to myself to see if I could write like that. I like the personal touch the tense and person gives the story.
3. Elements of this story are a lot like my fic "Moon Madness". Further credit for the inspiration behind the Goku/Vegeta encounter in here goes to Lethargic NoMakai's fic entitled "Scorched Latex". No offense is intended. If inspiration has come from any other source I can't tell you... I've now read so many fics that they've all seemed to mesh together in my mind. *grins sheepishly*

Well now that that's done... onto the fic!


I know I will lose. I was foreordained to loose ever since this whole entire charade began. However as long as I can keep him on my trail and away from my *house* dawn will come. Then it will be all over

I ignore my rapidly beating heart, pumping hot blood throughout my system. I barely notice the trees and the hills as I fly high above them. All I am aware of is that overly eager presence, two steps behind me and barely out of sight.

He hasn't used that damned teleportation skill of his to catch up with me. Yet. I know the moment will come the moment where he will lose complete control and became the twisted monster he had only so recently displayed.

A monster I know has always existed inside of him, deep down.

I duck towards the trees, weaving about, never slowing or stopping. I know that if I do, my resistance will be over. If I stop, even because of pure exhaustion, it will be considered a defeat.

Sweat rolls off of my skin, glistening in the meager starlight. It pools in my eyes and in my pounding ears. I ignore it. It is dried quickly in the ki that shimmers about me and gives fuel to my flight.

I will have to rest soon. I realize this dully as I notice my trembling limbs that shake with the effort of exertion and pure exhaustion. How long has it been already? Two maybe three hours?

Has it really been that long since I spoke to her?

My 13 year old daughter. Bra. She had been edgy lately, her face drawn taunt as she stalked about the house almost as if she were looking for something she couldn't find. I could smell the scent she was giving off and knew what it was. Lucky for me she hadn't left the house at night since it began what? A week ago?

It feels like forever. Tonight however, tonight was different.

Tonight she had wanted out of the house. It was an innocent endeavor; some of her human friends were having a party. She wanted to go. I wouldn't let her. Surprisingly she had fought back against me, both verbally and physically, coiling about me like an animal and hissing her displeasure as only a Saiyan can. I hit her. Impassively and not nearly hard enough to actually hurt her. But I still hit her and it shocked her out of her behavior. I remember distinctly the hurt in her wide blue eyes as she stared up at "her daddy". I had never hit her before. Then the tears came.

I don't care. The heat and the fear for her safety have made me hard-hearted. She is not to leave the house. She will obey me. Enraged she had stormed to her room, slammed the door shut, and locked it.

I have never been more relieved to have her angry with me, as she was, I could tell. Usually I would have been upset at this fact. Not tonight.

Tonight I have more important things to worry about. Knowing that sulking on her behalf would take the rest of the night behind a closed door takes a huge weight off of my shoulders. Checking her room one last time to make sure it's locked, I left the house.

As they say, let the games begin.

The landscape below became slightly familiar to my again, and I curse mentally to myself. I have made a round. A complete circumference of the Earth. It is dark again. Despite my achingly sore limbs I swerve south, leading the presence following me *away* from the city. I am not going near there, not even to fly high above it. It's too dangerous.

Several miles later I have to stop. I don't think I have an ounce of energy left. I swear softly as I land, glancing about at the thickly forested area I am in. I'm still much too close to the city for comfort...

I grimace as I hear him land somewhere behind me. He cuts off any exits I may have had just by standing there.

Time to face him then. I straighten and turn, giving him a searing look. "What are you doing here Kakarrot?" I snap authoritatively at his shadowed figure.

He steps out of the shadows and into the starlight. For a moment there is a confused look on his face as he looks at me, and I wonder vaguely if I have to repeat myself.

Apparently not. He smiles. "I don't know!" He says cheerfully. A hand creeps up to scratch the back of his head in a characteristically dumb gesture.

I snort softly as I eye him. I know he is lying. He lies a lot... and I always find it irritating that he spends so much time pretending to be a complete idiot. Though, I suppose he can't very well tell me the truth... which would probably be something to the effect of I'm out here because of an uncontrollable urge to fuck you Vegeta. Sorry.' Yeah... probably not.

He really does look confused though; in his happy go lucky way, for a moment or so anyway. He's never given any indication of remembering the last few nights... in fact last night when I snarled at him about the previous encounters, he had been genuinely surprised. "I did Vegeta?" He had asked me, his eyes wide. Of course he could have been lying then too, but I haven't really been giving him any reason to remember.

And he will not remember. If he hasn't this far, he isn't going to start.

But that doesn't much help me with the situation at hand.

Oh, here we are. The confused look is replaced. Sudden understanding floods his eyes, coupled with something very deadly that I've seen WAY too often recently. His brows fly together, and his mouth curls up into a smirk. He lowers his chin. And opens that mouth to utter one word.

"Vegeta." It rolls off his tongue like poisoned silk and wraps about my trembling (damnit!) body.

It's over. I'm out of the fight before the first punch can be exchanged. Didn't take me long now did it?

Don't get me wrong. The first time I did fight him... and nearly to the death at that. My death. The second time I fought as well as the third. But by now I know it is useless. My shoulders slump ever so slightly and I shiver in the starlight, barely able to catch the whimper that wants to escape my throat. In an instant he is at my back, his hands on my shoulders.

I jerk away with a grunt of disgust and a huffed "Don't touch me!"

It is pointless. He merely breathes my name again, and spins me around. He pulls me up against him. A mouth touches against my jaw, and then his tongue darts out, tracing a wet course up my cheek. I shudder, repulsed. "Submit." He whispers at me, smiling as he pulls away and licks his lips. The look in his eyes is unexplainable. Dark and animalistic.

"Let me go, stupid." I reply in a hiss. I lash out at him, attempting to embed my knee in his gut, but he is faster. In an instant I am laying out on my front, face first to the ground. I gasp as a dead weight falls on me from behind, crushing me into place.

This is the point where I loose control. I can take everything else, right up to this point and everything else after, but this...

This is difficult to accept. Despite myself and the fact that I know it will only make the situation worse, I struggle against him briefly. My fight is over the moment after I ascend to Super Saiyan. He powers up quickly to match me and over comes anything my abused body can reach. I pause... then power down again.

That makes him happy. He purrs as he powers down as well. Again, this cat-like noise is something that he hasn't done before this last week and the sound is soft and consoling in my ear. I sigh and try to relax somewhat, my face screwed up into a terrible grimace as he divests my cloths from my body with swift hands.

Ugh. Touching. Hate touching. Hate being touched.

I make a face and bury my head against the side of my arm. I force my mind to go elsewhere to get it off of whatever it is that Kakarrot is doing to me... it is hard. I think about my daughter. Briefly. At least I know that she's okay. I try, once again, to remember how long exactly Nappa said this'd last. A week? Two weeks? A month? Of course this is in the late Planet Vegeta time, whose days had been much shorter then Earth days. So... a month of Planet Vegeta time would equal...

It's no use. Somewhere in the back of my mind I register the sound of *his* cloths being removed. I cringe and almost desperately search for another subject to think about. Anything...

Ah. I wonder where Trunks is. I expand my senses, but for some reason I can't "sense" him at Capsule Corp. or anywhere else for that matter. He must be suppressing his ki. Maybe he's hunting someone else right now... I smile slightly despite the position I'm in. This would make it allll worth it if he has decided to find Kakarrot's brat and dominate him as well. Then I shake my head slightly. I can't think things like that. Though I may pretend that I don't really give a flying anything about what happens to Kakarrot's kid, I partly raised both of those boys. And I know that it would be hard on Trunks. The two boys have been friends for all of their lives. With being raised by humans, something like this would be a devastating blow to their friendship...

A sharp pain rudely brings me back to the here and now. I grate out a cry of pain and rage and buck against Kakarrot, tensing and struggling despite myself. In an instant he manovers me into a position with my forehead pressed up against the ground. One steel-strong arm loops around my shoulders and his mouth presses again my ear. "Shhhh, Vegeta." He murmurs softly. "Shh..." His breath is warm and liquid against my skin and I flinch... then shudder as his unoccupied hand creeps beneath me. "It's okay..."

No it's not. It's nothing but okay. However there isn't anything I can do to snap him out of this or save myself. Finally I give up, letting my defeat be known in an agonized scream that rends the night.

Tonight's "games" end a bit quicker than the previous times, a fact that I am glad for. It is less then a half an hour later and I roll the unconscious form off of mine with a small snort of disgust. For a long moment I stare up at the moonless sky, then wearily turn my head to inspect my nemesis. He is blissfully asleep, his mouth slightly open as he breathes in and out. Despite the fact that I'm trying my best not to breathe too deeply, I inhale his scent. It has changed again, of course, as it does every night after he has sated himself. I feel incredibly weary as I force myself to sit up. Slowly I reach down and adjust my torn clothes, replacing what I can. When I finish that I reach out clean him with quick efficient fingers, wiping them off on the grass. Then I grasp his pants, tugging them back into place.

He will not remember. My lip curls as I think of it. Tomorrow he will wake up, figure he was out here sparing or something to that effect, and go home and spend a joyful day playing in the woods or something equally inane, and tomorrow evening... tomorrow evening it will start all over again. Or maybe it won't. I can only hope.

Using more energy than even I think I have left, I get to my feet. A couple of moments later I take to the air, flying at an unsteady pace towards home. I need a shower. And a bed...

I never make it. Or rather, I make it most of the way there, but then I begin to see spots. Figuring that it will just be safer if I land and find a place to rest before sun up, I do just that.

The clearing I land in is small and long. I settle against a tree around the center of it, and sit cross-legged at the base. I can no longer keep my eyes open...


I jerk out of my doze, fear coursing through me. Night terrors clash against my thoughts, distorting my rational thinking. I had only landed a couple of minutes before and had just dozed off, had he awoken and found me all ready?

No... it wasn't him. I stare at Son Gohan's face blankly for a moment or so until the danger I am in registers.

I am on my feet in an instant and across the clearing in an instant. "Stay back!" I hiss at him forcefully.

Amazingly enough he does. There is an odd look on his face as he gazes at me however, one that makes my skin crawl with distinct discomfort. 'Shit,' I think to myself. Even though I got away from the eldest Son as quickly as possible, I still catch a whiff of his scent. I know what he wants, and I don't have the energy left to fight. I honestly don't think my body can take another...

My thought are stopped abruptly as Gohan surprises me.

"Why?" He asks, confusion evident on his face. There is something else there as well... a look that is... perplexing. Almost... empathic?

I stare at him. Maybe I scented him wrong. I sniff the air. Nope, I got the scent right... but there is an element to it I hadn't noticed before. It seems to be very tightly controlled.

"Why Vegeta?" He repeats, walking towards me with his hand outstretched. His eyes, which always seem to be a little too happy and cheerful, even as an adult, are now filled with a familiar pain. They beg me to allow him to understand. I back away from him warily, a soft warning growl escaping my throat.

He stops and lowers his hand. Gohan stares at his feet in distinct discomfort for a moment, before returning a hard gaze to my face. "Vegeta?" he questions a third time.

I stare at him blankly. "Why did you let my father to do that to you?" The Son finally asks in a rush, flushing visibly.

My blood runs chill. He has seen. Son Gohan has seen me... being used by his father. My lip curls. As fast as it has come, the chill in my system turns my emotions to icy rage.

Gohan sees the change of expression on my face. He starts, then hold out his hands again. "Vegeta..." He placates, his voice soft... as if he is talking to a small wounded animal. It sets my teeth on edge. I can see his *father* in that look.

When he takes a couple more steps towards me the rage bubbles over. Letting out a howl of anger I power up, sending a ki blast at him. Startled, he leaps out of the way. When he lands he gives the forest behind him a rather dismayed look. The blast wiped out several yards worth of trees...

He turns back to me, frowning. The frown fades when he sees the state I'm in.

I'm frankly not doing so well. Powering up and doing *anything* with the amount of energy I had left was a *stupid* idea. "Damn..." I curse softly, stumbling. The spots are back to dancing in front of my eyes and I'm finding it extremely difficult to remain standing.

"Vegeta!" Gohan exclaimed again, and he begins to pace the rest of the way towards me.

"Stay back!" I hiss in response, clenching my head at the same time as the mere act of speaking causes my head to swim. I fall to my knees, cursing my complete and utter weakness.

The Sons were never good at following instructions. None of them are, and Gohan isn't any exception. Within seconds the idiot is at my side with his arm around my back, supporting me. I stiffen and try to lash out, but my attack is parried effortlessly. Growling and hissing doesn't seem to affect him either.

I shut my eyes, and realize that I can *smell* him. It is almost overwhelming. So much like his father... but not. I open my eyes again when it is obvious that he isn't doing anything beyond holding me in his arms in a singularly embarrassing fashion.

"Let. Me. Go." I choke out.

He shakes his head and gives me a searching look. "Vegeta-" He begins, then he sighs. I can almost see the gears working in Gohan's head. I know he wants to question me more, perhaps forcefully, but then he obviously changes his mind. "Your ki is very low," He says softly. He stands, taking me with him. "You need rest." He notes, his voice switching to a business-like one. "I'll take you home..."

"NO!" I shout. I struggle violently against him, which throws him off balance with his grip still on my shoulder and lands us both on the ground again. I don't care. "Not home," I pant, feeling so light headed that I could pass out. Even so I yank him close, gripping the sides of his face between my hands. Wide onyx eyes blink at me. "Not home..." I half whimper, half growl, and then my world goes white... and then dark.