Red Dead Chapter 4

The sheriff was in the camp because he wants to introduce himself. Arthur was happy that no one was hurt. After two days the police catch Michael. He was stealing a shop in the Red Sand city. Arthur went to see how much he will pay to get him out. While he was on the way, he met Zoe in the road. They were chatting about the old days when they were dating. Arthur arrived at Red Sand city. He saw the price to get his friend out from the jail was 400 dollars. It was shocking for Arthur. He thought if it was just a steeling crime, it will be 25 or 50 dollars. He put dynamite on the wall of the Jail and exploded the jail wall. He and Michael kills half of the town. And run away without letting anyone see both of them. Michael has wanted dead or alive and who catch him the government will give him 4000 dollars. They went back to the camp. To be continue