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Chapter 18: Qudditch

It has been 3 weeks since Terrence and Dumbledore had their meeting and since he visited in Sirius in Azkaban. Terrence had been doing some digging into the files of the Hogwarts staff when he wasn't busy doing paper work and attending meetings in the magical crimes investigations wing of the ministry.

Granted he was the only person in that division which did mean he's been caught sleeping on the job on more than one occasion by Umbridge. He on more than one occasion used his own brand of magic to give Umbridge a good zap. Terrence had discovered that Snape was an exdeatheater and that Dumbledore had been best friends with Grindewald.

He of course was now using his connections with the Hogwarts ghosts in order to keep an eye on Harry and his pets. Soon the first Qudditch match of the season arrived. Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. The whole school was buzzing with excitement and Harry was nervous since he was the youngest person on the pitch. He also knew that those of his pets that could fly wouldn't be aloud to be on the pitch along with his other pets.

Terrence sat down in the stands next to Dumbledore. "Terrence what are you doing here?" Dumbledore asked in surprise. "I'm here to support my foster son. Also as his legal guardian it's my job to make sure he stays safe and as the official representative of the division of magical crime investigation it's also my job to make sure that a certain former deatheater doesn't try to kill him in a radical display of loyalty to He-who-must-not-be-named." Terrence said being upfront about why he was there.

Dumbledore didn't say anything in response. "Some people make foolish choices when they are young Smith. Yourself included." Snape said barely even glancing at Terrence who rolled his eyes at this. "Don't roll your eyes at me, Animagus." Snape said having seen Terrence roll his eyes. Terrence looked a little on edge. He hoped no one had overheard what Snape had said. It thankfully didn't look like anyone had overheard.

Soon the game started and it was going really well. Terrence was practically howling his cheers for Harry. The young wizard saw his guardian in the stands and give a little wave before going back to searching for the snitch. Halfway through the game however something odd began to happen.

Harry's broom began shaking and trying to buck Harry off. Terrence saw what was happening and would have acted if he hadn't felt something blocking his magic. Suddenly Harry fell off his broom. Fred and George would've caught him when a pale green blur rushed passed and caught Harry instead. As it turns out the blur was Ren.

The dwarf dragon had caught Harry with his paw like front feet and had basically cradled Harry with all four limbs, tucked his head in along with his tail, and wrapped his wings tightly around Harry and himself basically turning into a ball and crashed into the pitch. Terrence nearly strangled Dumbledore but was held back by a few teachers. It was also during those few seconds that Hermione in possibly an attempt to become Harry's friend again set Snape's robes on fire causing him to jump up and knock professor Quirel over.

Several people tried to get near Ren as his protective instinct kicked in and he stood over Harry, who had fainted, and was growling, roaring, hissing and flapping his wings at anyone who got too close. Terrence saw that the normally hidden spines along Ren's back and tail were raised, a warning that he was about to breath fire. Terrence disappeared and reappeared in a burst of electricity. He basically threw himself on to Ren and was manually keeping his mouth closed so a student wouldn't get burned. Naru and the others rushed over they knew that Ren's instinct was blocking them from communicating with him.

"Easy Ren. Harry's ok! No need for fire!" Terrence said with a stranded voice since Ren was trying to get free. "Must protect Harry!" Was the only thing going through the dwarf dragon's mind. Harry began coming too long enough to hug Ren "I'm ok." Harry muttered before passing out again only this time it was a stress related fever. Ren gently lifted Harry and placed him on his back before heading to the castle and the hospital wing with the others following him. Terrence and everyone else were in a slightly confused state.