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I've never been a fan of long winded prologues so I've kept this one purposely short. Subsequent chapters will be longer.

With the exception of the Prologue and Epilogue this story takes place in Harry and Daphne's sixth year and is canon compliant through OOTP. Will still stick to ideas and concepts of HBP and DH but will obviously diverge.

Daphne Greengrass and the Importance of Intent

Daphne Greengrass surveyed the crowd and tried to hide her smirk as she reviewed her notes one final time before methodically taking a drink of water and checking the clock to make sure it was time to begin. She guessed no seventh year project had ever been so eagerly anticipated by the staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft of Wizardry and knew they would gladly suffer a few additional seconds of silence before finally being given the answers the wizarding world had been waiting for since Voldemort's final defeat. How had it happened? And what was her role?

Through her seven years at school she had always been a very close second to Hermione Granger in her year's class standing but that would end today. She knew short of resurrecting Merlin himself Hermione's project could never equal what she was about to share with her rapt audience. It was petty and borderline boorish to take joy in such a thing compared to what she and Harry had ultimately accomplished in defeating Voldemort but there was nothing for it. Sometimes she was petty and this was definitely one of those times.

"Good afternoon" she said confidently yet calmly to the audience. "My presentation today will focus on the most extraordinary bit of magic I have ever participated in...something I never would have thought possible when I began my studies here seven years ago. As extraordinary as it was, however, it's basis and execution was taught in one of my first lessons at Hogwarts. There are many facets to magic and its successful execution: focus, design, power...yet there is none greater than intent. Without intent there can be no focus to be executed, no design to be studied and honed, no power to be wielded. Intent trumps all."

She knew it was cruel and unnecessary to keep them waiting as she purposely paused to take another drink but she couldn't help herself. She noticed several of her professors as well as Ministry dignitaries literally sitting at the edge of their seat waiting for her to continue. They had waited months for these answers and could barely contain their anticipation.

"This is the story of how Voldemort and the tools he created to defy death were destroyed by Harry Potter and me while sitting in an empty Hogwarts classroom using Harry's idea, my design, and most importantly, our intent."

'Hermione is going to be furious' she mused to herself as she began her tale.