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So, I just finished my second weekend series and now deciding what to do for my next FF Weekend series. I have this one idea booming in my head for a bit, but it was meant to replace my backboard story once State of decay story was done; but seeing how that could take a year and I have no ideas for my weekend story, I'm going to do this and corner-cut the story a bit. But also expanding my timeframe of work from Friday to Monday. So, my OC Courier stats will be at the bottom along with Ruby's. The Courier's stats will be based off Fallout NV stats (all stats will start at five each rounding up to thirty-five plus an additional five points for me to freely add.) while RWBY's and everyone else will follow fallout 3 stats. (same like NV except no additional 5 points) I did this because Ruby or the rest of her friends never had to survive in a nuclear wasteland while the Courier was born in it. Now then enjoy the story.

I don't own Fallout NV, Quotes from others, or RWBY

Narrator POV (Ron the Narrator)

Mojave Desert

War... war never changes. When atomic fire consumed the earth those who survived did so in great underground vaults. When they open, there inhabitants set out across the ruins of the old world to build new societies. Establishing villages, forming tribes.

As decades pass what had been the American Southwest, united beneath the banner of the New California Republic. Dedicated to old world values of democracy and the rule of law. As the Republic grew so did it needs. Scouts spread east seeking for territory and wealth in the dry and merciless expanse of the Mojave Desert.

They return with tales of a city, untouched by the warheads that scorched the world and a great wall expanding across the Colorado river. The NCR mobilize their army and sent them east to occupied Hover Dam and restore it to working condition.

But across the Colorado another society had arisen under a different flag. A vast army of slaves forged by the conquest of eighty-six tribes Caesar's Legion. Four year has pass since the republic held the dam, just barely against the Legions onslaught. The legion did not retreat. Across the river it gains strength. Campfires burn training drums beat.

Through it all the New Vegas Strip has stayed open for business. Under the control of its mysterious overseer, Mr. House and his army of rehabilitated tribes and police robots.

You are a Courier. Hired by the Mojave express to deliver a package to the New Vegas strip. What seemed be a simple delivery job has taken turn... for the worst.

"You got what you came for, so pay up." A Kahn member said.

"Your crying in the rain pally." A checkered suites man said.

"Heh, guess who's waking up over here." Another Kahn member said.

(Drops cigarette) Time to cash out." The checkered suited man said as he stomps out his cigarette.

"Will you get it over with." A Kahn member said irritated.

"Maybe Kahn's kill people without looking them in the face, but I ain't a fink. Dick." The man answers as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a platinum chip. "You made your last delivery, kid. Sorry you got twisted up in this scheme.

As he said this, he pulls out a pistol from his jacket pocket before monologuing. "From where you are kneeling it must seem to be an eighteen-carrot run of bad luck. Truth is... the game was rigged from the start... BANG!

Fallout New Vegas: A Rose over a shallow grave


A dust storm of a great magnitude swept through the land that night. This was ignored by most, in the Mojave Waste Land dust storms are a common assurance. However, what no one realizes was that this storm brought a force never before seen on this earth. A dozen figures appeared all over the Mojave, one such figure was in a graveyard outside Goodsprings. She is a young girl destined to save to world; but as of now, she lays still against a crumbling tombstone of the old world. After a full minute unconscious, she begins to twitch. Slowly but surely her eyes begin to open to reveal her silver eyes to the world.

"Hmmm wha, where am I?" She asked herself as she slowly stands.

She looked around before noticing her scarlet red and ebony black clothes were torn to sunder. Tears and rips in her skirt and shirt nearly leaving her exposed to the cold wind of the Mojave deserts. But thankfully whatever benevolent force that brought her here didn't tear up her most treasured clothing, a crimson red hooded cape. As she wraps herself in it to keep herself warm from the cold desert winds. She begins to question herself on how she got here and where exactly here is. As she stumbles about for a moment, she notices something glowing in the distance. As she walked over to the lights of a jewel in the waste, she tripped on something causing her to fall down face first.

"Ouch, what tripped me?" She asked herself as she turns and clutches her leg, before she sees a hand sticking out of the ground.

"Oh, my Oum!" She shrieks as she backs up in fear only for her to stop and cry a bit in pain as her hand burns.

She looked down to see her hand with a small burn mark from a hot bullet casing. She then realized that she was at the scene of a recent crime. At first, she had no idea what to do. So, she laid there mopping on what to do when her eyes laid upon his hand. At first, she thought she saw something; but then it twitches again revealing the person was still indeed alive somehow.

"Oh Oum, hang on Mr. I'll save you!" The girl says in a panic.

She regains her composer while digging, this was a chance for her to save a life. Just like how she was trained in her school. Granted it was fighting monsters, not digging up a buried people. But that doesn't matter for now. As she slowly digs up the stranger, a rolling sound can be heard with music following it. She turns her head to see a strange robot rolling up to her with a deep jazz playing. It looked like an old science fiction robot. A literal TV on wheels.

Play Blue moon by Frank Sinatra

"Um... Hello?" The girl said as the tv screen of the Robot turns on, showing a cartoon cowboy on screen.

"Well Howdy there little one. What if I may ask you doing out here?" The Robot asked.

"Um, I don't know; but this person has been buried alive and I need help digging this person up." The girl explains. The robot then rolls over to the side and activated some kind of scanning feature.

"Hmmm well good eye there youngling. He's alive alright, well now let me help yah." The machine said as he began to help dig the stranger out but stops after a few scoops.

"Oh, where's my manners, name Victor. Folks around here just call me Vic." The robot knows known as Victor replies as it raises his hand to shake.

"Um my name is Ruby... Ruby Rose." The girl now known as Ruby replies as she shakes his hand before returning to dig the poor stranger.

After an hour of digging by hand they finally got off enough sand to pull the stranger out. Ruby of course struggles to lift the man, but after pulling him out a bit Victor grabbed him by his shoulders with ease.

"Oh Oum, do you think he's going to be ok?" Ruby asked as Vic picked him up bridal style while his head slumped over.

"Well darling I won't lie to yah. I don't have the expertise to decide, but this situation seems way to dire." Vic answers.

"Oh... ok." Ruby said with a saddened face.

"Ah, don't feel bad now, there's a Doctor in town who probably can save our dirty friend here." Victor remarks.

"Really? Great!" Ruby said as she perked up with excitement.

"Woah now, easy their child. Let's save that positivity till he recovers." Vic said calming down Ruby.

"Oh, right... sorry." Ruby said rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"Ain't nothing to be sorry about, now shall we get our spurs a' rolling." Vic said before rolling down the hill into a small town.

Ruby shortly follows Vic down the hill but stopped after hearing something crunching under her foot. She looked down to see an open letter on the ground. She quickly picks it up and inspects the top. It was filthy, covered with dirt and sprinkles of blood; but the most noticeable thing about it was the word saying "Wanted, Sixth Courier position". She then just presumed it was the stranger and followed Vic down into town.

After a short walk or in Vic's case roll, the two reached the house of Doc Mitchell. Once they made it inside the Doctor quickly took the man inside to perform the surgery. While waiting on the porch Ruby looks up to the sky to see a full moon. She remembers the moon, glistening in the night sky but never intact. As she watched the moon Vic rolls by her.

"So, what's the good word, Mrs. Rose?" Vic asked.

"... Where am I?" Ruby asked the robot.

"Goodsprings Nevada ma'am. A small but quaint town." Vic replies.

"... No Vic, I mean which planet am I on?" Ruby asked as a tear starts to form in her eye.

"Um... I don't follow ma'am. Can you explain your problem in a bit more detail?" Vic asked only for Ruby to start tearing up even more before quietly crying.

"Now hang on a bit child, was it something I said?" Vic asked as he slowly placed his metallic arm on her shoulder.

"No Vic, it's just... I'm not born here. On this planet I mean." Ruby said.

"... Now child. I hate to be a doubter of your problem but I have to call hogwash on that." Vic said.

"Well it's true. My world is called Remnant, it has four kingdoms and there are creatures called Grimm that roam the planet killing anyone human looking. Plus, our moon is shattered." Ruby explains as she points to the moon before mentioning her worlds moon.

"... That's an interesting proposition you got there Mrs. Rose, but do you have any proof of your world, or are yah just spinning tall tales?" Vic asked as he held his arms at his robotic hips. Ruby took a moment to calm down before remembering she had her scroll. She quickly pulls it out and opens it, but to her horror it was cracked and spitting electric.

"What in tarnation is that?" Vic asked.

"It's my scroll. It allows me to access information, call friends, and a key card for my dorm room. Guess it didn't survive that sandstorm." Ruby said feeling a sense of dread.

"Hmm, well I may be able to help you with that." Vic said causing Ruby to look up from her slump state. "Wait here for a second."

Vic then rolls away into a small house before entering, after a few minutes he rolled out of there with something in his hand. It was a rather bulky brace in a shade of rusting tan. On the side was a computer screen with a few nobs and buttons.

"May I see your little scroll for a tic." Vic asked to which Ruby agrees. Vic takes the broken scroll before yanking a cord from the strange device he had grabbed. He then pulled some wires from the scroll before plugging them into the cord. After a few seconds both devices turned on and soon information started to pour into the Robco device.

"Well I'll be a blind Cazador. You really aren't from this planet." Vic said with excitement before realizing what that meant. "Oh, shucks darling. For what it's worth, you have my sympathy's."

"Thanks Victor." Ruby said as the robot hands her the strange device. "Um no thanks, I'm good."

"Well I insist. This here is a Pip-boy. Back in the hay day this here was only found on them Vault dwellers. Regardless it ain't as fancy as your scroll but it will do in a pinch." Vic said once again offering Ruby the device but this time she accepted it.

"Vault dwellers?" Ruby asked.

"Oh right, you being from another planet and all." Vic chuckles in embarrassed a bit. Before he could finish Doc, Mitchell walked outside washing his hand of the blood from the surgery. As he stood their Ruby's body starts to tension up as she waits for the news.

"... He's, going to live." Doc Mitchell said causing Ruby the sigh in relief from the news.

"Now little one, he may live but that doesn't mean that he got away unscathed. So, you wouldn't happen to be his daughter by chance otherwise we have no information about him." Doc Mitchell said as he sat down on the porch next to Ruby.

"Um no, I'm not his daughter, but I think he's a courier because I found this." Ruby said handing him the paper.

Doc Mitchell took the paper from the letter and pulls up his glass before he began to read it carefully. "Hmm, well by this letter, it seems our unconscious friend here is a courier from the Mojave express out in Primm. He along with five others were hired to deliver small packages by an unknown source."

"So... someone shot the mailman? Over what?" Ruby asked.

"It doesn't say." Doc said causing Ruby to sigh in disappointment. "Well regardless, if he isn't your pa do you have a place to sleep?"

"No, in fact I'm not even from around here." Ruby said.

"Ah, you're from California then?" Doc guessed, but to his disappointment Ruby just shook her head.

"Actually Doc, Young Rose here isn't from our own planet." Vic explained causing Mitchell to raise his brow in curiosity.

"Really now, is that a fact?" Mitchell asked.

"Yep, this is one of those truth is stranger than fiction moments." Vic said. Mitchell took a moment to look at Ruby sadden face then back at Victor's computer frame.

"Hmm well then, as a stranger who passed by here once said. This is a story for another day." Doc said as he stood up. "You can spend the night here and, in the morning; you can tell me about your world."

"Really?" Ruby asked with wide eyes, to which Mitchell responds with a nod. Instantly Ruby quickly jumped up and hugged the old man like a vice. "Thank You, thank you, Thank You, Thank you!"

"Easy there youngling, I may be able to hold my own in a gunfight but I'm still an old man." Doc said as he slightly pushes Ruby off him.

"Oh right, heh. Sorry." Ruby said as she gets off him.

"Ain't nothing to apologize for. Now I do hope you don't mind the couch; at my age I need something softer." Doc Mitchell asked.

"Nope, I once slept in a wagon." Ruby said causing Doc Mitchell to chuckle a bit.

"Alright, couch should be down the hall." He said as he holds the door open.

"Ok thank you." Ruby said as she walked into the house but stopped halfway through the door. "Oh, and Victor, have a good night and thanks again."

"Ah shucks, it ain't nothing Mrs. Rose. Sweet dreams now." Vic responds to which Ruby politely nods before entering the house.

After a few minutes Doc Mitchell retrieved a spare pillow and blanket for Ruby. After being tucked in he turns off the lantern leaving Ruby to sleep. As she slept a nightmare starts to settle in her head causing her to twist and turn in her sleep.

Voices of screams of her fellow classmates can be heard as they raced inside to survive the storm. As they ran Ruby noticed her sister floating upwards towards the dust storm, like someone turned off the gravity. As she tries fruitlessly to save her sister and her sisters partner; who managed to grab ahold of her but not before being sucked up herself. Then Ruby's best friend Weiss managed to use her semblance to stop them but for some reason it broke sucking her up along with them. Ruby managed to save her team by grabbing her partners leg in one hand and in the other a column of the cafeteria building. But lightning struck the side of the building causing the four to float up. Unfortunately, they weren't alone in this end ever. Team JNPR seemed to be in the same end ever and soon they all were floating in the dust storm. As a way to stay together they all grabbed ahold of each other in a circle formation similar to Season three's intro. As they hold on for dear life, they were all slowly sucked out the storm. Screaming for each other till eventually leaving Ruby alone in the storm. As she floated there, barely able to see anything with the sand in her face, she suddenly felt like she was falling. As she fell, she saw for a glimpse of the man she dug up. He was knelling before a second man in a checkered suit. The checkered suited man was aiming a gun towards the man before a shot ranged out, causing Ruby to wake up in a cold sweat. As she looked around, she remembers where she was and felt complete despair of her situation... till the smell of something frying hits her nose.

She got off the couch as she reached down for her scroll before remembering that it was destroyed. She then remembers the pip-boy Vic gave her. She looked around before spotting it on the coffee table. She grabs it and tightens it onto her wrist as she walked into the kitchen.

"Morning." Doc Mitchell said as he fried something on a stove.

"Good morning." Ruby said as she sat down at the table as Doc Mitchell placed down the spatula and grabbed two plates.

"Here you go, I ain't as good as my late wife but I can still scramble a good egg." Mitchell said as he sat down on the other end.

Ruby mouth starts to water and she quickly took her fork and scooped up a piece of the egg and placed it into her mouth. As she ate a piece of the egg, she slowed down a bit. The egg she had tasted slightly... off.

"Something wrong Mrs. Rose?" Mitchell asked as he took another bite from his egg.

"Oh nothing, it's just I never tasted these kinds of eggs before." Ruby explained.

"Oh right, silly of me to forget you aren't from around here." Mitchell chuckles to himself. "Well I'm going to presume you eat those prewar white bird eggs, or I think so. In any case, right there is a small pile of freshly scrambled Gecko egg."

"Gecko? ... so, I'm eating a lizard's egg?" Ruby asked slightly shuddering at the fact she ate lizard eggs.

"Well not the type from your world but yea to a sense." Mitchell explains. Ruby continues to look down at her plate with a concern look on her face. As she looked down at the warm eggs, she thought about it for a second before taking another bite then another and another till, she ate her fill from the egg.

"Never had lizard eggs before... not bad." Ruby compliments. Mitchell nods his head as he pours himself a mug of coffee. After taking a sip from his mug he pulls out of his shirt pocket a pencil and notebook.

"Now seeing my first visitor from a different planet I would like to ask you a few questions and in return I guess I can tell you about our world." Mitchell proposed.

"Alright I guess that sounds fair. Where do you want me to start?" Ruby asked.

"Well how about your world from the beginning." Mitchell proposed. Ruby nods and took a moment to breathe before telling Mitchell of Remnant.

A few days later

Ruby had told Mitchell everything about the world of Remnant. From the four kingdoms and their war against the creatures of Grimm, to the Faunus race and Semblance. She then got to the part about the huntsman and their role for humanity and Faunus kind. She explained how she was invited by the headmaster of Beacon to attend his combat school two years in advance and her adventures while attending Beacon. After finishing with how she and her friends were sucked up into a sand storm, Mitchell then talked about his world's history or at least the most major and recent events. That it has been over two hundred years since the atomic bombs fell, destroying the world. Instead of the human race sub-coming to the hellfire that brought with the destruction of the world, some managed to survive in Vaults. He explained that he and his late wife was a resident of one Vault, Vault 21 in Vegas. He explained about some of the horrific creatures like Deathclaws and god awful Cazador, but most of all he explained the recent battle for Hover dam. How an empire of slaves from the Grand Canyon called Caesar legion attacked the dam but was stopped by another empire called the New California Republican (NCR) but only barley. He finished his story about the current world politics and simple facts about radiation, ghouls, and currency.

After swapping tales about their words, Mitchell allowed Ruby to stay while he tended to their mysterious Courier. He gave her a spare Vault 21 jump suit since Ruby's clothes were completely trashed. After a while Ruby soon ventured out into the town of Goodsprings and met with the locals. She built a reputation as a helpful young girl who has a talent for long range firearms and fixing things. She did a few odd jobs here and there getting payed with enough bottle caps for a few sodas down at the saloon. She played around with her Pip-boy enjoying the radio feature and when she learned about the Vat feature her natural sharp shooting expertise's had increased two-fold. She used that ability to hunt down Geckoes near the Goodsprings wells with a local hunter named Sunny Smiles on a nearly daily basis. One day as she and Sunny walked back to town after their latest Gecko hunting trip. As they came into view of town, Vic rolled up to them.

"Howdy Ruby." Vic replies.

"Oh hay Vic." Ruby greeted as she slung her Varmint rifle over her shoulder while wearing her new Vault suit.

She had made multiple updates to her Vault 21 jumpsuit. For starters she replaced the utility belt with her ammo belt around her waist. Along with her corset for some minor protection. Her hood was held to her suit by her rose symbol. She had replaced the Vault boots with her own and had tucked the pants into them. She also managed to find some biker goggles to help with the occasional sand storm that blows through.

"Well I just received some great news." Vic said happily.

"Oh, really what's that?" Ruby asked.

"Our mysterious friend just woke up!" Vic said with excitement causing Ruby's jaw to drop with excitement.

"Really! Well how is he Vic!" Ruby asked with excitement.

"Sad to say he has amnesia, can't even remember his name. Only thing he can remember is the world and what's going on, but not his name or where he's from." Vic said in a sad tone causing Ruby to become slightly sad.

"Oh, well, where is he?" Ruby asked.

"I believe he left Doc Mitchell home and said he needed to check on something. Saw him head back up to the hill to the graveyard." Vic said while pointing to Goodsprings graveyard.

"Ok, thanks Vic!" Ruby said as she ran off towards the hill leaving a cloud of dust in her wake.

"(Cough, Cough) You know for sweat young, that is some mystical shit she could do right there." Sunny said as she fans away the dust.

"Well you know what they say, it's a wild wasteland out there." Vic said before he strolled on home.

Up on the hill Ruby raced upwards slowing down near the top. She has been rehearsing on what she was goanna say to this courier for a while now and she just started to get butterfly's in her stomach. She calmly breathed in and out before walking into the graveyard. As she peers over a tombstone, she spots a man standing over his grave. He was wearing a Vault 21 jumpsuit just like hers except the suit top was pulled down revealing a white undershirt while its arms were wrapped around his waist. He also had a Pip-boy on his arm but this one looks like it had seen better days. It had a crack on the bottom left screen and parts of the radio speaker cage was chipped off.

"Um, Hello courier guy!" Ruby said nervously aloud only to not get a response from him.

"Um, so are you ok? I mean obviously you aren't but um... nice weather we have today." She said nervously to which he did not respond again.

"... So um, I was wondering, if you can help me with a small problem." Ruby said getting a response in the form of him jumping down into the hole. She got a better look at him, in his hands was a shovel that he was using. While Ruby had been talking, he was digging something out of the shallow grave. He then reaches down, pulling out a tribal satchel and a black Stetson that had seen better days before turning around to meet Ruby eye to eye.

He pulls out a pistol from his satchel before walking over to Ruby. She froze up pondering weathered she should fight or flight as the man walked closer with the gun in his hand.

"Are you the girl who dug me up?" He asked with a stone-cold exterior.

"Well, yes but Vic helped." Ruby said nervously. After a few seconds passed the man flips the gun around with the handle pointing to her.

"Guess you want a reward for pulling my ass out from the dirt, this here pistol should do much better than that pea shooter on your back." The man explained.

"Um no I don't really want a reward." Ruby said politely but she couldn't take her eye off the old gun due to her Gun Nut personality. It was an old and Weathered 10MM that seems to be in great condition.

"Well, if that Doc is right this is the Mojave. Trust me every weapon you can get your hand on is goanna improve your odds." The courier insists as he hands her the pistol. Ruby once again was hesitant but she took the pistol. Despite being Weathered down by the elements it looked to be in good working condition. As she looked over the 10MM the courier heads back down the hill but stopped mid-way.

"You need help with something, right?" He asked without turning around.

"Um, yes." Ruby said. After a few seconds pass by as the wind blew through the man let's out a low chuckle as he placed on his hat.

"Well let's talk about the details with a drink, god knows after what happened to me, I'm goanna need it." He said with a small smirk.

Ruby didn't know what to say, on one hand she felt excited that she is goanna leave town but on the other hand she felt like she's goanna make a deal that she is goanna regret. So, pushing her thoughts aside as she holsters her new pistol on her belt before following him to the saloon in town.

Hello everybody, hope you enjoyed that epic intro (Chapter 1) to my new series. So again, this will be a weekend event (from Friday the earliest to Monday the latest, unless something happens.) and each chapter follows Ruby's and Six's story. So, each story I write has its own thing going on throughout the story so with that said this story is goanna have amnesia be its theme. Six has no idea who he is so neither do you the reader's, but just like ED-E's character quest, certain lines of words can bring them back. So, at the end of certain chapter's I'm goanna ask a question and if anyone of you guys can guess correctly then I'll place the prize at the bottom and the name of the person who guessed correctly down at the bottom of the chapter. The prize will be either a flashback of six's past or a small segment on the rest of the teams.

So, here's our first question. This less about lore and more about luck: During the whole flashback sequence you learn (or hinted at) that team JNPR and the rest of team RWBY is in the waste, question is where? Well I can tell you that the one went to the Sierra Madre, one went to the big MT, one went to Zion. The other four woke up all around the Mojave. One at a bar near two giants, the other before a king, one in the tribe with big boom boom sticks, and the other in nuclear Winter wonderland. If you can guess the location of each character from the Mojave then I'll show the characters Stats, guess the three extra's then I'll show a small segment of Six's past. Good luck.

Please Fav and Fol the story and leave a comment with your guesses.

This is Wombag1786 signing off.


Name: can't remember. (Six)

Karma: Truly Neutral

Age: 34

Choice skills (Tag)




Medical (Tag)

S: 5

P: 4

E: 6

C: 5

I: 5

A: 6

L: 9

Race: Caucasian

Looks: Hazel scraggly hair, brown eyes, lone Wanderer facial hairstyle. Scars, include two bullet scars and one slash over the left eyebrow. Has a tribal tattoo on his side torso and a Shi initiate tattoo on his arm. (Think of a twisting dragon and serpent Yakuza style tattoo.)

Starting weapons: 357 revolver, caravan shotgun, a combat knife, and a few sticks of dynamite.

Starting clothes: armored 21 vault jumpsuits, sunglasses. Only thing recovered from his belongings was a black cowboy hat that had seen better days with an aged and stained ace of spades and clubs in the hat.

Traits: wild wasteland, fast shot.

Occupation: former courier.

Personal items: tribal satchel, shovel, zippo lighter, leather cap bag, vault 13 flask, binoculars, a wild card with the name Sarah written on it.

Name: Ruby Rose

Karma: Neutral Good

Age: 15





S: 3

P: 7

E: 6

C: 3

I: 5

A: 8

L: 3

Race: Caucasian

Looks: short Jet-Black Hair with Red tip hair, silver eyes. No scars.

Starting Weapons: Weather 10MM, Varmint rifle, a kitchen knife.

Starting clothes: A custom Vault 21 Utility Jumpsuit with Ruby's ammo belt and Hood attached to it. Also has a pair of biker googles on her head.

Traits: Skilled, Trigger discipline

Occupation: Huntress in training

Personal items: A Vault 21 Cantina, a picture of Team RWBY and Zwie