So who wants another chapter? You? You?! YOU?! YOU?! OR MAYBE YOU?!

It's been a couple of weeks since Isabelle arrived at the Smash Mansion, and boy...those were some days, eh?

Ever since she met her roommate, Palutena, she found herself running around like crazy trying to take pictures of Lucina. Half of the time, she would be pulled from her current activity to accompany the crazy goddess in her endeavors.

Like when she was eating.

And when she was pooping.

And when she was in the shower.

And when she was pooping.

And when she was sleeping.

And when she was pooping.

And when she was peeing.

And when she was pooping.

But worst of all…

When she was reading.

That really made her day, you know?

As for her confrontation with Sonic when he saw the pictures of her, she stayed out of his sight and ignored him out of embarrassment...and from not wanting to see him nude in the flesh.

Too late for that, I think.

Currently, Isabelle was hiding in the bushes to hide from Sonikku, who had been trying to talk to her for the last couple of weeks.

What she didn't count on was Lucas being in the same spot, hiding for his own reasons.

"Hello, Lucas. How are you?" Isabelle said, trying to make small talk with the timid boy.

She got a sigh in response. "Tired...from running."

"Oh my." Isabelle answered. "Why, if I may ask?"

Before she could get her answer, someone...or something...popped into the bushes.

It was a Luma, but this one was very different from the numerous ones that Rosalina would have during her battles.

This one...was pink.

With eyelashes.

And a bow.

Which meant this one was clearly a female.

So Lumas now have genders. Looks like I just assumed this one's!

She looked to the left, saw Isabelle, 'spat' in her direction (which was just her spitting a star bit at the secretary), then looked to her right, saw Lucas...and squealed in delight as she nuzzled the poor boy.

"H-Hey, Luna! S-Stop it!" He pleaded, trying to keep the Luma away, but it did nothing as she stuck onto him like glue.

Then the bushes opened again...revealing the one individual that always accompanied the Lumas.

One Rosalina.

And she looked straight at Lucas and the pink Luma...stared for literally 1 minute...without blinking...and stared some more...without blinking...then inched ever so closer…

Then she grabbed Lucas and dragged him away, with Luna following behind, all while the boy screamed "Noooooo!" and something along the likes of "I don't want to clean my butt again!"

I have no clue, do you?

No? I thought so. Isabelle thought the same thing, it seems.

But before she could say a word, the bushes ripped open once more, revealing a creature we know as Palutena, and she looked mighty distraught.

"ISABELLE! EMERGENCY! THERE'S NO TIME!" She screamed as she grabbed Isabelle's top knot. "COME ON! GET THE CAR! WE GOTTA GO!" Then ran off as she pulled Isabelle along.

...only for that one Isabelle to stay in her same spot, but lacking her signature top knot.

One potentially wasted scene later, Isabelle was sitting next to Palutena.

" what's the emergency?" The doggo asked.

The goddess grabbed Isabelle's face, pulled her extremely close to her, cheeks touching, and dramatically pointed her finger out.

"THERE~" She breathed.

Isabelle looked at what Palutena was pointing at, and saw...Lucina talking to Wolf. That was...unusual, but nothing alarming.

They both also happen to be wearing swimsuits.

Isabelle had to admit that Lucina had a nice figure, even if she was boobless.

As for Wolf…

Taking a massive amount of effort to not look at the other doggo that she, for some reason, wanted to get Sonic, have them both grab her, bend her over a table, and then have them both go to town with her into next Gen...and then wonder why and how did she even think of that, she glanced over at Palutena.

Said Palutena was on the ground, blood oozing from her nose and mouth with the most content expression on her face while a mysterious light hovered over her.

"Ahh! Palutena!" She shrieked as she ran over to the mostly dead goddess. Before she could do anything, Palutena's body started to vanish. Then some mysterious words popped up over her now dead body.

I'M FINISHED! The words read.

Then Palutena's body was gone...for about three seconds before she came back.

"Oh, hey Belle. What's up?" She greeted like nothing had happened.

Isabelle just stared in awe, wondering what just happened. " just die?" She questioned.

"Er-yup!" Palutena answered casually. "8th time this week, actually."

Isabelle was afraid of questioning the other seven times, though she had a feeling that Lucina was behind them all.

"Yep, Lucina was the reason for the other seven times!" Palutena said, as if reading the poor doggo's mind. "I goodness, that woman must be trying to end me. I wouldn't mind, however…"

"I...see…" Isabelle replied. "A-Anyway...what's this...emergency you were talking about earlier?"

Palutena's eyes widened as she pounded her palm. "Oh right! That! Well…" She then pointed at Lucina and Wolf, who were sitting by the pool area. Then she took a deep breath before bellowing, "WHO THE F**K DOES WOLF THINK HE IS TALKING TO LUCINA, EH?! THAT LITTLE F**KER CAN GO FLUCK HIMSELF! WHY I OUGHTA-"

And so for 15 minutes straight, Palutena proceeded to call Wolf every little word in the book.


The book was about 600 pages long, and Palutena described him as every. Single. One.

Isabelle was both amazed and scared.

"And thus, I have a plan! That plan involves you!" Palutena said as she pointed at the poor secretary.

"Oh, o-ok." Isabelle replied. "S-So...what's the p-plan?"

Her answer...was just Palutena giving her a kind smile.

"...and that's the story of how I lost my eye." Wolf said.

"I see." Lucina said. "That's quite a story. Do you...regret it?"

Wolf scratched his chin. "Not really. I find it as a reminder of how things can randomly happen at any moment. Lets me know that I have to be on my guard at any moment from anything."

At that moment, a body flew towards the duo, landing right between them.

"What the-" They both yelled before they got a good look at the person.

They saw that it was Isabelle.

"Isabelle?!" Lucina said.

"What?!" Wolf said.

Then suddenly, dozens of photos shot out from where Isabelle came from.

Said pictures were of Wolf.

Said pictures of Wolf was him in the nude.

Along with a caption on each on.

Said captions described him in...rather risque detail and what the writer wanted him to do to them and vice versa.

Then a voice shouted.


Lucina gasped.

Wolf looked at Isabelle with a shocked expression.

Isabelle blue-screen.

Palutena was happy.

You're confused.

I don't care.

Something something about Peach's underwear...

In Cloud's room.

After a lengthy explanation (and reluctance to not admit that Palutena was on to something), Isabelle was finally done.

"Well, that went well." Palutena said as she emerged out from behind the bushes, beaming.

The doggo could only give the goddess a cross look.

"...go f**k yourself."

Later that evening, in the showers.

" there was a prank earlier today about Isabelle wanting me to totally pound her." Wolf commented.

"Really?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah. Even had the pics to prove it." Wolf answered. "Lots of nudes and stuff. Dunno how she got them or when she even took them."

"That's funny." Sonic said. "Same thing happened to me. Isabelle had some of my pics, nudes as well. Before I could ask about them, she took off."

"...really now?" Wolf said.

"Yeah…" Sonic replied.

A moment of silence took over them.

"...So you think she wants to do both of us?"

"As long as we can go until next Gen."

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ