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Chapter 8 – Epilogue

Saturday morning found Percy buried under Hermione's quilt, naked, and no Hermione next to him. He peered out, slightly disorientated. Hermione's side of the bed was still slightly warm, so she can't have been gone too long. Sliding out of bed, he looked into the adjoining bathroom, thinking she might be there. He spotted the extra towel and toothbrush, and decided she wouldn't have put them out if he weren't supposed to use them. Plus it wouldn't do to have morning breath when he did find her.

Quickly brushing his teeth and making sure he put the toilet seat down, he stepped into the shower, reluctantly letting the warm water wash away the scent of her on his skin. Eager to see Hermione, he didn't waste too much time, and was just towelling dry his hair when he heard the bedroom door open.  Wrapping a dry towel around his waist, he stepped into the bedroom and came up against Hermione.

"You're up." She was slightly disappointed, as she'd wanted to still find him in bed.

"I used the shower, is that OK?"

"Of course it is." She reached up and brushed a lock of wet hair out of his eyes, pulling him down for a kiss. "Good morning."

Thank Merlin for toothpaste, he thought, pulling her close to deepen the kiss. He still couldn't quite believe she felt the same as he did, but the memory of the previous night reassured him.

"Ready for breakfast?" she smiled.

"You can cook too?" he smiled back at her.

"I'm in too good a mood to even answer that, Mr Weasley."

"Does this mean I have to get my own?"

"No, just this once I'll make you some toast."

"Should I get dressed?"

"Much as I'd love to have you naked in my kitchen, I wouldn't want to shock any uninvited guests."

"Oh? Like who?"

"Ron and Draco have been known to turn up mid-morning, and it's 10am now."

"Better get something on then. Er..where are my clothes?" he looked around the room, remembering the way she'd tossed his sweater over the sofa and him kicking his jeans off on the way to the bedroom.

"I've just picked them up. You can put these on while I give everything a quick clean." Hermione handed him a clean pair of her pyjama bottoms that she'd lengthened with a small charm. She was wearing the top half, he noticed as he quickly pulled them on, the hem of her top ending mid-thigh.

Following her into the kitchen, he watched as she made the toast and poured the coffee and juice, placing everything on the table in front of him. He pulled her onto his lap and she wrapped her arm around his neck to hold herself in place.

"You know we'll be expected at home tomorrow for dinner." He said, feeding her a bite of his toast.

"Ah, the traditional Weasley Sunday." She grinned at him.

"Are you all right with that? We are a couple, aren't we?"

"I should hope so after last night."

"Good. Wouldn't want anyone thinking that you were available, especially after last night."

"You want me to wear a label saying 'Property of Percy Weasley'?"

"No, I want you to wear a ring that says 'Property of Percy'." He said. She nearly fell off his lap.

"Are you proposing? On the basis of one night?"

"Yes, but on the basis that I love you and want to marry you. Well?"

Her answer was to kiss him, which led to a rather satisfying encounter that ensured Percy would never again look at a kitchen counter without smiling.


Percy Apparated home just before lunch so he could quickly change clothes. He was then heading back to Hermione's so they could choose an engagement ring. He managed to avoid his mother and felt a little guilty, especially after her advice the previous evening. He was sure she would forgive him when he presented her with the future Mrs Percy Weasley.


No one was really surprised when Hermione turned up with Percy the next day. Molly knew he hadn't come home either Friday or Saturday night, so it had obviously worked out for them. The tasteful ruby and diamond ring on Hermione's finger proved that.

Molly, Ginny, Ron and Draco stood in the kitchen, watching as Percy caught Hermione around the waist and tumbled them onto the sofa.

"Do you think she'll ever tell him?" Draco asked the others. They caught Hermione's eye and she winked at them over Percy's shoulder.  Ron, Molly and Ginny looked at Draco and they all grinned.


The End