The war is over, the demigods, especially our hero Percy Jackson hopes to breathe a sigh of relief and have his happily ever after with Annabeth Chase.

In comes Gwen, a daughter of Venus claiming to be Octavian's sister. When her lies and accusations threaten to create a rift between the newly formed Alliance between the Greeks and Romans, Chiron and Annabeth think it best to banish Percy from camp to avoid war.

Devastated from the betrayal, miserable, as he has nowhere to go, he stumbles across an ancient deity in a secluded forest while going nowhere in particular. The deity offers Percy a job. A job that requires a lot of killing the bad people

However, Percy feels too bitter and broken to do well.

Meanwhile, another deity is planning revenge on someone. This deity emanates raw power and is considered one of the most powerful in the universe. In addition, he wishes to attack earth. Camp half-blood precisely.

What side will the hero of Olympus choose? When a nefarious plot threatens Earth and he has to choose, what will happen?

With the enemy so powerful and the campers so hopelessly outnumbered, and with the option of revenge available, will he snap? Will the ghosts of his past haunt him? Or will he conquer them and go on to win the war for the ones that betrayed him? Will he abandon his family? Will he choose vengeance over forgiveness? Will the campers pay for their betrayal? Or will their hero once again try to save the day in such a suicidal war?

Find out only in "Percy Jackson and The Council's Army", a book full of twists and turns if you read until the end.

Cover made by AlPriceless