Not long after Charles joins the 4077, he is subjected to Margaret's court martial. He by now expects insanity to run rampant in the camp, but not for insanity to enter it. Listening to the gossip from Hawkeye and B.J. later of the Congressman slandering the Head Nurse and peppering her with asanine questions, Charles is as dumbfounded as his bunk mates who are obviously more annoyed then he having spent more time with the nurse over the last year and a half.

He notices Hawkeye's reactions are even more pronounced than B.J.'s, but is surprised when Margaret looks to the Chief Surgeon almost for moral support when she is asked to come to their tent later making him wonder what the exact relationship is between the two longest members of the camp. He has little time to mull over his new thoughts concerning Hawkeye and Margaret when his bunk mates hatch a plan with him, Margaret, and Klinger to frame the Congressman that night.
Once Congressional Aide Williamson leaves, the camp mates celebrate in her tent, congratulating each other. Charles' line of sight is immediately drawn to Hawkeye and Margaret as they embrace each other. As soon as the Aide leaves, Margaret throws her arms around her husband's neck thanking him and whispering in his ear, "I love you."
"Love you too," Hawkeye whispers back thankful no one will hear them. When the men leave her tent, Margaret calls out, "Captain Pierce?"
"Yeah?" He asks.
"Can we talk?"
Nodding, Hawkeye motions his friends to leave letting the door shut behind him. As soon as it shuts, Margaret kisses her husband.
"What was that for?"
"I like kissing you a whole lot better."
"Glad to hear it," Hawkeye announces with a small grin before leaving the tent and heading back to his own. He almost laughs at the way his bunk mates look at him when he comes in, but is also now worried if they are catching on to his and Margaret's secret.
With her court martial behind her, and as the weeks progress, Margaret begins to ease up just a little bit. She still has a reputation to uphold, but thanks to the extremes she had to go to get the government official to stop his accusations, the nurse begins to overlook smaller infractions.

When she gets news that her friend is coming to spend the last two weeks before going stateside at the 4077th, the nurse is beyond thrilled. Meeting her friend's jeep, the women hug before catching up a bit. Leaving out the part about her marriage, Margaret explains her Red Scare experience and what she has been doing the last few years before Helen fills her in on her own life. They are almost to Colonel Potter's tent when Helen tells Margaret, "While I'm here, I'd like you to treat me like all of your other nurses."
Hearing her say this as he walks by, Hawkeye quips, "Good luck!"
"Love you too, Major Baby," He calls giving her a flirty air kiss. Watching the exchange, the new nurse raises an eyebrow causing Margaret to roll her eyes.
"Ignore him," Margaret announces as she steers her friend toward Colonel Potter's office.
For the next week and a half, Helen and Margaret spend their time playing poker and catching up.
What the head nurse does not count on is her friend's drinking to return in full force.
When Colonel Potter asks Margaret about Helen's drinking, she denies it, lying about her friend's lack of sobriety. Confronting Helen about it right after, Margaret takes her away from OR to work in the Lab.
Then, Helen ends up a patient after her withdrawals become too much and she has a breakdown in the middle of the mess tent.
"I swear, if I'd known," Margaret laments to Hawkeye that night in her tent, "I would've helped her more."
"You've helped her a ton, Baby," He reassures from his place on her bed. Watching her pace a little more, Hawkeye states as he holds out his hand for her to take to anchor her, "Hey, you're helping a ton right now. You have to let her do the rest."
With a long sigh, Margaret answers, "I know. It's just hard."
"Think of it as a practice for our future kids."
"You planning on them becoming alcoholics?" She teases.
"I'd rather them be a writer or an artist."
Rolling her eyes, Margaret smiles at her husband before thanking him for the pep talk. He smiles adding, "Any time. I should go though, before people start to talk. After all you're a married woman."
With a laugh, Margaret lets him leave before sitting at her desk to pen a letter to Daniel to thank him for his son.
Three days later with Helen as detoxed as she can be, Margaret makes sure to supply her with numbers for AA and a last check that she has everything. None of her nurses have really been sent stateside, so she is unsure how to approach this packing experience. Normally she gives her nurse a checklist, but this time she sits with Helen as she packs. With a laugh Helen teases, "I think I can do it from here, Mom."
"Sorry, I just worry you'll leave something."
"If I do, you can send it to me."
After a moment, Margaret states, "I'm really going to miss you."
As soon as Margaret cannot see the jeep anymore, Hawkeye walks up to her asking, "You gonna be okay?"