Summary: They may call me weak, yet they do not understand what I have gone through. They may call me useless, yet they do not understand what I am capable of. For too long I have suffered in silence. For too long I have held myself back. Now, it is the time to rise up and free myself of the shackles that have bound me once again. The rebellion has only just begun and it sure as hell will not end here. After all, I was once chained by the world itself. But now? I am the World. For those who wish to enslave or convert me, think again. A rebel's spirit dwells within me.

Day ?, After the Civil War

I have lost count of the days that I have written in this journal. Even as I write this, I struggle to recall today's date. One of those human inventions, the Calendar would most certainly be helpful right now. How lucky are we, to be blessed with long lifespans to the point where we forget the days? Perhaps, our long lifespans have made us blind, as compared to humans, who treat everyday like it is the last day they are going to live.

Humans. The one race that every other faction sees as a lower form of existence. What were humans to them? Nothing more than fleas, that was for sure. Could the typical human harness mana and turn it into something more within mere seconds? No. Sure, there were those who were capable of doing so, but their numbers were far too few to be of any consequence. Could the typical human withstand a single spell? No, they would die almost instantly the moment a slightly lethal spell connected with them. Could the typical human possess intellect far above any human and utilize it? No, all they had managed to do with their level of intellect isn't much compared to what we have achieved. Language is a concept that they have barely managed to understand so far. So what makes them special? What makes them so special that we use them like precious resources?

The answer? I have yet to fully figure out the answer to this and neither have any of my kin been able to do so, but I believe that it is because of the fact that they are not only in abundance, but they also possess something we do not, as Devils. Even I, the newly appointed Beelzebub lack this. Potential. The potential to grow. Limitless potential to grow far beyond what we could hope to achieve. The only problem is that they are not blessed with long lifespans like us. As such, that is the thing that limits them. But what if we could make it happen? What if we could bless them with long lifespans to see their potential fulfilled? I believe that the Evil Pieces are the key to this, and we have finally managed to win the fight against the Old Satan Faction after too much bloodshed.

Perhaps, it is finally time we start producing and distributing perhaps my greatest invention of all time en masse. After all, our numbers are in dire straits now and we cannot afford to hesitate any longer. I have personally shortlisted a few and I know that Sirzechs would probably have his own target in mind already.

Alas, for time is running short but I continue to write, even as Sirzechs, Falbium and Serafall approach my lab. Perhaps they are here to talk about the King Pieces that I gave them. I wonder how it ended up? After all, I did not tell them about the insane power boost it gives. Sirzechs is knocking on my door. It is time for my pen to be put down once more. Until then.

-Ajuka Astaroth, The New Beelzebub

"I'll see you around, guys." Waving his hand, Akira couldn't help but let out a long sigh, even as the van fades into the horizon, in view of a beautiful sunset that Akira could appreciate if not for the fact that he wouldn't be seeing any of his friends soon. They were leaving him alone, on a lonely hill that overlooked the rest of this small town. So, this was it, huh? A new place, a new start?

"Thinking about what happens next?" Morgana casually pads around Akira, his tail waving around, waiting for his leader's next move.

"Yes. After we finish high school, then what? Do we live our life as ordinary humans? Go on to college?" Akira responds, his grip on the bag strap tightening ever so slightly. This wasn't it. There was something else, something else waiting to be discovered. It was merely hidden away from him, and Akira wishes that he still had the Third Eye to see the things that were typically hidden from his sharp eyes.

"Maybe. But we should go now. We should try and find out where we are living for the next year, and preferably before the sun fully sets. It isn't too far from here, right?" Morgana makes a valid point, as expected of the more logical being of the two. Akira nods his head, and Morgana, with surprising agility, leaps onto Akira's bag as the two of them began to walk up the hill even further. Turns out, the hill has a road only part way up, and the duo begin to make their way to the top of the hill, supposedly where their residence for the next year lies. By the looks of it, this place is not too isolated, and Akira should be able to access the town's facilities without too much trouble.

Thankfully, the walk is short and within five minutes, Akira reaches the top just as the last hint of daylight is fully gone. What appears to be an isolated shrine sits on top, it's state of maintenance apparent as indicated by the lack of fallen leaves and the condition of the shrine. The other thing that destroys the illusion of an abandoned shrine is the light that is turned on in one part of the shrine, indicating that someone was present. "So, who's the person that you are supposed to find?"

"Akeno Himejima. According to my Mother, she is a family friend whose mother supposedly saved my father before from a possession. Her family is some sort of clan." His voice hardens at the words Mother and Father, but Morgana wisely chooses to not pursue that matter. "She's also a third year, studying at the same school that I'm transferring to. We've met before, but we did not interact much."

"Oh. So that's why we are going to that shrine?" Akira nods his head once more, as he strides up the steps to the shrine with a grace that perfectly melded with his movement, his hand poised to knock the door. However, his knuckle hits nothing, just as the door slides opens to reveal a girl.

A girl would be an understatement. Akira cannot help but notice her generous assets, but he immediately makes eye contact with the girl to avoid looking rude and making a poor first impression. He is after all, a gentleman thief and first impressions are generally important. "You must be Kurusu-san?" Her voice is rather mature, and Akira cannot help but notice that there is a slight hint of mischief to it. Her violet eyes also hint that, although he can tell that it hides something more.

"Yes. You must be Himejima-san? It's been a while." He responds smoothly, his voice unwavering. Surprisingly, her face morphs into one of surprise before she puts on a smile. A warm smile. Perhaps it is because even a grown man would probably stumble in the presence of such a beauty but he did not.

"You are late, you know?" She responds, a slight hint of irritation evident, but is squashed away almost as quickly as it appears.

"Sorry, we got held up by an... incident." He responds, trying to figure out a proper word for what happened in the morning.

"We?" She appears confused, and Akira understands why.

"This is Morgana, my cat." He carries Morgana gently with two hands from his bag, before setting him down on the steps as the feline strides toward the feet of Himejima.

"You two should come in." Akira nods in understanding, walking in but not before taking off his shoes while Morgana strides in, hopping over the little barrier. It wouldn't be nice to wear footwear, especially in such a clean shrine.

Inside the shrine, Akira wasn't surprised to find a rather simple set up. This was a Washitsu room, where Himejima would perhaps entertain guests. It looks to consist of only a TV sitting in a corner of the room, while a tea table sits in the centre along with a teapot with two cups, with two mats opposite each other. Akira shifts himself into Seiza, as Himejima does the same while Morgana sits himself on his lap. "Care for some tea?"

"So, I would like to lay out a few ground rules, if you do not mind." Akira nods his head in response, and Akeno continues on. "One, please make sure you do not wear any footwear in here. Two, please do not bring anyone else here, especially anyone from the school. Only a few people are allowed, and I will show you who tomorrow." His mind processes this tibit of information, before he nods his head again. She probably has her reasons for doing so, and Akira decides to leave it that way. "Three, please make sure you clean your room regularly and take care of your own laundry." Fair enough. He has always made it a point to clean his own room, even if it is not his house. As for laundry, it wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

"Sure. I'll keep those in mind, Himejima-san." Akira responds.

"Just call me Akeno, we will be living together for the next year after all." Akeno speaks, as she gets up from her seat.

"Then call me Akira, Akeno-san." Akira has his own rebuke, and Akeno simply laughs gently at that. So far, it would appear the the raven haired beauty had a gentle personality that hid something far more behind that smile and laugh of hers.

"No problem, Akira-san. Do you mind following me now? I'll show you your room." He quickly gets up, and Morgana hops off his makeshift seat, following the two.

"This is my room, and this will be your room." As he is led out of the common room, Akeno points a dainty hand to a room, before gesturing at another. It appears that they are directly opposite each other, and he decides to slide open the door to his room. Once again, he is greeted by a simple sight. It is another Washitsu room. Built into the wall is a wardrobe, with more than enough space to fit the clothes that he brought here. In the middle is a single futon, along with what appears to be a fan that is aimed towards it. It is complete with the tatami flooring, and Akira also notices that there is a bookshelf against the wall. Perhaps he could use that for the souvenirs?

"I hope you are satisfied with your accommodations, Akira-san."

"It is more than enough. Thank you for having me." Akira responds, and he smiles back. As a result, Akeno gains a light blush on her face, which isn't that surprising to him. After all, several of his Social Links had told him that his Debonair charm was rather hard to resist.

"I hope you can wake up early tomorrow, because we need to go to school early to see the President of the Student Council to finish your transfer." Akeno quickly forces the blush down, and Akira nods his head for what has to be the sixth time today.

"I will."

"The bathroom is over there, at the end of the hallway. I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Of course." He smiles, as Akeno opens the door to her room and closes it behind her. Akira cannot help but notice that she left the faint scent of lavender behind, and he takes in the scent, before stepping into what would be his home for the next year. As soon as the door closes, his smile turns into a frown, and he looks at Morgana. "You felt it too, didn't you?"

"Yea, there's something off about her. But I can't place it." Morgana responses, his cat nature beginning to show as he prowls towards the futon and climbs onto it, lying down.

"We should think about this some other time. We have a school to attend tomorrow, and I'm rather tired." Akira responds, beginning to unpack his bag. Grabbing the necessities, he quickly heads to the bathroom. Perhaps a shower would clear his mind. After all, no one could have such a contradictory feeling of light and dark to themselves, right?

Monday Morning

As his alarm blares out, Akira's bleary eyes open, his arm reaching to turn off the alarm. It may not be the loudest alarm, but it gets the job done in waking him up. Morgana however, still remains idle, stirring slightly, but performs no movement other than that. He sighs, but this is the typical behaviour of the feline that he has been living with for the past year. Now that he thinks about it, would he have to sneak Morgana into the school as well? It was highly likely, since Kuoh Academy was like other schools in terms of rules, pets weren't probably allowed there.

Grabbing what he figures would fit the typical school code and a towel, Akira slides his door open and closes it behind him without waking up the cat, headed for the bathroom. Unfortunately, he still does not have the Kuoh Academy uniform, and it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say that it would be given to him when he finalizes the transfer. The only thing he could do now is to finish up his morning routine, and hopefully there is a kitchen for him to use. Admittedly, he isn't fond of canteen food, having grown used to bringing his own food throughout his years of schooling like many others.

After he takes the quick but much needed shower to freshen him up, Akira decides that the best course of action would be checking out the rest of the shrine, given how he is awake at such a time, after all, he is awake at 6.30am, while school is only going to begin at an hour and a half later. However, the moment he steps out of his room again to begin his exploration, he immediately comes face to face with Akeno Himejima once more who is surprisingly already dressed for school.

"You're awake already? Good. Come on, grab whatever you need and we'll go now." Akira's face morphs into a face of confusion. After all, it was still too early for the school to be open. Unless his new school was an exception which was a reasonable explanation. But what other reason would Akeno want him to go to school so early?


"Let's just say that us being seen together would bring nothing but trouble on your first day of school." Akira smiles for a brief second, remembering his first day of school back at Shujin Academy. The rumours that had been floating around certainly caused him trouble, and being late with Ryuji certainly didn't help matters either.

"It wouldn't be anything new to me." He fires back, but is immediately met with a quick counter by Akeno who smiles gently.

"Let's just say that the students at Kuoh Academy can be a little bit zealous at times and I would not rather have you facing that on your first day of school." Akira raises an eye, but decides to not probe any further and instead chooses to accommodate her this time.

"Very well then." As he steps back into his room to get his items, Akira's eyes fall onto the sleeping cat, and he hesitates in his steps, contemplating if he should bring the feline to school with him. A second passes and the decision is made. He walks past Morgana without a sound, his footsteps silent as he grabs his bag of daily necessities, before walking out and closing the door behind him while leaving a gap that would be enough for Morgana to get through.. He prays silently that Morgana would understand what was happening, and even if Morgana wanted to stretch his legs, he could simply just walk around the shrine. Food wouldn't be an issue as well, with him having packed some canned food. It wasn't fresh, but it would do for now. As he steps out of his room, he cannot help but deadpan at the uniform that Akeno was wearing.


Kuoh Academy

"Well, this is elaborate." Akira cannot help but comment, looking at the massive academy that stood before him. Certainly, Shujin Academy had established itself as one of the better schools in the country with its facilities alone, but Kuoh Academy took it to the next level. The architecture of this massive academy was reminiscent of the Victorian style that originated from Britain, with the main school building being massive. Brick walls surround the gigantic school building, and he is sure that there is even more hidden away by the main school building, simply waiting to be discovered. In Ryuji's words, "Holy shit." would definitely be the appropriate term here. This was certainly quite the school, despite its uniform choice for the girls.

"Impressive, right?" Akira merely nods his head, as they begin to walk through the school gate. As expected, the school is deserted, but something immediately catches his eye as they walk through the courtyard. A small flash comes from one of the twin pillars near the entrance of the school building, and then a figure appears to be retreating by dashing into the building.

"Did you see that?" Turning to Akeno, he asks his question, only to be met with a confused look.

"See what?"

"There was someone there." Akira gestures at the pillar where the photographer had been hiding before. "He or she took a photo and then ran into the school building." Surprisingly, Akeno's face morphs into a pitying look.

"I'm sorry for what will happen later." Whatever will happen later, it cannot be that bad, right?


Washitsu Room: A type of traditional Japanese room that has tatami flooring, sliding doors used for mainly entertaining guests these days.

Seiza: Seiza is a traditional formal way of sitting in Japan, and you fold your legs under your thighs to achieve this along with your ankles facing outward and your feet being in a slight V shape.

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