Not going to lie, I am relatively new to this site. I have no idea how to do many things. I'm also not the best writer, so I would appreciate constructive criticism. This story is probably just going to be a bunch of poorly-written one-shots. Now with that said I would love to hear ideas for one-shots because while I have a few ideas, I would like to hear you guy's because I will probably run out of ideas quickly. Now with all that said, enjoy!

Chapter 1: An Average Day in the Life of the Royal Fairy Family


That was the noise that the Fairy King woke to. As he opened his eyes, he saw his 2-year-old daughter, Saphira.

"Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!" Saphira giggled as she yanked the covers off her poor father.

"Ok! Ok!" The Fairy King replied, "Just not too loud or you'll wake your poor mother!" The Fairy King liked to let his wife sleep in the mornings. After all, she was the one with most of the stress on her shoulders. Sure, he was the king, but most of their subjects answered to her. It was because she was probably the more powerful of the two and he silently agreed. The Fairy Queen rarely lost her composure, but when she did, she was quite fearsome. Fortunately, she typically only gets that way when she suffers from lack of sleep. Thus, the Fairy King decided to be a good husband and king and let his wife sleep.

Once the Fairy King and his daughter got out of the room, he spotted his 5-year-old son, Bracken, and 4-year-old daughter, Mizelle.

The Fairy King adored all of his children, but Bracken had always been rather odd. Not that he didn't love him, because he did, but he had always acted rather peculiar. He was always quite social (for a unicorn anyways) and had a strange fascination with human music, art and literature. The Fairy King also noticed that Bracken did not turn into his true form (unicorn form) very often, even though he knew how. The Fairy King hoped that his interest in humans is just a phase.

Mizelle, bless her heart, was always looking for a fight. She often says that when she grows up, she wants to be a great warrior. The Fairy King also hoped this was a phase, for he didn't want his precious little girl to get hurt. If anything, the Fairy King knew his daughter was going to be a great warrior.

His second daughter, Saphira, was super sweet. She would always care for everyone around her, and the Fairy King had a feeling that she was going to be a healer when she grew up. Unfortunately, Saphira is extremely clingy. No matter where he would go, Saphira would always tag along, and whenever he would manage to lose her, she would cry and cry until they would get reunited.

As the Fairy King strolled down the hall with children, he saw the grand clock. 6:30, the clock read. The Fairy King just sighed and moved on to the play room so his children could play.

About 30 seconds later he heard the screams of his youngest daughter Ember.

Ember, being only 1-year-old, hasn't done very much, but the Fairy King could already tell this one was going to be trouble maker. Whenever she saw mischief, she would always giggle or smile and the Fairy King swears that sometimes she purposefully makes his life difficult. Rather its dumping all of her toys on the ground or leaving the house without permission, Ember is defiantly something else. Even though she's a little scoundrel, she is not a bad kid.

"Daaaaddddd!" Mizelle yelled. "Play with me"!

"No Mizelle." Bracken stated, "Daddy needs to deal with baby".

"Bracken", the Fairy King said, "The baby has a name. Its Ember".

"Yeah, whatever", Bracken replied, "Just deal with her".

As the Fairy King got up to leave the room, Saphira exclaimed, "Where Daddy going?"

"Just to your sister." He replied, "It will only take a minuet".

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Saphira cried. And with that she soon started sobbing.

With that, the Fairy King swiftly left the room.

With the sounds of his daughter's screams and other children's bickering behind him, the Fairy King went to see what Ember was so upset about.

As he approached the fiery redhead, the smell hit him like a ton of bricks. Yup. She definitely needed a diaper change.

As he was changing Ember's diaper. He saw a little smirk on her face. Oh no. He thought This cannot be good. And with that, Ember proceeded to poop on him.

Why, this is disgusting. How could such a cute, innocent little girl possibly do something do vile, so cruel. All he could hear was Ember's laughs.

"Well I'm glad someone finds this funny" The Fairy King said "because I most certainly don't." All that received was more giggles.

After he finally got Ember's diaper changed, the Fairy King walked back into the playroom with Ember.

The playroom was a disaster. What the… I've seen demons make smaller messes. The Fairy King thought. Tables were thrown over. Toys where everywhere. Crayons, markers, pillow cushions, toy cars, books, lamps, shoes, and so, so much more were all out of place. Saphira was sobbing and wailing on the floor. Bracken and Mizelle ere bickering about who knows what, and somehow Ember ran off and was causing even more chaos. All the Fairy King could do was stand there in disbelief.

It was in that moment when the Fairy Queen entered the scene.

"What in the world is going on here!" She exclaimed.

"Bracken was-…" Mizelle started.

"Well Mizelle was-…" Bracken tried.

"One at a time." The Fairy Queen said, "Mizelle, you first."

"I was playing with the jump rope when Bracken shoved me into the ground! Then, I punched him back in the arm! Then Bracken acted like he was all innocent, as if, so I kicked him!" Mizelle stated

"And your side of the story Bracken" The Fairy Queen asked.

"I didn't push her I just bumped her. I was going to say sorry but I didn't because she started hitting me!" Bracken said.

"Sounds like you two miscommunicated. Next time, before resorting to violence, talk out your problems. That way, you may find that your problem isn't really all hat severe." The Fairy Queen stated. "Now Saphira, why on Earth are you sobbing like so?"

"D-D-D-Daddy left meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Saphira sobbed.

"Well Saphira, sometimes Daddy must leave and do other things than be with you. I sure all he wants is to be with you, but sadly that is just not what happens in life." The Fairy Queen said.

"But… I wanna hang out with daddy!"

"I know but how about this." The Fairy Queen suggested, "Whenever you feel lonely, just come hang out with me"

"O-O-Okay Mommy." Saphira sniffled.

"Ok kids. Now what did I say about keeping your playroom clean?" The Fairy Queen inquired.

"You can play with toys but you must pick up after yourself so that the playroom doesn't get too dirty" Bracken said.

"Very good Bracken. Now stand back children."

Bracken picked up Ember from where she was terrorizing her father in the corner, and proceeded to stand with Mizelle and Saphira.

Instantly, everything in the room went back to proper position. The once messy playroom was now glorious again.

"Mommy's magic is so cool" Mizelle said to Bracken.

"Yeah" Bracken agreed.

"All right children! Time for breakfast!" The Fairy Queen said cheerfully.

"Yay!" The children cheered and ran into the dining area.

"And what happened to you?" The Fairy Queen asked to the Fairy King.

"Let's just say I will not be feeding Ember anymore snacks before bed." The fairy King said.

The Fairy Queen giggled. "Well it sounds like you need a shower before you eat".

"Yes." The Fairy King said, "Yes I do."

After Breakfast was over, the Fairy King's shower was completed, and the dishes were washed, the Fairy King and Queen found they had some alone time.

"I love you" The fairy King said to the Fairy Queen.

"I love you too" The Fairy Queen replied back with a kiss.

The Fairy king then held the Fairy Queen in silence for a while. The silence was only broken when the Fairy Queen shared some news.

"Honey, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant again.


Honestly, it's a lot shorter than I planned, but not quite as trashy. Anyways I hope that you enjoy it. Once again, I would really appreciate any constructive criticism because I am not the best author (as you have seen) and would love criticism so I can get better.