Chapter 1: Enter Naru the winged great cat!

A large winged black cat sniffed the air it's tail twitching in anticipation. It was waiting for an opening to infiltrate it's prey's lair. A car drove up to Privet Drive. It stopped at number 4 and Vernon Dursley got out. The cat licked its lips and rustled its wings slightly.

Vernon was closing the door when the cat made it's move. The black cat slipped in and hid in the shadows. The cat waited until the house was asleep. The cat snook upstairs silently and sniffed the air. It caught the scent of the Dursley family and moved silently.

First it found Dudley's room the eight year old had left his door open a crack. The cat licked it's lips and crept into the room. Dudley was snoring loudly. The cat pounced and killed the boy. The large animal feasted on his body.

It then left the room and did the same to Vernon and Petunia. It was about to leave when it caught the scent of another human in the house. It crept to the cupboard under the stairs and raised it paw. It slashed the lock on the door and went inside. It's green eyes glowing when it saw the eight year old Harry potter sound asleep. The cat took pity on the boy and shifted from making herself the same size as the average cat and hiding her wings. The cat curled up next to the boy.

The next day

A child service van and several police cars were out in front of number 4. A child service officer was leading Harry out of the house. The eight year old seemed stunned. Harry had found his aunt, uncle, and cousin dead. He called the police and told them that someone had apparently broken into the house through the open window in kitchen.

Petunia had forgotten to close the window before going to be after her nightly scrub down of the kitchen. The person murdered the Dursleys in there sleep and hadn't found Harry in his room under the stairs. Of course the police sent several officers along with child services to investigate the situation. A black cat followed Harry out of the house and hoped into the van with Harry. "Is that your cat son?" The officer asked seeing the green eyed feline.

"Yes, her name is Naru." Harry responded. The cat purred happily as Harry stroked her. He had been rather surprised to find a cat in the cupboard with him when he woke up. He also was surprised when the cat shifted to her true form in front of him. After the surprise wore off he decided to call the feline Naru. The two sat in the van on the way to his new foster home. They had no idea that Dumbledore had arranged a back up home for Harry with a muggle born wizard named Terrence Smith. He hadn't however planned on Harry encountering and keeping several magical creatures as pets.