1 : Naruto

By: Kokoro Kakera HP ^^

Disclaimer: Naruto, (Manga, anime, products, etc.), belongs to Kishimoto Masashi

Author's Notes:

All of this is just for my amusement I guess. There's really no way to tell by watching the series itself who'll end up with who. (It's a mess!) But everyone has their little preferences and it's nice to read about them in fanfictions ^^. Below, this note, I'll always have little notes for translations. Not that I think that anyone reading this isn't intelligent, but I remember reading fanfictions and being bugged the hell out of because I didn't understand some Japanese terms. Really, not everyone will understand, right off the bat, what certain terms mean just because they watch anime. No comments here, like 'dummies' or 'idiots' since that's just mean.

San - Mr, Sir, Miss, Mrs, (Term of respect...)
Chan - Little (Don't use it literally) (Term used for friends or little kids)
Kun - Term of Familarity
Sensei - Teacher
Genin - Lowest level ninja
Chuunin - Above Genin
Jounin - Above Chuunin
Hokage - The name 'Kage' is given to different village leaders. 'Ho' means fire.
Ramen - Noodles

Did I miss anything??? @@!


"Stupid kids..." Naruto mummered as he cleaned the tiles of the women's bathhouse. It was late, his back was sore and his eyes hurt from looking at the pastel-blue tiled floor, ceiling and wall for so long. He cursed. It wasn't his fault that he had tripped and fallen into the place! This was probably the only time it hadn't been on purpose that he'd ended up in the ladies' showers. Sure he'd enjoyed the view while he was in there, but it didn't mean that he'd gone on because he wanted to!

He sighed and threw the washcloth into the small bucket of soapy water he'd been given earlier to clean up the place. Finally done. He wearily got up, leaving all the cleaning tools behind.

"Hey, you finished?" Naruto nodded tiredly at the adult, putting his hands in their customary position behind his head when he didn't have anything else to do with them.

"Ya, I'm finished. You can go see it for yourself if you don't believe me."

"Humph. Just don't go doing such a perverted thing again." The woman said offhandedly as she closed the bathhouse's doors and locked them.

"It wasn't my fault!" Naruto whined as he walked away. He narrowed his eyes. Those kids...


"Let's play, Naruto-nii-chan!!!"

He should have declined. Said no. Run away. Said he had something to do... Maybe a terminal disease-

"Sure! Kakashi-sensei gave me a day off, so I have some time."

One thing had lead to another and somehow after running around aimlessly with Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon, Naruto had tripped on some sudsy water that had leaked outside from the ladies bathhouse. He couldn't quite remember or know, how he'd ended up inside of all places, but what he could recall, consisted of painful beatings and looking up at an endless number of legs and bodies. Not the way he preferred to, but a visual fest was certainly what he'd gotten.

The sad part of the whole thing was that he could have gotten away. Gotten away cleanly with a nice memory. Great speed was what he had, but not after being ratted out. He had been prepared to just sprint out, unseen and unheard, but at that moment, Konohamaru's voice had rang out loud and clear, followed by Moegi's.

"Naruto-nii-chan???" Konohamaru yelled. "Where are you!?"

"Kyaa!!! He must have gone into the bath house to hide!!!" Moegi shrieked.

And then he had found himself with twenty sets of murderous eyes glued to him. From there, Naruto had taken his last two seconds alive to: first to pray for mercy, then to damn the kids to a hot firey place.

Unfortunately, when the hysterical rampages of the, (naked ^^,) women had finished, an explanation was demanded from him and an, "I didn't mean to," wasn't accepted. He was forced to scrub the entire bathroom for the rest of the day for punishment.


"Well, whatever." Naruto mummered. "It's not like anything important happened today."

"Naruto!!!" He turned.

"Sakura-chan!" He grinned. Maybe he could finally convince Sakura to go out for some ramen with him. ...Probably not, but it was worth a try anyway.

"Where were you Naruto!?" Sakura demanded. "Don't you know that you missed a very important mission?

"Huh?" Naruto blinked, dumbfounded. "Mission...?"

"Ya! We were supposed to bring back a lady's dog! It would have been a whole lot easier if you were there! Halfway through, some rogue ninjas got involved and it was a good thing Sasuke-kun was there, otherwise I would have been killed!"

"I... missed...a..." Naruto looked devastated.

"Hey, dead last." Sasuke had just arrived and Kakashi wasn't too far behind him. "Where were you today?" It was just a typical, run-of-the-mill question, perhaps there was even carefully hidden concern within it, but Naruto took it more seriously than he was supposed to.

A few minutes later, a tied up, spiky-haired blond was seen being dragged away by a pink-haired ninja. His daggers, blades and scrolls had been confiscated by a handsome, dark-haired ninja who mummered something along the lines of, "Idiot," as he followed close behind.