After the Battle at the DoM Harry finds that Sirius has left him a strange gift in the form of a fairy memory stone. Upon activating it, Harry discovers that there was far more to his mother than he knew. Powerful Harry/Fed up Harry Crossover with Cobalt-Blue's Earth Reforged Series. Pairings TBD

Harry sat in his room at Number Four Privet Drive and tried his best to process what had happened during the battle at the DoM. He still couldn't believe that Sirius was gone, that one of his last connections to his parents had been snuffed out by the Veil of Death. Why in the bloody hell did they have that thing there in the first place? he thought to himself. And why did I have to go off half-cocked? I walked right into Tom's trap!

He looked over to his desk where a half dozen unopened letters had been delivered. One from Ron, two from Hermione, and much to his surprise, several from Neville and Luna. But for now, he just couldn't bring himself to care about them. Right now, the cold steel gray of his loss threatened to swallow him, threatened to engulf him and pull him down into a pit of sorrow where nothing mattered.

POP! Suddenly Dobby appeared next to him. "Harry Potter sir," the house-elf said. "Dobby is on a mission from Harry Potter's godfather!"

"What? What are you talking about?" Harry asked without ever taking his eyes from the pattern of the rug that lay under his bed. "Sirius is dead."

"Lord Black told Dobby to give something to Harry if Lord Black died. Now it's time for Dobby to give it to Harry Potter."

"Give me something?" Harry asked. "What is it?"

"Dobby not know. Dobby needs Harry Potter to come with him."

"Where to?" Harry demanded.

"Gringott's," the elf said simply.

"What? Now? I'm not supposed to leave the house? I can't get to Gringotts!"

"Dobby take Harry. Aurors won't know." Then much to Harry's surprise the little elf produced an intricately carved stone and lay it on his desk. "This will make Harry Potter's minders think he's still here."

"What is it that?" Harry asked.

"Elf magic," Dobby said.

"Where did you get it?"

"Gringotts. Now, Harry Potter come with Dobby. It's important. Elf magic!"

Confused Harry rose from the small chair in the room—a cheap Tesco special, his aunt and uncle got second hand at a rubbish sale—and grabbed his trainers. Lacing them quickly, he reached under his pillow and pulled out his wand. "Gringotts, you say? And nobody will know I'm gone? What happens if we're attacked while we're out."

"Dobby will defend Harry Potter!" the elf declared seriously. And then much to his surprise, he produced a strange looking green orb with gold metal interlaced in its surface. Death Eaters won't like what Dobby has in here!"

"What is that, Dobby?"

"Fae magic! Harry Potter sir, has new friend. Lord Black arranged it."

Harry offered his hand to the small creature and said, "I don't know what you're talking about." Then shrugging, he added, "But it beats the hell out of sitting here under the watchful eye of the Order."

Suddenly the world splinched sideways and Harry found himself standing in the middle of a large office. Several goblins stood nearby, all heavily armed. The only other person in the room was a squat goblin with an exceptionally, even for a goblin, long nose. He smiled over at Harry and then bowed lowly. "Master Potter, I'm glad that you could come. I am Greenguts, Head-goblin here at Gringotts. We are keeping something here for you by the request of the late Mr. Sirius Black."

Harry remembering his matters, bowed and said, "I'm not sure what the correct goblin courtesies would be here."

Again the goblin smiled, and Harry secretly wished he wouldn't. It was one of the most unnerving sights he'd ever seen. "No courtesies are required at this time, Master Potter. I simply need to give you something. Once you've heard what it has to say then things may change, but for now, will you accept what I have for you?"

"Is it dangerous?" Harry asked.

"It's knowledge, Master Potter. All knowledge is power and therefore dangerous. However, you will not be harmed while you are here. A magic more powerful than either that of the house-elves or even the goblins assures that."

"What do I need to do?"

"Will you accept it?" the goblin asked again.

Harry nodded, swallowed, pushed up his glasses and said, "Yes."

Greenguts then reached into his desk and pulled out another stone like the one Dobby was carrying. "It's a fairy message stone."

"I don't understand."

"Fairy message stones are very old magic, Master Potter. There are very few of them left in England after the Massacre of the Bells in 1775, when King George III drove most of the fae races out of Britain."

"What is it?"

"It's a message from your godfather that he left for you. It's preserved in such a way that only you can receive it."

"What do I do?" Harry asked.

Clucking and shaking his head, Greenguts told him, "Grasp the the stone gently in your hand and think of your godfather."

Harry nodded and did as he was bade. The stone slowly began to grow warm in his hands, as Sirius appeared before him. Harry could not only see him and hear him, but could feel his magic, and even smell him. "Harry," Sirius began Harry fought to swallow the mass of emotions that suddenly lodged in his throat.

"If you're using this stone, then that means I'm dead, and you-know-who is coming for you. But, all isn't lost. There was more than one secret kept by the Marauders, and this secret was your mom's, bless her soul." Then he laughed at some secret joke that only he seemed to understand.

"Old Tom has no idea how badly he's really screwed the pooch. Dumbledore forbade me to tell you any of this, so naturally I'm going to anyway." He smiled mischievously and said, "Because I'm just that kind of guy. But, seriously, there are forces that you can bring to bear here that Dumbledore doesn't want involved. I think they need to be involved, even if it means half the British wizards end up blown to hell and back."

Sirius continued, "There is a reason that your mother was not truly muggle-born. I don't fully understand it myself, but I know for a fact that the so-called blood wards around Privet Drive are more than useless. You are no blood-kin to that woman. Your mother was a faeling, a fae child switched at birth for a mortal child. When her magic came to fruition and it was time to go back to the fae, she chose to stay, to live out her life as a member of the wizarding world of Britain."

"Now, I know you're wondering what all this is supposed to mean. Well, I was her secret keeper on this. Not even your father knew. She told me that should something happen to you, to tell you what was going on, and to give you the means to call her family, your family for aid. I'm doing that now."

He paused for a moment and let what he was saying sink in. Harry was trying to process it all. He was under the impression that there were no fae in Britain. How could his mother be one? Finally, Sirius continued. "If you want to contact your family; to ask them for their help, for their protection, then simply give this stone back to Greenguts. He will know what to do. But be warned. The aid of the fae will not come lightly. And it will change things in you that will make you not quite mortal anymore. You will discover things about yourself and about your family and even your friends with which you may not yet be comfortable. It is up to you. Good luck Harry. I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Sirius disappeared from his mind and Harry felt his senses return to the room. Greenguts and Dobby were staring at him. "Is everything all right, Mister Potter."

Harry nodded and handed him the stone back without thinking of what he was doing.

"Does this mean you wish to proceed?" Greenguts asked.

Again, still in shock, Harry nodded. "In for a penny, in for a pound."

"I don't understand."

"Sorry, muggle saying. I guess the equivalent would be in for a knut, in for a galleon."

"Very well," Greenguts replied. Then taking the stone in his hand, he touched several places on its surface.

Suddenly, there was a glowing sphere of light in the room and a young being like Harry had never seen before appeared in the light. He was short and thin, and dressed in a dark blue suit cut in the style of the regency period. A set of black cats ears sat atop his head and a matching black tail snaked out from behind him. In his right hand was a cane with a crystal headpiece shaped like a rose. Harry noted that there was a deep blue webbing between his fingers. He was quite handsome, if on the small side. Immediately Dobby bowed deeply to this man's presence.

Turning to look at Harry, the newcomer said, "So you are might Aunt Lily's son?" Then looking to the ceiling he said sarcastically, "Mother, Fathers, I've asked you to stop doing this to me, please. But as my wishes are not taken into account, I might as well proceed."

"I'm sorry," Harry said in shock. "I hadn't meant to be any trouble."

The man smiled and Harry noted the his sharp canines. "Oh, but you are, Harry Potter. You're a great deal of trouble, and I think it's going to be loads of fun." Then offering his hand he said, "I am Hunter Daire. I believe your mother and my mother were sisters."

"I thought Petunia was Mother's only sister."


"Petunia Dursely nee Evans?" Harry asked.

"Oh, you mean the mortal with whom Lily grew up? They are of no blood relations."

"But Professor Dumbledore said..."

"Dumbledore?" Daire asked turning to Greenguts.

"Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Your Royal Highness." the goblin replied.

"Royal Highness?" Harry asked. "Can someone please explain things to me?" Then remembering the title quickly added, "Am I supposed to bow or something?"

"Please don't," Daire said. Then with a sigh, he said, "First off, let me correct my own bad manners." Once again, he offered Harry his hand, who this time took it and found the shake to be firm. "Like I said, my name is Hunter Daire. I actually hold several titles, one of which is unfortunately heir presumptive of the Winter Throne of Feyhold."

Harry shook his head and said, "Never heard of it."

Much to his surprise, Daire winked and replied, "To be honest, you would be better off not knowing. But to get anything done, sometimes I have to use them." Then turning to Greenguts he asked, "Did my illustrious aunt have a vault in this establishment from Feyhold?"

"She does, Highness. However, I'm afraid that to access it, Master Potter will have to accept his birthright."

Daire nodded and turned to Harry. His tone became quite plain spoke and serious. "Harry, exactly what do you want out of this meeting?"

Harry shrugged and said, "I don't know. Sirius said you could help me defeat Voldemort."

"Is that all?"

"I would like to know more about my parents. I've been told next to nothing about them."

Daire nodded and said, "I understand. When a faeling decides to stay in the mortal realm, then there are certain changes that has to happen to allow them to live safely here. Among them is hiding what they are so that the traditional weaknesses of the fae cannot be used against them. They give up part of their life so as to be safe from such things."


"Look around you, Harry. What substances dominate this room?"

Harry looked at the marble and stone walls inlaid with iron runes, the steel desk, the iron sconces on the walls, and even the armor. "Stone and steel," Harry said.

"Not just any steel," Daire said tracing one of the runes on the ground with his boot. "Cold iron. It disrupts fae magic."

"But seems to not affect you," Harry said.

"Quite perceptive," he told him. "Two things there. The first is that like you, I'm not entirely fae and the substance to which I'm vulnerable is completely different. The second is it is only coming into contact with my boot, not my skin."

"So I won't be able to handle cold-iron?" Harry asked.

"It will make you feel uncomfortable, not unlike a mild electric shock. It won't affect the magic you've learned so far, but it will disrupt any fae magic you cast, and it can trap you here, so that you can't cross into fairy."

"I can't cross into fairy now," Harry said. "Wherever that is."

Daire smiled again and said, "One place you can go where this Voldemort cannot follow you easily, and should he manage to do so, he may find himself unable to return in his own time."

"I want to know more."

Daire took a deep breath and looked over to Greenguts, "Does he have any idea what he's getting into?"

"I think not, Highness. The wizards in Britain are a sorry lot. As a whole, they keep not their word, and they have forgotten the old ways."

Clucking softly, Daire said. "By accepting your birthright, you will have access to your fae powers, I can teach you fae magic, a power this Voldemort will not understand and be incapable of safely using, and I can show you how to cross over into fairy. But it will come at the price of a vulnerability to cold-iron, and you should never conjure food for your friends."

"I can't conjure food now," Harry said. "No wizard can."

Daire looked at Greenguts, a questioning look on his face. "They can't?"

"No, Highness."

"Then I won't be missing a power I don't have," Harry said.

"I said you should never do it, not that you can't." Daire replied. "Fey food has peculiar effects on humans. Sometimes it unsticks them from time."

Harry nodded and said, "So cold iron will shock me, and will disrupt fae magic, is that all?"

"That's enough," Daire said.

"And Voldemort won't be able to counter it?"

"He won't be able to use it. Not without shaving years off his life with every spell. Countering it is a different story. There are several ways to counter it, but most make the person look so silly that they aren't willing to go to those lengths."

"Okay," Harry said.

"Okay what?" Daire asked.

"I accept my birthright. I've got nothing to lose. So far I've been attacked every year at school. I've been harassed, assaulted, and mind raped. I'm sick of being the victim. I'm sick of being blindsided, and I'm sick of being a target. It's time I went on offense."

Daire smiled and said, "I like that. I've been where you are, and I understand completely. If you wish, we will proceed immediately, and then Greenguts here can show you to your vault."

"Your Highness should know that accepting his birthright will show up in the Ministry of Magic's rolls."

Daire's smile became cold and calculating. "Good. I've been reading up about the history of the wizarding world in Britain. Perhaps it's time that they once again learn to respect the magic of the fae." Looking to Harry, the expression once again became casual and even caring. "Whenever you are ready to begin, young cousin."

Harry nodded nervously and said, "You wouldn't hurt a relative, would you?"

Daire laughed and said, "It's a little late to be asking that. But no. I wouldn't. That doesn't necessarily apply to other family members. My father had forty-seven brothers and sisters. Amongst themselves they managed to kill off all but eight fighting for the Summer Throne."

"Will this change me physically?" Harry asked indicating the tail coming from behind Daire.

He smiled and said, "You won't grow a tail and ears if that's what you mean? Not unless you want to. My mother's, both my fathers' and my ennends' line are all shapeshifters. If you have the gift is something that remains to be seen, and to be developed. It will change our build slightly." He looked at Harry appraisingly and added, "But only slightly. It will heal the damage done to your body, and probably slowly correct the obvious signs of malnutrition of which I see significant evidence."

"My aunt Petunia doesn't feed me regularly."

"That will cease immediately," Daire said coldly. "No cousin of mine will be mistreated. By anyone."

Harry chuckled and said, "I appreciate that. Will this hurt?"

"I don't think so." Then with a surprising gentleness, the fae prince reached out and touched Harry's face. Harry felt a jolt of electricity run down his body and throughout his skin. His cousin gently stroked his jawline, his brows, and traced along Harry's ears. Harry felt the world shudder underneath him, and his body reacted to the touch in a way that he genuinely hoped would not show through the front of his jeans. ~Don't worry, it's not an uncommon reaction,~ Daire's mind said to his as Harry felt himself plunge over the edge of ecstasy. Then just as quickly his scar began to burn and sear. He felt something hot and dark suddenly begin to writhe above his brow, and he sank to his knees as whatever caused the pain erupted from beneath the skin of his scar.

Harry felt Daire catch him with one surprisingly strong arm, as the other seemed to weave something in the air. There was a god awful screech of pain and anger filling the room. Then in a flash of light, it suddenly ceased, and Harry felt a shudder of pleasure once again rushed through his body.

When he came back to his senses, Daire smiled at him and asked, "Enjoy that, did you?" Feeling weak in the knees, all Harry could do was nod. "Don't worry, it's over, and I shan't need to touch you like that again." Then looking to Dobby he raised an eyebrow. "Please bring us a mirror."



Dobby disappeared and just as quickly reappeared with a large full-length mirror, as Daire directed Harry by the shoulders to face it. What Harry saw was a surprising change. His features had shifted ever-so-sublty. They were just a bit more vulpine, his nose thinner, his chin a bit more pointed, and his ears had definite points to them. His fingers were long and delicate and his normally uncontrollable raven hair was now shoulder length with streaks of deep auburn running through them. His eyes sparkled emerald green from under his brows.

"Now we can go to your vault, My Lord," Greenguts said.

"What just happened?" Harry asked weakly.

"You had a piece of someone else's soul intertwined with yours. As it was mortal, it could not bear being in such proximity to a fae soul so it sought to escape. I captured it in a stone for later study."

Harry reached up and gingerly touched the skin on his forehead. The scar was still there, but it only felt like flesh now, not the darkness he'd sensed hiding in it. "Please." Then remembering what Greenguts said, he asked, "My Lord?"

"By accepting your birthright, you also accepted your mother's title."

"My mother's title?"

"I believe the Lady Evans was a countess?" Greenguts asked.

"That is what my mother tells me. By accepting your birthright, you activated the old title," Daire replied. "Welcome to the Kingmaker's line. As far as I can tell, only you, me, Mother, and my baby brother are left in it."

"Somehow Count Harry Potter doesn't sound right," Harry replied.

"As it should not. For reasons of language, much like in Britain, among the fae, the title of Count is the equivalent of an Earl. So you would be Lord Harry Potter, Earl of Murias, not Count Potter."

Remembering an old movie he'd watched through the crack of his cupboard, he said, "Beats Count de Money."

"So it does, Cousin. So it does."

"The trip to the vault was longer and deeper than any Harry had ever taken. He was surprised when the car finally stopped to reveal a large vault with Celtic symbols carved in the door. Greenguts handed Harry one of two keys he had. He placed the other in the lock and waited for Harry to follow suit. When the locks turned there was a great grinding and a mass of magic engulfed the trio.

Harry could feel it rush through his body, studying him and seeming to like what it found. There was a vibration at the finger of Harry's right hand and then a weight appeared there. Looking down, he saw a gold signet ring with a pair of deep blue gems installed on either side of the flat plate of the signet. "The signet of Murias, My Lord," Greenguts said.

When the door swung open, Harry saw row after row of neatly stacked coins in the vault, far more than he'd seen in the Potter vault. There were weapons, gems, scrolls, books, furniture, and even several suits of armor. "I don't understand," Harry said.

"When your mother gave up her birthright, this vault was sealed waiting for the next Earl of Murias. That would now be you."

"I wasn't looking for wealth," Harry protested.

Daire laughed and said, "I understand. But a certain percentage of the taxes from your Earldom has been placed in here for the last twenty plus years. You've had quite a savings plan going without knowing it."

"There's more," Greenguts said.


"Oh?" Daire asked.

"Young Master Potter is also the heir to the Black family vaults. I cannot reveal all the details of Sirius Black's will, but I can say this much. Between the Potter Vaults, the Black Vault, and this one, Lord Murias is wealthier than any three other wizard family's combined."

Daire just smiled again. "Good."

"You will be needing this then," Greenguts handed Harry a key from the wall. "It is the key to the Murias family estate outside of Exeter." He stopped looked at Daire, and asked, "I am assuming you're assuming guardianship of Lord Murias?"

"Not so much control as I'm getting him of the situation where he's being starved." He spoke to the air and said, "Dobby!"

POP! Dobby appeared and asked, "Your Highness?"

"Are you Harry's brownie?"

"Dobby is free brownie."

"Brownie?" Harry asked.

"House-elves are not true elves. They're brownies. The vikings called them house-wights." He looked at Dobby and asked, "Free you say?"

"Free. Harry Potter tricked Dobby's master into freeing him. Dobby serves Harry Potter but is not bound to Harry Potter."

Daire winced. "That must hurt."

"Harry Potter does not understand," Dobby said.

"Are you willing to serve a fae Lord in the person of Harry Potter?" Daire asked. "With all that entails?"

"Dobby would be honored Highness!" The house-elf sounded far too excited about this for Harry's tastes, but he remained silent.

Daire nodded and said, "Then we will arrange for it. Go to Harry's home in Surrey, collect everything there that belongs to him and take it to the ancestral home at Exeter. Can you do that?"

"Dobby will do it!"

POP! He disappeared.

"I don't want Dobby as a slave," Harry protested.

"And you aren't getting him as one. In exchange for being bound to a very noble house where he will happily work and see to your needs, he's getting the security of the land. It will strengthen his magic, his life force, and maybe even yours." Daire sighed and said, "But we must travel there soon to wake the staff."

"So much is happening so fast," Harry complained.

"It will soon begin to snowball, Cousin. We have to stay ahead of it. Soon we will begin with your training in fae magic, and other gifts with which you are nearly bursting. But first I wish a word with this Professor Dumbledore, and this Order of the Phoenix. I don't have so many family members that I can appreciate having them set up to be killed."