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Inside an empty theater filled with boxes and workers

Author Monologue POV

On stage a lone man was sits on a box marked fragile. As he writes a few things down he looks up to notice the readers.

"Ah, so you're here. Good." Wombag then get us and readjust his tie. "So this is the end my friends. Figure I break my rule again and start by reading the comments and questions to you live."

He then pauses before reaching into his front pocket. As he does the view twist to the side to see a few workers moving boxes. Wombag notices and remarks, "If you're wondering what I'm doing. This is the first story to exceed five hundred reviews, nearly made it to 300 in Fav's while just getting over 311 Fol's. Seeing that, I'd figure we renovate this old place. Refurbish some stages, fix the multiple bullet holes, and get rid of the blood stains that ruined the carpets back in chapter 34. Course I'll have a few things auction off to make room for the next story."

Just as he managed to find the cards containing the questions a worker came over. "Hey, boss. Where you want this eight pack of Nuka?"

"Hmm, do they have the Red Star stickers on top?" Wombag asked.

"Yeah. Want me to ship em out with the barrel of Sunset Sarsaparilla?" The worker asked.

"Oh, heavens no. Give it to Ulysses. I asked him to drop off a few things to a few writers who are writing Fallout X RWBY story's." Wombag said as he fished a name card sticker out of his back pocket before slapping it on the side. It read "For F.E. ".

"Alright, sure thing." The worker remarked before walking away.

"Thanks… oh and don't let anyone drink it. Two of them are spiked with military grade LSD!" Wombag called out before turning to the readers. "Any who, let's begin with the comments and questions."

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"Alright, with that done I suppose we should end start the story… but I have two things to say. One, I finished Chapter 60. I will post in a few days or maybe a week, depending on how many people read this chapter. And two, if anyone want to use elements from this story, or make their own version of it they can. And well, that's it… kind of. Just, give me a second." Wombag then walks over to a pile of burnt teddy bears, reaching inside he tossed a few aside before pulling out a karaoke device.

"We used this machine to practice for Chapter 34 after that it's been in storage. Figure I give it one last go before starting the chapter, if y'all wish to indulge me for a moment I wish to dedicate this song to FEV Grim, Gadget916, and anyone who wants to use this story to make their own." Wombag then reaches down and starts up the old machine. After a few moments' music begins to play.

Play Take Good Care of my Baby By Bobby Lee

The lights turn off, before one turns back on Wombag. He was now wearing a Tuxedo. He then starts to sing into the mic.

"My tears are fallin'
'Cause you've taken her away
And though it really hurts me so
There's something that I've gotta say"

Wombag then ran up the boxes before continuing on. As he does so, he reaches down into the boxes and pulled out a handful of scripts before tossing it up. As he got to the third line, a few of the workers joined in by adding in their "ooohs."

"Take good care of my baby
Please don't ever make her blue


Just tell her that you love her
Make sure you're thinking of her
In everything you say and do"

Wombag then makes a Jesus pose before falling back, landing on the workers. As they carried him through the stage, they pass by multiple poster of DLC's and highlights of the story.

"Aww, take good care of my baby
Now don't you ever make her cry


Just let your love surround her
Paint a rainbow all around her
Don't let her see a cloudy sky


Once upon a time that little girl was mine
If I'd been true, I know she'd never be with you"

The Workers then tossed him to the side. He took a few steps forward before tripping. He lands on the pile of fake and real corpses used throughout the story. Giving a small chuck he begins to think back to the first day of posting while holding Biggus Dickus severed head.

"So, take good care of my baby
Be just as kind as you can be


And if you should discover
That you don't really love her
Just send my baby back home to me"


In the Flashback, Wombag was in his room, nervously re-reading his work for chapter 1. He walks back and forth. Wanting to post, but couldn't find the nerve. Eventually he does and after a few moments the story was posted. He was going to leave and cry in the corner out of nervousness when the door burst open sending him flying out of the window.

"Well, take good care of my baby
Be just as kind as you can be
And if you should discover
That you don't really love her
Just send my baby back home to me"


A day of hardship, schoolwork, and crazy shenanigans later. Wombag limps in, with his right arm and left leg in a cast. Multiple stiches and a massive headache. He crashes on his bed grumbling about something when his phone buzzed. Looking down at his phone he noticed that the story has gained traction. Reading the comments, it brought a smile underneath his gasmask. He then got up and begin writing the next chapter with enthusiasm.

"Aww, take good care of my baby"

The Flashback comes to an end and Wombag slides back on stage with a cane and top hat.

"Well, take good care of my baby

Singing the last three lines before tossing his cane and hat and saying the last three lines.

"Just, take good care of my baby"

As the song comes to an end, a small happy tear falls down from Wombags right gasmask eye hole. He then wipes it off before saying. "In all seriousness, thank you all for your love and support. For those who want to make their own, please go and do so. Just take good care of my baby. Now, onto the show. Enjoy. Leave a comment or question while also fav and fol as well. It helps the story and future works as well. This is Wombag signing off."

Wombag then walks off stage as the current closes. After a few moments the room goes dark before a projection machine turns on. After giving a countdown from ten the view opens up on the Mojave Desert.

Mojave Wasteland, near the Mojave Drive-In.

13 and half years later

The view sweeps across the lot, in the wind a low melody plays out. Frank Sinatra's Blue moon hums faintly as a few red rose petals blow on by. As the song slowly fades away a pair of boots walk on by. The view then shifts up to reveal Ruby. She was no longer sixteen, but was just about to turn twenty-nine. Her looks hadn't changed much. A few scars on her arms and face, but nothing compare to the ones she got when she was younger. She still wore the clothes she got from Ulysses back in the Divide, but her cape, was patched, and ragged now. Still. Despite it being a mess, she was nervous. Today was the day. Nearly two decades she had called this place home, but now is the day she returns home. Back to Remnant. It was… nerve racking to say the least. Like a prisoner who just finished his life sentence. She barley remembers it now, hard to imagine the look on her actual dads face when she returns.

"Nervous kid?" An elder sounding tone called out. Ruby looked behind her. There was Six. Now forty seven. He has aged quite a bit, years of smoking and sun-tanned skin had not done him any favors. But he still looked the same as the day she dug him up.

"Yeah, haven't been to Big Mountain in a while. Wonder how everyone else took it." Ruby remarked.

"Oh, well as can be expected. Jaune and Vermilion vomited upon entry. So that was fun." Six replied sarcastically as he pulled out a hand rolled coyote tobacco cigarette.

"Heh… I suppose it's time?" Ruby asked as she looked down at her old Pip-Boy.

"Yep. Just about." Six said as a blue light slowly formed around her. Ruby lets out a small exhale before the light engulfed the two. They disappeared, completely. The last time the Mojave will ever see her.

In the SINK BM.

The entire gang was all here. Each one had just arrived. They have changed over the years. Yet still remain the same, fashion wise. Jaune grew a scruffy beard and tied his hair back in a pony tail like his friend Ren. Ren had stylized his facial hair after his dad. His hair however, he combed it out to the style the Kings would wear, with a small ponytail in the back. Weiss had cut her hair short, and professional. Nora was now wearing an eye patch with a heart on it. She buzzed half her hair off and tied a few braids on the side. Pyrrha pony tail had gotten slightly longer. Blake's hair was slightly shorter but neatly combed. Finally Yang, she spent the better part of three years trying to grow her hair back. The right side of her hair was slightly shorter then her left. Nobody wished to comment on that, was a sore subject for her. As they waited silently, two children giggling can be heard on the other side of the room. A boy and girl with red and yellow hair chased around an old Eye-bot. As they enjoyed themselves, ED-E spoke up.

"Beep, Annoyed Boop, Beep!" (For the love of everything metallic! When is that d!mn courier getting here!?)

"Xanthós, Vermilion leave ED-E alone. I think you tired the poor thing out." Pyrrha called out.

"Aw, but we were just having fun." Xanthós complained.

"When is Auntie Ruby and Grandpa Six coming?" Vermilion asked as she kicked the dust on the ground.

"Any moments kido's." Jaune remarked as he nervously twiddled his thumbs.

The kids groaned as they went back to sitting down. ED-E however, was glad that he was no longer being chased by these monsters. As they just sit down, a sudden blue light appeared and Ruby and Six walked out… before collapsing from the teleportation.

"Ugh, thirteen years. Still can't get use to this teleportation crap." Ruby complained as she tried to hold in her lunch.

"You think that's bad? I still have to do it every other month." Six said as he recovered quicker then Ruby.

As Ruby was just about to reply back, a sudden shout of joy can be heard. Ruby looked up to see her favorit god-nieces and nephews, just before tackling her to the ground. They then shouted over each other trying to tell her everything that has happened since they last saw each other. As that happened, ED-E Fly's over to Six.

"Beep, Boop, Beep." (Your late… where were you?)

"Had to stop in Goodsprings. Ruby wanted to look at my grave one last time before she leaves." Six explains as he pulled out a picture of them over his grave. In the background multiple people crowding around Six and Ruby. "Turns out it became a tourist attraction. I don't know if it's flattering or insulting that my grave brings more travelers then the town."

"Beep, Sarcastic Boop, Beep." (For my amusement I hope it was insulting… so, lets get this over with. Been way too long since I had peace and quiet.)

Six rolled his eyes before heading down to the lab, he motions the rest to follow and they did. Each one moving a little slower with each step. Eventually they made it to the elevator. Which made the moment very tense. After a few moments the door's open and the twelve stepped out. In the center of the Massive THINK TANK dome was the THINK TANK SCIENTIST. Hovering and monitoring a massive black rectangle. Like a door into the void. Seeing that, caused everyone's hair to stand on end.

"Mommy, daddy. What's that scary looking door?" Xanthós asked as he hid behind his dads leg.

"Home, or at least hopefully." Jaune said in false tone of bravado. To be honest, he was uneasy to enter this void like door as his kids.

"Hopefully. Be a shame if we were sent to another world instead." Yang remarked.

"Yes, though I suppose we can claim to be the first Remnant's to travel to two multi-dimensional planes of existence." Weiss remarked before saying. "However I'm more keen on doing this once and nevermore."

"It be an interesting story. Shame that Paladin won't hear of it no-more." Ren remarked in his King accent.

"Who, that story teller?" Nora asked.

"Uh, huh." Ren replied.

As the two talked, Blake walked over to get a better look inside the void. Even with her Faunas enhanced vision, she could see nothing. As she squint her eyes to try and see, she then asked aloud. "You sure this thing is safe?"


"Bull, if it wasn't for the courier your brain would have been spinning for three more years! And what about us?" Dr. 0 shouted.


"… I don't like that last part." Pyrrha said as she held onto her daughter.

"I had, a friend, look over the math. He was positive that it was correct." Six whispered.

Pyrrha gives a hesitant nod, but since traveling through however this was the best way to return home. After a few moments, the door then turns a faint shade of blue, air begins to be sucked in, and a warping sound can be heard.

"Guess this is it." Yang remarked as she walked forward. "So… who wants to go first?"

The group remained silent. All this time, and it's been leading up to this moment. Now they can go home, but were hesitant on doing so. After a few moments Jaune walked forward saying, "Suppose I'll go. Don't want to vomit on anyone when I get out on the other side."

As he was just about to walk forward Pyrrha reaches out and grab him by his hand. "Wait! Don't do it."

"Please daddy, don't go through the door." Xanthós said as he hugged Jaune's leg.

"Don't go. We don't want to loose you." Vermilion said as she hugged Jaune's other leg. Jaune looked down, he gave a half hearted smirk before patting both of his kid. He then turned to Pyrrha and kissed her forehead.

"If not me, then who else? One way we all have to go through. So might as well since I'm team leader of JNPR." Jaune said calmly as he moved toward the door. Pyrrha opens her mouth to protest, but she knew he was right. All she did was held her tongue and held her kids.

Back over with Jaune, he was standing before the door. He was hesitant on entering but before he turns to Six. Six was right beside him, making sure that the BM scientist don't do anything funny. Jaune walked over to Six and held out his hand.

"Thanks for everything you done, Courier Six." Jaune said.

"No problem kid." Six said as he shook Jaunes hand. Six then motion with his eyes to Jaune's family. "Just, promise me you keep close to home."

"As long as you promise to give my thanks to Cass." Jaune said as he hands over a bag of caps. "For the next round."

Six takes the bag before giving a nod. Jaune then turned to the gate and gives one last sigh before saying, "Here we go."

Jaune entered the portal and disappeared in it. Everyone held their breaths as the BM scientist read the scanners. After a few moments Dr. Klien spoke up. "AH, GOOD NEWS. HE'S DEAD!"

Everyone lets out a gasp in horror. Pyrrha lets out a scream as the kids begin to cry. Six eyes widen as his pupils dilated. As everyone begins to mourn Dr. Klien spoke up. "OH SORRY, HE'S ALIVE AND FINE. SORRY, HARD TO TELL THE DIFFRENCE BETWEEN DYING AND LIVING. MOST TIMES SUBJECTS JUST DIE."

Everyone then booed and complained. Pyrrha was tempted to pull out paciencia and shoot Dr. Klien dead, but Six stopped them by raising his hand he then flipped off the two hundred scientists before complaining.

"Don't do that again. I swear you will give me a heart attack long before the cigarettes can." Six remarked.


Giving a sigh, Pyrrha walks forward with her kids by her side. She then looked over at Six before hugging him. She then said, "Thank you for everything you have done. I know we were hard, maybe even taxing. But you stood by to make sure nothing bad happens. I can never thank you for that."

"You can by keeping your kids and husband safe. Now, get going. Best not leave your husband wondering." Six said with a sad chuckle. As Pyrrha did the same, both Xanthós and Vermilion hugged Six's leg. They were told that one day they will leave Six, and never see him again. They were somewhat prepared but in all honesty. They were bawling their eyes out.

"We (Sob) will (Sob) miss you!" Vermilion cried.

"Yeah (Sob) It isn't (Sob) Fair! (Sob) You (Sob) should (Sob) come (sob) with (Sob) us!" Xanthós cried.

"Shh, it has to happen. Can't go with yah. Best I remain here." Six said as he pats the two children on the head. He then hands them two unknown cards. As they looked at them, Six spoke. "Listen, this is just the way things are. But please, you two must stand unshaken. For your parents sake."

"Sniff, alright." Xanthós said as he wipes away the tears.

"Will do, Sniff." Vermilion agreed.

The two were then led off by their mother, but not before saying. "Goodbye, Grandpa Six."

The three then entered the blue portal. Following after Jaune. Silently, Six Muttered to himself. "Goodbye… kids."

There was a moment of silence as Six stood there. He was on the verge of tears. Something that he hasn't done in years. After managing to restrain it, he suddenly feels a tight grip on his chest. Maybe it was the emotional turmoil from saying goodbye to these eight kids he'd been raising for a decade. But it was probably Nora breaking his ribcage in a death hug.

"I'm (SOB) Going (SOB) To (Sob) Miss (Sob) YOU (SOB) DAD!" Nora cried as she hugged Six with the death hug of love.

"(Gwa) Nora (Huff) Can (Gasp) you (Grunt) please (Uck) let (Ugh) me (Gasp) go?" Six struggled to say as he felt his old bones crushing under her strength.

"NO!" Nora cried out as she held on tighter. As tears streamed from her eyes she felt something on her shoulder. Looking over it was Ren. He gave a serious but sincere look. After a few moments Nora lets go of Six.

"(Sigh) I know. It's just… I never had a dad, or a mom. These… past ten years. Where some of the greatest." Nora said as she looked down with tears slowly falling from her eyes onto the ground. As she silently cried she felt another hand on her other shoulder. Turning around she see's Six with a faint smile on his lips.

"And they were for me." Six said. "Even though you eight nearly bankrupted me, broke more bones, and annoyed me constantly. You four were the best part of my life. If it means anything, if I did have a girl. I would want her to be as sweat as you Nora, Six."

This hit Nora right in the feel. Tears begin to stream down her face even faster. Eventually she couldn't help herself. She jumped up and hugged Six. Unlike previous hugs this one was much more sincere. Nora cried her eyes out for a minute before letting go. She then said. "Goodbye, dad."

She then walked toward the door, but not before hearing the words from Six. "Goodbye, my daughter." This caused one last tear to fall from her cheek before turning around. She gave a salute with bright wide smile before walking through the door.

Ren then walked over to Six. He held out his hand. Ren then remarked in his King accent, "Thank you for everything. But I suppose its time for me to leave as well. Home is where the heart is and all that."

"Yeah, just keep an eye on your girlfriend. I'm pretty sure it was harder for her then me." Six remarked. Ren gives a nod before moving toward the gate.

"Well, it's now or never." Ren said one last time in his King accent, before walking into the gate.

Six looked over at the controls and monitors. Once he see's that the six had made it through he then turned to the remaining team. "Well, guess its your turn. Who's next?"

The girls were hesitant but eventually Yang walked forward. "Guess I'll go. Big sister first policy and all that." She then moved towards the gate but stopped by Six.

"Guess, this is goodbye." Yang remarked as she held out her fist.

"Yep, guess so." Six replied as he bumped fist.

"Thanks for everything Six. Especially for saving Ruby. I can never thank you enough for that." Yang remarked.

"How about no more puns? I'll except that as thanks." Six suggested.

"Heh, nope. That's never going to happen." Yang said with a smirk as she walked towards the gate before going through she turns around and wave to everyone, remarking. "So, long Mojave. I came here with a bang. Now I must leave with a Yang!"

Faint groans can be heard as she walked through the portal. As she disappeared into the portal, Blake walks forward before stopping next to Six. She then held out her hand and Six shook hers. Blake then remarked.

"I wish their were more people like you, like Joshua, on my world." Blake said.

"Oh, their will be one day I'm sure. Just have to work at it one day at a time." Six replied.

"If you ever see Joshua Gram. Mind giving him this?" Blake remarked as she hands Six a hand written letter. Six takes the letter and put it into his tribal satchel while giving a nod. With that answer Blake said her goodbyes before walking towards the portal. She lets out a small sigh before saying, "… Time to go home. For once, I'm happy."

Next one to go was Weiss. In hand was a briefcase filled with personal notes she had taken. This was for formality since she memorize every detail but it would help her case if they were prewritten. She then walked over to Six and held out her hand in a professional manner.

"You have my highest gratitude Courier Six. Despite the bloodshed and the half measured showers, this past decade has proven to be the most rewarding learning experience of my life. Along with that I am now able to save my family's company because of you. Thank you." Weiss said as she held out her hand.

Six then shook her hand and give a pleasant nod. Weiss then walked towards the gate but stop to say something. "Oh, and Six."

"Yeah?" Six answered.

"Out of all the father figures. You were certainly one of my favorit." Weiss replied.

"Heh, sure kid." Six said with a smirk. Weiss couldn't help but smile as well. She then heads towards the gate. As she stared into the portal, she made one last comment before entering.

"Here's to a brighter newer SDC." Weiss said as she entered.

Finally, their was only Ruby. She stood their silently. She was the most hesitant one to enter. After a few moments her feet finally picks up and begins to walk towards the gate. However, the moment she reaches Six, she breaks down crying.

"(Sob) It's (Sob) not (Sob) fair! (Sob) Ruby cried as the fell on her knees. "(Sob) Why (Sob) can't (Sob) you (Sob) come (Sob) with (Sob) us? (Sob) I'm (Sob) sure (Sob) my (Sob) dad (Sob) and (Sob) uncle (Sob) will (Sob) understand… (Sob) maybe (Sob) they (Sob) will (Sob) except (Sob) you (Sob) into (Sob) the (Sob) family (Sob) we (Sob) can (Sob) build (Sob) an (Sob) extension (Sob) on (Sob) the (Sob) house… (Sob) please (Sob) come (Sob) with (Sob) us! (Sob)" Ruby wailed as tears fell from her eyes. As she cried Six watches for a moment before kneeling down. He then wrapped his arms around her and give a silent hush.

"Shhhh, it's ok Ruby. Shhh." Six said as he held her. She continued to cry into his shoulder. "Ruby, you know why I can't come. I don't belong their. Sides I need to deliver the message to Ulysses and Faun. Along with your friends and a few dozen more"

"(Sob) I (Sob) know (Sob) but… (Sob) I'll (Sob) miss (Sob) you. (Sob)" Ruby cried as her grip tightened on Six's duster. "(Sob) I'll (Sob) miss (Sob) ED-E (Sob) Boone (Sob) Veronica (Sob) Rex (Sob) The King (Sob) Dr. Mitchell (Sob) Raul (Sob) Lilly (Sob) Marcus (Sob) Rusty (Sob) Chief Hanlon (Sob) Julie Farkas (Sob) Arcade Gannon (Sob) Cass (Sob) Ulysses (Sob) and (Sob) so (Sob) many (Sob) more (Sob) people! (Sob)" Ruby cried out.

"I know kid. So will they." Six said as he pats her shoulder. "But that's just the way things are. It's a cruel, cruel world. Best we can do with the time we have is to enjoy the people we have."

(Sob) I (Sob) know. (Sob) Just (Sob) wish (Sob) their (Sob) was (Sob) some (Sob) other (Sob) way (Sob)." Ruby cried, however this time she slowly begins to stop. As she begins to stop Six helped her up.

"I know kid. Just, enjoy your time with your family." Six said.

"Sniff, Will do." Ruby remarked. Six gives a nod before pulling something from his bag. He then hands the strange object to Ruby. Looking down at it, Ruby was shocked that Six just handed her it.

Looking up Six said. "It's better that you have it. That little thing has caused more trouble for this world then it's worth. Best it goes with you."

Ruby gives a nod before tucking the object into her pocket. The two then embraced in one last embrace before Ruby walked towards the portal. However she had one last thing to do before going. She went over to ED-E.

"I'm going to miss you buddy." Ruby said as she tried to hold back her tears.

"Beep, Sarcastic but secretly sad Boop, Beep." (Yeah, sure brat… you know. Out of all eight of you pain in the ass children that I had to travel with for the past decade. You were the least annoying of them all."

"That… may be the nicest thing you said." Ruby remarked with a smile.

"Beep, Surprise Boop, Beep." (Yeah, well… wait, you can understand me? For how long!)

"Since I came back from the Divide. Just to let you know. You were kind of an asshole." Ruby replied. This caused the robot to nudge itself into her arms.

"Beep Sob, Boop Sob, Beep Sob!" (I'm going to miss you MotherF%*king kids so F$#king much!)

"So am I. So am I" Ruby replied as she hugged the robot. After a few moments she lets go of ED-E and walked towards the door. She was about to step through the portal when she hears Six.

"Hey, Ruby!" Six said. Ruby then turns around to Six.

"Happy Trails, Ruby Rose." Six said as he tips his hat.

"Happy Trails, Courier Six." Ruby said as she gave a small two finger salute with her hand.

She then turned towards the door. She was about to enter, but quickly turned around and raced back over to Six. She gave him one last hug. He didn't reply at first but after a moment he returned the hug back. The two stand silently as they held each other in tender embrace. Eventually the two let go and Ruby gave him one last nod before turning back to the door. She lets out a small nervous sigh before walking on through, leaving forever. As she enters, Six's words echoed in her head. "Happy Trails Ruby Rose."

In an unknown location… On Remnant.

For Ruby, it was a few eternity. For everyone else, it was a few moments. Ruby's closed eyes slowly begin to open as chirping noises begin. Slowly her eyes begin to open. As she does, the warmth of the sun beats down on her. Not the unbearable heat of the Mojave Desert, but the pleasant warmth of late summer. As she slowly gets up her thoughts suddenly turned to her friends. However, as she moves quickly a sudden pain in her head stopped her.

"Ugh, Monty almighty my head." Ruby remarked before realizing something. Her voice. It wasn't normal. In fact it sounded much younger. Feeling her face it didn't felt old. It felt smooth. She pulled her Pip-boy to her face to look in the reflection. To her shock, she didn't look twenty nine. She looked like she turned sixteen. Majority of her scars were gone, with the exception of the one she gained from the second battle over Hover Dam.

"What, in the world?" Ruby remarked when she suddenly hears her name.

"RUBY! RUBY! RUBY!" A voice called out.

Ruby then realized it was Weiss voice. Slowly standing up, she made her way towards the voice She stumbled a bit, her legs have definitely gotten longer. After stumbling through this unknown forest, she came into a clearing. It was on a cliffside, with an ancient ruin. Ruby slowly begins to remember that, this was the place where they collected the chest pieces. Hearing her name once again she looked over to see her friends. They too were looking much younger then thirty. Regardless she was just happy to see them. Quickly running over she called out to them.

"Guys! Guys! Thank Monty almighty that you are alright!" Ruby cried as she ran forward.

"Ruby!" Oh thank Monty." Weiss said as she wrapped her arms around her. "We were wondering where you were."

"Yeah… I had to say goodbye to ED-E before I go." Ruby explains as she hugged her girlfriend back. As the two held each other in tender embrace, a sudden question came up. Looking out at her friends she didn't see Xanthós or Vermilion.

"Weiss… where's Xanthós and Vermilion?" Ruby asked.

"Um…" Was Weiss response as she leaves this tender embrace before the sound of two children wailing can be heard. Out came Jaune and Pyrrha with two babies' in hand. Weiss then says, "It seems whatever de-aged us has also done so to them as well. We were lucky we didn't turn into our younger self's. Well, even younger. However, I don't know, why we are this young?"

"Probably it's because it's been three and half weeks." A familiar voice called out.

Everyone looked around for the voice. However, Ruby knew who said that. She then held up her Pip-Boy to everyone. After a few moments a familiar cartoon cowboy appeared on screen. He then replied "Howdy Y'all. So, this here is Remnant. Interesting world you got here."

"VICTOR!" Everyone excluding Ruby, Xanthós, and Vermilion screamed out.

"Best keep them mouths shut. Unless you plan on catching fly's." Victor remarked with a cheeky tone.

"W-Why are you here?" Jaune asked still in shock of seeing him on Ruby's Pip-Boy.

"Well, that's an interesting tale. But to give you the short and sweat parts. Ruby invited me to come along, and I'm thinking I need a new scenery. After that business back in New Vegas." Victor explains.

"Wait, so Ruby invited you?" Yang asked before looking at her baby sister. "Didn't we agree on brining anyone from Mojave to Remnant?"

"I'm sorry guys… but I couldn't leave him behind. He would have been scrapped." Ruby explained.

"Ms. Rose is right. Ever since the NCR found that new Securitron, I've been pushed out by a pansy. Boy's a real Yes Man." Victor said with a little annoyance in his tone.

"Ruby, we agreed that nobody from the Mojave will follow us here. You agreed to it." Pyrrha said as she tapped her foot in disappointment.

"I know, but I just had too. He has no home." Ruby explains as she kicked her legs a bit with some sadness.

Everyone gave her a disappointed stare. But eventually dropped it. With a small sigh Ren spoke up in his king accent. "(Sigh) Victor, what was that part about being away for three weeks? I think I'm all shook up."

"Oh, Sure Mr. Ren. When I first met Ms. Rose all those years ago. She gave me her Scroll device. Looking at the information while also syncing with your worlds CCTS. Interesting prospect you got here if I don't say. Anyways, reading the calendar it seems to be august, three and half weeks since you were found." Victor explains.

"Huh, so we been away for just a few weeks… that's anticlimactic." Nora remarked.

"I wonder if it's because of temporal displacement of multiverse travel." Weiss remarked as she scratches her chin. Everyone gave her a confused look before Weiss explains in an annoyed tone.

"(Sigh) Time moves faster there, then here." Everyone gives an awkward ohh to Weiss annoyance.

"Wait, so that means my parents aren't old?" Jaune asked.

"Eh, they're in their fifties. That's pretty old." Nora remarked.

"I don't mean that old I mean… I thought that one of them may be dead or something." Jaune said as he was thankful that his parents were still alive.

It soon dawns upon them that if it has only been three weeks, then their parents must be worried about them. With the realization that the Vitality fair is going on, they will be able to return to Beacon with ease. Giving a silent nod the group moved towards the forest. Before Ruby follows, she looked down at her Pip-boy.

"Hey Victor. By chance you have any music recorded from Radio New Vegas?" Ruby asked.

"For-sure, Ms. Rose. Along with that I took the liberty of downloading a few more classics. In case you get bored with them." Victor replied.

"Oh cool. Hey by chance you have something to listen too on the trip back to Beacon?" Ruby asked.

"Why of course. I recon I have the perfect song." Victor replies as he pulled up the Pip-Boys music selection. After a few moments, music slowly begin to pour out of the Pip-Boy. It was sweat, and pleasant. With a smile, Ruby followed after her friends towards Beacon.

Play Peter Hollens "Take me home, Country road."

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze

As the grouped continued on through the forest, they hear the music from Ruby. Normally they would tell ruby to turn off the music because it will attract the attention of Grim. However, it was pleasant. And reminded them of home. So they hum along as they walked through the forest.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads

Surprisingly there is a lack of Grim in the area. They are attacked to negative emotion, but none of them were giving off any negative emotions. In fact they were happy. As they moved through the forest, they could hear nothing but the animals, who also sang to the song.

All my memories gather 'round her
Miner's lady, stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

They soon came across some animals. Jaune and Pyrrha spotted a family of deer. They also had a pair of kids. As the watch them from afar, Xanthós and Vermilion begin to baby talk as they reach out towards them. Seeing those dear, bought both Jaune and Pyrrha together.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads

As they got closer to Beacon, they soon came across a steep cliff. When they first entered Beacon, they had to clime it to return to Beacon. However, it was much harder for them now since Jaune and Pyrrha had kids. So they decided to take the long way around it.

I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me
The radio reminds me of my home far away
Driving down the road, I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

Seeing the cliff, brought back good memories. They couldn't help but remains about their past. As they thought back to their adventures at Beacon, Blakes Faunas ears begin to twitch under her hat. Looking over, she spots a fairground.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads

Over at the fairground, team CFVY were trying to enjoy their Ramon at a local stand. However with the disappearance of their friends, it was hard for them to enjoy anything. As they sat their silently, Fox and Velvet ears twitch. They can hear music that they have never heard of before.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads

Looking over at the forest they eyed the forest. Coco and Yatsuhashi notice their partners eyeing the woods. After a moment, they notice nearly a doze strangely dress people walking out of the woods. It took them another minute before realizing that it was their friends who were missing.

Take me home, down country roads
Take me home, down country roads

As the song comes to an end. People begin to notice and recognize them. They soon surrounded the group with surprise and joy that the missing teams had return. Friends and Beacon student alike begin to crowd them. Completely shock at their sudden emersion, New reporters as well were taking notice to them. As they were being greeted, familiar figures begin to appear.

"Blake! Yo, Blake!" a voice called out. Blake turns to the crowd before seeing Sun racing through the crowd.

"Sun!" Blake called out as Sun races through the crowd. The two embraced in a hug. After a few moments they separated.

"Oh my Monty. What happened to you? And why are you dressed like… that?" Sun asked as he notice the clothes and tattoo's Blake is wearing.

"I'll tell you about it later. Just, it's good to see you again." Blake said before hugging Sun again. The Screen pulls over the Ruby, as she was talking with a friend, she suddenly hears her name.

"RUBY!" A polite tone called out. Before Ruby could even realizing anything, she was being hugged by a ginger.

"Oh thank Monty your ok. I was so worried about you friend!" Penny cried as she hugged Ruby.

"Ugh, 01001110 01101001 01100011 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01100111 01100001 01101001 01101110 00001010" Ruby spoke as she felt, her bone breaking.

Penny suddenly drops her with a perplex look. She then said, "How, did you know to speak binary?"

"Eh, had to talk to this robot who could only speak I beeps and boops for so long that I eventually learned how to speak Robot." Ruby explains.

"Fascinating. You must tell me more of this adventure you went on." Penny said with ecstatic hype.

"Heh, I will. But maybe latter. I want to say hi to everyone. It's been years since I seen dad and uncle Qrow." Ruby said with a smile.

"You mean weeks? It's only been three and half weeks." Penny remarked.

"For you maybe… but it's been years for us." Ruby said before embracing Penny in a hug.

As the two hug, another call came out from the crowd. This time it was for everyone. "Girls!" "Jaune Arc!" "Pyrrha!" "Blake!" Weiss Schnee!" "Pipsqueaks!"

Out of the crowd came the families of the eight. Each one running towards their family members. Ruby's dad and uncle ran and hugged their two girls. They were so proud of them. Jaunes parents and all his siblings ran over they nearly tackled him to the ground if it wasn't for the fact that Vermilion was in his hands. Blake was nearly tackled by her parents. Her dad bear hugged her before raising her up. As he hugged her, her mom quickly ran over. She couldn't help but hug her parents back just as her missionary hat falls off. Pyrrha's mom then races over to Pyrrha, while Winter walks over to Weiss.

"Winter!" Weiss called out as she raced towards her older sister. Before she could hug her, Winter slaps her across the face.

"How dare you disappear for three weeks." Winter scolded Weiss.

"But, I…" Before Weiss could even finish. Winter grabs her younger sister and hugs her tight. It was strange. As Wiess was being embraced by her older sister, she could have sworn she felt a few tears hitting the top of her head.

"Don't you ever scar me again. Do you understand?" Winter said as she held Weiss tightly.

After a few moments Weiss hugged back. She then muttered. "I promise."

Over with Pyrrha, She was talking with her mom. She was so proud that her daughter had returned, but she couldn't help but notice the baby in her arms.

"Honey… who's child is that?" Pyrrha's mom asked.

"It's mine… and Jaunes." Pyrrha confessed in a nervous tone.

This took, her mother back. She looked over at the blonde kid. She noticed how his family was taking to the news that the child in his hand was his. Majority of them fell over in complete shock. The rest cooed at how adorable this child was. Looking down at the kid in her daughters' hand, He was currently asleep, but seeing him with his red hair. She couldn't help but smile.

she then looked up at her daughter before saying. "Has he been a good father? And too you?"

Pyrrha remained quiet for a moment before saying. "He… has not once stopped being a good person. Even after finding out that we didn't use protection."

Pyrrha's mom remained quiet before giving a nod. She then silently asked for Xanthós by reaching out with her hands. Pyrrha complied and held her grandson. As she rocked him back and forth, she then motioned Pyrrha to follow her over to Jaune's family. She wanted to know this person who impregnated her daughter. See if he truly is as good as her daughter says she is.

As the families, gathered around. Nora begins to feel a little left out. She never knew her dad. Closest thing to a dad was Six. And she will never see him again. After a few moments of self-pity, she then felt an arm wrapped around her shoulder. Realizing after a few moments, it was Ren. He gave her a sincere smile that lifted her mood.

"Yeah… it was fun to have a dad. Even if he never called us that… till the end." Nora remarked as she leaned against Ren' s shoulder. Ren Hmmed in agreement as they watch the crowd gather around the others and their families. After a few moments an important individual walk forward. Ceasing everyone as he strode over to Winter and Weiss with impunity. Jacques Schnee.

"Weiss Schnee." He said as he walked forward.

Weiss looked down in fear as the fairground goes silent. Jacques Schnee then inspects her daughter. Looking over at her clothes with distained. After a few moments he spoke. "It is good that you survived. I was just about to announce a charity party in your name when I received the news you just strolled onto the field. No matter, I require you presence back home. Come along Wiess."

"… I'm sorry father… but no." Weiss said softly.

"I'm sorry, but was that young lady?" Jacques Schnee asked with a brow raised.

"Before I go anywhere with you. I want to say a few words." Weiss states.

Jacques Schnee was even more surprise. He notices the cameras from the few news crew who were originally filming this. With a slight chuckle he said confidently. "Alright, what do you wish to say?"

"I want to say first and foremost. I, Weiss Schnee, Heiress to the Schnee Dust company. Have decided to resigned from my position as Heiress to the SDC and I denounce all of my father's actions he has done since taking control of my families company." Weiss announced to the cameras. The look on everybody's faces was in complete shock. Her father was even more so. Winter's eyes went wider then a Gecko who realized what the red dot was. "Furthermore, I have learned of a much more tangible, sustainable, and potent power source that is far more superior then anything the SDC can ever dig in a year. I will be using this new energy source to start up a new company. The Atlas Atomic Research and Development Company. Or AARDC for short."


Before Jacques Schnee could even finish, Weiss gave a swift and powerful kick in between his legs. It was so powerful that you can hear the sound of something cracking… loudly. After a moment he falls to the ground. In a pile of mud, staining his white suit.

"Along with that, I always wanted to do that. You spineless heartless monster of a man." Weiss said before spitting in her fathers face. She then walked towards a completely stunned Ruby before grabbing her. She swings her around and gave a passionate kiss in front of everyone. Catching everyone off guard.

"Tomorrow night, do you wish to go out on a date?" Weiss asked as she removed her lips from Ruby's.

"um… uh… sure." Ruby remarked complete shocked by Weiss's actions.

"Great, see you at seven thirty sharp. Please wear something nice." Weiss remarked before noticing her father going for his Scroll.

Rolling her eyes she pulled out a Laser pistol her friend Jaune got her for her birthday. It was a brown and gold laser pistol with batteries strapped to the side. On the other in black was the words "Pew, Pew." written on the side. She aimed her pistol and fired off a round, the laser hits the Scroll with amazing accuracy, destroying it and singing Jacques Schnee fingers. This wowed the entire crowd. They had lasers, but they were either too bulky or to expensive to use. This one, looked like it was put together with duck tape and spit. As for Jacques Schnee, nobody heard the business man scream a loud high c before. Suffice to say a few Faunas's in the crowd reveled in this moments as they watched him run from his daughter before she could get another shot.

She then turned to the crowd and held up her pistol. "Just a prototype of things to come from the AARDC. I'll be exepting bids for and deals for the company in two days."

She then turned back to her sister, as everyone begin to surround the entire group. If Weiss was packing a Sci-Fi laser pistol. What other goodies the others must be carrying. As the eight talked with their friends, family, and anyone who was interested, Ruby couldn't help but notice someone in the crowd. Looking closely, she recognizes the three. It was Cinder. Along with the rest of her team. She then excused herself for a minute and made her way through the crowd. Eventually making it to the three.

"Cinder, hey Cinder! Cinder Falls!" Ruby called out. After a struggling for a few moments she managed to get to them.

"Ah, hey Ruby." Cinder greeted. "It's nice to see that you are ok."

"Yeah it is… say can I borrow you three for a moment. I need to talk with you in private." Ruby said as she motion them towards a dark ally between two tents. Cinder and her crew were surprised but agreed none the less. They followed her into it. Once their Cinder spoke up.

"What is it Ruby?" Cinder asked in a polite tone.

"I just want to let you know. What you are doing is wrong. That you have no right." Ruby said in a serious tone.

"I'm… sorry, but what are you talking about? Cinder said with a tilted head. Emerald and Mercury gave a confused look as well.

"I know what you are planning. She talked. Faun Talked." Ruby remarked as Faun's words from all those years ago poured into her mind like it was yesterday.

"I, don't know what you are talking about." Cinder said with a chuckle. However what Ruby says next will cause her to drop her act.

"How you were going to let the defenses down. Let the White Fang air drop Grim. Kill Penny Infront of the entire world before turning the AK drones on us. I know what you are going to do. And what you have done." Ruby said causing the three to become nervous. How she knew all this was surprising. Seeing the looks on their faces was all it took to convince Ruby what Faun said all those years ago was indeed true. So, with a sigh Ruby remarked. "If it wasn't for a courier. I would have shot you dead in that crowd. Better to kill you then and there. However, that isn't the case… So, here's what's going to happen. You are going to leave town. Leave Vale all together. Where you go isn't important. Just know you aren't welcome here."

The two were honestly surprise by what Ruby's saying. Cinders eyes went wide at first. Before returning with a hint of rage in them. Ruby could see it, and decided to be the hero by doing something most wouldn't do. "I'll give you a one hour head start. I'm sure that it won't take long considering you managed to escape Ms. Goodwitch during the Dust store Robber. Just remember, you have one hour to leave town before I tell everyone about the queen piece you uploaded to the AK drones."

Ruby then walks away leaving the three completely speechless. Cinder clinches her hand into a fist with rage. Her plans, her schemes. All undone by a child. She was just about to summon her flaming knife when she felt the barrel of a gun on the bottom of her chin. Before she could even realize it, Ruby used her Semblance to get under her. In her hand was weather and old pistol. It might have looked like a relic, but it defiantly sounds like it can shoot.

"Before you even think about it. Let me tell you somethings. One, if you do kill me. My friend will upload what has happened and you will be wanted across the entire world. Two, loaded in this gun are twelve bullets. Each one designed to pass through aura like it's paper. I know because I've been shot by these types before. Thirdly, do you honestly think I can't pull this trigger? I have killed, butchered, and murdered for so long I honestly forget at times what it's like to spare someone. So don't waist this rare chance. Cause the next time we meet. I will kill you. So Cinder Falls. Do you feel lucky, well do you?" Ruby monologed as she kept her gun pointed at Cinders under chin.

Cinder knew how to read people and if she didn't then she would have Emerald read their minds… however the look on Emeralds face was in shock. The kid… wasn't bluffing. She can legitimately kill her right her and right now. Feeling that fear, she knew that she couldn't attack. So she stared into Ruby's silver eyes. They were once filled with hope and joy, but now. They were cold and calculating. Cinder could only stare back in shock. After a few moments, Ruby de-cocked her gun before turning around. She begins to walk away, but Cinder couldn't let her have it.

So with a threatening tone she said. "You will pay for this."

Ruby stops after a few moments Ruby then remarks. "Probably… till next time. Cinder Falls."

She then walked away as Cinder walks away into the darkness of the tents with her two cronies following behind her. They will have their revenge, but not today. Ruby returned to the crowd, where she enjoyed her time with her friends and family. As they did so, Glynda Goodwitch made her way to the group.

"Eh, hem. Can I have both team RWBY and JNPR, follow me to Ozpin's office." Glynda said in a serious tone.

The families wanted to interject however the teams convinced them that it was fine. They followed her, leaving behind their reluctant family and friends. They followed her till they arrive at beacon tower, after a short elevator ride up they reached Ozpins office. They all walked in as Ozpin took note of their clothes. They were most certainly different compared to before they disappeared. Even the weapons they carried were odd. And are those baby's Pyrrha and jaune were carrying? Whose children are those? And that strange symbol on Ms. Roses Jacket. It was a blue spade with multiple red and white stripes going down it. At the center was a yellow twenty-one. Regardless Ozpin takes a sip from his mug before speaking.

"It's nice that all of you have returned. I can't begin to describe how worried I was. But I must ask. What happened to you eight these past three weeks?" Ozpin asked. What he got from the eight was an incoherent mess. Each one shouting over each other, telling their own tales in the Mojave Wasteland. As they talked over each other for an entire minute, Ozpin decided to silence them by banging his cane on the ground.

"One at a time." Ozpin said as he bangs his cane on the ground to quiet them. This silent everyone as they stopped talking over each other. Ozpin then readjust his glasses before speaking. "Sorry, you eight disappearing had greatly frightened me. Please, just start at the beginning, and do so one at a time."

Everyone silently nodded, but the question was. Where to begin. Everyone had their own stories, but which one to start. After a few moments, Ruby then knew where to start. She reaches into her pocket and pulled out the gift Six had gave him before leaving. Opening up her palm she revealed a platinum Poker chip. With a small smile she then said.

"Well… it begins, in a graveyard outside of Goodsprings. A courier, Benny, and a package." Ruby remarks before flipping the chip up into the air. The view focuses on the chip as it slowly falls down, but instead of landing in Ruby's hand it hits a deck of cards. Breaking through as the credits begin to role.

Play "Mojave Song" By Miracle of Sound

Broken bone and liar's lead
Caught off guard and left for dead
Luck keeps turning as the light begins to dull
And by healing hands I'm saved
Pulled from my shallow grave
I can feel reprisal aching through my skull

The cards begin to fall in slow motion as it does, they reveal that each card had a picture of an imported figure. Eventually, the coin hits the ground of a Doc Mitchell's floor. As it rolls, three cards revealed themselves.

Jack of heart: Doc Mitchel

Two of spades: Victor

Four of spades: ED-E

Set my sights on shining spires
Set out on the highways tired
On the desert sands and ruined roads I roam
And this old lonesome road
Shall bring me what I'm owed
These new empires on old stones shall be my home

The Platinum Chip begins to roll, out his door and eventually rolls out onto the open road. As it rolls, it passes by Novac to it's right and the Mojave Outpost to the left. As it rolls, two cards dropped on both sides with a third being crushed.

(Right) Ten of spades: Boone

(Left) Ten of diamond: Cass

(Being rolled over) King of spades: Jaune

Under the Mojave sky
I find a flag to fly

To tip the odds and rig the game
Deal another hand and play
Every card a shift of circumstance
Let every bettor stake their claim
Deal another hand and play
Stack the deck, I'm letting nothing fall to chance

Just the next verse, and explosion happened, Sending out multiple White NCR Chips, Red Legion Chips, Black House Chips, and Vegas Green Chips. As they flew around, five burning cards fell down while red spoke poured out. In it were glowing green eyes that waved about as they stared only the two of hearts was consumed by the flame as the Platinum chip rolls on through to Vegas.

Two of clubs: Christine

Seven of spades: DoG/GoD

Ten of clubs: Dean Domino

Two of heart: Elder Elijah

Three of diamond: Weiss

Atop the glistening tower
Watching the struggles for power
The house sees every deal
Within this town
Behind the gangs and the walls
Keeping a close eye on all
Old secrets buried in the underground

The chip then falls on a Roulette table. As it spins around it become apparent the chip will fall on the nine of hearts, however another explosion, sent three cards into the wheel, allowing the Chip to roll out as explosions sent the Roulette table into the air.

Nine of heart: Mr. House

King of diamond: The King

Ace of clubs: Ren

Nine of clubs: Rex

To tip the odds and rig the game
Deal another hand and play
Every card a shift of circumstance
Let every bettor stake their claim
Deal another hand and play
Stack the deck, I'm letting nothing fall to chance

The Platinum chip then rolls throw Zion Valley. Rocks made from dice begin to crumble. Looking above, Multiple Dice with the White Leg symbols begin to fall upon the chip with the Two of Diamonds following it. However what kept the white leg dice from tackling the chip was six cards that fell. This not only prevent the dice from crashing into platinum chip, but also sending the Two of Diamonds over the edge and into the gorge.

Eight of diamond: Jed Masterson

Ace of Spades: Joshua Gram

Eight of spades: Follow-Chalk

Queen of heart: Waking Cloud

Two of diamond: Salt-Upon wounds

Six of diamond: Blake

Six of clubs: Danial

Lumbering across the west
Ruined treasures repossessed
Resurrect the old soul of America
Laws and labour, structures tight
Memories of faded might
Resurrect the old soul of America
And ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhooooohhhhh
The bear is roving across the west

The Platinum Chip then begins to move out West, crossing over the Hoover Dam. As it does so it pass by three cards Each one being held up by white NCR chips. Some were being held up higher then others. Not by number, but by the respect each card represent.

Queen of clubs: Alice McLafferty

Three of heart: General Oliver

King of heart: Chief Hanlon

And ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhooooohhhhh
The bear is roving across the west

Shadows loom
All go soon to war

From the chaos comes form and order
From the many comes the one
Out of the east prowl upon the borders
Come to crush and overrun

Before it can complete cross over the dam, Hoover dam breaks in half as the Platinum Chip falls into the Colorado river. As It floats down river it becomes noticeable that on both sides of the river were the red chips of the Legion A few white chips of the NCR were crucified as the beating of their war drums can be heard. On top of a huge stack of Chips were two cards that stare down at the Platinum chip floating down river.

Five of spades: Vulpes Inculta

Jack of spades: Caesar

Brutal the bull, gouge out the weak
Tongue of tyrant at the core
Force of ancients, strike down the meek
Raise the flags, the banners of war
The banners of war

As the river become rampant, it soon becomes calm as a Shadow eclipses everything. The view turns back towards Hover Dam. In front of the Dam was a Massive Nine of Diamonds that stares down at the chip. After a few moments the card topples down, nearly crushing the Platinum chip. However it managed to disappear in a blue light just before that could happen.

Nine of diamond: Legate Lanius

So tip the odds and rig the game
Deal another hand and play
Every card a shift of circumstance
Let every bettor stake their claim
Deal another hand and play
Stack the deck, I'm letting nothing fall to chance

The Platinum Chip then lands on the conveyor belt. As it was being pulled, the Three of spades appeared above. Levers were pulled and surgical saws came down on the chip. However, there was a malfunction when a tube opens up beneath the platinum chip before sucking it away. As it was sucked away, the view looks to the right. In the other tubes, three other cards were being sucked away. This then comes to an end when the chip was shot out of the tube into the darkness of the void.

Three of spades: Dr. Klein

Five of clubs: Dr. Mobious

Ten of heart: Yang

Ace of heart: Roxie

Someday the change will come

Scattered strays who've lost their meaning
Brotherhoods who hide and horde
Followers of help and healing
The addicted lost and scorned

The chip then lads on the ground. As it rolls through, multiple cards drop down from the side. Each card falling to each part of the lyrics. Above the cards, film projectors start up. Showing different locations and scenes during the story.

Six of spades: Julie Farkas

Four of clubs: Arcade Gannon

Four of heart: Elder McNamara

Three of clubs: Veronica

King of clubs: Doc Henry

Five of heart: Lilly

Seven of diamond: Raul

Eight of clubs: Pyrrha

Seven of clubs: Papa Khan

The secluded rumbling thunder
And the spite of prison bars
And the vengeful eyes of wells run dry
That watch me from afar

As it continued on the Platinum chip soon found itself in the Divide as the wind pushes marked men dice along like tumbleweeds. Above an old Bomber fly's by with the Queen of Spades and Eight of Hearts painted under it's wings. After a few moments a fatman was dropped causing a mushroom cloud to shoot out from behind the Chip. Sending it out the divide. As it does it collides with the Jack of Clubs the sprang out of the two other cards.

Queen of spades: Mother Pearl

Eight of heart: Nora

Jack of diamond: Ulysses

Queen of diamond: Faun

Jack of clubs: Benny

Someday the change will come and wash the doubt away
The heart of the desert will beat harder on this day

As the jack of clubs and the Platinum chip falls the card soon slips away disappearing into a sand storm like hurricane. While the chip was falling words begin the appear in this sand storm spelling the message "Special Thanks to…" before six cards float up.

Nine of spades: FEV Grim

Six of heart: Combine117

Seven of heart: DovahCourier

Four of diamond: Dmandog056

Five of diamond: Konstantineser

Ace of diamond: Gadget916

Someday the change will come and wash the doubt away
The heart of the desert will beat harder on this day

This day.

The chip then lands on the ground before it continued to roll through the desert. After a few moments the platinum chip finally comes to a complete stop. It then lands on its side. Pushing down on the sand and pushing up two joker cards. The first was old, slightly burnt but was drawn with Tribal Pride. The second Joker card was new. Like it came straight from the factory, yet it was full of promise. As it stands tall, the wind begins to pick up as Rose pestles and sand push the title sequence forward just as the song comes to an end.

Joker card 1: Six

Joker card 2: Ruby

Fallout New Vegas: A Rose over a shallow grave

Narrator POV

Big Mountain.

Under the THINK TANK, lays a room filled with vats. Floating in each vat was RWBY characters. Each multiple Ruby's, Jaunes, Salem's, and Ozpins. As the screen moved forward it becomes apparent that there are just more then RWBY characters. Characters from multiple shows, and games were all floating in tanks of goo. As the camera pass through the crowd of characters it stops at a single tank in the heart of the laboratory. Inside floats a severed head. But just not any head. It was the head, of Don Cuetsy Fluffles the Third himself. As it motionlessly floats in the tank, the camera focuses in on its eyes. After a few moments the eyes burst open. Revealing that he was still alive. The angry don looks at the cameras with the blue and green eyes before hissing.

"Revenge angry hiss!" Don Fluffles Hiss before the screen goes black.