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Lily and James were the happiest ever since they had gotten together. It was truly amazing seeing them like that, their friends never knew they needed a sight like it in their life. They were just so perfect for each other.

The NEWTs had gone by well than Evans and Potter had expected, they would surely be getting O's; courtesy of all the study dates they had went through, but they weren't just boring old study sessions, they were something special, and only brought the two even closer.

And right now Lily sat in James' lap, wiping away his tears which flowed down his cheeks occasionally, trying to comfort him.

This was the night before graduation.

And all the seventh years were filled with gloom, but James here was in full sentimental mode, not caring that his mates were in the same place watching him have an experience with actual emotions.

"James, love! Please." Lily giggled, holding his face in her soft hands, "you can always visit again! It's Hogwarts, we're always welcome here."

James looked up at her, blinked, and sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm just sad. I don't want to leave! We've so many memories here."

"So we'll make new ones out in the real world, mate!" Sirius piped up, throwing his arm around James' shoulder. "Blubbering's not a good look on you." He stated, patting James' head.

Lily gave Black a disapproving look, and swatted his hands away, "stoppp, he looks cute.." she smiled, ruffling his hair.

James cracked a smile, "Sirius is a dumb-arse."

"That he is!" Remus added, followed by a scoff by Sirius. "He's just acting tough right now, I bet he cried in the bathroom, or will do so later."

Fuck, he knows. Sirius thought, widening his eyes slightly. "No I didn't!" He still said defensively, "I did hear you, though."

"I'm sad too." Remus rolled his eyes.

Lily laughed, "I'll leave you boys alone now, I only came because you told me my boyfriend won't stop crying. You all suck at comforting." She pointed, getting up from James' lap. He smiled and pulled her in for a small kiss, then pulled away, "bye.. I'll see you later."

"Great." She grinned, straightened, and walked out of the dormitory.

"Prongs is friggin' whipped." Remus voiced.

"I'm in LOVE, Lupin. You should try it, it's super fun." James said, "you're all just jelly."

"yOuRe AlL jUsT jElLy— hey shut the fuck up Prongsie, we have to set up our last ever prank here!" Sirius reminded him, "it has to be bloody perfect, if it's not, I'll beat your arse with a slipper."

"Why only mine?" James raised his brows, "and why with a slipper?"

"Shut up."



"By last prank, I was not expecting you lot plastering huge M's onto the walls of Hogwarts!" Lily shook her head as she witnessed the scene in front of her in the great hall. Not to mention all the M's she had passed by in the hallways.

"Well, since Filch the sodding idiot took our map, we decided we'll give him something to clean." Sirius stated, jumping down from the bench of the Slytherin table, a brush with black paint dripping from it in his hand.

"Wait– are you lot not getting your map back?" Lily asked in surprise, "I thought it was really deer to you all."

"Appreciate the pun, my love." James voiced, who was stroking a big brush with paint on a wall, turned his head to his girlfriend, winked.

Lily's cheeks turned slightly red. She found herself biting her bottom lip, trying not to grin so wise. Why did he have to be so handsomely cute?

Remus snapped his fingers in front of Lily's face as he passed by holding a bucket filled with paint, "oi, we're talking to you."

She widened her eyes slightly as she looked at Remus, then back at Sirius, who looked utterly disgusted by the warmth of love he could feel between James and Lily. Really, it was so real it was grotesque.

"Don't be like that, Black." Lily laughed, raising her hand and patting his cheek, "now tell me why you decided to not get the map back?"

"We don't need it anymore, we have every secret passageway memorised. Besides, we want the next pranksters at Hogwarts to find it and put it to good use, and carry on our legacy." Sirius stated.

Lily raised her brows, "how.. thoughtful?" She then smiled mockingly, "never gonna let Minnie rest, eh?"

"Never." All four boys said in sync, Lily noticing that Peter was also there, far off painting in a corner. She'd noticed he'd been a bit quiet lately, which concerned her a lot. But when she asked him about it, he would just say he was sad about their journey at Hogwarts coming to an end.. and for some reason, she had a feeling something was off.

And while she was thinking, looking up at the starry night ceiling of the Great Hall, she heard a loud thud. That made her snap her head in that direction and found that James had fallen off the table he was standing on and lay sprawled on the floor, his friends not being able to control their snickers.

She shook her head at them as she walked over to James, "you okay?" She asked with a small giggle of her own as she offered him her hand.

"Fine," he said, scratching his head after he got up. "You three are arseholes. You'll probably be laughing when I'm dead." He rolled his eyes.

Sirius, Remus and Lily glared at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Is that what you really think? That you mean nothing to us?" Sirius looked offended, "mate, you're my brother. And I love you." He stated.

"I love you as well." Remus said to James.

"Me too!" Peter called out, though it sounded kind of awkward. Like he didn't really want to say it.

Lily smiled, "aww, looks like you're very loved, James Potter."

James chuckled, "it's so overwhelming sometimes."

The redhead touched his cheek gently, "I'm gonna go reminisce my time here with the girls. Then after you lot have set up your prank, I'll meet you in our common room." She told him. "Let's all have sleepover there."

"Alright." He smiled at her, leaning in to kiss her softly.

"Oh Lord, they're acting like idiotic lovers again." Sirius muttered to Remus, who was scanning the Great Hall to see if all the M's were painted in all the planned places. He then turned his head to Sirius upon his address, "yeah they make me wish I had a girlfriend. Even though I didn't even want one in the first place."

"I know. Even I, Sirius Black, is in a relationship now." He laughed at the thought, "Marlene's bloody awesome."

"Who's whipped now?" James voiced in a teasing tone, which made them look at him. They noticed that Lily had left. "Gushing about your girlfwend," he mocked.

"Meh. I was just saying the first thing we shall do after officially joining the order, is to find Moony a girl." Sirius pointed out, "preferably an animagus."

"Consider it done, Padfoot." James saluted, "now tell me, did you take care of the gold and red filibusters that will shoot from the Slytheirn table?"


"What's left to do now?" Peter asked, walking up to them. "Doing something to the boats out front?"

"Nope. Let's not mess with the graduation ceremony. instead its jinxing the doors of the dorms. So that they open to some other houses common room or dorm. It'll be completely chaotic." Remus sniggered, "I finally figured out the way to do it."

"Brilliant." Sirius said with a grin, "and how about an ickle prank on our brave girls?"

"Catch a spider and set it loose in their room. Do not forget to engorgio it." James smirked evilly, "it'll be priceless! Hide their wands too. We'll do it in a few."

"Ahhh, nothing more wonderful than angry girlfriends." Sirius said, "we shall prepare for duels or the worst kind of hexes too, then."

"It's mainly Lily we need to steer clear of." Remus added, "she can take down four of us singlehandedly. Prongs, mate, learn some combat from her. Useful for the order."

"I beg your pardon?! I'm an amazing duellist. I beat her too once." James boasted, putting his hands in his pockets and smiling proudly.

Remus, Sirius and Peter laughed in amusement.

"She's more badass than you, that's for sure." Sirius added.

James then sighed, "I have a question for you lot. How soon is too soon to ask the girl who you've loved for three years.. but have only been dating for a few months.. to marry you?"

Everyone fell silent, their eyes widening, forgetting to blink as they just stared at James, who looked extremely nervous. His cheeks flushed and his eyebrows furrowed.

"Are you sure, mate?" Sirius asked, "are you sure Lily will agree? You're both very young."

"That's exactly why I'm worried." James groaned, "I don't know man, there's a war out there. We're joining a society that's gonna take part, do we have any guarantee of our survival? I just— I love her a lot, there is no doubt in my mind about wanting her and only her. Even if their wasn't a war, I know I'd marry her,"

"You have known each other for a long time.." Remus scratched his head, clearly confused on this. He could understand why James was so conflicted over it. "How soon are we talking about?"

"Like a month or two from now?" He said.

"I think, it's the perfect time." Sirius nodded, "you'll be fine mate!" He said cheerfully, then grinned, "oh my God Lily is going to be our official sister-in-law." He really helped in easing up James' thoughts.

"Oh my God indeed." Remus smiled.

"Happy for you, mate." Peter said.

James was beaming, and couldn't even form his words properly, "Merlin. Lily will be Mrs Potter.." He said happily.

"Yeah, mate!"

The marauders then found themselves in a group hug, sharing yet another incredible memory in this very hall where they'd been first sorted and brought together.

"Now that we've been all mushy, can we get back to building up the perfect prank now?" Sirius said, pulling away from the hug.

"Of course!" James chortled.

"But wait—" Sirius widened his eyes as he had just remembered something, "who's gonna be best man?"

James widened his eyes as well, "um. I'll share that information later because I don't know that yet myself," and he ran away.

"Hey!" Sirius called, running after him. "Answer me, twat!"

"I have yet to ask the question, Black!" James called out.

"I don't care!"


The three boys walked in to a very serious looking conversation between the three girls sat on one bed. Except– Lily was in a very short crop top. Revealing some cleavage as well. All the girls had jumped startled when they barged in.

James gasped upon looking at Lily, then covered Sirius and Remus eyes with both his hands. This made everyone laugh.

"Honey, you look beautiful, but mind putting on your pyjamas instead? We're all pervs here." He stated, glancing at her.

Lily giggled, "I was just showing the girls my new summer clothes. I didn't know you pervs would walk in," she said, taking hold of her pyjamas' shirt, and going into the bathroom.

James finally took his hands off his friends' eyes, who were glaring at him. "Since when have I ever been a perv? You're the biggest one out there." Remus muttered.

James shrugged.

Marlene decided to speak, "I appreciate the action, James. Sirius tends to have wandering eyes." She teased, giving him a pointed look.

Now Sirius gasped dramatically, "HEY! I don't!"

"You do," the girls all said in sync, including Lily who had just come out of the bathroom, her pyjama shirt on and the crop top in her hand. She put it in the open suitcase on the bed, then walked up to James.

"You lot are rude." Sirius mumbled, Marlene laughed at this.

"Hey, gorgeous." James smiled at Lily, still standing while others had found themselves sat on beds. Sirius with Marlene and Remus sat down with Dorcas. They all engaged in conversation.

James and Lily stood in a corner. The redhead pulled her arms around his neck, his hands going to her waist. "Hmm, I wuv you, Prongsie." She said in a childish tone, scrunching up her nose.

James chuckled softly, kissed her nose, and replied, "I love you too, you adorable creature."

They kissed, hearing noises of disgust from their friends. The couple flipped them off. And whilst this kissing, James managed to slip out Lily's wand from her pocket and keep it in his.

Remus had also been successful with his task, grabbing Dorcas wand. He asked her a question to distract her, "where's Emmeline?"

"She went to get something to eat," Dorcas told him.

Sirius had also taken hold of Marlene's wand, so he signalled Remus. Who loudly said, "well, I think we should get going. James?"

James pulled away from Lily, muttering to himself, "aww man. Bye Lils, I have to go." He frowned, letting go of her.

Sirius and Remus rolled their eyes at him, now ready to get out of the dorm. When James approached them, Sirius opened the door, in front of them stood Emmeline, a plate of cookies in her hand. "Hi." She said.

"Hey." Sirius replied, letting her in. Then he laughed evilly, "enjoy, ladies!" And let go of the spider in his hand. James quickly engorgioed it, and they were out of the door before the girls could even process what was happening.

Remus locked the door when they got out, sniggering to himself.

Four loud screams sounded, the boys laughing like idiots outside.

"WHERE's MY WAND?! OH MY GOD I CANT FIND MY WAND!" Lily was freaking out, "FUCK!"

"NEITHER CAN I!" Marlene shouted, then yelped.

Thudding sounds were coming from the room, like they were throwing things at the spider.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU THREE!" Marlene called out.

James looked at Sirius. "I think it's enough?"

"Wait." Sirius said, enjoying the yelling and freaking out.


Then Lily's scream sounded, it made James' blood run cold. Even though it wasn't even that panicked. Then he really couldn't control himself when she called out his name. (She sounded like she was calling to murder him)

He unlocked the door, shooting a spell in the spider's direction, which was towering over Lily who was shielding herself with a thick wooden board, where'd she get that? James thought as the spider was small in size again and scurried away, and now Lily was stomping over to them, her face red as she threw the wood away. "I hate you!" She hissed at James, "you know I don't like spiders. That's it, I'm not talking to you!" She pushed him away and walked out the door.

James widened his eyes, "wait Lily— no." He said hurriedly, running after her downstairs.

"Where are the others?" Sirius asked.

"I think they all locked themselves in the bathroom." Remus was just saying this when the door opened, and the three girls came out, looking furious.

"Lily actually pushed us all in here saying she'll try and fight it off." Marlene said in an annoyed tone, "she could've been seriously injured, guys, what the fuck?"

"Pranks are always 'what the fuck'. Remus said, "Lily has a good sense of humour, she'll forgive us."

"It's James' forgiveness I'm worried about." Marlene said pointedly.

Meanwhile, downstairs Lily stood with her arms crossed grudgingly across her chest, refusing to face James.

"I'm sorry." He said sadly. "Pleaseeee, Lily. I'm so so sorry. Don't be mad at me."

She smiled, controlling her laugh. She wasn't mad at all, but instead now she decided to prank him back. "I'm breaking up with you." She said in a strained voice, it was hard for her to say it, even as a joke.

Silence on the other end. Lily bit her lip in anticipation, waiting for him to say no.

"Fine. If you can't take a joke, we're probably not right for each other." James stated, a smirk coming across his face.

Lily widened her eyes, whirling around to look at him, he quickly covered up his expression to a serious one. "Really?" She asked, very nervously.

"Yeah," he sighed.

"Oh um, brilliant then." Lily chuckled awkwardly, turning her back on him again. She then muttered to herself, "What the actual fuck?"

"Lily. Are you okay?" James asked, trying his best to keep in his laughter.

"Totally. I- I have to go." She murmured, wanting to run off from this common room. Right when she attempted to do so, James jumped in her direction, grabbing hold of her from behind. He laughed evilly, "you're not going anywhere, missy." He teased, kissing her cheek. "I just pulled a reverse card on you, is all."

"It was really depressing, Potter." Lily mumbled, leaning into his hold. "Shouldn't've done that."

He nuzzled his face into her neck. She giggled, "your arm is crushing my poor tits." She told him.

"I mean to keep it there," he said in a playful tone. Lily rolled her eyes, leaning her head on his shoulder as he turned his head to kiss her. "Sorry, tits."

She laughed in amusement.

"Where'd you get that board thingy, by the way?" James asked curiously.

"I might've broken the dresser." She replied shyly. "I just don't like spiders."

James' jaw went slack, "you're so small.. how even- how are you so strong?!"


They went up to the dorm quite some time later. Appearances were questionable, so of course, Sirius had to question it, though he was aware of what might've happened.

"You look rough. Which hex did she use now?" He asked teasingly.

James made the most innocent face possible and gave Lily a look. "Rather not say." His voice was deep. She rolled her eyes at him.

Marlene ooh'd. "What a pair of rabbits." She said, "you two are definitely making me an aunt very soon."

"Oi!" Lily said, a blush covering her cheeks as she glanced at James' way. Who just laughed with the cutest smile on his face. Ugh Lily will you stop getting so distracted by him? She thought to herself, then voiced, "let's go sleep already. I am dead tired."

Everyone nodded in agreement, and they started their way towards the Heads' Dorms. Talking and laughing, they decided to tour the whole castle, that took a lot of time, and later when they reached their destination, they were exhausted. So much that as soon as they set their sleeping places on the huge common room carpet, all of them were knocked out cold.

All of the pranks the Marauders had set up had been successful. Initially the students had woken up to a ruckus caused by Filch as he saw the black painted walls in the Great hall. He was going bloody mental, yelling and cursing so much.

And with the dorm door jinxes, when the students had woken up, they wanted to check why there was so much noise outside. So when they opened their dorm doors, some opened in the Slytherin common room and vice versa, which resulted in instant fights. One Hufflepuff boy ended up in a Ravenclaw girl's room, who screamed and slapped him across the face. It was as chaotic as Remus had predicted.

Speaking of Remus, the Marauders were all enjoying the scenes with the girls. All dressed in proper black gowns with their pointed hats. First they'd visited the Gryffindor common room which had students of other houses standing there confused, then they went down to the great hall to sit at the Gryffindor table for lunch.

Filch was practically break dancing as he whined about the walls and floors to Dumbledore; who looked rather amused. Minerva stood beside him, her lips pursed at the sight. Of course the Marauders would do such a thing. She was actually quite sad upon their departure, so she didn't have it in her heart to scold the boys who were sitting right in front of her.

After some of the problems were resolved, there came the time for lunch, immediately after which the graduation ceremony would be held. After everyone had eaten the special dishes made for the seniors, the tables cleared up. Right the next moment, a Slytherin smelled smoke from under their house table; and before anyone could check, an explosion sounded. Soon the hall was filled with red and gold fireworks.

"POTTER! BLACK!" Minerva shouted irritably, "you should stop with all this at once! Or I'm getting your NEWT results cancelled!"

The Marauders, including Lily, laughed at the sight of the Slytherins. Muttering things and glaring towards their table. Mulciber even had the nerve to shout, "we'll get back at you and your mudblood girlfriend later, Potter! The dark lord invited us chosen ones to a feast. Better watch out."

James quirked his brow, "and you better watch it with that mouth of yours. Or I'll break your fucking neck, you little bitch." He snapped at him, "have fun sucking Voldemort's dick."

Minerva widened her eyes, "Potter! Mind your language, young man." She scolded, "and Mr Mulciber, I don't know when you'll grow up. But I hope that day comes soon."

"Oh snap," Lily hushed to James, who chuckled. He then kissed her cheek softly, which made her smile.

Later came the time for the seventh years to say their goodbyes to the castle which had been a major part of their childhoods. The place they learned many things, made wonderful friends.. the place they grew up.

Getting through with this day was indeed very hard for the Marauders. They took lots of photos with Lily. There was a wizard photo too where Lily wiped a tear away on James' cheek, while one slipped down her own. Both of them were smiling sadly. It was a bittersweet moment..

As was the one where they all looked back at the castle, before stepping on the boats they had sat on seven years ago as confused ickle first years.. not even sorted into houses. Now Hagrid stood with a sad smile on his face, and called, "seventh years, this way!"

James sat with the rest of the Marauders. Lily with the girls. No one wanted to speak, they all silently lived the moment. A while later, they reached the other side of the lake.

"Oh God, I don't want to go." Marlene mumbled, "why can't we be here forever?"

"You can if you become a professor." Lily said.

"Hmm, good one, Evans." She laughed.

The redhead looked up as she heard a chatter being exchanged, James and Sirius had engulfed Hagrid in a hug, or it could be the other way round. "We'll miss you big guy," James said.

"I– I'll miss yeh too– ooh," he cried, big tear drops falling onto James and Sirius head, "why do yeh have to grow up and leave, eh?"

"Hmm," Sirius said, "don't be like that, Hagrid. We'll make sure to meet with you whenever possible."

Lily walked up to the giant too, a small smile on her face. "Bye, Hagrid—" but she couldn't complete her sentence as he'd pulled her in the hug too.

"Lily! I'll miss yeh the most. Oh yeh kind soul!" He blubbered.

She giggled, "I'll miss you the most too, Hagrid. And your rock cakes," she added, making the giant grin widely.

After the goodbye with Hagrid, the students saw that Dumbledore, and McGonagall also stood there.

Eventually, people started boarding the train. Their luggage had already been put in.

Lily stood next to James, looking at Hogwarts across the water, a smile on his face. She reached over and grabbed his hand; he turned his head to her.

"Time to go, Love." Her voice was soft, just like her touch.

He nodded, closed his eyes for a moment, then said, "so long, Hogwarts."

"So long, Hogwarts." Lily repeated his words.

"Uhh you both done with the sappy goodbyes yet?" Sirius' voice came from behind them, "Remus, Peter and I are waiting. The train won't though."

"Fine, Black." Lily rolled her eyes, leaving James' hand and pushing Sirius towards the train, "let's go."

They all stepped onto the train laughing, sitting in the compartment they always sat in. Ready to face the real world. Like the brave Gryffindors they were..

The end.

Thank you to everyone who read this story. Means a whole lot.