This one is super long, but I'm happy with it. Again, this was more a grammar/formatting edits, and a few lines and jokes removed or changed to be more in-character.

A few months had passed since the Z Fighters had watched the last Death Battle, and things had gotten crazy. For a few weeks things were fine, and the Z Fighters were practicing new fighting styles when they could. Piccolo and Mr. Satan had found common ground in the interest of Sambo, Trunks and Gohan had been trying to copy Zangief's spinning piledriver (with mixed results) and Goku and Vegeta were working on Ki based attacks in a similar vain to Akuma's Raging Demon. While the two sayians hadn't had much luck with it, they both felt… odd. Like a new power was building up within them, beginning to grow stronger every time they practiced. But for the number of times they did get to practice, Goku found himself being stuck at home or working on the radish farm. Still, he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the peace, and he seemed to have finally smoothed things over with Chi-Chi concerning… well. Take your pick. Regardless, things did seem to be finally settling back into a normal routine. Goku and Goten hadn't seen the figure they believed was Skorch in some time, and Piccolo hadn't sensed the strange energy signature since he found the Sambo book. This was because Skorch had ducked out to go deal with some other business, assuming the world would be fine if he was gone for a month or two.

Then a purple cat god appeared, nearly destroyed the earth, Videl admitted she was pregnant, Vegeta became stronger than Goku, and Goku became a sort of God. All in the same day.

Yes, Lord Beerus had arrived to earth seeking an opponent worthy of him to challenge to combat, however, he ended up crashing Bulma's' birthday celebration and things got… awkward. Needless to say, the God of Destruction didn't fully comprehend earth customs and started a fight with Buu over pudding. While the Z Fighters attempted to stop him, Beerus had lain waste to them, and managed to push Vegeta over the edge by assaulting his wife. In turn, Vegeta's power raised so exponentially, that Skorch felt it from within another realm. Yet, through it all, Goku found a new power level (because of course he did) and had 'bested' Beerus, and the Destroyer had left, promising to return another time.

Roughly a month had passed since Beerus had left, and while some were still slightly shaken up, overall things were fine. Bulma, Chi-Chi and pretty much everyone (even Vegeta) were thrilled out find out Videl was pregnant, and a shower was currently being prepared. That was still a week or two away, but today everyone had found themselves at Capsule Corps. HQ once again, mostly because there wasn't anything to do.

"Hey guys." Android 18 remarked as she entered, carrying Marron in her arms.

"Hey 18." Goku said with a slight wave. "How's life?"

"Eh, same old. Marron's starting kindergarten soon." 18 smiled down at her daughter, who was playing with her mother's hair. "How's Videl doing?"

"As good as you can hope." Chi-Chi sighed. "The doctor said everything seems fine, but I'm nervous to be honest."

"Not ready to be a grandparent?" 18 smirked.

"No… it's the idea that she might be half-sayian like her father…"

"I think we already know she is." Piccolo remarked, looking over from the Sambo guide he was reading. "According to Dende she's quarter-sayian. The prophecy required six sayians in order for Goku to achieve Super Sayian God Form, and as far as I can tell, there were only five present, unless Videl's child counted." Piccolo then saw the slightly annoyed and slightly saddened look on Chi-Chi's face. "Uh… sorry." He muttered.

"So, what brings you here today?" Goku asked, looking back to 18.

"I dunno. There wasn't much to do, so I felt like seeing what was happening down here. Didn't expect to see everyone." She remarked. "Krillin had to deal with something at the station, but said he'd be along soon."

"Did I miss something?" Vegeta said aloud as he came in through a side door from where he was training in the gravity chamber.

"No, before you ask, we're all just bored." 18 cut him off in her dry tone. He shot her an annoyed look but said nothing. Silence briefly came down into the room until Goku broke it.

"Hey, if we're all here, you guys wanna watch another one of those Death Battle episodes?" He asked.

"I'm in!" Trunks called form another room.

"Same!" Goten added.

"Sure, got nothing else to do." Piccolo shrugged.

"What's happening? We watching another battle?" Came Krillin's voice as he landed outside and made his way in. "Honestly, as long as we don't have to fight any Gods, I'm cool with it."

As Vegeta went to get his wife, Goku and the others went to get ready. It took a few minutes, but eventually everyone who was previously watching was present. Tien, Gohan, Videl and Mr. Satan had been called and made their way down to the HQ's rec room to watch the newest battle, Majin Buu and Yamcha had arrived as well having been doing… something, and Bulma wrapped up the work she was doing on a laser gun prototype she was working on inspired by Samus' arm canon. Roshi had stopped by to see what Bulma was doing, but got distracted when they mentioned 'Death Battle' and crashed in a bean bag chair to watch the fight. Buu was currently making nachos as Bulma got the disc back into the player and let it load, getting through the logos for companies called 'Rooster Teeth' and 'ScrewAttack'. Eventually, a message appeared reading 'Continue From Last Episode?' but before Bulma hit play, a voice came from the doorway.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but do you all know where Goku is?"

Everyone turned shocked (and more than a few of them paled) to see Beerus standing in the doorway, seeming rather relaxed and not like he was about to try and kill them.

"Greetings everyone." He said with a curt nod. "I don't come here will ill intentions, I have simply come to seek Goku."

"Uhh… Lord Beerus, what can I help you with?" Goku finally spoke up, slightly surprised that the God of destruction was here of all places.

"Well, I was resting at home when some sort of odd force came racing by." Beerus began with his explanation. "It felt warm, like the sun's rays, but also didn't feel alive. While my first belief was that perhaps it was some sort of solar flare, I remembered when we fought that there was a warm energy radiating off of you when you achieved the Sayian God form. I was merely curious if you had mastered that form yet."

There were a few relieved looks as they realized Beerus hadn't stopped by on some sort of revenge quest, and Goku frowned slightly.

"Sorry Lord Beerus, but I haven't been able to reach that form since." Goku sheepishly admitted. "For some reason, it seemed to be a result of the events leading up to it which let me become that powerful."

Beerus seemed to listen to the Sayians explanation, then nodded in understanding.

"Ah, if that is the case, then I shall bid you all good day." The God said before turning to leave, only to come face-to-face with Buu. The two locked eyes and Beerus scowled slightly and Buu felt a wave of fear, remembering what happened last time. Before Beerus could say anything, Buu held up one of the plates of nachos he had.

"Nachos?" He simply asked.

"What?" Beerus asked confused, looking at the food. He sniffed it and seemed intrigued. "Oh, thank you…"

He slowly lifted one of the chips, eyeing it with uncertainty then ate it. His eyes widened as he looked down at the plate.

"By the Gods this is delicious!" He exclaimed. "What exactly is this dish?!"

"Its cheese melted onto chips." Goku explained the rather basic formula to the snack. At this time, the DVD started to play automatically and the theme to Death Battle began to play. Beerus turned confused to the TV.

"What's this?" He asked aloud.

"It's called Death Battle." Goku further explained. "It's this show that was brought to us about fighters from different world fighting one another."

Beerus looked back to Buu with a confused look on his face.

"Who brought it to you?" He asked. The fighters looked to one another as if debating if they would explain to the God about where the box came from. Finally, Bulma explained about the old man who suddenly appeared a few months ago and simply disappeared not long after. Beerus seemed to be listening intently to the story before scratching his chin and thinking about something.

"An old man…" He mused aloud then shook his head. "While I've met many aged warriors in my time, none seem to fit the description of the man you met." He looked to the TV and saw the Death Battle logo. "What did you say this show was about?"

"These two guys discuss two fighters, their strengths, armour, skills and feats, then I believe they simulate a fight to determine who would win in a fight to the death between them." Gohan explained, still somewhat weary of the God of destruction, but he didn't seem to be here to fight, and he certainly didn't want to give him a reason to.

"Fascinating. What kind of warriors have they covered?"

"Well, there were Samus and Boba Fett, two intergalactic bounty hunters."

"And Akuma and Shang Tsung, martial artists who used twisted magic to fight." Roshi remarked.

"As well as two women who had super powers." Goten added.

"That was a good fight…" Roshi muttered to himself, remembering the Amazonian.

"To what end do these warriors fight?" Beerus remarked, walking towards the others and standing near the couch.

"I don't think there is one." Piccolo replied. "I think it's more to answer a 'What if' question."

The fighters looked to one another, but didn't seem to have any other answer. Regardless, Beerus seemed like he was going to stay, so Bulma hit play and let the episode begin.

"Out of all the Warriors who have or may enter this arena, very few can compete with the terror and body count these two titans of death bring." Wiz began dramatically as an image of a white-skinned man with red markings appeared, he had two noticeable blades on his back. "Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta who single-handedly destroyed Olympus."

"Well, that's an introduction." Tien remarked, slightly taken aback by Kratos' appearance and title.

"Hey… didn't they mention Kratos when doing the rundown on Wonder Woman?" Videl asked, thinking back to a few episodes ago.

"I think you're right." Piccolo nodded. "Or there's more than one fighter named Kratos, and considering the multiple universes this show seems to cover, I wouldn't be surprised."

Another image appeared of a black-suited figure with a large red cape. He also had odd white markings on his face and chest. He had several chains wrapped around his body which seemed to be floating on their own accord, and also had multiple guns strapped to his belt. Perhaps the most noticeable thing was that his eyes were glowing dark green. It was hard to tell if this meant he was friendly, or about to kill everyone.

"And Spawn! Who dethroned both God and Satan!" Boomstick added.

"I'm sorry, what?" Chi-Chi suddenly spoke up, shocked at what was just said. "Dethrone… both God and Satan?"

"Who exactly are those two?" Beerus asked, looking over to Chi-Chi.

"Oh, uh. Some religious groups in this world believe in a creator, a God above all men who made the world. Satan used to be one of his helpers but rebelled and was cast down to Hell." She explained.

"Huh…" The God mused, a little surprised by that explanation. "So, they're claiming this… 'Spawn' is able to overpower the creator of the world?"

"I… I guess so."

"He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!"

"And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win… A Death Battle!"


(*Cues: God Of War III - Brothers Of Blood*)

The fighters watched what seemed to be an ancient painting showing hundreds of people with spears and shields fighting with one another, one image in particular showed them driving a number of people off of a cliff. In the centre of it all, was one man with red marking on his face and chest. They all assumed (correctly) this was Kratos.

"Back in the ancient days of the Roman Empire, when man relied on war to make progress, one thing above all was abundantly clear. The strong will live, the weak must die." Wiz began rather dramatically.

"What do we mean like that? Well, let's just say that the Greek's totally stole my baby launcher idea…" Boomstick added.

The fighters then watched as an old man seemed to inspect a baby, then frowned and dropped it off of a cliff. The fighters watched in horror as the cries of an infant was heard getting farther and farther away.

"Killing the weak is simply an act of cowardice." Beerus growled, angered at what he was seeing. "Often those who lack in physical strength excel in mental skills, and other attributes! Snuffing their lives out simply leaves you with a potential disadvantage!"

"Sadly, that's how things worked centuries ago." Yamcha shrugged, slightly uncomfortable.

"Hm. Well that's one way of strengthening one's numbers." Beerus muttered. "Also, did he say 'Baby Launcher'?"

"Something you'll learn quickly, Lord Beerus, is that Boomstick is an idiot." Trunks replied, knowing all too well about Boomstick's lack of a filter.

"But this did kind of work out for the better, as it led to one of the toughest armies the world had ever seen, and one of those warriors, was Kratos."

The fighters saw a young boy going through a grueling training process, he seemed to have beaten badly and scars covered his entire body. However, it was undeniable that this didn't seem to affect him, just the opposite, he seemed to be unflinching in his determination to train.

"I hope the poor dear didn't get those wounds the way I think he did…" Chi-Chi said almost in a whisper.

"Settle in folks! This is kind of a long story… An awesome one, but kind of a long one." Boomstick remarked.

Roshi twisted the cap off a soda and held it up.

"Bring it on." He said.

"For years, Kratos and his brother Deimos trained together as two of the most promising warriors in the Spartan army. But the ruler of the Greek Gods Zeus heard a prophecy foretelling his destruction at the hands of a 'marked warrior'. Fearing that his reign might be overthrown by a mere mortal, Zeus did the most logical thing."

The scene cut to a village, where a young Kratos and a boy with a red mark across his face were training. Suddenly, they looked up and saw a wall of flaming arrows come flying down towards the citizens. Several people were gored by the arrows, the rest ran in absolute terror. Suddenly, an army of centaurs appeared from the smoke and began slashing and decapitating anyone they could. Two figures shrouded by darkness appeared, riding on horses and looked at the two young boys. In a movement that was so fast it rivaled the Sayians teleportation, the larger of the two grabbed Deimos.

"BROTHER!" Deimos yelled as he struggled against the unknown force. Kratos yelled in pure fury and rushed forward. He jumped surprisingly high and attempted to drive his spear into his brother's kidnapper, but was savagely backhanded by the figure, sending him into a pile of wood.

"Man, Zeus was a huge dick." Goten remarked, shocked at what he was seeing.

"That's nothing, you should've read some of the other stories of the Greek Gods." Videl remarked. "They try to make him out to be some sort of hero, and in some cases, he was. But most of the time he was an unforgiving monster who cared for only himself and no one else."

Kratos looked up with gritted teeth, a large scar running across his face, bleeding noticeably. The larger of the two figures raised his sword, but was stopped by the other.

"Enough!" It shouted in a language no one understood, but was translated along the bottom of the screen. "Father sent us here to bring the marked one, this boy is of no consequence!"

"Calling it right now, that's coming back to bite them in the ass." Vegeta flatly remarked.

"I'd be surprised if it didn't." Buu nodded in agreement.

"Unsurprisingly, this would cause what's known as the 'Oedipus Effect' kick starting the prophecy to fulfil itself." Wiz remarked, his tone that of someone who had seen this all too many times. "Now fueled by a sense of undying rage and a want to avenge his brother, Kratos joined the Spartan army, becoming a well-respected and feared warrior."

The fighters watched as Kratos and a small battalion slaughtered an opposing force, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. Kratos didn't seem too nervous about his odds of survival, a fact which didn't go unnoticed.

"I can't tell if he's a deadly warrior, or he can't see he's in way over his head." Tien said.

"Seems like a bit of both." Gohan remarked, watching the battle. "Often when someone has many victories to their name, they begin to believe they're untouchable, making their eventual fall all the more tragic."

"He even met a woman and had a daughter. Things were pretty decent for this dude." Boomstick added as a shot of Kratos with the woman they assumed was his wife and a small girl in his arms.

"Well, he seems happy at least." Goku shrugged. "But he also looks different, didn't he have extremely white skin or something?"

"I think we're getting to that." Bulma replied, figuring that like most stories, things had to get bad eventually.

"Buuuuttttttt… Then his daughter got stuck with an illness and the king decided to toss her off the ol' reject cliff. Harsh." Boomstick continued.

"In order to save his daughter, Kratos set out on a quest to find the Ambrosia, a magic fruit whose juice was often credited with healing the sick or granting immortality to those who consumed it." Wiz explained as an image of a tree appeared, it was an odd black colour with the fruit hanging off of it looking somewhat like a dragon fruit.

"So, there's a fruit which is a senzu bean and a Dragon Ball wish at the same time?!" Goku exclaimed. "Do we have anything like that?"

"Not that we know of." Vegeta replied. "Something tells me though that while this fruit may be able to heal and grant immortality, you're far more likely to die trying to get it in the first place…"

"Hey, let's play a game. It's called 'Guess the blatantly obvious answer'!" Boomstick suddenly spoke up. "Guess who gave his daughter that illness?"

"I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it was probably the Greek Gods he serves." Krillin answered. "While we're at it, I bet the two who took his brother weren't just servants of Zeus, but were actually Gods themselves."

"If you answered anything other than the Greek Gods, then congratulations! You're an idiot!"

"Oh, by the Gods he's going to be like this the entire time, isn't he?" Beerus muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose with his paw.

"Meh, he's vulgar as hell, but he knows his stuff when it comes to weapons. Also, Wiz keeps him in line." Roshi remarked.

"See, the Greek Gods decided it would be fun to have a challenge, each God would choose a champion, in Kratos' case he was chosen by Ares, the God of War."

The fighters saw several beings standing around a circular table which showed the different armies on their quest to finds the magical fruit. The one they assumed was Ares seemed to have flaming hair and a flaming beard, all while decked out in extravagant armour.

"Huh. Ares kinda looks like Skorch…" Goku remarked. "Their hair was similar at least."

"Not this again…" Vegeta muttered annoyed.

"Ares struck Kratos' daughter with the illness, Hades put his champion's dad into a living sleep, Poseidon sent a plague to a city, Hermes struck a village with a plague." Wiz listed off the different events the Gods caused, greatly angering most of the fighters watching.

"THAT'S HORRIBLE!" Chi-Chi shouted, enraged. "WHY WOULD THEY DO SUCH A THING?!"

"Well, often those with extreme power will let it corrupt them, twist them into a monster, and sometimes those given great power shouldn't be entrusted with it." Tien replied, slightly agitated that the Greek Gods would do this just for laughs. "You all ask why I recommended we don't tell people about the Dragon Balls? This is a perfect example."

"Your friend has a point." Beerus nodded, surprising a few of the fighters. "If intergalactic warlords and monsters beyond words will kill cities for the power the balls have, imagine what man would do to one another to try and find them."

"I'm surprised you're capable of feeling that way…" Vegeta muttered under his breath, forgetting Beerus was technically a cat and had excellent hearing.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Would you rather I act like these Greek Gods and destroy your population just for fun?" Beerus remarked, his tone getting noticeably angered as he looked over at Vegeta, his ears pointing back. "Destroyer Gods only destroy a planet so new life can come from the old."

"Technically you already tried to." Goku replied with a shrug. Everyone (except Beerus) sweat dropped at that.

"SHUT UP KAKAROT!" Vegeta snapped, a mixture of anger towards Beerus, and fear for what Goku had just said.

"And as for Artemis? Well, she caused all the pregnant women in the city of Keros to give birth to stillborns." Boomstick finished, his tone seeming somewhat disgusted. "Wow, these Gods are total douchebags…"

Beerus completely forgot about what he was arguing with Vegeta over as his ears seemed to perk up rigidly and his jaw dropped as his head snapped back to the TV.

"Did he just… Did he just say what I thought he said?" Beerus asked aloud.

"I think so." Hercule replied, shocked himself.

"That's outrageous! They would strike down the lives of the unborn simply to try and motivate someone?!" He shouted, now seeming as angry as when he was last here. "I understand motivation through threats work, but preforming an act of unborn genocide!? What's WRONG with them!?"

"Not to be crass, Lord Beerus, but isn't that-"

"No! It very much isn't!" Beerus snapped, seeming genuinely angry now. "Like I said, Destroyers use their power to remove planets whose time has come! …or who annoy us, but that's not the main point! But to strike down unborn children merely to motivate someone to do your bidding?! That's- that's just wrong."

"No one say anything about the last time he was here." Piccolo telepathically told everyone. "Especially you Goku. Do us all a favour and don't say ANYTHING."

"But… it isn't real."

Everyone turned shocked to look at Marion, who seemed to be scared and confused.

"Excuse me?" Beerus finally spoke up, slightly annoyed that someone would interrupt him in such a way.

"It…it's just a story." Marion whimpered, now afraid she had done something wrong. "I don't think it's real…"

Beerus paused, about to say something. Then closed his mouth and seemed to realize something.

"Of course." He nodded, clearing his throat. "This is just fiction." He seemed to settle down and took another bite of nachos, seeming to have calmed himself drastically. Android 18 just hugged her daughter tightly.

"Sweetie, please don't do that again." She whispered.

"Sorry mommy…"

"And what was all this for?" Wiz asked.

"Control over a city?" Yamcha asked.

"A higher ranking amongst the Gods?" Mr. Satan asked.

"Bragging rights?" Videl rolled her eyes.

"A statue." Wiz answered flatly. "Of themselves."

"…Yeah, that seems about right." Android 18 sighed. While a few others face palmed.

"Could they not just erect one themselves?! They are GODS after all!" Beerus exclaimed, clearly annoyed with the Greek Gods.

"Oh yeah, Ares also kidnapped Kratos' brother when they were kids. Long story short, Kratos ended up killing his brother."

"Called it!" Krillin exclaimed. "Not the best thing to call, but still, two for two."

"Now captain of the Spartan Army, Kratos sought one thing. Victory. He fought countless battle and slaughtered anyone who dared oppose the strength of Sparta." Wiz continued with the story as Kratos was shown commanding a large army who (like seen before) tore their way through an opposing force with graphic results. 18 covered Marion's eyes and Chi-Chi and Bulma bristled at the brutality. Even trunks and Goten seemed slightly disgusted by all the gore. "At some point, he would soldier named Atreus who remained hopeful even in the darkest times. When the day came for Atreus to lay down his life in battle, he did it without hesitation and saved many others, earning Kratos' respect. The captain carried Atreus home on the soldier's shield and personally buried him will full honors of Spartan custom, acknowledging him as the only Spartan who ever had a smile on his face even in battle."

"Sounds kinda like you dad." Gohan remarked, looking over to Goku.

"Remember that, because it's important later!" Boomstick instructed the audience. "Things were pretty damn awesome for Kratos, but then one day an old enemy returned. Alrik, the Barbarian King and Hades' chosen champion. To say he was mad would be an understatement. A big one."

They watched as Alrik smashed a large hammer into a Spartan's head, it exploded like a watermelon and blood and bone chunks flew everywhere. The battle didn't seem to be going good for the Spartans, as a literal mountain of corpses was being made as their numbers fell at an alarming rate. Even Kratos, the man who it seemed could know no fear, was being taken down a peg by Alrik's unstoppable fury.

"ARES!" Kratos shouted into the sky. "Destroy my enemies, and my life is yours!"

"He's defiantly going to regret saying that." Videl flatly said. "There's no way that this ends well for him."

"Poor bastard…" Roshi shook his head.

The sky turned a reddish orange and the clouds began to swirl, from them a towering figure dropped to the ground, Ares, the God of War. Extending a hand forward, the Barbarian army began to write in agony as their bodies snapped or exploded. A flaming portal opened and two chains short forth and wrapped themselves around Kratos' arms, making him roar in pain as the flaming chains seared into his skin and down to the bone, attaching themselves to him.

"Okay, that looks really painful, but those blades look awesome." Trunks remarked.

"For the next ten years, Kratos would faithfully serve Ares as he promised. He raided villages, wiped out everyone in sight, and spread chaos in the name of Ares." Wiz stated as footage of Kratos leading the Spartans into a village and then killing everyone played. "There's a lot more to why Ares did this, but we've still got some ways to go. So, we'll leave that for a separate video."

"Why would Ares do this?" Goku asked, agitated at the senseless slaughter of those who couldn't defend themselves.

"Well, some Gods thrive off of an energy created by specific actions." Beerus shrugged. "Perhaps in order to retain his powers, Ares needed to kill or start conflicts to keep himself strong."

"Kratos got really good at killing people, and all it cost him was his humanity." Boomstick continued. "So… you decide if that was worth it."

"It wasn't." Was collective said aloud.

"Then one day, after Kratos destroyed another village, it turned out that Ares wanted to completely sever any ties to his humanity. So, he transported Kratos' wife and child into a temple where he then proceeded to unknowingly slaughter them."

The fighters (and even Beerus) watched shocked as Kratos kicked two large wooden doors in and proceeded to swing his chained blades around, slicing through everyone who stood in the temple. It was clear he felt no remorse, no regrets, just fury.

"In that instant, the glory that he reveled in, turned to horror." A female voice narrated as Kratos fell to his knees, a look of horror in his eyes. "The image of his final two victims would stay with him for all his days."

"Holy crap…" Goten muttered, horrified at what he had just seen.

"That's not right… That's just…" Yamcha tried to think of what to say, but was at a loss for words.

The parents were left speechless, none of them could ever imagine their husbands hurting them or their kids. But to see a man slaughter his own family, tricked or not, was not easy to watch.

"As punishment for his actions, the white, hot ashes of his wife and child would cling permanently to his skin-" Wiz began as the ashes covered Kratos, turning him into the white behemoth they saw in the beginning.

"Just like Michael Jackson!" Boomstick suddenly cut Wiz off.

"Wow. He went there." Bulma added, shocked at the joke.

"-his quest for vengeance against the Ares, and eventually the Gods of Olympus began." Wiz continued. "Kratos is actually a demigod, with Zeus being his father."

"Wait, Zeus is his dad?" Videl remarked, surprised. "Then why did he let Ares do this to him?!"

"Well, Zeus did kidnap a child simply because of a supposed prophecy." Gohan replied. "Something tells me Zeus isn't a very good father."

"Sound fami-" Roshi began.

"Just don't." Vegeta cut him off, annoyed.

"Kratos has inhuman strength, speed and endurance. He can survive a pummelling from a titan and can match and overpower Hercules."

(*Cues: Rage of Sparda - God of War 3*)


- Over 6' Tall

- A Spartan Warrior

- Holds the Rank of Captain

- Self-Centered Anti-Hero (A few looked to Vegeta)

- Superhuman Speed, Strength, and Endurance

- Trained From Childhood to be a Ruthless Warrior (Vegeta raised a brow, but said nothing.)

"His main weapons are the Blades of Exile." Boomstick began with the weapon rundown as the chained short swords were shown again. "These short swords were the third incarnation of the blades of chaos which Kratos is infamous for using."

Blades of Exile

- Dual Short Swords

- Wielded with Chains Seared into Users Arms ("Sounds painful but also useful in a weird way…" Gohan commented.)

- Hooked Design To Rip and Tear Victims Apart

- Made From the Remains of the Blades Of Athena

- Forged in Hades (Hell)

- Can Emit Fire (Flame On!)

"These babies have a hooked design so Kratos can use them to rip apart his enemy's limb from limb, or play the most painful game of human tetherball you'll ever experience. And like all badass weapons, they can somehow emit fire. And can even emit fire that works in a land of the dead. Hey, whatever works. It also helps that they're practically indestructible and can slash through most other blades like butter."

"Okay, those things are awesome." Yamcha stated plainly. "I've seen chain-sickles before, but I've never seen chain short-swords. Let alone ones that can shoot fire."

"Being a Spartan captain, Kratos is naturally trained in sword fighting, to complement his mastery, the Greek Gods gave given him what is arguably the most powerful sword in their armory. The Blade of Olympus."

At that, Yamcha, Gohan and trunks all seemed a bit more interested in what was coming next. Everyone watched in awe as a large silver-and-gold sword was shown surrounded by a blue aura. The blade's guard seemed to be made out of solid gold and had several markings which glowed a bright blue. The blade itself seemed to be almost comically large, but it was also very clearly a weapon of death.

Blade of Olympus

- Can Kill Gods and Titans (This amazed everyone. Even Beerus was taken aback by the weapons supposed power.)

- Contains God Powers

- Fires Blue Energy Waves

- Can Make The Wielder Giant

- About Five Feet Long

- Cannot Be Used By Most Fighters (Namely Mortals)

"After being beaten and impaled by Ares, Kratos was given this mystical blade and proceeded to kill Ares. Uh, spoiler alert." Boomstick began with his explanation but stopped short as he realized what he revealed. The fighter watched (in great satisfaction) as Kratos drove the giant blade through Ares' chest, killing him. "Zeus then tricked him into putting all of his Godly powers into this bad boy, making him mortal once again."

"And making the Blade of Olympus strong enough to kill even the toughest God or Titan." Wiz added. "When it comes to defense, his most powerful armor is the Golden Fleece, armor capable of blocking powerful attacks and even reflecting magic."

That… was a concerning remark to all watching. Beerus especially. These mortals had created a weapon which could kill a God?! And it had been made by a God? Why!? Moreover, who did he have to kill to ensure it would NEVER end up in the hands of his enemies?

Golden Fleece

- Gold Armlet

- Blocks Attacks

- Deflects Magic and Projectiles

- Strong Enough To Counter The Blade Of Olympus

- Nigh Indestructible

"I wonder what that's made of…" Bulma remarked, thoughtful. "If we could make armor like that…" She trailed off and seemed to be thinking about something.

"And we're not even done yet folks! Kratos also carries one of the most badass arsenals you'll ever see! Containing weapons such as the Bow of Apollo, which can fire a rapid stream of arrows, or can charge up deadly fire arrows for extra damage!"

The fighters watched as Kratos ran across a balcony, rapidly firing arrows into creatures down below before pulling back the string and the whole thing combusting into flames.

Bow Of Apollo

- Can Rapid-Fire Arrows

- Charged Fire Arrows

- Does Not Drain Kratos' Magic Limit

- Quick With Extreme Long Range

- Can Penetrate Most Mortal Armour

"Then there's the Claws of Hades." Wiz added, as two deep purple claws-looking weapons were shown, followed by Kratos slaughtering a horde of monsters with them. "These deadly blades are used much like the Blades of Exile, but rather than just brutally killing it's victim, it rips their very soul out, either destroying it and leaving them in a constant state of non-existence, or trapping them within the blades for all time."

"Why is it so many fighters have a thing for destroying souls?" Goku remarked. "Shang Tsung, Kratos, I don't get it…"

"It's believed that the soul is the part of you which enters the afterlife dad." Gohan explained. "Destroying it, or trapping it would keep someone from going to Heaven."

"And in some cases, it would send them straight to Hell." Piccolo remarked. "It's essentially the ultimate defeat for someone who lives in a world where you can't just wish someone back to life."


Claws Of Hades

- Used Like Blades of Exile

- Spiked Chains and Hooks ("Those look badass." Goten said.)

- Rips Souls From Victims ("That's terrifying." Chi-Chi muttered.)

- Can Be Resisted By Powerful Fighters ("Not sure I wanna test that…" Goku remarked, slightly creeped out.)

- Can Summon Souls Of The Dead To Fight For You ("Great. Zombies." Bulma sighed.)

"Oh, and did we mention he got these after killing Hades? Because that's what happened."

Everyone watched shocked as Kratos threw the blades of exile into Hades' masked face, then dragged him up and began repetitively smashing his face into the ceiling, before ripping the blades out from his face and letting him fall into a pit. Kratos then jumped down and began slashing at the God as he fell, when they landed, Kratos drove the claws into Hades' face (again) but this time, a purplish ghost seemed to appear.

"What is he doing?" Beerus asked, puzzled.

"I think he's ripping his soul out." Tien answered, shocked at what he was seeing.

True to Tien's speculation, Hades roared in agony as Kratos literarily ripped the God's soul out and seemed to absorb it.

"That can't be good." Goku flatly stated.

"Then we have the Nemean Cestus." Boomstick continued. "Essentially, Lion-Head-Shaped boxing gloves. But WAY more badass! They can pummel and shock foes with brutal shockwaves, allowing Kratos to move in and crush their heads! Just how'd he get them you ask?"

"He killed someone." Piccolo sarcastically replied.

"He killed his half-brother Hercules and took em!" Boomstick answered.

"Sounds right…"

Nemean Cestus

- Giant Metal Gauntlets

- Lion-Like Appearance

- Originally Owned by Hercules (Buu looked to Hercule, wondering if they were the same person...)

- Incredibly Strong ("NO." Roshi said with extreme sarcasm.)

- Can Create Shockwaves Which Stun Foes

- Can Crush a Mortal Man's Head With One Blow ("So can I, but I don't make a big deal about it..." Vegeta muttered.)

"Wait. Hercules, like in that animated movie?" Videl asked.

"I doubt it." Mr. Satan shook his head. "Same character, but I'd have to guess a VERY different interpretation of him."

"Kratos also wears the boots of Hermes which technically should be sandals, but let's not focus on that." Wiz continued as an image of two golden boots appeared, seeming to have wings adorned on the back. "While wearing these, Kratos gains superhuman speed and even the ability to run up walls."

Boots Of Hermes

- Greaves With Small Wings

- Improved Running Speed

- Can Run Up Walls

- Magically Change Size To The Wearer's Size ("That'd be helpful." Bulma remarked. Trunks was hitting a growth spurt, and he was blowing through shoes...)

"PARKOUR, BITCH!" Boomstick yelled as Kratos ran up a wall, getting a laugh from a few of the fighters. "Also, check out how he got them!"

"Oh no…" Chi-Chi muttered, knowing this was probably going to be excessively gory.

Kratos was hacking and slashing away as Hermes jumped and weaved about, avoiding the Blades of Exile. While Kratos seemed pissed, (as usual) Hermes seemed to quickly be going from Vegeta levels of smug to Krillin levels of realizing he was screwed. Finally, one of the hooked ends of the blades cut him across the back and the God yelled as he fell to the ground, beginning to pick himself up.

"I thought Spartans fought with honour…" The God moaned in a voice they honestly seemed to scream 'Punch Me In The Face'. "And yet… you mean to kill me when I have no way to defend myself? Not fair!"

"Okay, he had a point right up until there." Vegeta said. "He's moments away from death and all he has to say is 'Not Fair'? That's pathetic…"

"You'd think a God as renowned as Hermes would face his death with honour, not cowardice." Beerus nodded. "But then again, he doesn't seem to be too much of a fighter, let alone a God."

As Hermes continued spouting off something about 'Honour' and 'Betrayal' Kratos looked down at his boots, then grabbed the God and smashed him into a wall before violently slicing his right leg clean off. Blood pouring out like a geyser, the bone jutting out from the wound. The fighters were shocked, but also not extremely disgusted (aside from Chi-Chi, Videl and Mr. Satan) and watched as Kratos walked towards the cowering God, who was trying to drag himself away, begging for his life. Kratos grabbed him by his one remaining leg and then promptly sliced it off. Hermes fell back to the ground and gurgled as the last bits of his life seemed to drain from his body.

"And after battling the infamous Icarus, he ripped those massive wings off of the old fool's back and took them for himself, granting him the power of flight and arial combat." Wiz continued as the fighter watched Kratos beating a man who looked suspiciously like Roshi before ripping two large black wings off of his back and then flew off with them.

"If he really wanted to learn how to fly, he could've just studied the Crane Style." Goku remarked. "I get why Kratos is angry, but he seems to be killing a lot of innocent people just to get to a few Gods…"

"Well, he is an anti-hero." Piccolo said, looking over to the Sayian. "They fight for good causes, they just don't care how many people get hurt in the crossfire. So long as the end is good, it justifies the means."

"And recently Kratos got his hands on the Leviathan Axe! A magical blade of badassery forged by the same dwarves who forged Thor's famous hammer Mjölnir! This sucker can be thrown to extreme lengths and then called back almost instantly, like a boomerang of death!"

Leviathan Axe

- Two-Handed Axe

- Kratos' Wife's Weapon

- Forged To Be The Counter Of Mjölnir

- Can Freeze Enemies

- Can Be Thrown Then Summoned Back Instantaneously.

"Holy CRAP that's a lot of weapons! I Like this guy! And we haven't even mentioned some of his other weapons like the Nemesis Whip!"

"I have to agree with… Boomstick, was it?" Beerus said aloud. "Kratos is proving to be a formidable fighter, I'd be surprised if anyone could even pose a threat to him considering his power and strength."

"With his arsenal of destruction, Kratos would go on to slaughter every God and Titan above and below Olympus." Wiz declared as footage was shown of Kratos brutalizing different deities and creatures, such as pulling a cyclops' eye out of its socked before forcing it into a spike wall, killing it with the sharpened edges. That did disgust most of the fighters. On top of that he was shown savagely beating Poseidon to death, snapping Hera's neck, and cutting a centaur's stomach open and ripping out his intestines. "He also has magic, mainly using what is known as Ares' Fire, which is exactly what is sounds like, a fireball."

"He also kinda has a thing for heads…" Boomstick added awkwardly. "He uses Medusa's head to turn enemies to stone… and used Helios, the God of the sun, as the world's weirdest flashlight."

"Wait. What does he mean by that?" 18 asked, suddenly feeling very nervous about what was about to be shown. Kratos then grabbed Helios and began pulling his head upwards while standing on his back. Helios screamed in pain and terror as his mouth and eyes began shining white. Everyone watched in horror as a sickening snapping sound was heard, and Helios' neck began to tear. With one final rip, Helios' head was torn clean off his shoulders and began dripping blood as it screamed a dying scream as Kratos held it up. There was a horrified silence from everyone, even Beerus' ears had jutted up in shock at what he had just seen. Without saying a word, 18 stood up and carried Marion outside, hiding her daughters face in her chest. Goten and Trunks silently got up and left the room. Videl quietly left as well, feeling like she was moments away from puking and Chi-Chi seemed horrified of what she just witnessed.

"Impressive." Beerus finally said. "Brutal, but an impressive feat of strength none the less."

Bulma paused the video and everyone decided to give it a few minutes before they continued. Some of the fighters got something to drink and watched some birds fly by the window, but eventually everyone (minus 18 and Marion) returned to watch the rest of the video. Beerus however, didn't seem phased in the slightest.

"Everyone good?" Bulma finally asked. When everyone nodded she continued the video.

"Now with an arsenal at his disposal that could destroy the world, like we said, Kratos went to Olympus and decimated everything and everyone. Except for Aphrodite." Wiz stated.

"For… obvious reasons." Boomstick added as an image of the topless goddess appeared, with 'Reason #1' and 'Reason #2' covering her chest. Roshi practically shot up like a rocket at the image as he stared mouth agape.

"Is he alright?" Beerus asked, leaning over to Vegeta.

"Yes, just ignore him." The Prince replied.

"After killing everyone, including his father Zeus, and even inadvertently causing the end of the world. Sort of. It's confusing." Wiz continued with his explanation the best he could, but it was clear even he was a little lost. "Kratos would leave Greece and travel to Midgard in Ancient Norway."

"Odd location to move to considering all that's happened but okay." Mr. Satan remarked, admittedly a little curious as to why a God would travel so far away.

"Here he'd meet a woman named Faye, who he married and had a son with." Boomstick concluded, showing a small boy with brown hair and a brown and arrow following Kratos through the snowy woods. Kratos was also rocking an awesome beard.

"Aw… He's kinda cute." Bulma smiled at the small boy.

"The kid's name was Atreus, remembered earlier when I said that'd be important? That's why." Boomstick stated. "Kratos also put a lid on his anger and became a much more heroic man than he was before. Sure, he's still grumpy as hell and dosen't tend to offer a helping hand, preferring to live alone with his son, but he isn't the murder happy machine he used to be."

"Well that's good to hear." Chi-Chi said. "But honestly I'm unsure if he'd be the best parent…"

"You're really judging someone on their qualities to be a father?" Tien remarked. "You do remember who you married, right?"

Chi-Chi glared back at Tien in response, but didn't say anything.

"Boy." Kratos suddenly said in an extremely deep voice. "Listen close. I am from a land called Sparta. I made a deal with a God that cost me my soul. I killed many who were deserving. And many who were not."

Goten and Trunks were staring in awe at the screen, a million questions racing through their minds, but they couldn't say anything. Everyone else found themselves unable to turn away from the God's words.

"I killed my father."

"That was your father in Hel… Is this what it is to be a God?" Atreus asked, fear and sadness apparent in his tone, Bulma's hurt broke slightly when she saw the fear in the child's eyes. "Is this how it always ends? Sons killing their mothers… their fathers…?"

Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo all exchanged looks. True, the lives they led weren't always the easiest, and Vegeta struggled to be there for his son while Goku struggled to understand the concept of fatherhood in general, but the ideas that their actions could drive their sons to kill them, or in Piccolo's case, did, had never occurred to them. It was a sobering thought that seemed to hit deep for all of them.

"No." Kratos said sternly, but not with anger. His voice was that of someone who realized their mistakes and were desperately trying to not let them happen again. "We will be the Gods who we choose to be, not those who have been. Who I was, is not who you will be. We must be better."

"Wow." Was all Gohan said after a few moments of silence. While he hadn't liked Kratos in the slightest, there was something about his brutal honesty and tone which reminded him of his dad before he got killed by Cell.

"Unless you piss him off." Boomstick then added.

Kratos then roared in anger and grabbed a creature and smashed its head into a wall, making it explode against the rock. He then grabbed another creature from behind him and tore its arm off before impaling it with the bone that stuck out from the back.

"That's understandable." Was agreed upon by a few, and Tien shot Vegeta a look that said 'Sound Familiar?'.

"Kratos is an extremely tough enemy to put down, he can't even kill himself. But for all his extreme strength and weapons, he can still die by mortal means, and has died more than once. He's escaped Hades multiple times and always comes back fighting. However, he only has so much magic before he needs to take a breather to recharge, and he isn't able to fight for days on end, eventually he needs to take a breather."

"Well, he's got better stamina than Akuma." Mr. Satan commented.

"And if it's not kind of obvious by now, he's got an anger issue." Boomstick stated the obvious. "Piss him off too much and he goes berserk, letting loose everything he has, his Godly fury and just pure rage. The downside is he dosen't think too clearly during this, and afterwards, he's severely weakened."

"Looks kind of like a hatred-fuelled super sayian form…" Goku remarked, staring in a mixture of awe and distrust at Kratos' pissed-off rage mode. "I'm not sure I'd wanna fight this guy without some more training."

"Still, Kratos became infamous among the nine realms for his unstoppable fury and tenacity, very few to who oppose him live to tell the tale, and they claim the screams of those who do challenge him can be heard as far down as the deepest pits of Hades." Wiz concluded.

"I was… trying to make you… a great warrior…" Ares groaned, seeming extremely weakened by several wounds on his body.

"You succeeded." Kratos growled, before driving the Sword of Olympus through Ares' chest. Killing the God of War once and for all.

"Nice." Yamcha nodded.

The doors closed and Bulma paused the video.

"Well that was… interesting…" The scientist finally said.

"Indeed." Beerus agreed, seeming rather interested in the episode. "I do believe this Kratos character would be a formidable challenge to test my strength against…"

"Yeah, but I'm not sure I want to fight a guy who can rip your soul out with hooks…" Goku added sheepishly. "I think he's a great fighter, but even if I could reach Super Sayian God form again, I feel like it would almost be useless against someone who kills Gods."

"Well, you're partially right there." Vegeta spoke up. "According to this, he's killed the Greek Gods, and from what I've read, they were a different calibre of Gods."

"How so?" Beerus asked, curious.

"Well, they are Gods, they have powers beyond what man could imagine, but they also exist on the same realm as them. It could be possible that while they are Gods, they're not Gods in the sense of Lord Beerus or Shenron, and therefore Kratos' weapons wouldn't be able to hurt them."

"That could be the case, but I don't think he'd need his swords to do some serious damage." Mr. Satan commented. "If the man can tear a God's head off with his bare fists, then he should be able to do some damage with just a few punches."

"We do still have another fighter to get through." Roshi then said aloud. "And apparently this BDSM lookin' dude was able to dethrone Satan and God."

"What's BDSM?" Goten asked.

"I dunno." Goku shrugged.

"It's-" Roshi began but stopped when Bulma looked to him.

"Don't." Was all the scientist said in a rather flat, but serious tone, disgusted at the old man's comment. Roshi stopped himself and looked back to the TV.


(*Cues: Spawn in the Demon's Hand - Opening Sequence (Arcade Version)*)

The doors opened to show… a regular looking man. This surprised and confused everyone as the clips they had seen of 'Spawn' made it clear he was some sort of demonic creature, but here he seemed like an ordinary man wearing military armour.

"Before anyone asks, let's just watch." Bulma answered the question she had a feeling was about to be asked.

"Al Simmons was an American Solider trained to be deadly, stealthy, and above all, the best of the best." Wiz began with his rundown as the man, 'Al' was shown fighting his way through a building. "With a strong sense of justice, Simmons would fight to the death to protect his wife, his country, and his friends."

"Well that's a drastic difference." Chi-Chi said, a bit surprised at Al's introduction.

"I like him." Mr. Satan agreed.

"And DAMN was he good at it!" Boomstick declared, impressed. "This dude survived dozens, it not hundreds of what would've otherwise been suicide missions and he pulled through. Eventually, he even saved the President's life! After that, he was brought into the United States Security Task Force, essentially a super-covert Black Ops team."

"Well, not exactly… They'd be more akin to the C.I.A. but that's not really all that important." Wiz said slightly dismissively. "What is important is that Al continued protecting the innocent, and taking down anyone who wanted to do harm to the innocent."

"So, he's like some uber-violent cop?" Trunks asked.

"I've heard conspiracy theories that the government has their own sort of 'assassin force' but I don't think that it's real." Krillin replied, shaking his head. "Like they said, he's a government agent, so there's probably some sort of special task force."

"Buuuuttttt… Eventually he realized that the government is full of assholes who are corrupt to hell and back, ironic, and he began to struggle with his missions." Boomstick continued.

"Do you have an issue with your orders solider?" A man asked as he and Al seemed to be in a death-stare contest.

"Yes. I. Do. SIR." Al growled back through gritted teeth.

"I wonder what happened?" Goku said aloud, only for a text box to appear in the corner, reading: 'Al's unit was ordered to attack a village of innocents in an attempt to draw out a known criminal, however, the Unit wasn't told they were innocent until after the attack was finished, killing dozens of civilians, including very young children.'

"He's upset over a few villagers? Bah." Beerus rolled his eyes. "I'd expect someone whose job is to kill people would be used to a few accidental deaths."

"I think it has more to do with the fact that his boss lied to him about why he did this." Goku remarked, and Beerus seemed to think about that, but didn't seem too phased.

"Eventually, Al's boss Jason Wynn got kind of paranoid that Al would reveal what his team had been doing, so he ordered Al's teammate and friend Chapel to terminate Al's contract. Permanently."

The fighters watched in shock as 'Chapel', a man with a skull painted on his face, violently stabbed Al in the gut with a large knife before throwing him off of a railing. Al landed with a sickening Crack! That made some of the fighter's wince. His body seemed to be wet, covered In something. Chapel jumped down and then crushed Al's left hand under his boot, making him scream in pain.

"Sorry Al." Chapel said in a monotone voice. "I got my orders."

"Fuck… you…!" Al groaned, blood running down his face now.

"What kind of 'friend' kills their own friend?!" Videl exclaimed, angered.

"I can think of one…" Gohan muttered under his breath, eye twitching slightly.

Chapel then flicked a lighter on and dropped it as he walked away. Al's body suddenly burst into flames and he screamed in agony as his skin began to burn, eventually almost liquefying and melting into a sludge-like form which slid off of his bones. The armour he wore seemed to melt and fuse onto his skin, leaving his body a writing mess of bloody and burned meat. At this point, Chi-Chi wanted to stop this and get the kids out, but she also had a feeling that would probably anger Beerus, and the last thing she needed was dealing with the angered God again.

"Sick burn bruh." Boomstick joked. Wiz groaned and face-palmed at the joke, and Beerus just seemed confused.

"Is he always like this?" The God finally asked.

"Yes." Was collectively answered.

"Anyhow, since Al had killed innocents, he went STRAIGHT to Hell!"

Everyone now watched in shock at wat this world's interpretation of 'Hell' was. True to the old stories, there were pools of lava and fire seemed to make the very sky. The wails of those long condemned and forgotten rang out as people were endlessly burned with every step they took across the fiery rocks which made the landscape. Demons flew above, occasionally swooping down and clawing at people.

"Holy hell…" Roshi muttered.

"That's what Hell is?" Goku asked, eyes wide.

"I really don't wanna end up there…" Gohan muttered.

"No one does." Mr. Satan remarked.

"I fear for anyone who ends up in a hell like that." Vegeta commented, seeming genuine in his tone. "The stories we were told concerning hell made it clear that it might not be fire and pain for all eternity, but that everyone ended up in a 'personal hell'. Tailored to feed off of their fears and worst pain for all eternity. After seeing this… I can't tell which is worse though…"

Immediately the thoughts of what their own personal hell would be flashed through the fighter's heads. For Vegeta, it would be if Friza ever got the Dragon Balls and the prince was now powerless to do anything but watch as the psychopath conquered and slaughtered entire galaxies. Chi-Chi's mind created a scenario where in her family was killed, then brought back, then killed again. An endless cycle that would break her mentally before subjecting her to complete and total isolation with the memories of her family's death burned into her mind. Gohan had the fear of Cell's return, only now he wouldn't be able to stop him, no matter what they did. The creature would continue to kill everyone, leaving the world defenseless. Mr. Satan and Majin Buu had a similar one, Evil Buu returning and killing everyone one-by-one. Leaving Mr. Satan for last so he could watch the monster he tried to stop wipe out the world, leaving him to live with the guilt of not being strong enough to stop him. For Bulma, it was the idea that one of her inventions would destroy the world, leaving her to drown in her guilt and sorrows over his mistake which cost so many innocent lives. Spending each remaining day listening to the chorus of cries of agony that now rang loud and clear throughout the wasteland that was once ear-

"What?" Skorch asked, looking up his laptop at the reader. "What?" After a few moments, the entity frowned, looking down at his laptop. "Oh, c'mon. You think this is too dark?! It's freaking SPAWN! What do you want me to do?!"

(Insert User Response Here)

"Fineeeee…" The Flame entity sighed.

Goku's hell was the most unimaginable thing (to him at least). He saw himself sitting in a business office, working away on a computer. There wasn't much colour in the office and it seemed like no one wanted to be there, but they all had no choice. His body seemed weaker, as if he hadn't spent a day training in years… Not to mention that when he looked into his bag for food, all there was, was kale.

"Hello Kakarot? What's happening." Came a voice Goku hadn't heard in ages. He turned and was shocked to see King Piccolo standing near his cubicle wearing a tie and glasses. "I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow. So, if you could be here at around... four that'd be great."

"But I get off at three fifty-nine!" Goku protested.

"Yeah… I'm still gonna need you to come in at four."

"I don't think there's any worse hell than that…" Goku thought mortified.

Meanwhile, a line of stuffed animals all played instruments as they danced around a tree, hugging one another and spreading good cheer and happiness to all. However, someone (or something) was hanging from the tree wans was slowly being driven insane.

"Once he got to Hell, he met Malebolgia, the ruler of the eighth circle of hell." Boomstick continued, as a towering creature seemed to rise out of the fire. His entire body seemed to be covered with fire, covering down his back as well. He had two demonic horns on the top of his head, and his claws with inhumanly long and sharp, but also seemed bone-thin. His jaw was stretched inhumanly outwards, a reptilian tongue flicking outwards and razor-sharp teeth overflowing from his mouth, with his eyes glowing a deep green.

"Okay." Bulma spoke up. "That is officially the scariest thing I have ever seen."

"Agreed." Hercule nodded.

"Yup." Yamcha remarked.

"No arguments here." Trunks added.

"That is rather grotesque." Even Beerus agreed. "When you described hell, this is the kind of creature I would expect to preside over it."

"And what's with all these bad guys having fire for hair? Is that just a signal that you're evil?" Videl questioned.

"Malebolgia was impressed with Al's killing skills, and cut him a deal. If Al could see his wife Wanda again, he'd lead Hell's armies in the upcoming battle against the forces of Heaven. Naturally, Al said yes."

"Doubt that ended well…" Piccolo snarked.

"Only for Malebolgia to return him to earth, heavily disfigured and missing his memories." Wiz stated.

"Knew it."

The fighters saw a figure wearing a black beanie and a trench coat hiding behind a tree, watching a man give a small girl a kiss before handing her back to a woman and driving off.

"…five years later…"

"WHAT?!" Beerus and Vegeta shouted at the same time in a mixture of shock and anger.

"Hey, that's why you don't make a deal with the devil." Gohan shrugged. "No matter how good it sounds or how smart you think you are, it never ends well for you. The only deals that don't end badly are the ones that are never made."

"Not only that, but his wife had married his best friend and had a baby." Boomstick then added. "And now he was being followed around by this guy…"

"Wanna lick? It's rocky road." A voice said in an undeniably creepy way. The tone of someone who took joy in the suffering of others, only made worse by how quiet it seemed. The unknown voice held out an ice cream cone with maggots and words wiggling out of it to the trench coated figure who now had an odd mask (or so the fighters assumed) on his face, with two white marks on either side and glowing green eyes. "Ya can't blame her though. After all, you've been dead almost five years."

The fighters now saw the figure was a short, fat man wearing a tattered blue coat and pants. His hair seemed to go off in two directions and his face was done up like a clown. Almost immediately, Trunks moved back a little bit. Chi-Chi felt her spine freeze, and Videl's eye twitched aggressively.

"If I ever wake up and see that, I'm either drunk or in hell." Krillin finally said, feeling very unnerved by the clown-looking man.

"You're lying…" Spawn growled.

"I'm lyin' I'm dying. It's all redundant." The clown faced man continued with a twisted grin on his face, showing off his crooked yellow teeth. "Anyway… Spawn."

"So that's Spawn…" Buu said aloud. "Like as in Hellspawn?"

"Most likely." Bulma said thoughtfully. "Or some sort of demonic creature, but I think you're on the right path Buu."

"Your former self, meaning one hell-bent, leather kick-ass-take-no-prisoners-government-assassin by the name of Al Simmons, is dead."

Now the fighters saw a blood red cape flapping in the wind as a figure seemed to be digging a grave, using his bare hands. The fighters assumed this was 'Spawn' but weren't sure as to why he was digging a grave. Then in a flash of lighting, they saw the name on the tombstone.


"Why's he digging up his own grave?"

"Damn it… I'm ME!" Spawn growled as he dug. "I'm not… Damn it I'm not dead!"

"The new Spawn's each try to deny what they've become. Hoping that a small spark of truth will awaken them from their nightmare." A new voice spoke up, sounding like an old man. Spawn dug his fingers, which now almost seemed like knives, into a coffin lid and ripped it off with inhuman strength. He stopped and breathed shakily, looking down at the somewhat decomposed remains of a man lying in the coffin. He seemed to look at the ring on the bodies finger and reached down, pulling the decomposing finger off the hand, making Videl squirm uncomfortably.

"Does this count as grave robbing?" Yamcha asked aloud. "Or are you just going back to get your stuff?" When a few of the fighters looked back at him, he looked around before asking: "What? I'm just asking."

Spawn slowly took the ring off the finger and turned it over, he then noticed an inscription on the inside of it Al and Wanda Forever. Immediately, a few of the fighters (Hercule especially) felt a good deal of sympathy for Spawn, even though the mask covered his face, it was clear he seemed like he was about to cry. After a few moments, pure terror seemed to flash in Spawn's eyes as he realized what had happened.

"OH GOD!" Spawn suddenly shouted, thunder cracking overhead, the scream echoing throughout the cemetery before Spawn broke down, buried his head in his hands and cried. This shook some of the fighters to their core. Goku felt pain for Al, the clear agony he seemed to be in, one that he didn't seem to have brought intentionally upon himself, Hercule thought about why Spawn had done this, to see his wife. If given the chance, would he not do the same thing? Honestly… He didn't know. Vegeta felt a bit of sympathy for someone who seemed to have not done much wrong intentionally get screwed over so heavily, and making him feel a slight amount of fear regarding what would happen to him if he ever ended up in this version of hell. "How did this happen?"

Grasping at the jacket the corpse wore, the skull tilted back, opening wide before it snapped back shut and the eyes began to glow a deep red.

"Hey, is the worst of it ov-nope." 18 leaned in, still holding Marion, only to see a rotten skull coming to life, and ducked back out, not wanting to traumatize her daughter.

"You made a deal, you stupid son of a bitch." The corpse seemed to speak without moving its lips or mouth, suddenly grabbing onto Spawn's neck. "You made a deal with Malebolgia. You cut a deal for your soul. The deal was, you see Wanda, then become Hellspawn. A ranking officer in Hell's army."

"Well Buu. There's your answer." Tien remarked."It is short for Hellspawn."

"Hm..." Buu said without too much energy. "Buu no like."

"Time to pay the piper…" The skull moaned, green slime dripping form it's eyes and mouth, directly onto Spawn's face.

"And because Malebolgia is a demon, he tricked him and left him with a fate worse than death after Al was re-born as a Hellspawn. So naturally, Spawn swore revenge." Boomstick concluded.

(*Cues: Spawn The Eternal - Track 6*)

Only now did everyone get a clear image of Spawn. He was easily over six feet with a giant red cape flowing behind him. He had white accents across his arms and had what appeared to be red gloves. Around his waist was a belt with a skull belt buckle that seemed to be made of chains. Speaking of which, he had two chains which seemed to float on their own accord behind him, but were wrapped around his arms. He also had several guns strapped to his waist and had spikes on his legs.

"I know he's a demon and all, but he looks AWESOME." Goten spoke up, and there was some agreement.

"Being a Hellspawn, Spawn has superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He's borderline invincible and for the most part, can't be hurt by mortal weapons." Wiz began with another introduction as a chart appeared.


- Real Name: Albert Francis Simmons

- Age: 24 (This surprised some of the watchers)

- Height: 6'2" (Without his cape)

- Weight: 450 lbs. (That also surprised some watching, they weren't sure what he'd weight, but that seemed like… more)

- Skilled Assassin and Solider

- Superhuman Strength, Speed & Durability

- Composed of Necroplasm (Necroplasm is a demonic energy that hellbeasts are made of." Beerus commented.)

- Can Leech Off Of 'Negative Energy' or Sins of Those He Fights

- Regeneration Healing

- Named 50th In Empire Magazine's The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters

"Spawn can also draw energy off of the evil auras of people or other demons to heal himself. It really saves him on Band-Aids." Boomstick added.

"Wow. He can heal himself by feeding off of others sin? That's hard-core." Trunks commented.

"If he fought Vegeta, he could lose a million battles and still be able to heal himself." Tien snarked with a smirk.

"Shut the hell up Triclops." Vegeta scowled in response, having to ignore the laughs that the joke got.

"I can't tell if he's a good guy or another anti-hero." Beerus stated. "It seems like his reasons for taking the deal were pure, but now he has no choice but to act out and kill the innocent."

"Maybe he's both." Mr. Satan shrugged. "Similar to Kratos… Just with less mass murder."

"Perhaps, let us see." The God of Destruction nodded.

"On top of that, he wears a living, parasitic-symbiotic suit named Leetha Of The Seventh House Of K." Wiz continued as Spawn's burnt body was shown being covered in the black suit.

"Leetha… of the seventh house… What?" Bulma finally said in pure confusion. "Are they making this up as they go?"

"Well, if this is a comic character, then someone must have been high as hell to come up with that…" Roshi remarked, taking another swig of his drink.

"Leetha is a parasitic being made out of pure Necroplasm. Essentially, magical demon juice that bonds with your central nervous system, becoming a permanent part of your body." Wiz continued.

"Leetha's got some crazy-ass powers, allowing Spawn to fly over one hundred miles per hour, glide like a feather, shapeshift into other people and animals, turn invisibleand even lift over one hundred freaking TONS! Holy crap! Where can I get one of these suits?!"

Vegeta seemed to get a look in his eyes, one of 'I totally would have good use for that' and 'Who do I need to kill to get one?'. He was already trying to remember where the Dragon Balls flew off to as he knew what his next wish would be.

Leetha Of The 7th House Of K

- Symbiotic Suit (Bulma was interested in the genetic side of the suit.)

- Limited By Imagination (This was interesting to the fighters, was that being rhetorical, or serious?)

- Can Create Chains, Spikes, Claws, Shrouds, Swords, Spears, etc. Pretty Much Anything You Can Think Of.

- Has A Mind Of Its Own, But Will Violently Defend It's Host

- Feeds Off Necroplasm, Natural Evil Energies and Spinal Fluid

"So, it feeds off of your spine? How do you keep walking if it does that?" Videl asked.

"Probably the suit keeps you going." Bulma suggested. "Since it's symbiotic, it's probably permanent, but if he took it off, he may not be able to walk ever again…"

"Seriously! She can morph itself into all sorts of weapons and gear! Even a badass cape that protects Spawn from all sorts of attacks and can even attack enemies! But he prefers to use chains, because let's be real here. They're freakin' badass."

"Leetha possess a mind of her own, and can even go off and deal with enemies while Spawn deals with other issues. She's strong enough to smash through concrete and fast enough to block machine gun fire."

"Hey Bulma. You think it's possible to make armor like that?" Goku asked.

"Unfortunately, no." Bulma frowned. "While it wouldn't be impossible to make armor that has some sort of artificial intelligence built into it, allowing it to respond to attacks the user dosen't see, we'd need some sort of nano-mechanical technology in order to create a morphing armour. On top of that, I'm uncertain how well a cerebral bond would go with most people. Add to that the risk of the A.I. being damaged and overall, it's a cool idea, but not too practical right now."

"Okay…" Goku finally said, having understood maybe five words out of that.

"But there is one catch." Wiz suddenly spoke up, getting their attention once again. "Leetha feeds off of necorplasmic energy while using the suits powers. Something which Spawn is now made out of. Should Leetha use too much, Spawn will be sent back to Hell."

"Huh." Chi-Chi remarked. "That's an odd condition."

"It's like if your phone dies and you need to go home to recharge it, but instead of your shack, you go to hell." Boomstick explained.

"But there is an easier solution." Wiz continued, showing Spawn choking a man and seeming to absorb some sort of green smoke off of them. "Leetha can also feed off of the negative energy and sin of others."

"On top of ALL of this, Spawn also has magic! Yer' a wizard Spawn!" Boomstick added in a very poor-sounding British accent. "He can teleport, transform, blow people up, turn invisible, alter matter, talk to animals, fly with his cape, read minds, heal the sick, resurrect the dead, and even open portals to heaven and hell." Boomstick said in one long breath. "HO-LY CRAP!"

With practically every word out of Boomstick's mouth, the fighters found themselves dumbfounded. How did Spawn have all these powers?! And what did they have to do to get some?! Goku felt like with every fighter he had seen so far, they were better than him in some way, they had a mystical advantage that would easily allow them to-


Shaking his head, Goku refused to think like that. Sure, Spawn had magical powers and a special suit, but he couldn't seem to make attacks out of Ki. So that was something he had over the demon. Plus, if he tired him out, Spawn would be dragged back to hell. If he ever had to fight him, he'd have to think strategically. The destructo discs could probably be helpful to distract Leetha, and that would mean he'd have a clear shot at Spawn! The sayian nodded to himself. If he was gonna learn anything from these battles, then he had to learn how to make himself better.

"Not only that, but Spawn can also control the elements." Wiz stated as Spawn was showing creating a giant blaze which incinerated an armada of locusts. "He tends to use fire and water to completely wipe out large hordes of enemies. However, even with all these God-like abilities, Spawn usually resorts to his most primitive weapon."

"GUNS!" Boomstick shouted. Spawn was then shown holding two almost comically large guns. "A CRAP TON OF THEM!"

"Well, he was trained in Special Forces, so I guess that makes sense…" Hercule mused.

"This is mainly due to the fact that he's been trained in Special Forces for so long, it's what he's most comfortable with." Wiz remarked.


Expert Marksman

- Weapon of Choice

- Least Effective Weapon In His Arsenal

- Skilled With All Types

- Prefers Machine Pistols

"Throughout his time as a Hellspawn, Spawn would ultimately tell Malebolgia to suck it and become earth's sort of protector. He's a violent and cynical man, but deep down he tries to be good. But in a world where everywhere he looks all he sees is corruption and sin, that's a lot harder than it sounds." Boomstick remarked as Spawn was shown beating the crap out of a street gang.

"Okay, this is bugging me." Chi-Chi spoke up. "Why is Boomstick so poetic one sentence and yet so disgusting in the next one?"

"Yeah, it's weird…" Yamcha agreed. "He seems like a total idiot, but he also seems to know his stuff when he needs to."

"And unlike Kratos, who can die from mortal weapons, Spawn can only be killed by Necromagic and weapons forged in Heaven. On top of that, he can only truly be killed by being decapitated." Boomstick continued.

Specific Weaknesses

- Magic Necroplasm

- Holy Weapons Forged In Heaven

- His Dwindling Amount Of Necroplasm

- Can Only Truly Die Through Beheading

"Hm. So Spawn can die." Beerus mused. "While it might be difficult, it's interesting to know he has a weakness to his own powers…"

"Yeah, that's kinda weird." Goku agreed.

"Spawn has taken on a myriad of powerful enemies." Wiz began. "Assassins, cyborgs, vampires, succubus', ghosts, angels, demons, other Hellspawn, rampaging deities, and even his sort of mentor, The Violator."

The scene cut to Spawn perched atop a cross on a church, looking out over the city, with the creepy clown-dude standing on the roof behind him.

"What the hell do you want?" Spawn scowled, not looking back.

"It's not 'what the hell do I want', it's 'What does HELL want with YOU'?" The Violator. "Now, listen here buddy. My boss and yours, Malebolgia, delivered on his end of the deal."

There were some cries of disgust as Violator was shown looking at a picture of Spawn's wife, with his other hand in his pants… Videl felt some puke come up in her mouth, Vegeta was more pissed off than anything, Chi-Chi wanted to shut this off and never come back, and even Roshi seemed disgusted by what he was watching. Spawn jumped down and grabbed the picture, clearly angered with the clown.

"Well, now we know why he's called the Violator…" Gohan muttered, clearly disgusted.

"I have my own problems." Spawn stated solemnly.

"What? You think you're too good to be a Hellspawn?" Violator suddenly growled, seeming angry. "You should be down on your KNEES thanking Malebolgia for this opportunity to be a ranking officer in this, Hell's Army!"

"And you should be down on your knees thanking me for not killing you where you stand." Spawn replied, his back still turned.

"Now that's a response." Goten said, eyes wide.

"Listen buddy, I don't think you know who you're talking too… But I think it's time you find out." Violator said matter-of-factly before beginning to strain. Spawn was about to say something, only for him to stop and stare as the skin on the Violator's hands to be torn off by demonic claws, the Clown began laughing insanely as his mouth seemed to be pushing out from his skull. Three horns beginning to tear his head apart, all of which seemed to explode like a bloody piñata. The Violator was now shown in his true form. He was a gray demonic beast, with extremely odd proportions. His head was huge with two horns on either side of his head and one coming out part way down his back, like Malebolgia, his jaw was twisted and pulled outwards and overflowing with razor sharp teeth. Oddly though, he seemed to have chicken-like legs that was long and spindly, but had spikes on several joints and huge feet.

"Why do all these demons look so weird!?" Trunks exclaimed. He had done his best to not be disturbed by Malebolgia, but he wasn't sure how much more demonic imagery he could take.

"Because they're demons? Creatures which by definition are evil spirits or devils, which are thought to act as a tormentor in hell?" Yamcha replied, his tone oddly calm, not picking up on the fear. "Their entire job is to scare and torture you for all eternity."

"You're not helping…" Mr. Satan hissed as he leaned over.

"Wait… what?" Yamcha asked, then suddenly realized what had just happened. "Whoops…"

Spawn growled, clearly past his limit and pulled out a machine pistol and proceeded to fill the demonic Violator full of bullets. Green blood oozed out of the bullet wounds and the creature hissed before falling to the ground, seemingly dead.

"There's no way he's dead." Vegeta flatly commented. "He went down way too easy."

As if to prove the prince's point, two hands burst through the ceiling and dragged Spawn down.

"And so begins your treasuring." The creature spoke in a very disturbing whisper. It's mouth not moving.

"What ARE you?!" Spawn demanded.

"A creature far superior to humans…" It whispered in response.

"That voice is going to haunt my dreams for weeks…" Krillin muttered.

Beerus had been notably silent the entire time, watching the exchange between the two demons.

"It never occurred to me just how much power these beings may possess." He suddenly spoke up, getting everyone's attention. "I spend my days in the company of angels and other Gods, beings I believed were the be-all, end-all of power. Yet if these demons can amass powers and abilities like we're seeing here… We may have to be prepared."

"What are you saying Lord Beerus?" Goku asked, confused.

"While I don't believe they would, there is the possibility of demons ultimately escaping hell, or creating a warrior like Spawn here to wreak havoc on the earth and above." The God of destruction explained. "While I don't believe it to be likely, I'll have to talk with Whis about this."

"Not to be rude Lord Beerus… But are you scared?"

Beerus' head snapped over to look at Goku, a look of slight anger on his face, and they Sayian gulped.

"Goku, there's a difference between logical fear and cowardice." The God flatly stated. "Being afraid of an enemy because of their powers, or powers you've never seen, no matter how strong you are, is wise. It allows you to remain focused in a battle, being prideful can easily lead to weakness which the enemy can exploit. If you encountered a creature that came from the depths of Hell and whose soul mission was to kill as many innocents as possible for no reason other than its own twisted enjoyment, how would you react?"

Goku paused, thinking about what he was asked, and he began to realize what the god was saying.

"Sorry Lord Beerus." He said sheepishly.

"Apologies are not required, it is simply something to consider." Beerus said with a dismissive wave. At that, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan's jaws practically hit the floor.

"Anyone wanna bet of how long Violator's gonna last?" Yamcha smirked, changing the subject.

"Two minutes at most." Beerus smirked back. "After defiling someone's wife in such a way, there's no outcome where he survives this encounter."

To their shock, Violator grabbed Spawn and threw him into a wall.

"Consider this a friendly reminder. GET WITH THE FUCKING PROGRAM." Violator hissed, anger now very clear in his tone. He then stabbed Spawn right in the chest and pulled his hear out. It continued beating a seemed to be spurting blood out of the valves.

"Ewwww…" Chi-Chi grimaced.

"Didn't they say that he can only die from being decapitated?" Tien asked.

"Yup." Buu nodded.

"So, ripping his heart out won't kill him, will it?"


"If anything, it's only going to piss him off."


"…Violator's about to get his ass handed to him, isn't he?" Tien asked with a smirk.


"This is gonna be good…"


Spawn fell to the ground and groaned slightly, acting as if he was dying.

"Damn Hellspawn… None of them are worthy…" Violator muttered as he began to walk away.

"Violator…" Spawn suddenly said, not seeming injured.

"What?" Violator seemed to stop on a dime and turn around, shocked.

"Let's try that again." Spawn remarked, creating fire from his hands, his two chains floating behind him and his cape billowing. "But this time, try to do some REAL damage."

"Okay, next time I'm in a fight, I am SO going to say that!" Goten declared, he now knew which of the two fighters he was rooting for to win this battle.

"What… You don't need your heart?" Violator seemed to be looking dumbfounded, then seeming very angered. "I DON'T believe it! I JUST DON'T BELIEVE IT!"

"Say something new school-boy." Spawn retorted.

"Sounds like something you'd say." Gohan smirked, looking at his wife.

Spawn then charged his Necromagic and blasted Violator right in the chest. There was an explosion of demon blood followed by a shot of the violators chest, now with a gaping hole in it, with parts of his spine hanging down.

"You IDIOT! You're not the only one who can re-attach organs! I've had the power long before you stumbled upon i-" Violator shouted, but suddenly stopped when Spawn's chains wrapped around one of his legs and then snapped it like a wishbone. There were a few winces as the creature screamed and fell to one knee. "SHIT!"

"Look fatass, do me a favour when you see your boss. Tell him to piss off." Spawn growled as he cocked a shotgun and stuck it into Violator's mouth and pulled the trigger, the creatures head exploding into a fountain of blood and chunks, crumpling to the ground.

"Huh. One minute, fifty-nine seconds." Bulma remarked, looking at her watch. "Good guess."

"Granted, Violator would return multiple times, but still. Spawn's a force you don't wanna fuck with!" Boomstick declared. "And if that ain't enough, Spawn's dethroned both Satan and God!"

"To make a long, confusing story short, Satan and God got into a huge fight, culminating in the destruction of the world." Wiz stated as the world was shown to be a burnt husk of what is used to be, scaring some of the fighters. "Since Spawn was supposed to be on Hell's side but defected, and refused to join God's ranks, they killed him. But then the Mother of all creation resurrected him and granted him the powers of a God."

"What?" Goku asked, extremely confused.

The fighters now saw Spawn with angelic wings burst out of the ground. He flew upwards, almost in a tube of light. With a few more flaps he shot through the ground of what seemed to be a large castle and slash his hand through the air. Spawn sighed and looked out over a burned wasteland, a woman seemed to float down next to him. She seemed to be made up of stars in the night sky. It looked… odd. To say the least.

"It's over." She simply said. "You've done it."

"No. It's not over." Spawn shook his head. "Not until I fix this."

The woman gasped slightly, seeming shocked.

"You know what that will cost you, right?" She asked. "You'll got back to the way you were. Back when you were a-"

"Hellspawn. I know." Spawn cut her off. "But if it means the world will get a second chance… Hell, I'll take it."

"Wait. He's giving up his powers… To save everyone?!" Bulma said surprised.

"I think he's allowing himself to become a Hellspawn again so the world can be fixed…" Piccolo commented. "I'll admit it. That's brave of him."

"Well, there was always the idea of righteous suffering." Hercule added. "If someone suffers for a noble cause, then they would feel no pain. I don't think it works that way, but it's a nice sentiment."

Spawn seemed to be focusing all his energy, a white sphere seemed to be appearing in front of him. Continuing with his focus, Spawn slammed the sphere into the ground and a bright white light enveloped the screen. When the light died down, the moon was up in the sky, the camera panned back down, showing the city he was in previously. There was the sound of people talking and sires off in the distance. Things seemed normal.

"Is he gone?" Videl asked.

There was a whoosh sound and a dark red cape seemed to disappear over the top of a building. The camera moved up the side of the building, revealing Spawn standing on the rooftop, seemed to be in a shadow cast by the moon with his green eyes clearly glowing.

"Spawn may not be a 'hero' in the typical sense, but with his powers, weapons and skills, you'd be smart to make sure he's on your side when it hits the fan." Boomstick concluded.

Suddenly, there was a large explosion and Spawn walked into a room, wielding two assault rifles.

"Knock, knock." Was all Spawn said, before the doors closed again. Bulma paused the video again and looked to everyone.

"So." She said. "Who do you think is going to win?"

"Well, on the basis of pure strength, definitely Kratos." Gohan began. "But my main reservation with him is that I'm not sure his weapons will be able to kill Spawn."

"How so?" Vegeta asked.

"Well, they said Spawn could only be killed by weapons forged in Heaven." Gohan explained. "Kratos has the Blade of Olympus, and that might be able to kill him, but I don't think most of his weapons can kill Spawn."

"They did say Spawn could die by decapitation." Piccolo remarked, thinking about what they had seen. "Kratos is strong enough to tear a man's head clean off, wouldn't that do the job?"

"Maybe. If not, he could use the claws to rip Spawn's soul out." Mr. Satan reasoned.

"I think Spawn will take this one." Goten stated. "Not only does he seem to have better weapons, but he also seems to have had more variety of creatures he's fought."

"The young one has a point." Beerus nodded. "His experience in slaying all matter of demonic beasts could prove beneficial. If I had to choose though, I'd have to say Kratos will win. Spawn is as his name suggests, merely a creature of hell, but Kratos is a demigod, if not a full God."

"I'm rooting for Spawn, everything about him seems to give him an advantage." Bulma admitted. "He can turn invisible, he was trained by military forces, and he's got magic probably unlike Kratos."

"Wait. Kratos has magic?" Goku asked, surprised.

"They mentioned it in passing. Not sure if it's that important or not." Bulma replied.

"While Spawn clearly has the tactical advantage, Kratos clearly outmatches him in pure strength and guerilla tactics." Vegeta mused. "Honestly it'll probably come down to whoever can land a fatal blow with a magical weapon first."

"Kratos actually killed Gods while Spawn only dethroned Satan and God." Goku said. "I think Kratos will win because he's been killing Gods for so long."

"Is it weird that Spawn reminds me a lot of you?" Gohan asked, looking over to Piccolo. The Namekian raised a brow, confused.

"How so?" He asked.

"You're both mostly silent, have a strong sense of right and wrong, fight using unique tactics, and defied what you were supposed to be." Gohan explained. Piccolo thought over the analysis before replying.

"I can't tell if that's a good thing, or if you're saying I share qualities with a demon…"

In the end, the general consensus was that Spawn would win, with Goku, Goten, Beerus, Buu, Tien and Yamcha had voted for Kratos to win. They felt that while Spawn's weapons could hurt Kratos, his Golden Fleece could deflect Necromagic and deal with his other attacks. 18 and Marion had returned (although 18 was slightly nervous about what the battle would be like) and Bulma unpaused the video.

"Alright the combatants are set, it's time to end this debate once and for all." Wiz stated.

"IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!" Boomstick shouted as the doors closed once again.

The doors opened showing Kratos and Atreus walking through what appeared to be an abandoned village. Kratos had the Chains of Exile wrapped around his arms and the Leviathan Axe strapped to his back. Atreus was holding his bow and casting a glace to the left and right every now and then. There was no sound aside from the footsteps of the father and son and the occasional breeze. Kratos stopped abruptly and seemed to focus on something, as if he could see something which wasn't there. He exhaled through his nostrils and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Father?" Atreus asked.

"Be on your guard Atreus." Kratos instructed as he started walking again. "I sense a dark force nearby."

The two continued walking until they heard a shrill cry. Pulling the string back, Atreus took aim as Kratos grabbed his axe and got into a fighting stance. Not too far away, an old run-down cathedral stood, its doors long since destroyed or removed, and the sound of a squelching coming from within.

"What should we do?" Atreus asked, looking to his father for instructions.

"Wait here, and keep alert." Kratos simply stated as he began to walk towards the cathedral. He slowly made his way inside he paused as he saw Spawn, who was in the process of pulling a demon's arm off.

"Where's Malebolgia?!" Spawn demanded, the chains pulling at the creature's arm.

"Who's Male…bol..giAA!" The demon tried to answer but was cut off when the chains began to twist. "I serve my master… Thanatos!"

"Then why am I keeping you alive?" Spawn growled before tearing the demon in half like a paper doll with his chains. After a few moments, Spawn turned and saw Kratos standing in the aisle of the cathedral. "Who the hell are you?"

"What matter of Hellspawn are you?" Kratos retorted, pointing to Spawn with his axe.

"Well, you're partially right." Spawn replied, clearly bored. "Look, I don't know who you are, and I don't much care. Unless you can tell me where that bastard Malebolgia is, I recommend you get out of my way."

"Are you a servant of the Gods?" Kratos scowled, seeming angered. This also seemed to get a reaction from Spawn, whose eye's narrowed dangerously.

"I don't much care for Gods. They're all talk and nothing of value. Now you don't seem like the kinda guy I'm after, so, I'll say this once again. If you don't want to end up like that thing, get out of my way."

"You defile grounds sacred to the ancient Gods, and you think you can order ME?" Kratos asked, seeming angered.

"Ancient Gods? What, like those Greek pansies from those kids' stories? Hate to break it to you old man, but they ain't real."

"Well this is awkward." Beerus said aloud. "Does he not know who Kratos is?"

"The rules of Death Battle did state that unless specified, the fighters had no knowledge of the others existence, so it's a fair bet that the world where Spawn comes from, the Greek Gods are just legends." Buu answered.

"I don't know who or what you are, but you're not leaving here alive." Kratos growled.

"Bad choice."

(*Cues: God Of War II - Colossus of Rhodes*)


Kratos immediately threw the Leviathan Axe at Spawn, sending it spinning towards the demon, who simply stood there, allowing it to come towards him. Leetha suddenly created two chains which shot out and caught it mid-flight. Kratos seemed shocked by this and Spawn seemed to be inspecting it. Kratos held his hand out and the axe suddenly shot back to him. Spawn seemed impressed but didn't say a word as he flicked one hand, sending the two chains out towards Kratos. The God braced with the Golden Fleece and the chains violently smashed against it, but there didn't seem to be any progress. Spawn suddenly disappeared in a green flash and appeared behind Kratos, punching him in the back of the head before teleporting in front of him and punching him in the gut before his chains wrapped around Kratos' legs and flipped him onto the ground. Without a moment's hesitation, Kratos snapped the chains into pieces with his bare leg strength and then began spinning the blades of exile, putting Spawn on the defensive. Spawn grabbed two machine guns and opened fire, the bullets seemed to tear through the air, but Kratos blocked them all with his blades, moving incredibly fast.

"Impressive." Beerus commented.

Eventually the two stopped and looked at one another, understanding that wasn't going to get them anywhere. Spawn tried to teleport again, but this time, Kratos was ready. When the Hellspawn appeared behind him, Kratos slashed the being with the Blades of Exile, hitting him right across his chest. Suddenly summoning the Nemean Cestus' Kratos proceeded to punch Spawn in the chest, and then the face multiple times. The blows seeming to have some effect on him. Spawn stumbled back and groaned, clearly in pain from all the attacks.

"Wait. I thought only weapons forged in Heaven could hurt him." Videl said.

"I think only heavenly weapons can kill him." Yamcha replied. "I think no matter how strong you are, getting slashed across the chest and beaten with steel gauntlets is going to hurt."

Kratos got a few more punches off before Spawn yelled and clawed the God's chest with his hand, which now became demonic claws. He jumped and kicked Kratos back, landing on his back as he jumped to his feet. Kratos now jumped forward with his axe, and Spawn created an double-headed axe that seemed to have his green eyes, one on each blade. The axes clashed with a loud Clang! And the two warriors glared daggers at one another. The two began slashing away, their axes clashing with each swing, going back and forth across the front of the room they fought in. Spawn leapt back as Kratos swung his axe once again, coming dangerously close to hitting the Hellspawn across the waist. Spawn this time threw his battle-axe much like Kratos had, and the God sliced it clean in half as it flew towards him. Spawn simply made another and threw it, Kratos cut this one in half as well, then another to the same effect. Kratos suddenly took out the bow of Apollo and fired several arrows at Spawn, then grabbed one of the pews that were placed down the sides of the room and threw it at him. Spawn saw the arrows coming and Leetha seemed to block them with ease, but he was distracted and didn't see the large wooden bench coming towards him until it smashed into him. Sending the Hellspawn back and shattering the thick wooden bench. Pulling his cape around him, Spawn seemed to fly into another room, with Kratos running after him. The God of War came to a stop, holding the Blades of Exile and looked around. He was in a darkened room that has some coloured light from the sky shining in through a stain glass window, giving the room an odd red, green, and yellow tint. Kratos seemed to be looking for the Hellspawn, but he couldn't see him.

"So, this is his plan? Get a few hits off and run for the hills?" Vegeta scoffed. "I thought he was smarter than that."

"Or he's waiting to ambush him." Tien flatly countered.

There was a brief flash of two green eyes looking down from one of the pillars, and the faint outline of a figure could be seen crouching on the ledge. Kratos suddenly paused and looked at the ground, noticing a bright green blood stain on the carpet. Standing up he opened a bag he had on his side and pulled out the head of Helios, making most of the viewers wince. Helios' eyes and mouth began to shine a bright white and Kratos held the beam to the wall.


"That… Is disgusting…" Chi-Chi murmured.

There was the sound of movement overhead and Kratos suddenly looked up and aimed the beam upwards towards the pillar where Spawn had been.

Nothing. Nothing but a green mark…

Kratos paused, listening intently this time, and when he aimed the light a third time, a red cape was seen disappearing into the shadows.

"How the hell…" Spawn muttered, realizing Kratos could somehow see him.

Kratos looked up at the glass chandelier that hung in the centre of the ceiling. The glass crystals had clearly seen better days, but the fixture still hung. Kratos suddenly threw the head upwards, and a crystal stabbed into the back of Helios' head, holding it in place.

"What's he doing?" Trunks asked, bewildered.

Kratos then repetitively shot arrows in the same direction, hitting the chandelier and making it turn, casting the light all around the room.

"He's a clever sonuvabitch I'll give him that." Roshi remarked, impressed with Kratos' ingenuity. As the light spun around the room, Kratos kept his string back and followed the light before suddenly letting an arrow fly at a darkened corner. As the light shine on it, Spawn was illuminated as the arrow went into his shoulder.

"Damn it!" He shouted in pain. He jumped down and fired a blast of green Necromagic at Kratos, who countered by shooting a fireball at Spawn. The two magical attacks collided in the centre of the room and seemed to fizzle out, only now Spawn had disappeared. Re-appearing behind Kratos with a machine pistol, but before he could pull the trigger, Kratos kicked Spawn, making him drop the gun. Kratos then proceeded to stomp on the weapon, breaking it to pieces. Suddenly dawning the boots of Hermes, Kratos rushed forward and grabbed Spawn's throat, proceeding to run at break-neck speeds down the nearby hallway, dragging Spawn's face against the wall, a green trial of blood paining the wall.

"Healing factor or not, he's gotta feel that." Gohan grimaced as the almost cartoonish levels of violence happening on screen.

Using Spawn as a battering ram, Kratos smashed through another set of doors and threw the Hellspawn into the air, then sent both blades of exile right into his chest and snapped the chains back, driving Spawn into the stone floor. Ripping the short blades out Kratos spun then around him, causing them to catch fire and drove them back into Spawn. Or at least, that's what would have happened had Spawn not caught them. This sudden move surprised Kratos and left him vulnerable, and Spawn knew it. He yanked on the blades, dragging Kratos towards him and drove his fist into the God's chest. The scene seemed to slowdown as the sound of heavy impact was heard echoing. Grabbing his face with one hand, Spawn smashed Kratos into the ground, causing an noticeable impact on the ground. Spawn unleashed a flurry of punches onto Kratos much like he had received form the former God of War earlier. Suddenly, the Leviathan Axe came soaring into the room and went directly into Spawn's back. Spawn yelled in pain as he fell to the ground, and Kratos grabbed the black-suited man.

"I don't know which God you serve, but I'll do to them what I'm going to do to you." Kratos scowled, genuine hatred in his tone. It reminded the Z Fighters of when Vegeta had been recounting who exactly Friza was, and the hell he had been put through by that monster. Roaring in anger, Kratos slammed Spawn onto the ground, the axe head coming out through his chest, green blood spewing everywhere. Spawn didn't move.

"Wait. Is he dead?!" Goten exclaimed. "How the hell does that work?!"

"There's no way he's dead. That would be far too easy." Piccolo agreed. "I think he's waiting for Kratos to turn his back or something."

"I hope so, otherwise there was far too much build up for such an anticlimactic ending…" Vegeta commented.

"I know what that's like." Roshi nodded, earning a few disgusted looks.

Kratos ripped the axe out of Spawn and looked at him, then began to walk away, believing this cloaked figure to be dead.

"Okay." Spawn suddenly said, grabbing Kratos with a chain and choking him. "Now I'm pissed."

Bringing the God in from of him, Spawn covered the God's face with his demonic hand, which was now glowing green.

"So much anger. So much death." Spawn said in a rather creepy way, his body healing quickly.

Suddenly, the screen flashed white and flashes of Kratos' past life were shown, serving the Gods. Burning entire villages. Murdering innocents for no reason. Killing his own family. Even his anger towards Atreus. Kratos seemed to be in agony the entire time, groaning as if he was experiencing the pain of every one of these events at the same time. Notably though, there was one of Kratos seemingly begging for forgiveness for his misdeeds. This surprised a few of the fighters, as forgiveness didn't seem like something Kratos had a comprehension of anymore. But before anyone could raise this point, Spawn dropped him to the floor dismissively.

"You kill so many, yet you ask for forgiveness?" Spawn asked, a mixture of anger, snark, and disbelief. "Who would ever forgive such a monster?"

Spawn punched Kratos across the face, then used his chains and whipped him several times, long lacerations appearing across his white chest. Leetha formed a crude maul and Spawn struck Kratos in the leg with it. The God yelled as an audible CRACK! was heard. Spawn pulled out a revolver and simply fired at Kratos. While the God was able to block the first two shots with the Golden Fleece, several of the other bullets managed to him or at least graze him. Spawn grabbed his rival and flew into the air, proceeding to fly around the room, smashing Kratos into the thick stone pillars. Once that was done, Spawn looked at the weakened Kratos and let him fall once again to the ground.

"C'mon Kratos! You kill GODS!" Yamcha exclaimed. "Kick his ass!"

"But above all, who could ever LOVE such a monster?" Spawn snarked as he floated down towards the God. "What kind of idiotic wench would ever deceive herself into loving such a horrible monster? Don't bother trying to answer that. I know the answer. You already killed her."

There was utter shock at that remark, everyone stared jaws agape at the tv. No one really knew how to react to that. The sheer brutality of it… How could anyone react to it?

Well, Beerus started laughing, claiming that the remark was so shocking, there honestly no other reaction one could have to it. Goku, Mr. Satan, Buu, Vegeta and even Videl tried their best to not laugh, honestly just amazed that Spawn would hit that low.

Kratos' eyes shot open, then narrowed. Very. Dangerously. Like the eyes of a predator about to tear its prey to shreds. Everyone noticed and all watched intently as to what was about to happen.

(*Cues: Spawn in the Demon's Hand - Smelter (Admonisher Stage)*)

Kratos launched himself up, and Icarus' wings sprouted from his back. Spawn was caught off guard by the speed of Kratos and the two smashed through the roof of the cathedral. As the two men flew above the abandoned town, they were blasting away at one another with magic and arrows.

"HER BEAUTY WOULD MAKE APHRODITE JEALOUS!" Kratos roared as he savagely punched Spawn with his bare hands, angrier than anyone thought possible, and this included Vegeta levels of rage. "HER KINDNESS WOULD OUTMATCH CHARIS'!" He continued, his fists now glowing red with absolute fury. Each blow seemed to send shockwaves through the demon. "YOU WILL NOT SPEAK OF HER!"Kratos grabbed Spawn by the arms and pulled hard. With a sickening tearing sound, both of Spawn's arms were ripped out of their sockets.

"Wow. I ain't seen someone that pissed off since Beerus hit Bulma…" Roshi stated, briefly forgetting who was in the room with them. Surprisingly, Beerus seemed shocked himself.

"I have seen Gods act out in fits of anger, but never rage this ferocious…" He commented.

"But this might not be a good idea." Goku added. "They said Kratos only has so much magic at a time, right? And if he burns through it all now, he won't be able to do anything to hurt Spawn later."

"He hasn't brought out the Blade of Olympus though." Buu continued, munching on some nachos. "Magic or not, I think that might be the key to putting Spawn down for good."

Grabbing the Hellspawn, Kratos threw him with all his might towards the ground, then using the wings and boots, flew towards him at breakneck speed. Suddenly brandishing the Nemean Cestus' again, Kratos wheeled back and punched Spawn one more time right in the face, sending the beast into the ground. There was a deafening THOOM! And a cloud of dust rose up, when it settled, Kratos was on one knee, still alive, but clearly having used a lot of energy. About fifteen feet away was a ten-foot crater that Spawn was in the centre of, his mangled arms lying twisted and deformed next to him.

"That… That's GOT to hurt…" Gohan winced.

"I missed most of the introduction, can this 'Spawn' guy die from that? Because I think that would even kill you guys in your Super Forms." 18 remarked, looking over to Goku and Vegeta.

"We're not sure." Goku frowned. "They've made it out to seem like Spawn can only die from decapitations or Holy Weapons, but Spawn seems to be taking a lot of damage here…"

Kratos groaned as he seemed to realize he had used far too much energy in that attack. He tried to pick himself up, but seemed unable.

"Father!" Atreus shouted, running towards him.

"Stay back boy!" Kratos commanded in his deep voice. "It isn't safe here! I don't think this fight is over yet."

"As much as Kratos is admittedly a jerk, it's nice to see him care so deeply for his own son." Chi-Chi couldn't help but smile. She may have had many reservations about both fighters, despite knowing they were fictional, but still seeing there was some humanity left in them both was still a nice thing in her eyes.

"And yet all Spawn has is that douc-" Tien began but was cut off by the tv.

"Oh, fer fucks sake Man! Pick your demonic black ass up and fight goddamn it!"

There were a few groans as Violator suddenly appeared, frowning down at Spawn.

"You're a damn Hellspawn! He's some albino jagoff and you're really gonna let him kick YOUR ass?"

Spawn growled, both angry at Kratos, and at Violator. His arms seemed to be pulled back to his body by telepathy or some other force and they seemed to re-attach themselves. His body also seemed to be healing thanks to Leetha.

"Okay, that suit is pretty cool." Goku admitted. "Some sort of super suit that heals you as you fight? That's just awesome!"

"It is, except for the part where it feeds off of your own essence and spinal fluids." Mr. Satan added. "Still, if there was a non-demonic version of it, that would be useful."

"Atta boy Spawny!" Violator jeered. "Here, I've got a whole routine ready for such an occasion!"

As Spawn got up and cracked his neck, Violator seemed to be performing a cheerleading routine in the background.

"Spawny, Spawny, he's our guy! He'll get it done and this asshole's gonna die!"

"I can't tell what's more terrifying. What he actually looks like or that routine." Piccolo commented, feeling almost numb from what he just witnessed.

"He sings about as well as Vegeta." Tien commented under his breath. Piccolo just smirked slightly but didn't say anything.

As Spawn floated out form the crater, the look on Atreus' face was one of pure terror, and Kratos seemed almost indifferent. That, or he was so pissed off that he couldn't even be bother to show how much anger he was really feeling right now.

Not deciding to waste anymore time talking, Spawn charged up a sizable Necromagic blast and shot it right at Kratos. In turn, Kratos used the Golden Fleece once again, and the magic deflected off of it and shot back towards Spawn. The demon managed to avoid being hit straight on by the blast, but it did hit his upper right shoulder. Leetha tried to heal the wound, but there seemed to be a noticeable burn, like that of acid almost, that didn't heal right away.

"So, you can be hurt…" Kratos mused. He seemed to be getting a better idea of what sort of beast he was fighting, and sheathed the Blades of Exile, summoning a bit of magic, he now wielded the Claws of Hades.

"So, he's going to try and straight up rip Spawn's soul out?! That's AWESOME!" Trunks exclaimed.

Spawn himself seemed tired, clearly having burned through a lot of energy, but he was still able to draw more from Kratos at least. Leetha suddenly shot off of Spawn and tried to block the two hooks flying towards him. Shockingly, the hooks went through Leetha and dug into Spawn's abdomen. Kratos pulled on the chains, and slowly, a ghost seemed to be pulled out of Spawn. The Hellspawn yelled in pain as slowly the transparent figure of Al Simmonds began to appear, slowly pulling itself free form the Hellspawn parasitic suit.

"Ha!" Beerus laughed. "While only heavenly weapons can kill Spawn, but they said nothing about his soul! Kratos is as wise as he is violent!"

"I'll give them credit where it's due." Bulma admitted, pleasantly surprised. "I hadn't considered attacking his soul."

"I'm surprised that he retained his soul." Piccolo mused. "Wasn't the idea of death that the individual's soul leaves the body?"

"Perhaps when he was resurrected, or given this new form, his soul was attached so it could act like a power source." Hercule reasoned.

"So, you're saying his soul acts like a battery?"

"In a crude sense… I guess?" Hercule shrugged. "It's just a guess more than anything."

Spawn's soul seemed to be slowly being pulled out, and Leetha seemed to be almost disintegrating with the lack of a host. Suddenly, the aforementioned cape shot forth and tried to slice through the chains. It weakened them somewhat, and that was all Spawn needed. Grabbing the hooks, he yelled in frustration as he ripped them (and a decent amount of his abdomen) out. Al's soul seemed to be sucked back into Spawn and the Hellspawn now seemed ready to end this. Kratos seemed to be at the point of absolute exhaustion, but he refused to go down. Not without a fight, just at all. Spawn focused some of his energy, drawing more off of Kratos' wrath, and healed himself and Leetha. However, he had to stand still and focus during this. Kratos stood up…

And was suddenly consumed in an explosion.

The fighters gasped at the abrupt attack, but Spawn seemed to relax somewhat, assuming Kratos was dead.

(*Cues: God Of War - Minotaur Boss Battle*)

"FATHER!" Atreus shouted in terror, getting the attention of Spawn. The Hellspawn looked at the boy, puzzled, and didn't see Kratos fly out of the smoke. Now wielding the Blade of Olympus, which glowed a bright blue, like a blue fire which consumed the blade.

"Oh, hell yeah! Now we're talking!" Yamcha cheered, excited to see the power of the sword that killed Ares and so many others. Leetha's chains shot forth, but this time, Kratos simply slashed through them like they were twigs. Spawn attempted to teleport away, but Kratos ran him through with the blade.

"I am the God of War. You are nothing but a speck compared to me." Kratos stated, matter-of-factly.

Everyone assumed that Kratos had this won, that Spawn couldn't possibly return from such a-

"You still don't get it, do you dumbass?" Spawn suddenly replied, and the look on Kratos' face said it all.

Spawn suddenly teleported off of the blade, despite now having a large hole in his chest, appearing a few feet away from Spawn.

"WHAT?!" Beerus roared, shocked and angered. "HOW CAN HE DO THAT?!"

"I guess… I guess the Blade of Olympus dosen't count as 'heavenly'…" Goku frowned, feeling that Kratos wasn't going to win this one.

Spawn shot forward and simply tackled Kratos, the two flying across the ground, bouncing like a skipped stone. When the two landed, Kratos seemed to be on top, and had grabbed Spawn's head and was simply trying to rip it off much like Helios. However, this ended up failing within a few seconds as Spawn elbowed Kratos in the jaw and kicked him off, proceeding to fire several rounds from a gun into his chest. Blood poured from the bullet wounds as the God of War stumbled backwards. In a last-ditch effort, he swung the Blades of Exile one last time at Spawn, they were heading right for his head. However, in his state of extreme blood loss, Spawn caught the two blades and pulled hard. Kratos roared in pain as the chains which were burned into his skin slowly were pulled out, tearing flesh, bone and muscle as they came. With one last yank, the chains ripped out of Kratos' arms, leaving two gaping bloody holes in the Gods' arms. Spawn flipped the two blades and threw them right at Kratos. They went clean through him, embedding themselves in his chest and sticking out his back. He fell to his knees and seemed to be trying to say something, but due to his wounds, couldn't form words. Spawn appeared behind him, and created a large, long spike out of nowhere.

"DIE!" The Hellspawn yelled as he drove is straight into Kratos' head. A mess of brains, blood and bones spewed everywhere as the God of War fell forward and stopped breathing.

"NO!" Atreus (and a few watching) yelled in shock. This time, the Hellspawn turned and looked at Atreus, who quickly aimed his bow and fired. Leetha caught the arrows the boy sent at him as Spawn walked towards him, his wounds healing.

"If Spawn hurts him, I swear to Shenron I'm gonna…" Chi-Chi growled but trailed off, Goku put an arm around her reassuringly.

"You bastard!" Atreus yelled, tears now running down his face. "You killed my father!"

"I…" Spawn wanted to say something, but paused, his eyes seeming to changer from annoyance and anger to sadness. "I'm sorry." He finally said. "I know those words don't mean anything to you, but I am sorry for what I did."

"Okay, I was not expecting that." 18 commented, surprised at the outcome of the fight.

"You are like your father, you carry his gifts." Spawn suddenly stated. "But you do not need to share his burdens."

"He wasn't bad… Not anymore…" Atreus wiped tears from his eyes. "He cared… He really did… after mom…" The boy trailed off and didn't seem to be able to finish his sentence. From what the fighters remembered form his intro, they realized what he was referencing. A wave of sadness washed over the fighters.

"Do you have anywhere you can go?" Spawn asked, genuine care in hos voice.

"No." Atreus shook his head. "You took the last person I had."

Spawn got down on one knee, seeming to be a bit closer to Atreus' level.

"If you'll allow me, I will help you find a place to stay." The Hellspawn offered.

"Sure, kill his dad and then offer him a pace to crash. Great deal!" Vegeta said with a roll of his eyes.

"Hey, at least he feels bad." Goku countered.

"No." Atreus now seemed angry. "Just… Just leave. You've taken my father, let me mourn. Not that I expect you to understand what that means."

"Oooouuuchh…" Goten grimaced.

Spawn simply stood up, took one more look at Atreus, and left without saying a word, teleporting away, leaving the boy to mourn his father's passing.


"Aw geez… Here comes the rage and salt from the God of War Fanboys!" Boomstick groaned.

Beerus and Vegeta seemed to have a similar expression on their faces, mute anger and astonishment. Thankfully, neither one said anything, wanting to hear some sort of explination for Kratos' defeat.

"While Kratos has taken on creatures similar to Spawn in the past, most of them were far weaker or more reactionary than him." Wiz explained. "Now, Spawn's C.I.A. Training wasn't the deciding factor, but it certainly did help. Moreover, Spawn's magical prowess and near-indestructible body ended up being too much for the Ghost of Sparta."

"Now, to almost any other enemy, the Blade of Olympus would've been the end, but Spawn was tough enough to tank the hit and keep on fighting." Boomstick added.

"And how exactly could he do that?!" Beerus exclaimed. "The weapon kills GODS!"

"Part of why is the face that while much of Kratos' arsenal was forged by Olympians, Olympus is composed of Earthly elements, and is not another plane of existence like Heaven." Wiz explained as a diagram was shown of the different 'planes', with Heaven being above both Olympus and earth. "So, it stands to reason none of the Olympian weapons would kill Spawn."

"Aside from the Blade of Olympus…. But that didn't work…"

"That isn't to say Kratos COULDN'T have beaten Spawn, in fact, there were a few ways he could've." Wiz continued, getting everyone's attention once again. "For one, Kratos had the right idea of using Spawn's own magic against him, on top of that, while it isn't clear of the Claws of Hades would've killed him, it still could've done some serious damage had Spawn not been able to resist them.

"That makes sense." Gohan nodded. "The Claws did seem to be the most effective attack he had on him."

"If Kratos had played the long game correctly, he could've outlasted Spawn. Yes, Kratos is literally covered in his sins, so Spawn had a huge supply of energy to heal himself from." Boomstick continued. "But eventually Spawn would've exerted too much Necromagic and would've been sent back to hell. But due to his anger, Kratos tried to rush the Hellspawn and end the fight faster, which didn't turn out too well for him."

"In the end, while Kratos may have had more strength and experience, Spawn's speed, weapons and magic proved to be too powerful for Kratos to be able to put down for good."

"Still, it was one Hell of a fight!" Boomstick declared.

"The winner is Spawn." Wiz concluded.

"That was awesome!" Videl cheered.

"They really went all out with the information in this one." Roshi remarked. "It was really interesting watching these two dudes fight it out."

"I'm happy that Kratos at least could've beaten Spawn and it wasn't just a straight up curb stomp battle." Yamcha shrugged.

"Yeah, but when Spawn took a blow of Kratos' super-blade and shrugged it off, it was kinda obvious that the fight wasn't gonna end any other way." Goten said, happy Spawn had won.

"That was rather entertaining." Beerus said, seeming to be in as bit of a better mood. "While I do believe that Kratos should've won, they were able to justify their reasoning well. I can see why Spawn won that fight. But I am curious as to who or what could defeat Spawn."

"If the weapons forged by the Greek Gods couldn't kill him, do you think you'd be able to kill him?" Goku asked, and Beerus seemed to think it over.

"I'm not sure." He admitted. "Surely, I could give him a run for his money, but as for being able to outright kill him? Due to the nature of my home world, I don't know if it would count as a plane above earth or not…"

"Hey! They're announcing who's next!" Trunks exclaimed, getting everyone's attention.

Meanwhile, Skorch flopped back on the roof and laughed.

"Oh… Geez… Agh… It's done… IT'S FINALLY DONE! AHHAHAHA!" The entity laughed before looking around. "Wait. Did I activate the muting shield so they won't hear me?" He paused for a few moments then muttered "Yeah, I did." Looking over to the reader, he chuckled and shook his head.

"Okay. Once again, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take almost a month again to make another chapter…" He sighed. "But… Just look at the size of this thing! *Coughthatswhatshesaid*! Seriously, this chapter is nearly double the length of all previous chapters combined! Uh… I really didn't mean to make it this ling, but when I started researching Kratos and incorporating the 2018 game into this… Well, my notes were over seventy-five pages long… Anyhow, I don't really have any issue with this fight, in the end, Spawn would win unless Kratos could use his own magic against him or potentially pull a Helios on him. I know I played kinda loose with some of Spawn's scenes, but that was more due to the fact that I had to dig through over three hundred issues of comics, plus nine hours of tv episodes. Out of the two, Spawn was my favourite of the two as I had a really hard time liking Kratos until the most recent game. And even then, it took until near the end of the game for me to lower my shields towards his past incarnations. I'm a massive comic nerd and Spawn was one I kind of avoided for a while until recently when I really got into his stuff. Mr. McFarlane is a talented genius! Anyhow, don't expect a chapter to be this long for a good, long time. As this was me getting carried away with fleshing out the fights. Anyhow, let's get onto the reviews!"

Meanwhile, the fighters were watching the teaser for the next fight. As a heavy rock song began playing, a machine gun had a clip loaded into it, and two white and red shoes began walking. A black, anthropomorphic hedgehog walked to the edge of a broken bridge, and then cocked the machine gun like a shotgun."

"That's not how machine guns work." Mr. Satan remarked flatly.

Vegeta wasn't paying attention as he was hearing something defiantly coming from the roof, it sounded like someone talking.

"Okay, review time!" Skorch smirked.

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Skorch flinched when he heard an extremely angered yell from inside, quickly looking through the roof, he realized that he didn't know the order of the episodes… and also saw the fighters were in absolute shock. Vegeta was so mad he had gone super sayian, Trunks and Goten seemed like they were either going to piss themselves or laugh uncontrollable. Roshi's jaw was on the floor, Videl and Gohan were staring in mute amazement, Goku seemed more confused than usual, Chi-Chi was looking from the screen to Vegeta then back to the screen, Piccolo seemed more shocked than anyone had ever seen the namekian before, and Bulma had passed out from shock. On the screen was the reason why, the next fight end screen showed Shadow The Hedgehog…

And Vegeta.

"Craaaa-" Skorch began, only for Vegeta to whirl around and fire a Gatling blast at the roof, blowing a large hole in it and causing a decent amount of it to come crashing into the room. There were some confused yells, and then everyone froze as they saw a trench coat wearing figure with flaming dreadlocks lying on the ground, groaning. Finally, he leaned up and looked at the now (somehow) even more shocked fighters.

"Hey Goku." Skorch said with a slight wave.

"Hey Skorch."