The Peverell Legacy

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Chapter One: November 23rd, 1981

A dark haired man looked at the painfully normal looking house before him. It appeared surreal, these row upon row of identical houses with identical flower gardens and identical mailboxes. He flicked his wand over his robes and transfigured them into more suitable clothes. Dark robes turned into a formal looking suit, dragonhide boots turned into soft patent leather shoes that shone in the light from the streetlamps.

Next was his moke skin bag. He tapped it with his wand, turning it into a plain looking leather attache case. I probably look like I'm here to sell insurance, but this will serve the purpose. Vernon and Petunia pride themselves on normalcy and I'm far more likely to get what I want if I act like a perfectly normal muggle. He thought as he made his way to the door at Number Four Privet Drive.

Petunia Dursley didn't want to open the door at first. When she heard the knock, her first thought was to ignore it. But then she changed her mind, What if the neighbors hear the knocking? She frowned and went to the door. When she opened it, she found a handsome dark-haired man a few years younger than herself or her husband. "May I help you?" She asked him.

"I certainly hope so Ma'am. My name is Hadrian Peverell, but please call me Harry, I represent the family of one James Potter. Mr. Potter's cousin, Edward Potter of Little Walsingham, East Anglia. With the unfortunate death of his cousin and his wife, my client is now the sole relation to their son, Harry on the Potter side." The young man, Harry, he'd said, smiled then, "He is aware that you currently are looking after Harry. Through a bit of preliminary research, am I correct that you were recently blessed with a son of your own?"

Petunia nodded, "Yes...I didn't think Potter had any relatives if I'd known that I'd have sent the boy to them." Harry stifled a flinch, memories of being crammed into the cupboard racing back into his mind. "I completely understand that Mrs. Dursley, one can hardly expect you to be forced to care for a child that isn't your own merely because of a familial relation. I'm sure had it been the other way around, the Potters would have shipped your son off to live with another relative."

"And this Edward Potter wants to take the boy?" Petunia said, eagerness creeping into her voice. Harry smiled politely, "Yes ma'am. He is prepared to take full custody and responsibility of young Harry as of tonight." Harry reached into his attache case and drew out the papers that had been part of why he'd come in the evening and not first thing in the morning. "These papers, which are fully prepared and need only your signature, will allow Edward Potter to take Harry and in all legal matters, be considered his guardian."

As Harry passed the paperwork to Petunia along with a pen he watched as she didn't bother reading it, instead, she found the X's marked for her as Harry pointed them out and signed each one. It was finished, Harry Potter was no longer a resident of Number Four. "I am ready to collect Harry, to bring him home. If you'll direct me to his room, I'd appreciate it." Harry said, keeping the polite smile on his face, though he knew precisely where Harry Potter was residing at the moment.

Petunia rose, "I'll be back with the boy. Just go over the papers and make sure that everything is completed properly, Mr. Peverell." She left, going up the stairs as Harry pretended to look over the papers. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Petunia creep back down the stairs and open the cupboard underneath them. Merlin's pants, she didn't even take me out of the basket. He thought as he saw her come back out with a basket and then tiptoe back to the stairs. She climbed halfway up before turning and walking much louder, "Here we are Mr. Peverell. Now, if there's nothing else, my husband is due back from his club meeting soon and I'd like to have his dinner prepared."

Accepting basket that held his one-year-old self, Harry smiled. "Nothing at all Mrs. Dursley, have a wonderful day. Good evening." He said as he walked back out of Number Four and made his way down the darkened street.

"I think that went rather well, what do you think Harry?" Harry asked the sleeping baby, "Ah don't bother answering, I've got a nice bottle at home waiting on you" He reached into his case and pulled out his wand.

"I hope you weren't planning on apparating with that child." Came a familiar Scottish burr from behind him. Harry turned to find Minerva McGonagall standing before him, her wand held pointed at his chest. "Who are you and why have you kidnapped that baby?"

"Professor McGonagall, I can promise you that I haven't kidnapped anyone." Harry said, "I made certain to adopt Harry legally. I am his closest blood relative."

"And just who are you?" She demanded, "James had no family and Lily's only living family are in that house."

"My name is-" He sighed, "There is no way you are going to believe this but my name was Harry Potter," Harry said, lifting his hair and revealing the now very faint scar on his forehead.

"B-but that's it's a glamour isn't it?" Minerva said quietly in disbelief, "How is this possible?"

"Would you believe that Ron was trying to repair the time turner you gave Hermione? He found it at the Ministry a few weeks ago, brought it to my house and managed to blow me back to the nineteen-eighties." Harry replied, "I wound up back at Grimmauld Place and trust me, that is not a place for a baby... anyway, I went to Gringotts and claimed my vault, bought myself a house out in Sussex and here we are."

"'Here we are'...Do you have any idea what you've done? The wards-" Minerva began but paused when Harry held up a hand.

"The wards were placed on a house where he would never be loved, never be treated like he was part of the family. Where they would treat him worse than the lowest house elf. I grew up in that house and I know exactly how they would treat him." Harry looked down at the sleeping Harry Potter, "I might have never raised a baby, least of all myself, but I do know I'll do a better job of it than they would."

"When Professor Dumbledore hears about this he-"

"He won't. Because I trust you, Professor. I trust you to keep our secret. Harry deserves a chance to live his life, to grow up loved." Harry interrupted quietly, "If he lives in this house, he ends up beaten nearly daily, he doesn't even learn his name until he's five years old." He looked back into the basket, "He grows up thinking that no one loves him, and he's right. In that house, no one loves Harry Potter."

She looked at Number Four and then back at them, "Where are you staying in Sussex?" She asked him, "I plan to keep a close eye on you, the both of you."

"Fifteen Watchbell Street, Rye." Harry said, "I found a home for sale near the park. Luckily my next-door neighbor was kind enough to help me find the furnishings I'd need."

"Very well then Mr. Peverell. We will be seeing each other again very soon. Do not make me regret this." Minerva said before vanishing with a crack leaving Harry to apparate away with Harry in tow.

The Next Morning

Andromeda Tonks watched as her six-year-old daughter raced around the backyard on her toy broomstick. Thank the Morrigan for notice-me-not charms and repelling wards...She thought as the currently pink haired child cried out in excitement.

There was a knock on her door and she turned, "Nymphadora! Come back here, Mr. Peverell has come to introduce you to someone." Harry Peverell had been a pleasant surprise when he'd arrived on Watchbell street. A handsome, polite young man looking to buy the Morrison home beside her. When she'd introduced herself he'd smiled in a way that had made her feel as if they'd met before.

Her daughter had instantly fallen in love with the young man. After their first meeting a few weeks ago, she'd declared that she would marry him when she was older. Harry, Harry, he said I could use the diminutive of his name...She reminded herself, after all, Hadrian is a bit of a mouthful.

Harry Peverell stood at her door with his son in his arms."Hello Mrs. Tonks, sorry I'm a little late...James here had a bit of a lie in." He grinned down to the little boy in his arms, "That's right isn't it James? It's not that Daddy couldn't figure out the coffee maker..."

Andromeda laughed at that, "More of a juice man?" She asked him.

He shook his head, "More of an 'I don't normally have breakfast, but I had a fussy baby in a new environment and he kept me up all night' man." He shifted the sleeping James into his arms, "My aunt Noreen was very glad to keep him, but I'm still glad to have him home."

"I am sure you are," Andromeda said taking the sleeping baby from him, "I'll put him in Nymphadora's room. Why don't you sit down on the couch and we'll talk."

He nodded going to the couch, the six-year-old Tonks immediately moving beside him and sitting down. "Hi, Mr. Peverell!" Tonks said to him, "You brought your son today."

"I did, I was hoping you and James could be friends..." Harry said, "He's going to need a big sister, I was an only child."

"I can do that!" Tonks said excitedly. Harry smiled at the little pink-haired girl. The first time around Tonks had essentially adopted Harry as her little brother. She'd been determined to give Harry some semblance of normalcy throughout the insanity of his life. It had never been romantic love, the feelings he had felt regarding her, but he had loved her. Outside of the Weasley family, she and Sirius had been his only family. He knew she was good for him, so he knew she would be good for the little Harry.

Andromeda came back down, "The little one is awake now, Nymphadora, will you go upstairs with him so the adults can talk?" Tonks hopped down from the couch and raced upstairs. Once they were alone Andromeda sat down opposite to him, "He's a very calm baby. He awoke in my arms and merely smiled."

Harry nodded, "He's a good kid-" a sharp knock on the door interrupted him, "Were you expecting someone? I'm sorry if I interrupted other plans."

"I'm not, but give me a moment, perhaps it's a delivery for Ted," Andromeda said rising and going to the door. When she opened it, Harry was shocked. He had a few regrets when he'd been flung into the past, the biggest one stood at the door, still in her wedding dress, with he noticed in dawning horror, cold fury etched into her features.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER!" Padma Patil shouted, her wand out, "I should have known you'd want one more 'great adventure'!" She pushed past Andromeda into his face, slapping him roughly, "If Luna hadn't found a ritual that brought me to you I wouldn't be able to do this!" She smacked him again, her cursing switching from English to Tamil as a stream of profanities poured from her mouth.

Harry put his arms on her shoulders, "Padma listen to me, please, I didn't come here on purpose-"

She glared at him, but Andromeda interrupted her next tirade as she cast a silencing charm on the room, "What does she mean 'Harry James Potter'?" She asked Harry, "Harry Potter is a baby."

"Harry Potter is a jackass who vanished on our wedding day." Padma said glaring at Harry, "Luckily I'm friends with a very clever researcher." She flicked her eyes at Andromeda then back to Harry, "I should have known better than trust Harry and Ron to actually show up without anything stupid happening."

"Will you let me explain Padma?" Harry asked his fiance, "I swear that I didn't try to get blasted into the past."

"I think perhaps we need to all calm down, I'll make some tea and you can explain everything," Andromeda said, leaving the room and its two inhabitants.

"Alright, then how did you get here? Ron just said you vanished." Padma asked, "I told you when you left for Grimmauld Place, that you were to not get involved in anything that would keep you from the wedding today."

Andromeda returned with three teacups, sparing Harry a moment to gather his thoughts.

Harry began, taking a sip of his tea, "I've been here for three weeks."

"It's been two hours." Padma said, "two hours since Ron came running into the chapel shouting that you'd vanished." She took a sip, feeling a sense of peace envelop her, "You put a calming draught in this didn't you?" She asked Andromeda.

"I did," She nodded, "Calming draught, babbling beverage, and a drop of veritaserum. My daughter is in this house, and I needed to know I could trust you." This earned a smile from Harry. This was the Andromeda Tonks he knew, the woman who had raised his godson after the untimely deaths of her daughter and son-in-law. The woman who had lost her entire family and had faced the challenge of rebuilding her life. Andromeda had been one of the strongest people he'd ever met.

She looked over at Harry, "So, would you like to start over, now that I know you aren't 'Harry Peverell'?"

Harry took a sip of his tea, "Well, technically I am Harry Peverell. Just like how the little me is James Peverell. I did go to Gringotts and I changed our names. I want to keep people from looking for us."

"What is your plan?" Andromeda asked next, staring over the rim of her teacup.

He sets down the teacup, "Voldemort is going to come back if we don't stop him. I know where the items he's used to maintain his immortality are hidden. I also want to get Sirius out of Azkaban."

"Sirius is innocent?" She asked.

Harry snorted in amusement, "Hardly. But he isn't guilty. Peter Pettigrew betrayed the Potters and faked his death." He looked at Padma, "Since we are stuck here, I figure the best thing to do is to make it so the little Harry's life isn't as awful as mine had been, the last part of it aside."

Padma finished her tea, "Then I want in. What's the plan?"

Harry thought for a moment, "Well, I was going to gather the Horcruxes and bring them to Hogwarts so I could destroy them. While I'm doing that, I wanted to go to the Burrow and grab Wormtail."

She nodded, "Alright. How are you going to get them?"

"For the Cup, I'm going to have to sneak into Gringotts again and- ow!" Harry jumped as he felt a wandless stinging hex from his fiancee.

"That is a Dumbledore plan. Dumbledore plans end with teenagers fighting resurrected Dark Lords and I get to see one of my best friends get killed by a werewolf." Padma said slowly as if speaking to a child. "What you will do is get Sirius, the Head of House Black out of Azkaban by capturing Wormtail and then you can have him take the Cup out of the Lestrange Vault."

She sighed, "This is why you and Granger spent the winter hiding in a tent. You let an old man who wouldn't be straight-forward if you held a wand to his head make you be sneaky. I love you, I love you enough that I took a one-way trip to the nineteen-eighties, but you are not sneaky."

Harry frowned, "I got through Gringotts just fine the last time."

"No, you didn't." Padma said, "I've heard that story from you. On the back of a Ukranian Ironbelly with Goblin guards trying to kill you. Then when you went back to make amends it was only the fact that there had been a Horcrux in the vault that kept you from getting made about a head's height shorter."

"I like your Fiancee," Andromeda said simply with a small smile gracing her lips, "She's right you know, the simplest answer is usually the best."

"Alright, so I'll get Sirius out and have him get the Cup out of Bellatrix's vault. The Diary is still with Malfoy-"

"Lucius has one of those things? He gave Bella and Cissy's husband each part of his soul?" Andromeda interrupted him. When Harry nodded she scoffed, "Idiot. At least Bella kept hers in a vault. If Cissy doesn't know about that item in her house, with her baby in the same house, she'll kill him. What does the Diary look like?"

Harry described the Diary of Tom Riddle and its soul stealing capabilities and Andromeda stood drawing her wand. At her utterance of the Patronus Charm, a silvery owl appeared. "Message for Narcissa Malfoy: Sister, this is Andromeda. There is a Horcrux in your house. It is a diary, bound in leather, owned formerly by one Tom Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as your Dark Lord. In case you wish to remove it before Draco gets to the exploring stage you can bring it to me to be disposed of. A word of warning; don't get any ink into it, the Diary will use your soul to bring Riddle back."

The owl vanished into the night and Andromeda sat back down, "Knowing Lucius, he'll be at the Ministry putting his money to 'good use' keeping his worthless ass out of Azkaban."

"Hopefully that's one on the way then." Harry said, "The Diadem will be easy, it's at Hogwarts. The Locket is with Kreacher, Sirius can force him to give it to us."

"The Ring is most likely still at the Gaunt shack," Padma mused, "How will you get past the curse on it?"

"I have a suitably non-Dumbledore plan for that. The curse only affects you if you put it on. So I'm not going to put it on." Harry said, "I'll take a stick off of a tree and use it to move the Ring."

Padma sighed, "Harry, you have a wand. Use the wand first to make sure there are no compulsion charms tied to the Ring. Something like, oh I don't know, maybe something that makes you want to put it on." She looked at Andromeda, "Is it always this hard to keep men alive?"

Then she paled, realizing who she was talking to. Harry reached over and took her hand, "It's okay Padma, no one died yet." Seeing the look of confusion on Andromeda's face he made a decision, "During our war with Voldemort, Ted...Ted ran off to keep the Death Eaters from coming here...where his wife, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild were staying. He didn't make it."

Andromeda smiled sadly, "That sounds like Ted. Instead of letting me contract Ward-crafters to give us a stronger defense, he took matters into his own hands." She shook her head, "Did his plan at least work?"

Harry nodded, "Until the final battle. Tonks and her husband Remus Lupin went to Hogwarts...they didn't make it..." Harry looked up at the stairs, where he knew the littlest member of the Tonks family was playing, "She made me her sons godfather, so I was helping you raise him."

Andromeda followed his gaze, "Who?"

"Bellatrix. She was killed a little while later by Molly Weasley."

Andromeda nodded at that, "Bella always was the cruelest of the sisters. I wish I could say she was abused, but she wasn't. She was exactly what they wanted; a brilliant and magically powerful witch. She took to the Dark Arts as a baby takes to mothers milk."

"If we do this right, she'll never leave Azkaban." Harry said, "If she does, I'll kill her myself."

Padma stood up, "Harry, I'm going to need to get some things to wear. I'm in a wedding dress for a wedding scheduled for a few decades in the future..."

"I have some things in my room, they will be a bit long on you, but we can adjust it," Andromeda said, rising and walking upstairs.

Harry and Padma hadn't been alone together since for her the other day and for Harry, it had been three weeks. He looked at her, "You look wonderful Love.." He said softly, earning a smile from her.

"Thank you, we'll have to establish who I am. I'm reasonably sure my parents will believe me after I give them an Oath." She said, "It will be weird not having Parvati with me when we do get married."

Harry hugged her, "We'll make this work."

She hugged back, Harry was right, they would. Because she was going to make sure that whenever he was channeling Albus Dumbledore, she would be there to smack him in the head.