Hello Everybody, Wombag1786 here. So, I'll get to reading your reactions shortly but I want to say thank you. Thanks for reading my story, I had fun writing it but now it's time for me to write something else. I hope you will continue to enjoy my stories; your support helps me do so. Anyways onwards with the questions and comments.

From Guest 4-3-20: *holds up a bottle of Wild Bill soda: To new beginnings. Hope you will be a part of it.

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From Gadget916: Yes, but hey. Least this story got you. If you need any help, P.M me your burner email. I'll send over all my chapters. (There on Mic word.) Should help with character diallage. Least the original game part.

Probably not. Best this story ends open noted. So that way people can guess how the story ends. (Like that anime, Baccano. Why give an interesting story an ending? Just leave it open noted so that they can have infinite adventures.)

Probably become a dad. Marry Willow Schnee. Give Weiss a dad complex while fighting a company war with her actual father. (Still trying to sue her for the nut cracker.)

Thanks, hope you enjoy the next one. (It could be the one you voted for down below.)

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Well, I'm glad he stopped by. God knows I needed help with Blake during the whole Honest Hearts Arc.

Yeah, I wanted to make him like that. Was totally worth the wait.

I know it's only a wish… or until someone makes a fan fic of this story. (FanFic-Seption BITCHES!)

Eh, I'm sure her father would have been much different. But as far as I see, she doesn't have one. And if not well… crap.

Heh, I knew you love that.

That scene felt like Rango. When he stares him down at the end of the movie.

Thanks, hope I picked the right song for the ending.

Can't go wrong with that one.

Yep, so was I, but nope.

No problem. Lord knows we need this Role Pay now more then ever. (Kind of antsy being home… locked away. With nothing to do. It's fine. I enjoy this as much as the first time you reviewed the story.

Yeah, sooner then you expected I bet.

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From Codex Pendragon: Thank you, couldn't been accomplished without the six people I mentioned in credits. Sad to say that was the epilogue chapter. Still if you do want to see an epilogue I did mention that I'm open to anyone who wants to write it. (I did do that whole song and dance routine about it.) Thanks, I do hope you will voice your opinion for the next story. I definitely got a few creative ideas and those are just some of the recent ones.

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From Destroyah7: Last chapter was the Epilogue. I want to leave it open ended so people can make their own theories on what happened. That or write their own. I mean I did do that whole song and dance to encourage writers to do so.

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Right, with that done let's go on to the choices. Below are the six choices that you can vote on; either in the comment section or in the polls. Each story is roughly 10-30 chapters long. Easy to do since I'll be finishing up another story in the meantime. Each one will have the plot, the Pro, and the Con that comes with the story below it. Please take your time and read over them. I won't work on the story until I get at least twenty votes. (So please do or I'll go off and do my own thing.) Anyways here are your options.

1. RWBY X Escape the night.

Plot: Ruby inherits a strange mansion from a deceased relative she had never met. It is a strange yet beautiful mansion that exists only in the 1920's (Meaning that anything that isn't 1920's will disappear. So no scrolls, modern weapons, or clothes.) To celebrate she invites her friends to a party... only for it to go gruesomely wrong and they now must solve puzzles to escape the manner before sunrise on the next morning.

Pro: Nobody has done it so far.

Con: I have never done an Escape The Night story

2. RWBY X Game of thrones.

Plot: When Sandor Clegane tackled his brother through that tower. He expected to die. But it seems theirs at least one or two more gods who couldn't help being a cunt. Now he awakes in a strange world by strange people. Faunse they call themselves. What a bunch of animal cunts... hopefully they won't die while taking care of him. (Basically what if the hound becomes an uncle to Blake. Slice of life story.)

Pro: Simple story

Con: Never did GoT

3. RWBY X Hardcore Henry

Plot: Jaune is dead, ripped to pieces during a WF attack. Or that is what the police said. In reality, he is still very much alive. Rebuilt with advance cybernetics and no memory of his past he must now hunt down the WF to rescue his girlfriend, Cinder Fall. (Basically, the plot of Hardcore Henry where Jaune plays as Henry, Adam as Akan, Cinder as the girlfriend, and Sun as Jimmy!)

Pro: I have written and posted a preview and know the movie by heart.

Con: Jaune doesn't have a voice. and it's shot in first person.

4. Mad Max X JSDF Gate

The Gate has opened, what the empire thought was easy pickings or lands of wealth, crops, and slaves was just a miserable wasteland. One inherited by monster who ride on beast made of steel. They have now entered their lands, ransacking, killing without mercy or reason, and violating it's people. However, it seems that they do fear one thing. A driver in a black steel monstrosity. Who drives in the fields silence. A man commands this beast, a man they call. Max. (It's just a handful of stories following random peoples encounter with Max.)

Pro: A simple story

Con: Never done a mad max or Gate JSDF story before.

5. RWBY X DeadRising

Before the incident of Fortune city, before the Las Vegas Outbreak, Before the Smithville attack, there was Willimet. The first outbreak that started it all. We all know the story, Frank West entered the Willimet mall, uncovers the truth behind it, saves the girl, and published his findings to the public. Nearly 10 years later Frank and his adopted daughter has agreed to tell the full story live for everyone to hear. (A continuation of my third story. Where kid Velvet accidently found herself in Willimet and was saved by Frank West.)

Pro: I have done this before

Con, not deadrising 1

6. RWBY reacts to SAO Abridge

While filming a ROSG the crew decided to take a break while Wombag works on the galla event for CH 34. deciding that it wouldn't hurt, they searched the internet before finding SAO Abridge. Now enjoying it while uncovering some rather sensitive information on their host. (They just react to the series. not much to say about it.)

Pro: Easy

Con: Never did a SAO Abridge series before

Future Stories (Not up to vote but will be in the future.)

While on the subject of future stories, I have something I referred to as "The List." It contains all these stories that I want to write but unable to due to time or I already have my hands full. So I figure I post a few big projects that might follow after the one you voted for. Something to interest Readers or inspire other writers to make while I'm working on one of the stories above. Enjoy reading them.

68 X RWBY Or JSDF Gate: For those who don't know what 68 is. It's a comic book miniseries that follows multiple civilians and soldiers during a zombie apocalypse. Oh did I mention it is during the height of the Vietnam war? (That there is some real Apocalypse Now shit.) This one character, Brian Curliss interest me. He was saved by his sergeant during the outbreak, but after his death Brian lost it. He took his sergeant's helmet and gasmask and became as he put it "I am the Grim Reaper made flesh, the Bubonic plague, the four horsemen of the apocalypse rolled into one, I'm Jack the Fucking Ripper with an M16!" … Anyone else got chills? Cause right now I can already picture this PTSD Marine leaving a trail of bodies across Remnant or the Sadina Empire. (Hopefully Sadina. Just seems more satisfying to think about what Jungle-Jim would do when Zorzal El Caesar does something stupid to piss him off.)

Red Dead Redemption X RWBY: So I have two stories ideas. One is an online story and another is main story.

1. RWBY X RDR2 Online: This first idea is about what happens when multiple groups from Remnant are sucked into this alternate world by the Strange man. As annoying as it is to be sucked up into a new world, it only made worse when it became apparent that he can bring them back… but at a cost. He can sell each team tickets back to Remnant, but the only problem is that he has limited tickets and those who can't pay the fairyman will be stuck in this world forever. So it's a race against time against and each other in an online style of RDR. (RWBY Vs JNPR VS CEAM VS CRDL VS SSSN VS CFVY VS Ext. question is, who will return in full?) Along the way I may toss in player characters to add challenge or even a helping hand to certain teams. (Yes I will except OC's. But please wait till after this story is published.)

2. RWBY X RDR2: In this story a young Ruby finds out her mom died and flees her house to cry in the woods. Somehow she finds herself in the mountains on a world with a intact moon. She was found by Author and brought into the Dutch Van Derlin gang. She forms a sort of Surrogate Father daughter relationship and she slowly gets over the loss of her mother. (So basically this story except with only Ruby but she's just a little older then Jack. Should be fun to see her get revenge on Micah.)

Gate JSDF X Dead Space: So this one came to me early on in my FF Career. What if the Saderan empire found themselves on Tau Volantis right around the time a certain Brethren Moon came crashing down. A third of the invading force died while the rest find a few fragments was spat out across the land. Course this is trivial when the Necromorphs of those dead soldiers started crawling out. The invasion force is overrun and their corpse join the ranks of undead horrors. After leaving to start the conversion process across the land, another figure emerges from the gate. A man who the locals will refer to as "The man with magic armor." I'm sure y'all can guess where I'm going with this.

The Evil within X RWBY: So this one was something I was working with another. I'm not sure if he is still interested in continuing but we still have both Chapter 1 and 2 on file. (Miss you Buzzsaw935.) Basically what if Yang lost her sister in a fire and becomes a P.I. One day she was hired by Ozpin and his assistant Jaune Arc, to look into Beacon Asylum. She goes and the next thing she knows she's hanging upside down with an annoying detective. Sebastian Castellanos. This one I'm hesitant on working on cause I want to post this alongside Buzzsaw935. Call me sentimental but I did finish a few chapters, if your reading this buddy.

RWBY X Evil Dead: This idea is honestly surprising. Not because it's ground breaking but shocking that nobody has done it! (Seriously, who doesn't see Yang with a chain saw hand and a Boomstick in the other while shouting one liner's!) But I digress, the only problem with this story is what version of Evil dead should I use. The first one for a more light hearted story of friends heading up to a cabin only to be massacred till only one of them remains. (Question is which group? JNPR, SNNN, or even RWBY?) Or how the group goes up to help their friend deal with emotional turmoil and that for all they could know this supernatural crap is just happening in their head. (Again, which group? JNPR, SNN, or even RWBY?) Either way, this could be a great story. No, A Groovy one.

RWBY X Tales from the Boarderlands: So on a lighter and more horrific note. Let's talk about Boarderlands. Ever notice that it's based on Boarderlands 2? Each crossover. And if not then its with an OC. So where is TFTB stories? That is how this story came to mind. At the end of Episode 5, Rhys and Fiona enter the vault and suddenly disappear with no explanation. So what if that chest tossed them out into Remnant with a key to a new Vault. Problem is, a few people came along with them. (Bro, talking about you Bro!) And worse yet, a certain annoying robot (*Fake cough) Claptrap! (*Fake Cough) just broadcast the map to the vault to anyone with a phone. Sooooooooo, who's going to trample over their own mother first to get to a vault promising a lot of goodies? Answer, everyone.

RWBY X HOI4 kaiserreich: So while working on previous chapters, a thought came to mind. Has anyone done a Kaiserreich story? More pacifically, a RWBY X Kaiserreich? I ran by a few friends and I think it would be a good story. So with the help of FEV Grim, I wrote this short description of the story. People from Remnant find themselves on earth during the Beacon entrance exam. With that they are forced into conflict during the Second American Civil war. Will they try to remain neutral or be forced to fight for an ideology that is as unjust as the other. (As FEV Grim Listed below the factions they will be a part of.)

Federalists: (Military Dictatorship) Yang, Ren, Oscar, Winter

Syndicalist: (Communist) Blake, Nora, Emerald, Ilia, Adam.

American Union State: (Fascism) Weiss, Pyrrha, Mercury, Cardin

Pacific States: (Liberal Democracy) Ruby, Jaune, Penny

New England: (Neutral) Sun, Neo, Roman

Those are just a few ideas on, The List. Thank you all for reading A Rose Over A Shallow Grave. This was fun and I hope that all of you read my next story regardless of what you vote for. (please vote in the poll. If you can't then do so in the comment. Just tell me that your doing that so I don't double count.) Till then, this is Wombage1786 wishing everyone well, and till my next story to please Fav and Fol while leaving a comment down below.

This is Wombag1786… signing off.