Love Problems - Prologue

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"Hurry up with that ramen, you stupid bitch!" Inuyasha called out. "Oh shut up, you bastard!" Kagome yelled back. Inuyasha became quiet. 'Does being called a bastard hurt him? I should apologize,' Kagome thought. "Inuyasha I'm sor-" Kagome stopped at midsentence. Inuyasha was running really fast, away from the campsite. 'Now where is that boy going to?' Kagome asked herself. Miroku watched Inuyasha disappear into his forest. "What's up with him?" he asked. Sango shrugged.

Shippo and Kilala slept inside Kagome's sleeping bag (they're not doing anything nasty in there so don't get any ideas!). Kagome sighed. "I'll go get him back. He's probably mad at me calling him a bastard. I didn't know he was that sensitive." Kagome walked out of the campsite, following Inuyasha's trail.

Miroku walked over to the pot of ramen Kagome had finished. He rubbed his hands together and filled himself up.

*************************** Kagome's POV

I can't believe Inuyasha was actually hurt by a silly name. He's such a big baby. I turned to a corner. I'm gonna teach him a lesson about maturity. I paused and looked up. Kikyou's demons were flying towards where Inuyasha was going. I ran faster. He couldn't have ran off to Kikyou! Wait a minute, why do I even care?! It's not like we were ever together or anything. I slowed down and walked the rest of the way.

*************************** Normal

"Inuyasha......." Kagome stopped when she heard a familiar voice say the hanyou's name. Kagome stood behind a tree when she saw Kikyou standing infront of Inuyasha.( In other words, she was eavesdropping.) "Forget that copy. You don't need her. I can sense jewl shards as well. You don't need her. All you need is me, Inuyasha!" Kikyou said. Inuyasha's face reddened. "Actually, I do need her. But just for one thing. It's something that I don't think you could ever do."

"What Inuyasha? I can do anything that copy can!" Inuyasha paused and looked at Kikyou. "She...... um..... she makes ramen..... i love ramen...... and you can't make ramen because it's from the future...." (Jerk, huh?) Kagome's face turned red. ' That's all he wants me for?! RAMEN?!' Kagome was hurt. All he wanted from her was her cooking. He really was a bastard (anyone could see that). Kagome started crying. Inuyasha stopped and smelled something salty. Tears. Kagome's tears. He walked over to the tree. But before he could get there, Kagome stood up and looked him in the eye. Her face was red, and her eyes were pink. Tears stained her cheeks.

"Kagome......" Inuyasha breathed. Kikyou stood and watched in amusement. "If all you wanted from me was ramen, you could of told me Inuyasha," Kagome said. "I'll teach Kikyou how to make it, then i'll go back to my time. You can live happily ever after with your true love." Inuyasha was overcome with guilt. He wanted Kagome to stay. He loved both Kikyou and Kagome (TWO TIMER!). Kagome looked up at Kikyou and smiled. "Ramen isn't hard to make. I'm happy for both of you. I'll go pack my things. I'll write down the recipe for you, Kikyou." Kikyou bowed her head and took Inuyasha's hand. He was too shocked to move. Kagome left and made her way to the campsite.

***************************** Campsite

"Inuyasha and Kagome have been gone for a while," Sango said. "I'm worried." "Don't be worried. I'm sure they're fine. As long as Inuyasha is out there, Lady Kagome will be safe." He scooted next to her. He put his arm around her in a comforting gesture. Sango smiled at him and looked at the sleeping bag Shippo and Kilala were in. "Would you like to share a sleepingbag with me, Lady Sango?" Miroku asked. Sango blushed and smacked him on the head. "Not in your life!" Kagome walked into the campsite as soon as Sango smacked him a second time for groping her. She looked at Kagome and smiled warmly. "You're back! Where's Inuyasha?"

Kagome frowned. She got her bag and put on her back. She walked over to Sango and hugged her. Then she slipped a piece of paper into Sango's hand. Sango looked at the paper. "A recipe for ramen?" Sango said. She had a puzzled look on her face. "You're gonna make Inuyasha cook his own ramen?" she asked (not a bad idea). Kagome kissed Shippo and Kilala on the head. Even though Miroku was unconsicious, Kagome took his hand and shook it. "Thank you for all your help," she said. Sango was still puzzled. "Are you leaving, Kagome?!" she panicked. "Yes, I am. Inuyasha has found a new shard detector. Please give that recipe to Kikyou for me." She hugged Sango one last time and left. Sango didn't have time to say anything. "A new shard detector? Kikyou?" she wondered aloud. Miroku woke up. "I just had a dream that Lady Kagome shook my hand." Sango looked at him sadly. "Kagome left. She said Inuyasha found a new shard detector." Just then, Inuyasha walked into the campsite, holding hands with Kikyou.


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