'A-a-a-a-aachee!' Nico sneezed loudly. He was sick yet again. He took a moment to feel sorry for himself and then sneezed again. He could almost sense a pattern. But at least he could take a nice day off of work and just have a quiet day to himself. Though, some part of him did long for company as sick people always do but he was too stubborn to admit it to himself.

He got a thick blanket from his room and settled down on the couch in the living room. He cuddled up to himself underneath the blanket and switched on his television set to Netflix.

He decided on an episode of Brooklyn 99 and got cozier under the blankets.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. He wasn't expecting anyone. 'Ugh,' he groaned. He got up from the couch and opened the door. There was his model of a boyfriend leaning against the wall, adjacent to his door, stylishly. He was just so effortlessly beautiful, Nico couldn't believe how lucky he had gotten with Will.

'What are you doing you here?' he asked, sniffling. Will smiled and ruffled Nico's hair, and came in. 'I couldn't leave my boyfriend sick and alone, could I?' And Nico couldn't help but smile back.

After about an hour, Will got up from the couch in a frustrated manner. He couldn't take Nico coughing anymore. Even though Nico said that he had taken his medicines, Will didn't believe it because the boy would not stop coughing!

'That's it! I'm going to go make you some chicken soup. Then, when you've eaten something, you can take some more medicine, okay?'

Nico tried to keep from smiling at how adorable frustrated Will was and then faked hurt. 'I'm already sick, stop yelling at me, god.'

Will shook his head at him and headed towards the kitchen. He looked at the ingredients puzzled as to how to actually make chicken soup. First step has to be checking the cabinets for whatever you've got, right? Thankfully he just found Campbell's Chunky Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup TM. After about 5 minutes of mistakes and a lot of groaning because of burning himself (somehow) it was ready.

He went over to Nico, who looked so done with life that Will almost took a picture for future meme purposes. He sat down next to Nico. 'Do you want me to feed it to you, darling?'

Nico looked at him as if he had suggested drinking gutter water. 'No, I'm not two.'

'Whatever you want, goes,' Will replied back sweetly. Nico took the can of soup from him and started slurping. 'Oh, I forgot to put it in a bowl for you and I forgot to give you a spoon.'

'Nah, I always drink soup like this.'

'Drink soup?'


And even though he's probably fall sick too, in that moment Will couldn't hold back from kissing him.