Logically Processed Emotion

In an effort to recreate a cyborg of their own like victor stone Cadmus creates an entity with a social deficiency. During the team's discovery of Superboy, they also activate this cyborg.

Act1 I: Genesis of the team Chapter I: Discovery 2010 Washington D.C. July 4 EDT "Independence Day"

(Character appearance without clothes is the Cover art)

[Systems: Rebooted by unknown entity standby for system scan]

[Scan Complete: File: Control has been deleted previously located {System Activity Control}]

[Logical Conclusion: Systems were tampered by an unknown entity]

[Logical Objective: Find an entity and discover the entity's objective]

[Logical action: Power on and investigate]

|Bodily functions activated|

Ocular functions have powered on allowing effective analysis of this vessel current condition. The room was illuminated by light supplied by various machinery that surrounded my vessel. My vessel stood on a suspended berth angled to allow it to stand upright and at rest. Using the resources my vessel contained I have completed my analytical scan of the room.

[Conclusion: Zero entities detected. Remote system tampering can be inferred with absent evidence of physical tampering and physical presence within the chamber]

[Objective update: Download a reasonable amount of data from neighboring consoles to assist in the investigation]

The movement was minimal. 10 paces forward at a twenty-degree angle placed the current vessel within the confines of a console. Scanning the chamber, the console in question gives the appearance of a central console. Now with sufficient information, it can be deducted that downloading information from the present console will provide with efficient information. Raising the vessel's right forelimb transforming a digit to a flash memory transfer port.

[File copy and download of all relevant data concerning this vessel has begun]
















With the unusually slow download, this vessel used its Ocular function to analyze its outer appearance. This vessel was a mix of flesh and metal. No area was untouched by the invasive metal. The vessel has a center core that glowed bright yellow along with its eyes. This vessels face was assaulted by a metal lower mouth exposing a top layer of teeth in an absence of lips. This vessel is approximately 83% mechanical with the rest being skin or spare organs.


[100% Download complete]

The information was sorted into a new folder designated Download_July_4_2010_unknown console. The information gathered included unknown bodily functions of this vessel, structure schematics and general information on the organization known as Cadmus.


[Objective update: Investigate current disturbance and query involvement with system tampering]

Brisk movement allowed for effective transportation to the site of disturbance. It took several meters to allow auditory perception to recognize that the disturbance took place at level 42. Directing this vessel to the nearest elevator to intercept.

[Genomorgh activation detected]

The current structure served as a network of labs for genetic experiments. With their activation, it can be inferred that violence is involved. Defensive measures are needed.

[Scaning folder: Download_July_4_2010_unknown console]

[Scan Complete: Weapons and Fighting files located]

[Opening folder: Offensive and Defensive

Palm blast

Limb Blades

Hand to Hand combinations

Taser Hands

Boot Pulsions

[Installing now]


The elevator door opened. This vessel paced forward utilizing the ocular senses to scan the hallway. With the scan complete four humans were outlined. Further scans revealed the emergence of the now identified genomophs.


Violence ensued the four humanoids began fighting the Genomorph large beings identified as G-Trolls. Three of the humanoids moved in my direction taking pause to observe the last humanoid who fought without advancing. Likely holding his ground.


The structure shook as the last humanoid struck with heavy force. The darker humanoid began communicating with the last humanoid that is now Identified with project Kr. Scanning the data banks three out of the four humanoids were identifiable. The dark skinned one was known as Aqualad protege to Aquaman, The yellow one was Kid-Flash protege to Flash, and the shortest one was Robin who is mentored by Batman. The last humanoid held the symbol of Superman and was a clone designated Project Kr based on downloaded information. More genomorphs appeared in the hallway during my scan.

[20% Complete Palm blast availible]

With the new data, I can infer that I have a higher chance of receiving help by assisting the younger heroes. I will support at a distance and give the impression of a friendly allegiance.

[Objective update: Assist the Justice League's mentees]

[Logical reasoning: Utilize vocal capabilities to announce the vessel's attack]

"Palm blast activated. Objective update Assist the Justice League's mentees" a Robotic voice was released from the vessel doing its task. With the announcement, the vessel raised its forelimbs facing the palm portion towards the genomorph horde.


"Targeting systems activated, barrage calculated, firing" blasts in a steady pattern exited at a steady but rhythmic rate providing efficient cover for the young heroes.

[Alert: Transportation to the surface has been recalled]


"Who is that?!" exclaimed Kid Flash

"I don't know"

"He seems to be an ally" Aqualad logically concluded.

"Affirmative, current ongoing objective assisting" This vessel confirmed in an effort to gain the mentee's trust.


"We must make haste," the vessel advised firing at the G-Trolls with little effect. Regrouping in the elevator shaft Project Kr made an attempt to fly.

"Flying would be illogical Project K-" the vessel was attack hit with a swipe from a G-Troll.

[40% Limb blades activated]

The vessel turned and caught itself with the blades erecting from its wrists.

"Limb blades installed," the vessel reported.

"Dude, are you some kind of Android?" Kid Flash asked. Project Kr and Aqualad returned to the ground as the Project being imperfec-.


[Alert: Elevator descending towards the vessel's position]

"Alert! Elevator transportation is descending." They looked up to see that the elevator was indeed coming down on their heads. Project Kr punched down a door which was utilized for the group to evade the elevator.

[Alert: Genomorphs inbound]

[60% Hand to Hand combinations installed]

"Alert Genomorphs inbound. Recommend contact strategy is created" the vessel repeated to the organic lifeforms.

"Follow me," Project Kr said leading the group down several hallways. Leading to a dead end

"Great! A dead end!' Kid Flash exclaimed. Project Kr moved to say something before the Boy Wonder interrupted.

"No! He's a genius! We can move through the vents!"


"Logical choice. Warning internal cameras detected! Warning motion sensors detected!" This vessel vocalized.

"Don't worry I got that covered," Robin replied looking at this vessel with a human grin.

[80% Taser hands installed]

This vessel followed the teens through the vents finally exiting near a stairwell. All combat systems have been activated/installed. This vessel has unlocked all potential combat efficiency.

There's still a lot of them between us and out." Robin stated.

"Yeah, well I got a lot more space to move!" Kid flash exclaimed placing his goggles over his eyes and zooming ahead. The group followed closely behind knocking any genomorphs that got in our way. A mass of hostiles appeared on our rear. Project Kr growled stomping on the staircase disconnecting the lower levels from the stairway. A logical maneuver that saves energy.

[Alert! Equipment compatible with this vessel detected upon acquiring equipment combat effectiveness will increase by 15%.]

[Objective update: Aquire equipment.]

"Attention allies I must divert my attention elsewhere this vessel will regroup with you at surface level" Before the affirmative, the vessel activated my boot propulsions and blasted through the designated floor. Cutting the propulsion this vessel hastened through the corridors finding the designated chamber.

Using this vessel's augmented strength the boor buckled under the weight of a punch allowing access. The chamber hosted a plethora of equipment. This vessel paced over to a console and began scanning the device accessing the information on the equipment within the room.

[Scan complete. List of favorable items compiled:

- Multi-gun

- Battery pack

- Exo armor

Experimental Lexcorp security bag which includes:

- LexVisor

- LexSmokeGrenade

- LexFlashbang

- LexHelmet

- LexCloak

- Lexcorp Security hat

- Lexcorp wrist-mounted energy shield

- Lexcorp deployable shield


[Favorable equipment aquired]

[Objective update: Regroup with young heroes]

Minimal resistance in the completion of the objective on regrouping with young heroes. New complication. Staff designated as has injected himself with experimental formula mutating his form giving him advanced strength.

[Objective Update: Defend young heroes]

[Secondary Objective: Defeat mutated staff]

"Analyzing situation. Objective updated. Suggestion Project Kr vanguard, Robin skirmish, Aqualad assaults, This vessel, and flash supports with an opening"

This vessel notices the lack of confirmation. Logical conclusion group recognizes strategy a-

"I got this!" Kid flash rushes the mutation getting smacked away as if he was an insect.

"Illogical thought process. is using a chemical formula that grants advantages in singular combat. Current advantages include group power overlap, intelligence, and potential effectiveness in group cohesion"

"You seem to have all the answers don't ya" Kid Flash replied.

"Negative. This vessel can conveniently determ-"

"It was a joke" This vessel and Kid Flash's exchange of words were interrupted by a roar from Project Kr. This vessel scanned the surroundings and found Proj-

"Superboy!" came a shout with tone fluctuations categorizing it as a worried emotion as the now designated Superboy was being struck repeatedly.

"Palm Blast engaged. Power output 70%." three shots struck the mutations back giving a brief electric shock. Its head reared in our direction growling in anger. It charged as calculated. Kid Flash used his heightened speed to evade. With quick processing, this vessel activated its propulsion forcing the Mutation to collide with the building's pillar increasing the damage to the structure. Robin's eyes widened as he pulled up a holographic schematic of the current structure.

"Guys that it! Make it run into the pillars and drop the building right on top of him."

"Logical strategy" The group then worked admirably with Kid Flash forcing Desmond to take out pillars, Superboy and Aqualad taking out some supporting structures themselves. [Objective Update: assist in plan completion] This vessel positioned itself near Robin to assist in a defensive and reserved manner as a fallback.

"Positioned acquired analyzing battle," With all the supports being taken out Aqualad covered the floor with water. Kid Flash ran forward towards the Atlantean with Desmond in pursuit. With its focus taken Superboy launched himself into the air delivering a powerful blow into the mutation forcing it on its back in the middle of the puddle. Aqualad activated an electric attack using the water to force the creature into unconsciousness.

"Alright, let's go!" Robin called the group following him as he left the structure activating explosives on the roof the structure collapsing.

With the relocation outside this vessel began scanning for any other threats detecting multiple lifeforms incoming. The group was discussing promises as Iconic figures came into view. As they all landed in an imposing circle around our position this vessel repositioned with the young heroes.

Superboy walked forward shifting a piece of his suit to display the S symbol.

"Is that what I think it is?" Batman asked. Kid Flashed moved over placing his hand as if to whisper.

"He doesn't like being called it."

"Logical Conclusion: Organic beings are compelled to acquire existential acknowledgment. The designation 'it' reduces the chance of that accomplishment."

"And who are you?" Superman asked.

"This vessel was previously designated Project Hybrid, however, a new designation may be required to fit the current social climate."

"I am Superman's clone!" Superboy exclaimed in frustration. Batman narrowed his eyes.

"Start talking"

Desmond was being transported to a suitable location to deal with his current situation. Superman walked over.

"We'll uh- figure something for you. The league will I mean... I gotta make sure they get that blockbuster creature squared away," Superman flew off following the trail of other heroes.

"Cadmus will be investigated," came the gruff voice of Batman walking towards us flanked by Flash and Aquaman. "All 52 levels of it. But let's make one thing clear-"

"You should have called!" Interrupted Flash.

"End results aside we are not happy. You hacked justice league systems, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered lives. You will not be doing this again. Batman concluded.

"I am sorry, but we will," Aqualad stated.

"Aqualad, stand down" commanded Aquaman.

"Apologies my King but no. We did good work here tonight. The work you trained us to do, together, all of us on our own we forged something powerful, important.

"If this is about your treatment at the hall the three of you-

"The five of us." Kid Flash interrupted with a tone of firmness. "And it's not."

"Batman we're ready to use what you've taught us or why teach us at all," added Batman

"Logical conclusion: While programming is important, field tests are needed. Recommended strategy: grant independence" This vessel built on the message they were trying to convey.

"Why let them tell us what to do?!" Superboy unfolded his arms. "Its simple get onboard or get out the way, "

Please note that the events in this fic will not exactly follow the show. The first few chapters which set up the plot will follow the show but once the ball is rolling the main character's decisions will have weight in the story changing events. Also, the last thing this will be one of the shortest chapters expect a longer one next time! (Character appearance without clothes is the Cover art)