Be Strong

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Jogging home from school wasn't what he had planned to do this Friday afternoon. Yugi Motou was jogging because he had to be home before his mother got home at 5:30. This didn't look like it was going to be a problem, Yugi checked his watch, 4:45, he was going to make it.

He wouldn't have been late if he would have gotten some sleep last night. He happened to be in too much pain though. So...without really wanting to he had fallen asleep in his last class. The teacher let it slide...after yelling at him a whole lot. Then when Yugi got out side of the school the local bully was there to give him his Friday beating, which was always worse then the others because it had to last him the whole weekend. His arm was throbbing in pain; he would have to take care of that before his mother got home. Then as he jogged home, it started to rain.

Yugi rounded the corner to his house and stopped in pure fear. There was a car in his driveway; it was his mother's car.

This was bad, very bad, this could only mean one thing, his mother had been fired again. Yugi quietly crept into the house and almost made it up the stairs. Just as he was getting to the top a hand grabbed his ankle.

"Ah," Yugi screamed in surprise as he was thrown down the stairs he had just climbed.

"You stupid son of a fucking bitch, it's all your fucking fault you ass, I am going to fucking kill you," she screamed as she continuously kicked the living shit out of Yugi. She continued to kick his mid section; it seemed that she wouldn't be satisfied until she heard a crack. Then she picked him up by his hair. "You little shit, why the hell are you late?" she yelled. Yugi could smell the alcohol on her breath.

Yugi didn't say anything because he knew, from experience, that if he answered her it would only be worse. She then threw him on the stairs, smashing his bad shoulder against the stairs. Yugi screamed out in pain, it hurt so much. He rolled down the stairs and laid at the bottom, shaking from the cold clothes he was wearing and bleeding all over. Yugi's mother then grabbed her coat and ran out the door and drove away.

Yugi laid there for a long time until he could gather enough strength to crawl up the stairs and into the attic that his parent's let him sleep in. When he made it up there Yugi was too weak to get to the first aid kit so he just lay on the floor, in a pool of his own blood. He weakly picked up a loose floor board and pulled out a box. He smiled weakly at it; it was a gift from his grandfather before he pasted away.

Yugi opened it, there was only three pieces left before he finished the puzzle. He had almost finished it last night but his father had come home mad so he had to quickly put it away. Yugi smiled as he slipped the pieces in with ease, then the last one came.

Yugi painfully climbed up onto the futon his parent's called a suitable bed and triumphantly placed the last piece in. As soon as he did he felt a warm heat radiating from the puzzle. It scared Yugi so he dropped it on the bed and painfully backed away.

The puzzle started to glow with an intensely bright light; it was so bright that Yugi had to shield his eyes. When the light died down Yugi opened his eyes to see a boy started there. He was taller then Yugi but other then his deep crimson eyes he looked like a twin.

Yugi backed away from the boy so far he fell right off the futon and landed painfully on his shoulder. The searing hot pain went up his arm and made the small boy cry out in pain tears flowing down his checks. "P-p-p-please, d-don't h-h-hurt me," Yugi pleaded.

The older boy took a step forward and Yugi whimpered and retracted into a small ball. "Stop this right now, and tell me your name boy," the voice commanded. Yugi was too scared to however and just started crying more.

The boy blew out a breath, "My name is Yami, now will you...please...tell me your name?" Yami asked. Yugi continued to cry, sobs racked his small form.

Yami, now really knowing what to do, knelt down next to Yugi and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. It was then that Yami learned of Yugi's injuries.

"My Ra boy, what happened to you?" Yami asked, the boy was beaten badly.

Yugi was quiet and didn't answer him; he just latched onto the older boy, ignoring his injuries, and started to sob his eyes out.

"I promise, I won't let anyone hurt you, please let me see you, I need to do something about those injuries," Yami said softly. Yugi didn't say anything, nor did he open up to the boy, but he did point to the first aid kit in the corner of the room. Yami went quick to get it and returned to Yugi's side.

"I have to move you, onto," Yami said looking over to the boy's unacceptable bed. Yami rid the futon of the blood soaked sheets and carefully lifted Yugi onto it as painlessly as he could.

Yugi whimpered in pain and shut his eyes tight. Yami looked Yugi over, he was in bad shape, his breathing came out in ragged gasps and his arm was dislocated, that would have to be put back in.

As Yami went to put his hand on Yugi's shoulder the boy curled up again. "Damnit stop that, I have to help you," Yami screamed. Yugi started to freak out then, he started to kick and thrash and cry a lot. Yami didn't know what to do, not having any other option he gathered the boy, being careful of his shoulder, in his arms and started to rock the boy whispering nice words to him.

"Shhh, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you, calm down, that's a good boy, now what's your name?" Yami asked, the boy was still crying slightly in his already soaked shirt.

"Yugi," the boy said softly.

"Good, now that wasn't too hard, now please let me help, I promise the pain will go away soon," Yami said and smiled as soon as he felt the boy nod. Yami placed him back on the bed.

Yami grasped his shoulder lightly and after whispering an apology he pulled the arm out and pushed it back into the right position. Yugi screamed bloody murder and didn't calm down until the pain started to seep away slowly.

"I'm sorry Yugi, I didn't want to do that but it was dislocated," Yami said stroking his hair slightly. "Are you okay now?" Yami asked, Yugi nodded slightly, Yami didn't want to hurt him so he was going to trust him.

Yami placed comforting hands on Yugi's hand and slowly lifted his shirt off his shaking form. Yami's hands went over Yugi's chest area. He was looking for soft spots in the rib cage.

"Y-Yami, it hurts" Yugi said, he was scared, but for some reason he trusted Yami.

"I know Yugi, just calm down, I don't think they're broken but it's bruised badly, I'm going to wrap it," Yami said, Yugi had tears flowing down his checks.

Yami slowly wrapped it around his mid section until Yami thought it was sufficient. Then he gathered the small boy in his arms and laid down with him.

"Yugi, please calm down, go to sleep. I am going back into the puzzle, call me if you need me," Yami said, soon he was gone.

Yugi snuggled under the blankets, he smiled sort of, God gad sent him a friend, sent him some hope. Soon Yugi had fallen asleep, this was one time he wasn't afraid.

Around nine, nine thirty, Yugi was woken with a loud bang; someone had slammed the front door. His father was home, Yugi all of a sudden started shaking again, and he was in so much trouble.

"Brat, you better get your sorry ass down here now, you don't want me to come up and get you, then you will wish you died," He screamed up the stairs.

"Coming Sir," Yugi said weakly as he made his way down the stairs, using the wall and railing at support.

//Yugi what are you doing out of bed?// Yami asked him. //You should go back to bed and rest//

Yugi jumped and almost went head first down the stairs. /Great now I'm going crazy/ he thought.

//No my little aibou, it's me, Yami, we have a telepathic link between the two of us// Yami told him. Yugi let out a breath, now to go see how bad his father was going to kill him for his mother being fired.

His Father, Takahiro, had lost his job a long time ago and was using Yugi's mother, Shiko's paycheck to pay for all the drink he got at the bar. Now that Shiko was fired he wouldn't have anymore money to waste.

As soon as Yugi set his foot on the ground there was a punch to his stomach. Yugi cried out in pain. Between the already bruised ribs, and the punch he was just given, Yugi was in a whole new world of pain.

"And you thought that I would just let you go, after you went and ruined my good time, damn boy, you are so fucking dead!" At this Takahiko took a piece of broken glass that was on the ground and came forward towards Yugi.

//Yugi, let me out, I will stop this right now// Yami screamed in their mind.

/No Yami, he will hurt you, stay there, stay safe/ Yugi relayed back. Yami didn't want to here it, he had to get out of there, he had to help his light. When he went to separate bodies with Yugi he could feel a strong force keeping him in his soul room, out of harms way. "Damnit Yugi, I just want to help you," Yami screamed in frustration.

Takahiro brought the knife down on Yugi's arm and cut into it and laughed as the blood ran down Yugi's arm and onto his own.

"You will pay later when I return," Takahiro said, and with that he was gone.

As soon as the older man left through the door, Yami was out of the soul room in a second.

"God Yugi, why wouldn't you let me help you, oh brother, we have to stop the bleeding, let's get you back to your room," Yami said, he then lifted Yugi softly into his arms and ran up the stairs to Yugi's attic room.

When they got their Yami was quick to get the med-kit and wrap up Yugi's bleeding arm. Yugi was crying again, Yami was sure it was because all the pain he was going through hurt.

"Yugi, by Ra, why didn't you let me help you?" Yami asked as he pulled the covers up and brushed Yugi's hair off his face.

"I wanted you to stay safe, away from my father," Yugi said.

"Your father, what kind of inhuman person is he, to do that to his own son is unheard of!" Yami exclaimed, but when he looked down Yugi was already fast asleep.

"Sleep well, my Hikari," Yami said as he disappeared into the puzzle again.


End of chapter one, Happy Easter, or Passover if you celebrate that.