"The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world..." ― Hermann Hesse. Demian.

1. Prologue

The cold was unbearable.

Seokjin tried to open his eyes. His body felt stiff and numb, pangs of chill coursed like a current through his limbs, stabbing his skin incessantly There were voices but he couldn't open his eyes, the cold clung to his lashes.

Slowly he started to feel strength returning to him. His eyes open, vision blurry. His young cousin was lying unconscious at a distance, bright yellow scarf thrown over his still form. Jin crawled towards him. 'Tae!' His voice cracked. The 14 year old showed no signs of waking up.

Jin looked to the other side, towards the voices of two girls. He recognised the dark haired one from her voice, the infamous Slytherin. Worry settled deep in his stomach, he had to get out of here before things got worse. Jin lifted Taehyung up in his arms laboriously, the cold locking his muscles. Only one thought ran through his head, he had to get his cousin out of the frosty dungeons of Hogwarts Castle.

The girl in the emerald robes watched him go, regret etched in her otherwise cold face. She turned her purple eyes toward the girl in front of her, her friend and roommate of the past five years crouched. The stone walls were damp and icy, offering no warmth to the shivering girl on the floor. Her faint whimpers echoed in the vast empty dungeon.

'Laura please,' she bit out, teeth clacking together. Laura inched forward, her wand lit to guide her way in the darkness. The ice glittered wherever the light touched. Her hand, glistened red with blood as she stroked her friend's hair. 'It was you, wasn't it?' she asked in a soft tone. Deep purple eyes looking at her intensely. 'I know it was you. Why are you denying it? Do you wish to suffer more?'

Her friend violently shook her head. Blood ran down her shaking arms. Laura's lip turned up in distaste. Pathetic, she thought. 'Then tell me the truth Gwen. Why did you do it ?' She asked in the same soft tone again.

'I only... wanted to...' Gwen wheezed, 'I... Wouldn't you have done the same!'

'You disgust me,' Laura said, pushing her aside. Gwen slumped to the floor in pain. Laura stood up and walked towards the door, wiping her hand on her green robes. 'You call this honour? If it were in my hands I would throw you out of the Slytherin house right now. You don't deserve to breathe the same air we do.'

Gwen sobbed.

As Laura walked out of the door, she found her head of house, Professor Snape standing in the corridor. His usually placid expression was twisted in anger. The black hair falling on the sides of his face made him even more sinister.

'Miss Dracwyn,' he said to her in his deep nasally voice. 'My chambers, now. If I don't find you there by the time I get back, then consider yourself expelled.' He walked past her into the dungeon, his jet black robe flying behind him.

Another figure hurried into the corridor, a boy with pale hair and paler skin. His lilac eyes appeared dark grey in the dim light, flickering over Laura. His brows were narrowed in worry. 'Are you alright?' he asked her, pulling his velvet cloak tighter around his shoulders. It was getting colder by the minute, seeping past the dungeon and into the castle.

'Yoongi!,' Laura rasped. ' What are you doing here? And who told Snape?'

'I did,' Min Yoongi replied, looking away.

'Yoongi! I can't believe you-' but she was cut off. 'Listen to me, you had lost it. Do you have any idea what you have done?' Yoongi ran a hand through his hair. 'You would have been expelled if I hadn't told Snape. He is going to take care of the situation. That girl needs to keep her mouth sealed about this,' his hand fell back at his side.

Laura's anger was rising inside her. But she knew what Yoongi had done was right. She realised if she hadn't had her cousin to look out for her all these years, she would've gotten expelled ages ago, thanks to her short temper.

'Go to Snape's chambers and tell him all that happened. He will help you. He won't invite trouble from the Dracwyn family for himself,' Yoongi said. Laura nodded, feeling pissed off with the whole situation and then walked towards Snape's chambers. Yoongi watched her go and hoped she would do as he had told. They had spent five years at Hogwarts with barely any regard for the rules. But they were always clever about it. No student dared to cause them trouble and they always had Snape on their side. But this time, Laura had created a rather serious mess, going against another powerful Slytherin student.

Yoongi walked into the dungeon room where the girl was. Snape was making the girl drink a clear potion from a vial. There were healing wounds on her arms, but there was blood everywhere. Gwen finished drinking her potion and slumped to the ground, unconscious.

'Leave her on the side and help me clear this place out,' Snape said to Yoongi. He did as was instructed. He carried the girl to one side while Snape cleared all the blood off the floor with swishes of his wand.

'What did you give her?' Yoongi asked him. 'Oblivean,' Snape replied curtly. 'She won't remember a thing.' Oblivean could leave damage to the brain, Yoongi thought to himself. It could cause dementia, or make her hallucinate. Yet Snape gave it to her to save Laura. Was this his degree of loyalty to the Death Eaters?

On the other end of the castle, Taehyung opened his eyes wide, heavily gasping for breath.

'Tae, I'm here, it's fine,' Jin cradled his head as he kneeled on the floor with Taehyung in his arms.

'I... Laura...' Taehyung gasped, pupils constricting in horror.

'She's gone. They're all gone. We are safe here,' Jin hugged him, trying to warm his cold body. Taehyung was shivering in fear, not knowing what had exactly happened. What had he done to deserve this?

Author's Note : It all started with that one post my best friend showed me, of Namjoon sorting all of them into the four Hogwarts houses. It was like our two favourite worlds combined. This was supposed to me a really short story, but now its spun over a few many chapters, borrowing form the thoeries of the BTS universe. I hope you enjoy this crossover. The style of the story might be a little different that what is usually there in the sense that thus story has some original characters of as equal importance as the 7 boys. Constructive feedback is always welcome but if the story is not what you like, close it. Refrain from hateful comments, I hope we are all more mature than that :) I have taken the liberty to change a few things from the canon. And this story was written prior to the release of Fantastic Beasts 2 so the plot will not follow any new revelations the movie makes.