Hi y'all! I've decided to write a new VA fic loosely based on a short story that I wrote for my creative writing class at my university! Let me know what you think in the reviews and I'll be updating soon!

"Rose!" Lissa Dragomir called as the apartment door opened. "Are you home?"

"In the kitchen," I called back. My laptop was open on one counter, with my textbook and notebook opened next to it while I cooked a few links of Italian sausage.

"Smells good," Lissa said. "What are you making?"

She set her bag on the end of the counter, near my textbook, and came over to look over my shoulder.

"Italian sausage and baked beans with brown sugar." I turned away from the sausage to stir the baked beans before turning to my textbook. "How were classes?"

She sighed, sitting on the couch. "Annoying. I don't know what I was thinking when I added a communication minor."

"No, you don't know what you were thinking when I told you not to take Nelson, and you did anyway," I corrected her. "Try taking one of Werner's classes next semester. He's way better."

"Aren't you doing his homework right now? It doesn't look any better."

"Nelson makes you write those stupid summary recaps every single week and doesn't grade shit. Werner only has his essay midterm, a final essay, and a group paper."

"I'll try to remember to take him next semester," she teased.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to check on the sausage. It was done, so Lissa cut it up for me while I got the brown sugar ready. It only took another five minutes before it was done, and I served it up into bowls. Lissa thanked me and took hers, promising to make breakfast in the morning, since I would be at work during dinnertime.

When I finished eating, I changed out of my sweats and t-shirt and back into the dress I wore to class today. I wrapped my coat around me and put my laptop into my bag.

"Bye, Lissa!"

"Come to the mixer when you get off," she reminded me.

I rolled my eyes, surprised she didn't mention it when she first got home. She had been going on and on about her sorority's party for a month.

"If I'm not exhausted, I'll try to stop by," I said. "I don't get off until midnight."

She shot me a look, and we both knew that I probably wasn't going to go to the party tonight. I laughed at her, and walked out, locking the door behind me. It was a short walk to the bookstore, and I arrived at work with five minutes to spare before having to clock in. My phone went off, and I pulled it out as I walked into the back. It was a text from my boyfriend, Adrian Ivashkov. We had spent the weekend together, but he had left last night to get back to New York City.

Adrian (17:56): Miss you and wished I could have stayed longer.

Rose (17:57): I miss you too. Heading to work now, but I'll call you tomorrow.

Work was annoying, constantly having to answer dumb questions, but it was work, and I was paid. I knew that I didn't need to work, my parents had plenty of money, and technically, so did I, but it was nice to have some type of financial freedom.

I ended up closing a few minutes early because the bookstore was empty, and I locked the doors before closing out the cash register and organizing the shelves.

It was cold and wet when I walked outside, and the clouds overhead threatened more rain. My coat was wrapped around me tightly, but the chill still crept in. The moon's light was barely visible through the clouds, and the streetlights were dim, some not even lit. I twisted the key in the bookstore's door behind me, locking it tightly. I tugged on the door once, just to make sure it was truly latched, before tucking my keys into my bag.

It was just past midnight, but downtown was quiet and dark, despite Ithaca being primarily a college town. I knew that at least ten parties were going on at Cornell University's campus, and knew that my roommate, Lissa, had been begging me to come to Kappa Delta's spring mixer with her tonight. I turned away from the university and started walking in the direction of our apartment. It was barely a half-mile to the apartment, but it felt like forever tonight.

A strong gust of wind blows my long brown hair into my face, and I wrapped my coat tighter still. The chilly air bit into my exposed skin, making me wish that I had chosen to drive to the bookstore instead of walk. My phone vibrated against my hip, and I didn't hesitate to pull it out.

Lissa (00:10): Rose! Where are you? This is our last year together; you have to come!

Adrian (00:13): Happy anniversary, babe.

Lissa's other text was gibberish, and I rolled my eyes before sending a text back.

Rose (00:14): I'm going home.

I switched over to Adrian's text and typed out a reply as I continued to walk down the road.

Rose (00:15): Happy anniversary. I miss you.

Rose (00:15): What are you doing up so late? Don't you have a 7am lecture?

Adrian (00:15): Who needs sleep when I can talk to my beautiful girlfriend.

Adrian (00:15): But I wanted to say it immediately.

Adrian (00:16): I can't believe it's been a year. I wish you were here.

Rose (00:18): I wish we were spending today together too. At least we had the weekend together. If it wasn't midnight and NYU wasn't four hours from here, I'd be on my way. I have next Friday off; I'll drive out that morning. I'm sorry I can't get away sooner.


I flinched and whipped around, but there was nobody behind me. Ithaca was one of the safest college towns in the United States; bad things rarely happened here. I shook my head to clear my exhaustion, second-guessing taking melatonin pills before leaving the bookstore. I sped up as the apartment building came into view, ready to get home and get to bed.

The sound of two metal objects crashing together made me stop, and I peered into the alley beside me. The hair on my arms rose, and I shivered before picking up my pace again. The clanging followed me as I continued making my way down the street. My heart was racing, and I slid my phone back into my purse. It's just an animal, I told myself, hoping that if I said it enough times, I would start to believe it.

The sound of an engine revving had me jumping backward, closer to the buildings to avoid being splashed as it sped through the puddles, and one hand wrapped around my arm, the other covering my mouth as I was pulled into the alley. The stone wall cut into my back, but I couldn't voice my pain.

My eyes locked on unfamiliar blue eyes, and as soon as he removed his hand from my mouth, I screamed. The guy's eyes narrowed, and he slapped me, hard, before using his tie as a makeshift gag. I felt bruises forming on my arms where he was gripping me too tight, and tears started to stream down my face, soaking into the tie. I brought my knee up, and he jerked in pain, releasing me. I tried shoving past him, but he was still too close.

"Not so fast, Rose."

I whimpered as he pinned me with his hips.

"Did you really think I was going to let you walk away? You're such a beautiful girl," he cooed. "I've been watching you at the bookstore, just waiting for my chance, but you would never give me the time of day. But now, you don't have a choice."

My eyes watered from the overwhelming stench of alcohol coming from his breath as he leaned in closer. He unbuttoned his pants, forcing my thighs apart with his own, and pain seared through my legs as they were spread too far.

"You. Are. Mine."