I really should put a new chapter for Blazblue Inc...but this idea was just too much to pass up. Enjoy!

Twas a new day at the Smash Mansion.

With the announcement of a new Super Smash Bros coming out, that meant a lot of new things.

Most notably, new smashers to come and join in on the fun.

"So this is the Smash Mansion. It looks quite lovely." Said one of the latest of the Smash Gang, Isabelle.

Isabelle is a dog. A dog that's peppy and adorable. Like...diabetically adorable.

What the hell is she doing here, again? Oh yeah, everyone loves her.

Oh Nintendo. Only you could make a cute cinnamon bun like Isabelle punch Mario and Cloud Strife off a Mega Man stage...and enjoy it.

"I can't wait to meet all of the other Smashers here! The mayor hasn't told me much about them, but he really seems to love it here." She said to herself as she put a paw to her chin. "So they must be nice." She concluded, but then gulped nervously.

"At least, I hope so…"

While walking down the hall, she looked at the many rooms that occupied the area. They were all labeled with various symbols, each belonging to different Smashers. Some of the doors had two different symbols on them, with the names of each person underneath.

"So we're rooming with each other? That's...odd." She said. "This is quite the big mansion. Surely, everyone could have their own rooms, right?"

As she walked to her destination, which was a room shared with someone named Palutena, she nearly crashed into one of the Smashers...and her heart skipped a beat once she got a look at who she crashed into.

"Oh my…" She gasped as she cover her mouth in shock.

In front of her was...well, to her, it was like if K.K. Slider was taller...and blue...and had shoes...and his dreaminess had multiplied tenfold.

Also, if he had quills and green eyes with a cocky smirk.

"Oh hey there. I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." Sonic said, flashing his ever present smile, sending the secretary's heart aflutter. "Excuse me." He said as he sped past her.

And all Isabelle could do was just watch him blow past her. His voice was just so...gorgeous!

"Oh no, I'm sorry…" She muttered, too dazed to even noticed that he wasn't there anymore.

After some time of fantasizing about Sonic (and having some rather...inappropriate thoughts about him, her and honey along the way) she finally made it to her destination.

"Welp, this is it…" She said as she knocked on the door. "I hope this Palutena person is nice. I would love to try and get along with her." She then held her face in her hands as she blushed.

"And maybe she can tell me more about that spiky blue hedgehog…"

After a minute, Isabelle noticed that no one answered the door. She knocked again.

"Is she there? I don't want to be rude and just walk in without her knowledge." She said as she waited again, but no one answered the door.

"Well...this is troublesome…" she muttered as she placed her paw on the door, nearly falling over as it ended up opening.

"What the...it's open?" Isabelle questioned as she slowly opened the door all the way and walked inside. The room was completely dark, with the window blinds blocking out the sunlight and the lights off.

"Oh...it's so dark in here." She said, trying to find the light switch on the way. She eventually found what she was looking for.

"Oh, here it is!" She said as she flipped the switch...and her jaw dropped at what she saw as the room illuminated.

There were pictures everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE. Like...jeez there were a lot.

On the walls.

On the ceiling.

On the doors.

On the blinds.

On the beds.

Everywhere, meng.

And they all had one thing in common: they were of a female.

Specifically, one of the Smashers.

Said Smasher was named Lucina.

And the pictures were of her doing various things, none of them even looking like she was facing the camera.

There was one of her eating a sandwich, one of her fighting Link, and one of her in nothing but a towel, like she had just come out of the bath.

That one...had a singular wall dedicated to just her in a towel from various different angles, none of which she noticed.

The beds were covered with her pictures as well, like the blankets and even the pillow cases.

There were even mini figures of her on the desks and needless to say, she was dressed in different outfits. Some were normal...and others were so risque that poor Isabelle's face was bright red from seeing such skimpy outfits.

That didn't stop that one small lewd part of her mind thinking of a certain blue hedgehog's happy reaction to her wearing such clothing.

In fact, Isabelle was so shocked, that she didn't hear the door closing behind her and the person who walked inside coming up to her.

"Oh, hello. You must be Isabelle." The voice said, sounding like a woman.

Isabelle turned around to see a woman with long green hair standing behind her. She had a smile on her face and a shirt that read "Lucina's Property" in big bright letters with an arrow pointing to her face.

"I'm Palutena, your roommate. I do hope we get along." She said as she held out her hand.

Isabelle, still in shock, timidly reached out to shake the other woman's hand when Palutena suddenly retracted it and put out her left hand instead. "Oh, sorry. Here, shake this hand." She said with a sheepish grin.

Isabelle compiled and shook the other woman's hand. "Um...I hope we get along as well…" She finally said. She was still in shock because of the numerous Lucina pictures and memorabilia around the room.

Sensing her surprised look, Palutena patted her shoulder. "So...you must be surprised that I have all of this in here, right?"

Isabelle just nodded.

"Well...no one knows about this. No one. Not even Pit or Pittoo." Palutena stated. "And yes, that means Lucina as well.

That broke Isabelle out of her stupor. "Wait...you mean...Ms. Lucina doesn't know about any of this?"

"Oh my, no!" Palutena exclaimed. "If she did...well, that would be troublesome, now would it?"

Very troublesome. Isabelle thought.

"But...I can't help it. Ever since I've met her, I've had this...obsession with her!" Palutena said, her mouth beginning to drool. "She's just so...PERFECT!"

The goddess sighed as she flopped on her bed, her hand running across one of the Lucina's pictures.

"I still remember when it happened…"

Palutena was walking down the hall, when she saw Lucina walking past her.

"Good day, Lady Palutena." Lucina greeted.

"And that was the exact moment when when she captured my heart…" Palutena finished reminiscing.

"...that's it? From a...simple greeting?" Isabelle questioned.

"THAT GREETING MADE MY HEART EXPLODE WITH JOY!" The goddess yelled with enthusiasm, nearly causing the poor secretary to have a heart attack.

"Oh, you should've hear her. Every word...nay, every syllable she said was like a thousand arrows filling my entire body with her essence. It was like a new kind of life support...and it was addicting." Palutena sighed with content as she grabbed a Lucina plush and gazed at it lovingly. "I still remember those words. They give me such...life. Such fulfillment. Such happiness!" She squealed as she kicked her legs like a young school girl.

Isabelle could only watch as the goddess acted like a young girl in love. What made it especially odd was that she saw how Palutena acted before: divine, but a jokester at the same time. She acted like a true goddess.

This...was not that same woman. This was not that same goddess.

This...was someone else.

"Oh, Isabelle. How I wish I could just tell her that I love her…" Palutena said. "But I cannot. She's of a universal beauty...and I'm just a lowly goddess. How could she ever love someone as low as me?!"

Isabelle was about to answer that when an alarm went off.

Time to change fate! Time to change fate! Time to change fate! Time to change fate! Time to change fate! Time to cha-

Palutena shut the alarm off and pulled out a camera. "Oh, it's about that time!"

"What time?" Isabelle asked. "And what was that alarm?"

"Oh, that's my Lucina stalking alarm. It goes off when it's time for me to stalk Lucina." Palutena answered as if it was nothing wrong with that. "Everyday, without fail. I also use this camera to capture pictures of her and print the best ones to put on the walls."

"You what?!" Isabelle yelled. "You stalk Lucina?!"

"Well, duh! It's my favorite hobby...right after masturbating to her, of course." Palutena stated as if it was normal. "Why do you think I let you shake my left hand? My right one is my Lucina Loving hand."

Isabelle looked like she was about to hurl.

"Anyway, if you can, please don't tell anyone about my Lucina obsession. Please!" Palutena pleaded.

Isabelle looked at the goddess with an disgusted look on her face. Clearly, when she came to the Smash Mansion, she expected her roommate to be all divine and nearly unapproachable and to show her the ropes about Smash Bros.

She did not expect to see the same goddess obsess over a single woman, to the point of doing such...wrong things with her hands and treating it all like it's normal.

So she put her foot down.

"And why should I do that?!" Isabelle demanded.

In an instant, Palutena tossed a few photographs at the secretary.

Said photographs...were of Sonic.

In a towel.

Just fresh out of the shower.

With...a certain body part of him in full view.

"I've got plenty more of those. If you help me get more pictures of Lucina, I can give you as much as you want." Palutena said as she held the other photos in her hand.

In an instant, Isabelle grabbed the goddess's hand, her nose dripping blood from seeing a nude Sonic.

Well...as nude as Lewd Sonic Fans always make him.

"Lead the way, Lady Palutena."

It's 3:30 am...bed time...fix maybe later...