This is my first OMF fanfic. Hope you like it. This is chapter 1 Started on 8/15/00
Note: One Must Fall, all the characters in the game, and many in here, the robot's names, the arenas and everything else except my imagination are products of timeless research of Epic Megagames. Enjoy.

CHAPTER 1: The First Time

Brian looked down to see that his body was made of metal. He looked up and saw his opponent in a new robot that he had never seen before. It was bigger than his, and was very geometric in shape. He positioned himself on the ready platform. He looked to the side and saw the clock. Ten seconds... his blood pressure rose in anticipation. Of course, he was a machine, so it had to be some other form of fluid... 4...3...2...1... Suddenly his opponent turned into a large version of his sister and the arena filled with water... very cold water. He woke up with a start.

"Awake and alert?" His sister smiled at him.
"Kelley, what are you doing here?" he asked her, "This is my room. Who let you in, and why did you splash me with water? You know I'm a light sleeper!"
Kelley giggled a bit into her hand, and just said, "I just thought you should get up early, so I let myself in!"
"EARLY," he thought to himself. He looked at his clock at the side of the bed. "5:30 AM!" He shouted, "Well, thank you. I just need to get dressed. I was having such a good dream. I was going to have my first match when the arena filled with water..." he looked at her with an angry look on his face.
"Well, that's what happens when you dream too much," Kelley said with a laugh.
They both laughed for some time. Then Brian said, "Oh, well, now that I'm up, I'd better get my morning exercise and meditation. First things first. GET OUT!" he shouted. Kelley walked out of the room. The door slid closed behind her.

Brian slid off of the bed. He knew his first battle would not be easy, nor would it have a very good feel to it, but that was given. He had been studying the Jaguars moves because he just needed some kind of research before he got his Katana, which was his favorite. He remembered how Kelley's favorite model Robot was always Electra. He reached into his closet and brought out his favorite green shirt. He put it on while thinking about his rival, Stephen. Stephen was quite pig-headed, and a little bit taller than Brian, but still over-confident. Brian thought that when the time came, he could defeat Stephen.

Brian realized that he had just put his shirt on backwards. He took it off and put it on the right way. He changed his underwear and put on his jean-shorts. Brian looked around for his good socks. They weren't in the dryer; they weren't in the drawer... he looked around for a while.

Brian soon found his socks and shoes, put them on, and began to do his exercises. He started with the bicycle motions; he lay on his back on the floor and lifted his knee to his elbow, meeting each halfway, and did the same with the other elbow. He did that for about two minutes. Brian got up and did jumping jacks. After a while, he tuckered out... "1997, 1998, 1999, 2,000." Brian looked at his watch. It was 6:40. Quite a long time to do jumping jacks. He rested for about 5 minutes, then got on his hands, and did some pushups. "...97, 98, 99, 100." Brian made his way to his walk-in closet He turned on the light to show the contents inside. Some small weights, some small exercise machines, and a large punching bag. Brian practiced some kick boxing techniques. "Hyaa! Hyaa! Hai-ahh! Huhh!" When Brian finished with the punching bag, he was exhausted and tired, so sat down. Getting a good idea, he went to his refrigerator and pulled out a Gatorade. Brian quickly gulped it down. He then let out a quick sigh of relief "Ah...! That hit the spot!" He said out loud. Brian put the rest of the Gatorade and went out the door. As he went past the door, he locked it with his key card. The door closed and he saw that his sister was asleep in the hallway on a chair.
"Want to get something to eat?" Brian asked, shaking her awake.
"Ok," Kelley agreed sleepily. "Where should we go?"
"How about that old place that we used to go to when we were younger?"
"You mean 'Eat 'n Park?'"
"Yeah, that's it!"
"Ok." So, Kelley and Brian made their way to Brian's car. It was a dark green Ferrari. He started the car and drove off. Soon they arrived at Eat 'n Park, and Brian parked the car. Brian and Kelley got out of the car, and Brian locked the car up. They went inside the restaurant....

"...You'd think they'd actually be NICE to you..." Brian said as he and Kelley walked out of the restaurant.
"Yeah," replied Kelley. "Well, let's get going." Brian and Kelley walked over to the car and Brian unlocked it. The got in and started the car. He drove off and arrived at the stadium a few minutes later. The man at the gate said, "Hello, may I see your ticket, please?"
Brian said, rolling down the window, "Actually, I'm the new competitor." "Oh," began the guard, "You're Brian! Thank you, may I see your ID card?" Brian pulled out his ID card and handed it over. The man scanned it, and handed it back. "Welcome to your first match."

Brian nodded at the man and drove on. A sign up ahead showed the direction he must go. Brian had Kelley's ticket all ready for her. He handed it to her and let her out. "Your seat is close to the front. Hurry up and get into the stands. The battle's about to start." With that, Kelley waved goodbye as Brian drove to his section. Brian found a parking space and parked his car. He got out and began to walk towards the door when all these news anchor people began to swarm around him. Brian began to walk in with his eyes closed so that nobody could see that he was mentally directing himself (his eyes were glowing). He walked through the doors, and closed them behind him. He walked through the corridor towards his ready-room. As he was walking, Brian accidentally bumped into Shirro. "Hey, watch it!" Shirro said and he staggered backwards. Brian fell on the floor. Shirro looked down to see Brian, and said, "Oh, hello, Brain!"
"It's Brian. Hello, Shirro," he said as Shirro helped him up.
"It seems that I am fighting you today," Shirro said. "It will be an interesting fight, and I look forward to seeing you there."
"Well," Brian began, "Don't take me for granted like your are now. I will not be that easy to beat."
"We'll see about that. You may think you're good enough to beat me, but you know little of me."
"I've researched you enough to know how you fight."
"Well, I'll see you in the arena. Bye..."
"Bye," Brian said. The technicians were already inside. "You're here. Great."
Brian walked over to the table and lay down. The operator said, "Now, this might sting a little." The man put some pins through his skull and slipped a syringe with the special drugs into Brian's arm and squeezed the contents in. Brian didn't even try to fight the drugs. He slipped into unconsciousness.

When he woke up, he was inside his black and blue Katana. He had never felt this way before. He looked at his hands. They were just BLADES! Razor-sharp blades! He stood up and walked out of the Bunker. He felt so alive. He stepped out into the room. It was the Room with the inferno room, the one with the grill on the bottom. There were heatproof cameras in the top of the room. Obviously, this room was too hot for anyone not in robot form to be in.


Brian snapped back to attention. Shirro was in front of him. He was in his Thorn, and seemed more prepared than Brian was. Brian put his blades up and awaited the word...


Brian leaped forward and did a somersault off of Shirro's shoulders. He landed on the wall and started spinning off the wall straight towards Shirro. Shirro jumped up, aiming a spike towards Brian. They got closer and closer, and finally, they hit! Shirro and Brian stood perfectly still at each other's attacks. They each fell to the ground. They got up at about the same time. Brian did another leap, but this time, instead of doing a flip off of him, Brian went into a mid air spin at Shirro, which hit Shirro before he had time to block! Strike, strike, and the last hit were an uppercut. Brian got closer as Shirro was getting up. Shirro took this time to grab him and heave him across the room. Suddenly, that huge flying holographic orb appeared in front of Brian. Now, Brian was not one to miss an opportunity like this! He slashed at the orb, and a fireball erupted from beneath Shirro. Shirro lit up like a candle, and was knocked off his feet at about the same time that Brian hit the wall.

Shirro's glow soon went away... Shirro got up and began to charge at Brian. Brian saw it out of the corner of his robotic eye, and kept down. As Shirro got close, Brian shoved off the ground, flipping over Shirro and stomping on his head. Shirro fell down. He got up and tried to shake off his dizziness. Brian strode over to Shirro and grabbed him. He slashed him once across the chest, sending Shirro flying. As Shirro was flying through the air, Brian hooked his Blade around the Thorns foot and slammed him down to the ground. Brian did a back flip away from Shirro and stood defensively.

Shirro got up and looked at Brian. "How can he be so good?" Shirro thought bewildered. "This is his first time here! I can't believe that he's beating me. Hey, let's try this..."

Shirro jumped up against the wall and stuck his feet into the wall. He shoved off and glided like a bat towards Brian with his spikes in front. Brian tried to jump out of the way, but was knocked out of the sky by Shirro. As soon as Brian got up, he saw Shirro right in his face. Shirro grabbed him and heaved him across the room again. As he was in the process of doing that, he didn't know that Brian had hooked his Katana's blade on Shirro's Thorn's armpit (or what would be). As Shirro threw him, his arm was nearly ripped all the way off. They each were getting close to being shut off. Brian was, after all a brash, young age of 16, while Shirro was, after all, older than Brian was, so probably had more endurance than Brian did, but at the age of 73, he had to be weakening...

Brian still had the ability to fight, so he strode over to Shirro. Shirro made a swipe at him, but Brian easily blocked it. Shirro tried again, letting his other hand dangle, and just battled as best he could, but each time, Brian blocked Shirro off. As Shirro was swinging at him, Brian saw a weak point that seemed to scream out "ATTACK!" so he did. He made a strong blow to the head, and did the "spinning-uppercut" again. Shirro fell over.
Brian, exhausted, looked down at his opponent, and saw that Shirro did not get up. Brian couldn't think of what he would have done if he had to have used a Jaguar. Something flickered out of the corner of his eye, beneath the grill. He decided that it was just a heat flare. He stood over his beaten and battered foe. Raising his arms in the air, he cheered inwardly to himself-- the victor, and the start of his new legend in WAR.

...Later that night...
Brian was sitting on his bed watching the news with his sister beside him. The news anchor was reading off the news on the television. "...And that was the first time a monkey ever played the accordion! In sports news, the tournament battle tonight was a big hit by thousands watching. Here you can see the move that finished the fight. Some technique you see here. Spectators watching remarked Brian as 'an incredible first-timer.'" "You hear that," shouted Brian, "They say I'm 'incredible'!"
Kelley and Brian cheered for a while, and Brian had to urge quiet to hear the rest. "After the battle, even though he lost, Shirro shook the hand of his opponent and was just, in general, a good sport. Oh, I hope Brian's watching. This just in! (Brian and Kelley leaned in towards the TV) An unranked challenger has just issued a public challenge to Brian. His name is 'Stephen'. Well, if Brian wishes to accept this challenge, he had better call this number right now. (Brian writes down the number) And we'll be right back after this Break. "Stephen! I thought he would at least join the tournament before fighting me." Brian leaned over to the phone and dials the number. "... Hello, this is Brian... Yeah... Yeah... Yes, thank you. Goodbye." He hangs up the phone. "I wonder why Stephen really wanted to battle me... Maybe he's been secretly training with his dad too, and thinks he's ready to fight me... Well, I'll ask him tomorrow at the stadium."